Best Camping Fridge in Australia 2021

Best Camping Fridge in Australia 2021

If you are looking to keep your food and drinks cool while enjoying your camping expedition, an icebox might not make the cut. What you need is the finest camping fridge that Australia can offer.

Unfortunately, there is no single camping fridge unit that is designed to meet every person’s camping need. Finding your best fit, therefore, boils down to picking a fridge based on your specific needs. To help you narrow down to the best camping fridge, we have handpicked the top camping fridge units you can find in the market today.

1. Domestic Waeco CFX65W Fridge

Domestic Waeco CFX5W Fridge is designed for people looking for a powerful fridge for freezing drinks and food while on a camping adventure. It is built to be robust, powerful, and effective with high-performance compressor technology to take care of your cooling needs.

With a generous space capacity of 65L, the unit can hold up to 105 cans and standard Riesling bottle upright. What more would you want when it comes to space? It also comes fitted with interior LED light to provide light when picking your drinks in darkness.

It boasts of a heavy-duty design featuring reinforced corners, detachable carrying handles as well as a robust closing mechanism. These features make it a fridge you won’t bypass in the market.

2. Engel MT-V60F Portable Fridge

With 60L of space, Engel MT-V60F portable fridge is the perfect size for those looking for a big camping fridge that will carry the refreshments needed while camping. If you are looking for efficiency, reliability, performance and high quality features, Engel MT-V60F portable fridge is your best bet.

It comes with the latest world-renowned Sawafuji swing motor that delivers efficient cooling to your drinks and food. This camping fridge can be run either as a refrigerator or as a freezer because its lowest temperature is about -18oC.

It also comes with the latest inbuilt battery monitor and digital thermostat control to allow you easy control of temperature regardless of the changes in temperature. Internal LED light allows you to navigate your fridge content in the dark with ease. With the rugged steel casing, you will also have maximum durability with Engel MT-V60F camping fridge.

It comes with Engel Transit Bag, a heavy-duty canvas designed to insulate and protect the fridge from scratches and bumps, thus keeping its resale value high. Moreover, it features incorporated storage pockets for keeping your empty cans.

3. Evakool TMX65 Travelmate Fridge

Evakool TMX65 Travelmate fridge is designed to offer reliability and high-performance. With 65 litres of space, this fridge makes a great travel companion for all four-wheel driving, voyaging, and camping expeditions.

It comes with the world’s renowned Danfoss compressor technology that delivers an excellent cooling effect. With its highly efficient roll bond evaporator, you will not only experience a low power draw but also a quiet and efficient running of your camping fridge.

The Evakool is designed and built to be lightweight yet sturdy enough for portability and durability. Its base is completely insulated with smooth walls that are hygienic and easy to clean. Moreover, it comes fitted with a drainage bung for easy cleaning.

4. National Luna 60L Fridge Dual Thermostat Stainless Steel

National Luna 60L Fridge is built for people looking for a quality fridge for camping adventures. It is built from high-quality materials to meet the World Health Organization’s regulations.

It is built from stainless steel that makes it durable while it is insulated using high-quality insulation materials, thus making it perfect for touring and camping. It comes with two bins of different sizes, is RH rated 35L for standard fridge usage and is LH rated 25L for freezing purposes.

Since this is a dual use fridge, the compartment can be set to different temperatures using their digital thermostats. However, make sure the LH is always set to lower temperatures as compared to RH. Moreover, it comes fitted with the Danfoss Compressor that delivers a high performance. The auto-switch feature of this fridge allows easy control of temperature since you set the desired temperature once and forget.

If durability and reliability are what you look in a camping fridge, then this National Luna Fridge is what you need.

5. Adventure Kings 60L Fridge

Adventure Kings 60L fridge is a new camping fridge that has just hit the market recently. It is an absolute game-changer in the camping site since it comes with a host of features that are appreciated at the camping site.

It features a high-quality genuine Secop BD35F compressor designed to run on 12V, 24V and 240V. Moreover, you can run it at the back of your four-wheel drive SUV whenever you are camping to help cool your food and drinks away from home.

With the capability to cool stuff up to -18oC, this camping fridge is perfect for all camping expeditions over the weekend or long holiday trips away from home. If you want to keep your food and drinks cool during a summer camping, look no further from Adventure Kings 60L Fridge.

With this article, it is clear that picking the best camping fridge that you can use when in camping adventure in Australia is hard. Nonetheless, we can tell you with confidence that the best camping fridge is the one that can take care of your camping needs. Each of the fridges reviewed here are only great for individuals based on their needs.

As such, when choosing a camping fridge or freezer, let your camping needs be the deciding factor. Evidently, buying any of the above five best camping fridges means that you will be set for camping for many years.

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