Complete Guide To The Best Car Fridge Australia 2022

Complete Guide To The Best Car Fridge Australia 2022

Long rides can be super boring, but the journey can be bearable with the Australian car fridge. The advent of car fridges has significantly changed the landscape of the travel industry. Travellers can now have their favourite snacks and drinks while on the road. 

Furthermore, they’re terrific for outdoor activities such as fishing and camping. A car fridge freezer can store drinks, meat, beer, and perishable food, among other goodies – it’s an investment that can significantly change your travelling life. 

Even so, finding an excellent car fridge can be a tricky endeavour. You’ll have to understand tons of aspects and features before buying one. 

This guide is a compilation of reviews of the top ten best car fridges in Australia to help you get the best fridge for your trip needs. 

Top 10 Best Car Fridges For Sale In Australia 2022

  • Advwin Portable Fridge Freezer
  • Bushman Original Fridge
  • Alpicool C15 Portable Refrigerator
  • Dometic CFX3 75DZ Portable Dual Zone Fridge & Freezer
  • Adventure Kings Fridge Freezer
  • Engel MT-V Fridge Freezer
  • ARB 10802442 Portable Fridge/Freezer
  • Evakool TMX Fridge Freezer
  • National Luna Fridge Freezer
  • Brass Monkey Portable Fridge Freezer With Solar Charger Board

Factors to Consider When Buying Fridge in 2022

To decide on the best car fridge, you should first consider a few key aspects. Among these are the type of car refrigerator you’d like to purchase, the available space in your car, and your budget.

Even if you’re looking for the best budget car fridge, it’s still a good idea to research before purchasing.

These are the factors to consider:

Type of the Car Fridge

There are various car fridges and freezers, so it’s crucial to think about which one you’ll need for your car. The size of your car will determine the type you pick, energy consumption, the types of trips you intend to use it for, etcetera.

Here are a few of the options you can pick from:

Chest Fridge 

  • They come in chest or box shape with a hinged top
  • Chest fridges are the most affordable fridges
  • These fridges don’t come with fans

Upright Fridge 

  • They open out similar to cupboards
  • Upright car fridges and freezers have different colours and finishes 
  • It’s relatively large, therefore convenient for larger cars 

Drawer Fridge

  • They can be kept in the boot
  • Drawer fridges are excellent for storing food and drinks
  • They are easy to clean, have auto-defrosting 
  • Cheaper than a chest fridge

Console Fridge

  • They are usually small
  • Console fridges are perfect for long drives 

Size And Volume 

Whenever you plan to buy a travel fridge, you should think about the size of the refrigerator. The size and volume of the refrigerator to purchase should be determined by a few factors such as the available space in the car, the amount of foodstuff you plan to store in them, and the length of journey you plan to take often. 

Here’s a quick guide to fridge sizes:

  • 35 Litres and below – are the top-rated small car fridges, perfect for storing small foodstuffs and medicine  
  • 36 – 39 Litres – a mini car fridge excellent for weekend outings for one to two people, can last longer than a day if you go out alone
  • 40 Litres – this is the most regular car fridge size on the market; it’s perfect for two to three people for a long weekend trip
  • 50 Litres – convenient for an entire week for a small group, up to four individuals
  • 60 – 65 Litres – perfect for about five individuals – the fridge is huge and consumes relatively more energy
  • Over 65 Litres – take up a lot of space, perfect for a large group for an entire week together


Refrigerators come with many compartments, perfect for arranging your foodstuff. You can keep raw and fresh food in a different compartment and drinks in another—some even dividers, which you can use to separate spaces.

Energy Consumption And Voltage

The fridge’s power usage and voltage are essential factors to consider before buying a refrigerator.  

You need to know whether you want an affordable or a premium 12-volt car fridge. 


The portability of a refrigerator is primarily determined by its weight. So, the lighter the fridge is, the more quickly you can transport it. The tires and handles on the best portable car refrigerator models make moving easier.

Other Features

The following are some of the features of a premium 4×4 fridge model: 

  • Drainage Plugs – Facilitates fast cleaning 
  • Detachable Divider – these are excellent for keeping your fridge organised 
  • Internal Lights – some car fridges have lights inside them, making finding the foods and drinks easier 
  • Bluetooth and WiFi Connectivity – this allows you to check and regulate your fridge’s temperature through your phone
  • USB Output – you can charge your phone through this port 

Best Car Fridge Australia 2022 

Best Mini Car Fridge 2022

  1. Advwin 20L Portable 


  • It has a volume of 20 litres
  • It weighs about 11.5 kilograms
  • It’s a 12v fridge 
  • Its temperature varies from -25 °C to 20 °C


This Advwin minivan fridge is a top-loading fridge with 20 litres of volume.

It can store different foodstuffs such as fresh produce, drinks, frozen food, and vegetables. Its temperature variation is also perfect for storing some medicine and beauty products. 

It takes about an hour to hit its lowest temperature. The inner section of the fridge is divided into three spaces by the detachable basket. 

You can plug this fridge directly into the wall socket or a 12/24v DC for power. The gadget stops charging after hitting the wanted temperature; it then turns to environment-friendly mode. However, you cannot utilise the freezer and fridge simultaneously. 

Furthermore, the mini Advwin car freezer/fridge cost is cheaper than most other car fridges, making it a perfect option for road trips and camping adventures. 


  • Awesome temperature variation 
  • It automatically switches to eco-mode once it hits the desired temperature levels
  • It has a LED display  


  • You can’t utilise both freezer and fridge simultaneously 
  • Bushman Original 


  • It has a volume of 35 litres
  • It weighs about 22.5 kilograms 
  • It’s a 12v fridge 
  • Temperature variation of -22 °C to 10 °C


The Bushman fridge allows you to adjust the volume between 35 litres, 42 litres, 45 litres, and 52 litres. With 52 litres of volume, you can simultaneously utilise both the fridge and freezer. The fridge temperature varies between -22°C and +10°C.

Moreover, this car fridge comes with a fan (12cm) for good air circulation. Besides the refrigerator, you’ll also receive a transit cover policy; you’ll be sorted in case of any damages while on your trips. 

Bushman fridge has a five-year warranty. Its height is about 55 cm and weighs 22.5 kilograms, making it feature among the best 12v fridge/freezer for trips and camping available on the market. 


  • It has a 30-days cash return guarantee
  • They are efficient for long trips
  • It comes with five years warranty 


  • None
  1. Alpicool C15 Portable 


  • It has a volume of 15 litres
  • It weighs about 8.6 kilograms
  • It’s a 12v fridge
  • Its temperature varies between -20 °C and 20 °C


This Alpicool fridge is the ideal RV fridge for those who want a small cooler because of their limited car space. It comes with low noise technology and swift freeze mode, perfect for camping. 

The fridge is also packed with an incredible temperature regulator feature that regulates its temperature between -20°C and +20°C. Unfortunately, this Alpicool model doesn’t facilitate the usage of freezer and fridge simultaneously. 

The fridge comes with car battery protection. Furthermore, it’s light and has sturdy handles, making it easily portable. 


  • It’s very effective, and it can cool food and drinks in just 30 minutes
  • It has a digital control panel 
  • It comes with car battery protection features
  • It’s lightweight 


  • Cannot support usage of the freezer and fridge simultaneously 
  1. Dometic CFX3 75DZ Portable Dual Zone


  • It has a volume of 75 litres
  • It weighs 27.7 kilograms
  • It’s a 12v fridge
  • Its temperature varies between -22 °C and 10°C


Domestic is reputable for making quality products; this car fridge is one of their best products. It’s an ideal pick for those looking for a car fridge with a large volume. It also has an excellent performance record, with its temperature ranging between -22°C and +10°C. 

This fridge can be controlled using a mobile phone, which offers excellent supervision over your fridge. It also has a USB port where you can charge your phone.  

It has two compartments, making it simple to operate. Additionally, it has detachable dividers, which can help you organise your food and drinks. 

However, this model comes at a relatively high cost with these practical features. Still, its volume and quality are worth every penny you’ll spend on it. Moreover, it comes with a three-year warranty. 


  • You can control it through the phone 
  • They come with detachable baskets
  • It has an excellent temperature range 
  • It has a three-year warranty 


  • They are heavy and huge 
  1. Adventure Kings


  • It has a capacity of 45L
  • It weighs 17.8kg
  • It functions on a 12V power outlet
  • It has a minimum temperature of about -18 °C

The Adventure Kings has a robust, efficient, silent compressor, making it one of the top car fridge models. It can freeze food to a temperature of -18°C and has a capacity of 45-litres.

It has internal lighting making it easier to see meals at night. It also has a retractable basket and a distinct dairy section, so you won’t worry about keeping your fridge organised.

The protective insulating cover includes a zipper and side pockets for quick access. You don’t have to remove the fridge from the bag.  

Because of the thick rubber seals and case insulation, the model features among the finest fridges for van excursions for environmentally concerned travellers. It measures 66cm by 41 cm by 43 cm, which means it’ll fit in a van with space to spare. It also comes with a 2-year guarantee.


  • Protection for batteries in three stages that you can adjust
  • Temperature regulation is simple with the help of a digital control panel


  • None
  1. Engel MT-V


  • It has a capacity of 40L
  • It weighs 24kg
  • It operates on 12V
  • Its minimum temperature is about -18 °C


If you need a cost-effective car fridge/freezer, here is your ideal option. You can use this model as a fridge and freezer simultaneously. 

It has an inbuilt LED light that goes off automatically whenever the lid is closed. Additionally, it comes with a basket that improves food arrangement. The fridge looks the part, sturdy and durable, thanks to the grey metallic finish and massive locking clasp.

It measures 36 cm by 63.2cm by 50.8 cm and weighs 24 kg. Its automated voltage can be connected to a 12/24V DC or 240V AC source, 

So, if you’re still questioning where to get the most fantastic bargain on a vehicle fridge today, this is the right solution. It’s one of the most affordable Engel fridges you’ll discover for its efficiency.


  • It comes with a five-year warranty
  • It has an interior LED light that is essential for locating food during the dark


  • It cannot function as a fridge and freezer concurrently
  1. ARB 10802442 Portable


  • It is 44.5L
  • It weighs 29.5kg
  • It works on 12V 
  • It has a temperature variation of 10 °C to -22 °C

ARB car fridge has a capacity of 44,5L. Bluetooth connectivity is included with the refrigerator to monitor and control its temperature with your smartphone. It also features a charging system where you can insert a USB power cable and charge your phone.

Its power consumption is low, and it has a moderate power LED light plus decent insulation. Furthermore, there are detachable bins for food organisation and handles used as tie-down spots.

The fridge weighs 29.48 kg and has dimensions 73.7cm by 55.9cm by 48.3 cm. Because of the solid and sturdy steel exterior construction, this ARB vehicle fridge is well worth your investment.


  • If you enable a Bluetooth connection, you can set its temperature using your smartphone
  • Its constructed with a sturdy steel casing which makes it durable
  • The installed internal light is of low power; conserving energy
  • It comes with a USB port where you can conveniently charge your phone and other devices


  • It weighs more than most car fridges with the same volume
  1. Evakool TMX


  • Its capacity is 65L
  • It weighs 21.5kg
  • Operates on 12V
  • The fridge temperature ranges between 10 °C and -22 °C

Evakool is another excellent portable refrigerator for an automobile, having a capacity of up to 65 litres. Food and beverages may be chilled to 55°C below room temperature, ideal for even the hottest climates.

The device is exceptional in that you can open it from both sides or completely remove the lid, which makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Besides, an outlet is also helpful while cleaning the fridge.

This model has a dairy section, detachable baskets, lid, and inbuilt bright LED light. A protective cover is included, and you can also charge your phone through USB if you run out of juice.

Evakool is one of the top vehicle cooler fridges for individuals looking for a huge capacity but light fridge. Furthermore, the refrigerator comes with a five-year warranty.


  • Its materials and features are low-cost yet high-quality
  • It has a five-year warranty
  • Allows you to control it remotely using an app on your phone


  • None
  1. National Luna


  • It has a capacity of 55L
  • It weighs 24.4kg
  • It works on 12V 
  • Its temperature variation is from 20 °C to -24 °C


If you’re still stranded trying to find out the ideal fridge freezer, the National Luna could be your best choice. This model can cool your food to a temperature of -18°C. 

It boasts LED lighting, polycarbonate compartments, sturdy handles, and a lid with a locked latch to keep the fridge from opening accidentally while on your journey.

It is extremely energy efficient, with thick insulating materials and floor cooling plates. The outer part of the fridge is constructed from steel, while the inside is aluminium. The refrigerator operates with a 12V/24V DC power source; however, it automatically switches to battery power whenever the power goes out.

The fridge freezer measures 75cm by 42,5 cm by 53.5 cm. When you purchase this fridge model, you’ll have a three-year warranty to protect you against any manufacture-based faults. 


  • The Led light installed helps locate meals
  • It comes with three baskets which help in arrangments of food
  • It has a three-year warranty



  • It’s costly to acquire
  1. Brass Monkey Portable


  • It has a capacity of 52L
  • It weighs 15.9kg
  • It operates on a voltage of 12V/24V DC
  • It has a minimum temperature of about -20 °C


On a shoestring budget and hunting for the most fabulous fridge for your car? The best choice for you might be the 52L capacity Brass Monkey. This low-cost refrigerator can withstand temperatures as low as -20°C.

You can conveniently control and monitor it remotely over Bluetooth. It has telescoping handles and LED lighting, and its strong wheels make it a breeze to ferry from one place to another. It’s also quiet (less than 38dB!) compared to other brands and comes with a charging wire for cigarette sockets.

If you need a detachable battery, you may purchase one separately, or you can utilise solar charging with a solar panel. You can also charge it at a 12V/24V DC or 240V AC power source.

This fridge is just 15.9 kg in weight and comes with a three-year guarantee, despite its low price.


  • You can manage the fridge with your smartphone
  • Durable wheels and handles make it easy to move
  • Using the external solar panel makes it possible to charge the device for free when it’s sunny
  • It’s light; just 14 kg
  • It comes with a three-year warranty


  • At times it may be hard to open the lid