What You Need to Know About The Bell and Howell Bionic Trimmer

What You Need to Know About The Bell and Howell Bionic Trimmer

If you’ve taken a look online at weed whackers or whipper snippers, you’ll know that Bell and Howell are coming out with one of the most compact and powerful models on the market — and there’s a pretty good chance you’re looking to invest in it.

Although the model is still partially in development and not too much has been released just yet, there are a few tidbits out there to get you excited for the impending release.

That said, below we will take a look at everything we know and what you need to know about the Bionic Trimmer coming from Bell and Howell. It may just make your yard work and maintenance easier than ever before.

The Renewed Design

Off the top, the biggest factor when it comes to the design of the trimmer is that it is being created in a way that’s more compact and easy to hold on to than just about anything else on the market today.

If you’ve seen any imagery online, you’ll know that it is rather low profile and doesn’t stand too tall, but it still comes with a rather large cutting element at the base, so getting a lot of trimming from this product is looking to be a given.

You’ll also find that instead of using a trimmer line, you’ll be able to rely on zip ties! A godsend if ever there was one.

For the power source, all we know for now is that there’s a lithium-ion product coming into play here and that means reliability and a fast recharge. Something that a lot of other trimmers don’t yet offer.

Pair this with the fact that trimmer is projected to offer an outstanding 10,000 RPM and you’re going to experience something that’s rather off the scale as far as the size is concerned. One thing to note though, is that Bell and Howell haven’t yet provided much information on the voltage or the wattage here, and so we don’t know how long of a use case we can expect from this nifty little product.

A couple of other design perks are in the form of being light in weight, and offering a zero emission and low noise experience. You won’t have to worry about bringing a can of fuel with you or having a long cable to pull around either.

That in mind, coming in at just $29.95 makes this one of the best yard maintenance products of the entire year.

A Few Small Downsides

For those online who have received their Bionic Trimmers early, or live outside of the country, you’ll know that there have been some rather lacklustre experiences out there.

Even though you will find a tonne of excellent reviews written up, there are some bad ones as well, and this has brought the overall rating of the trimmer down to a worrying two-stars — something that we aren’t too happy to hear about.

One other point we are a little concerned about is the fact that battery and voltage counts are kept under wraps. This essentially means that you’re not able to tell how much power or how much runtime you’ll find from this model.

That in mind, for our avid DIY readers, you also won’t be able to figure out just how much fun you’ll be able to have with this nifty little model.

A final thing to note is that the weight is exceedingly low and the size is more compact than just about anything else. It’s a little short which means taller users may have to bend down to make use of it properly, though for the average Joe it’ll be just right.

Keep in mind that being so light and easy to manoeuvre makes it a winner for anyone looking to make easy work of their hours spent in the back and front yard. 

The Materials and Tools

Getting into what actually makes this trimmer work, you’ll be able to rely on some zip ties to do all of the cutting for you.

For most people, this is fantastic news as zip ties are easier to get your hands on and they are also a lot easier to set up and make use of than trimmer cable. Newbies to yard work will really enjoy this perk.

However, one point that Bell and Howell have yet to confirm is how large the cutting path is and what the zip tie lengths are. We suspect these to be around eight or ten inches, though without confirmed numbers it’s a bit hard to tell.

Our Final Things to Note

To end our summary of the excellent Bell and Howell trimmer, we will say that it is a good gift idea or a very basic yard tool essential for most people. You will find that it gets the job done for you, however, there are a lot more options out there when it comes to choosing a yard trimmer.

You want to rely on something that gets the job done in an effective way and this means that you may want to turn to a few other options out there, even if it means giving up the light weight design and the zip tie cutter.

We would suggest taking a look at some of the small portable models coming out of either the Ryobi or Black and Decker manufacturing line and you’ll be in better hands, as these have been designed to do a lot of yard work with ease — and they have a fantastic track record to boot.

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