List of Top Subscription Boxes Available in Australia

List of Top Subscription Boxes Available in Australia

Subscription box mania is sweeping the world. There are subscription boxes for virtually everything from beauty and fashion to food and alcohol, so there are plenty of alternatives for people who may need a monthly treat delivered right to their doorstep. 

This article contains a comprehensive list of all the subscription boxes available to Aussies. But first, let’s find out what a subscription box means.

What is a Subscription Box?

A subscription box is a regular physical delivery of handpicked niche-oriented goods. These products are packed in boxes designed to generate an experience and add value beyond the products themselves. It’s not just about the products; it’s also about the experience that comes with them.

The subscription box business is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in Australia. In contrast to other mail-order products, subscription boxes provide a thrilling experience that makes it delightful to open a mailbox. Some of the largest retailers in the world have also adopted this trend, making it more competitive than ever before. 


Let’s now see the available subscription boxes in Australia.

Beauty Subscription Boxes

Bella Box ($17.95/Month) – For just $17.95, you’ll receive a box of more than five beauty product samples delivered for free. 

Bondi Wash ($80/Month) – Get a box of naturally scented products to keep your home fresh for only $80 per month. 

Nudie Glow ($25/Month) – This kit is a great way to start sheet masking. Its excellent performance may potentially result in a significant addiction.

Natural Beauty Box ($25/Month) comes with beautiful premium samples and travel-friendly skincare products, cosmetics, health, and home goods. 

The Parcel By Marie Claire ($25/Month) – You will receive eight or more beauty sample products worth more than $80, delivered to your doorstep for free.

Peony Parcel ($59.95/Month) – Peony Parcel is delivered twice a month. They have beauty and lifestyle goodies chosen by rising Australian firms.

Flora and Fauna Box ($34.95/Month) – Each parcel is packed with cosmetics, skincare, and body products made from natural and organic materials.

My Scent ($24.95/Month) – You’ll receive a 30-day supply of unique new fragrances every month.

Camirelli ($50/Month) – You’ll receive a tasty variety of handpicked body, shower, bath, and handcrafted skin products.

My Nourished Lifestyle ($43.18/Month) – The box comes with a wide range of well-made, elegantly packaged, and environmentally conscious merchandise from Australian firms.

My Perfect Indulgence Beauty Box ($29.99/Month) – You’ll receive five hand-selected body remedies and several additional treats such as tea, chocolates, and muesli.

Emporium Beauty Box ($43.18 for Two Months) – Each package comes with a cruelty-free product selection, fragrances, bath and body products, and other goods from small creative enterprises worldwide.

Mermaid Cosmetics Box – An Australian-based natural, sustainable, and vegan beauty and skincare monthly box.

Fashion Subscription Boxes

Jamberry Style Box ($25/Month) – You’ll receive $30 worth of Jamberry goods customised to meet your taste.

Soxy Beast ($20/Month) – This business partners with creators on colourful sock patterns every month and delivers them to subscribers. All products are manufactured in Melbourne, and all proceeds go to Australian charity organisations.

Panty Postman ($18/Month) – You’ll receive one great lace underwear pair in the mailbox with each subscription. 

Three65 Underwear ($29.95 Every Three Months) – You’ll receive underwear of superior quality at your doorstep every three months.

Fresh Sets Underwear ($34.95/Month) – You’ll receive a shipment carrying three sets of the world’s most luxurious underpants.

Get Socked ($8.97/Month) – You’ll receive trendy bamboo socks for men at your doorstep once a month.

Wingate ($80/Month) – Each specially designed box features at least one complete costume from top favourite labels like Forever New, Portmans, Kookai, Guess, Zara, Bardot, etc. 

Food & Snacks Boxes

Fresh Ingredients

Hello Fresh ($69.95/Week) – Shipment of farm quality ingredients and delectable meals to your house every week!

Thomas Farms Kitchen ($69.90/Week) – You’ll receive chef-created dishes and local, fresh produce at your house every week.

Eat Fit Foods – For health-conscious people who are short on time, this plan gives them the freedom to order various foods on their preferred days.

Tucker Street ($90/Week) – Each box includes three dishes and the fresh ingredients needed to prepare them.


MunchPak (from $13.95/Month)– Snacks from all across the globe are new and trendy.

Harvest Box ($8.95/Month) – You’ll get four servings of nibbling enjoyment from a single package.

Oyatsu Box ($29.99/Month) – Get delicious Japanese snacks, drinks, candies, and stunning capsule toys shipped to your doorstep.

Gnibl Box (From $69/Month) – Subscribe to the Gnibl offers and get delicious, healthy snacks shipped to your workplace. For a productive workday, you’ll need to replenish your energy.

Snack Box Co (From $34.95/Month) – Get healthy, high-quality snacks supplied to your Australian workstation for only $34.95 per month. Every month, you’ll receive packages filled with delicious treats, sparing time and cash.

Chocolate & Sweets

Cocoa Box ($37.50/Month)– Cocoa Box picks the best hand-made chocolates in Australia. They deliver three full-size bars to their customers’ homes. 

Marshmallow Club – Once a month, subscribers get a special box of 15 hand-crafted marshmallows. Their subscribers also get to taste new flavours before the rest of the world.

Bean Bar You ($44.95/Month) – Bean Bar You is the first independent chocolate subscription model in Australia. They deliver the best chocolates in the world to your doorstep. 

Spices & Sauces

Spice Quarter ($19.95/Month) – You’ll get three hand-made, top quality spice combinations each month, created from natural spices and free of MSG, additives, and additives.

Club Saucy ($49.50/Tube) – They search for the best sauces, curries, mustards, and other delicacies from Australia and the rest of the world to produce a unique blend of savoury, rich, and spicy goodies. 

House Of Scoville (From $39.95/Month) – If you enjoy hot sauces, consider subscribing to a quarterly sauce delivery service. You will deliver the freshest spices in Australia to your doorstep quarterly. 

Other Food

Bake It Box ($35/Month) – Every box comes with easy-to-follow directions, pre-measured dry components, and embellishments you’ll need for a show-stopping baking masterpiece.

Foodies Collective ($69.90/Month) –The Foodies Collective subscription exposes you to the most recent and exciting Australian luxury foods.

Spiced Fig ($55 for Three Months) – Treat yourself and those you care about to a beautiful tote containing boutique food and indulgence goods.

Chilli & Vanilla ($65/Month) – Enjoy delicious and hand-crafted food from various food locations every month.

Lunch Box Pals ($34.99/Month) – Get tasty, nutritious snacks for the entire family delivered to your home once a month. 


Bean Hunter (From $19.50/Month) – Delicious specialty coffee delivered to your door every two to four weeks.

Seven Seeds ($18/Fortnight) – You’ll receive twice-weekly deliveries of their seasonal coffee and filter options.

Coffee Post ($29.95/Month) – They send independent and artisan coffee from Brisbane to your home.

Campos Coffee ($15/month) – Receive a freshly prepared coffee at your doorstep. 

Market Lane ( $20/Fortnight) – Receive tasty beans at your doorstep for $20. 

Three Thousand Thieves (From $25/Month) – Every 30 days, a new Australian specialty coffee grinder is shipped to your doorstep.

Coffee Company (From $25/Month) – This firm saves you money while ensuring you never run short of coffee throughout the month. 

My Cuppa ($45/Month) – You can subscribe to a range of exotic and exceptional coffee. 

NO BS ($15/Month) – Enjoy specialty coffee flavours shipped each month. 

Liquid Black Coffee ($14 for Two Weeks)– Get freshly ground, premium quality Australian coffee delivered to your doorstep every two weeks. 


Tease With Tea ($28/Month) –  A premium dry tea leaf is delivered to your house. It is the ideal gift for a loved one.

The Rabbit Hole ($145/Month) – A premium solution to ensure you never run out of tea, this is the ideal gift for a tea connoisseur. Every month, you’ll receive a freshly picked pack (50 servings) at your doorstep.

Tea Teaser ($75/Month) – A three-month tea subscription to help you enjoy a fantastic tea experience.

Tea Garden ($29.95/Month) – Sign up for their packages and enjoy the world’s most exquisite tea sent right to your home.

Kentico ($40/Month) – Begin your wonderful tea experience today with a Loose Leaf Tea Box from Kentico. The box contains carefully selected tea products. 

Honest Tea ($14.95/Month) – Join one of the latest tea clubs in town to get the world’s finest teas delivered right to your doorstep.

Tea Blossoms ($15/Month) – Enjoy top-quality tea for just 50 cents or even less per day. 

Neo Tea Box ($30/Month) will deliver specially selected tea packs to last for the entire month.   

Hello tea ($20/Month) – The Hello Tea sample box is worth a shot. They offer a variety of beverages from local and international tea providers every month.


The Local Drop ($175/Month) – The Local Drop is an elite wine club that distributes members’ unique and well-crafted wines worldwide.

Hops 2 Home ($59.95/Month) – Crisp, refreshing, and flavorful craft breweries delivered straight to your home from Australia’s best breweries. 

Beer Cartel ($30/Month) – Get your monthly delivery of various wine flavours from the world’s top breweries. 

Secret Bottle ($40/Month) – They hand-pick six wines from over 100 wine regions across Australia to give customers a glimpse of the quirkiest boutique gems.

The Whisky Order ($59.95/Month) – You’ll receive a carefully curated package of whiskey samples from across the globe every month.

White Possum ($69.95/Month) – Sign up for White Possum packages to get hand-made Australian whiskey, liqueur gin, and more regularly delivered to your house.

Whisky Loot (From $59.95/Month) – Get access to some of the finest whiskies worldwide. You’ll get three 60mL quality whiskies and expert tasting notes.

Craft Beer Coopery ($49.95/Month) – You can have hand-picked craft alcohol delivered right to your front door for a few dollars.

Vinteloper ($175/Month) – Get the wines of your choice, whenever you want, straight from the vineyard to your doorstep.

Bucket Boys (From $89/Month) – They’ve organised a few great bargains to coincide with the introduction of their subscription box services. The first is their Beer Box, a monthly delivery of 16 excellent beers worldwide.


Reize Energy Drink (From $16/Month) – Set the number of beverages you want to be supplied every month, pay a minimal monthly charge, and they’ll arrive at your door. Cancel anytime: no risk, no hassle. 


House & Home Subscription Boxes

Pine Society Candles ($40/Month) – Surprise your loved ones with a unique candle each month. The candles are made with soy wax and have lovely fragrances created by Australian perfumers. 

Club Candle ($44/Month) – They have a candle membership club where members receive surprise candles at their doorstep each month.

Missy Moos Candles ($52/Month) – Their boxes come with Mishy Moo goodies and other products.

The Candle Club ($45/Month) – Members get a fresh, surprising, scented candle sent to their homes every month.

Health & Fitness Boxes

The HIIT Box ($39.95 for Three Months) – Do you enjoy working out and staying in shape? Then subscribe to The HIIT Box, and you’ll get a motivational bumper box every month.

The Spiritual Toolbox ($54/Month) – Sign up to get metaphysical items, witchcraft tools and skincare products hand-made with love

Lylliths Emporium (From $25/Month) – Awesome subscription boxes for witchcraft and spirituality are now available. 

Antipodean Witch ($36/Month) – This club delivers a carefully curated box of witchcraft and spirituality goodies to Southern Hemisphere pagans and witches.

Retreat Yourself Box ($59.95 for Three Months) – Treat yourself to refreshing, gorgeous, and motivating products worth up to $200 every month by subscribing to the Retreat Yourself Box packages.

The Yoga Box ($49/Month) – You’ll get four to -five full-sized product samples and incentives to improve your well-being.

Goodness Me Box ($25/Month) – Receive seven to ten premium health supplies and samples at your doorstep every month.

Splendour Box ($25/Month) – Splendour Box is a subscription box that exposes you to ethical, exciting products made by businesses that support a healthier lifestyle.

Beautifully Well Box ($29/Month) – Are you passionate about natural beauty, health, and fitness? Then you should join this club. 

Yoga Club ($107/Month) – The YogaClub subscriptions and outfits are selected according to a member’s specific style to ensure members get well-fitted and cute costumes, which will allow them to look great while practising. 

Running Fit Box ($49.95 for Three Months) – The Quarterly Running Fit Box will keep you motivated. Each season, you’ll have access to various products to help you exercise.

Organic, Natural & Vegan Subscription Boxes

Secrets Organics Box ($24/Month) – They deliver the finest natural products to your doorstep every month. 

The Vegan Box ($26.95/Month) – Signing up for these services is the most straightforward way to discover the latest cruelty-free and healthy products. 

Organised Beauty Box (From $39/Month) – Each box includes one to three full-size goods and three to five sample sizes for you to try. 

Vegan Mystery Box ($34.95 a Month) – You’ll get eight to ten exciting vegan, cruelty-free products to test.

The Change Box ($54.95/Two Months) – You will receive a package including five to ten items from their compassionate, vegan brands.

Inspired Box ( $39.00/Month)– Inspired offers a subscription package that fosters internal restoration, harmony, and constructive intention. 

Boho Babe Box ($39.99/Month) – A monthly avant-garde joy, Boho Babe is about stimulating your senses and promoting enthusiasm, fitness, and contentment.

Simply Earth Box ($39/Month) – They’ll bring you four full-size pure essential oils every month, plus one or two bonus bottles to prepare five or six recipes. So, you’ll have everything you need. 

Spiritual Subscription Boxes

The Crystal Club Subscription ($40.00/Month) – Their favourite crystals and other mystical instruments will be delivered to you in a specially selected collection to restore harmony in your life. This content will transform your life in ways you can barely comprehend!

Book Subscription Boxes

Bionic Book Subscription ($29.95/Month) – A customised book subscription plan delivers books to your doorstep every month. 

Relove Print ($9.00/Month) – This subscription includes one book hand-picked from various genres of your preference. All materials are pre-owned, but they have been selected with care for their status and quality.

YA Chronicles ($39.99/Month) – The YA Chronicles will satisfy your young adult addiction every month with a fantastic new published book and two to five other theme-related perks.

Bookabuy ($36/Month) – You’ll receive a hand-selected book every month. Each book is customised to the reader’s preferences, exquisitely gift-wrapped, and comes with a special message. 

Bookieboo (From $35.95/Month) – Bookieboo is a book subscription service that makes exploring new reading material and supporting the local talent simple for parents and exciting for children. 

Novel Tea Bookclub ($22/Month)  – Includes the selected Penguin classic novel of the month and a corresponding tea sample and catalogued goodies. 

Book Lovers Mystery Box ($45/Month) – One softcover book plus two to three book-related items, such as bath and beauty products, artwork, mugs, stationery, socks, pins, etc.

Never Book Box ($46/Two Months) – While each package will have a unique theme, you can expect to find one speculative fiction novel in print, with a signed bookplate and a memo from the author. One speculative fiction e-book downloads up to five pieces of bookish merch!

The Book Stork – Giving kids the gift of fantasy is a beautiful thing to do. Selected books for your child are supplied to your doorstep every month. 

Banksia Librarian ($55/Month) – It’s a book subscription service that includes pre-loved and new-release novels and a tea and scented candle set that corresponds to the book’s context. 

Collectible Boxes

Poptaria ($50/Month) – A themed box of fabulous treats delivered directly to your home, comprising the latest technology in pop culture.

My Geek Box ($31.99/Month) – They deliver a surprise box containing geeky goodies and a unique edition t-shirt.

Pastel Pixie Kawaii Box ($69.95 for Three Months) – Subscribe now to get a box with clothing, cosmetics, accessories, toys, accessories, stationery, and other items.

Arts, Crafts & Creative Subscription Boxes

XOX Kit ($45/Month) – Providing you with tools, materials, and guidelines to spark your imaginative spirit.

Crate Crochet Box (From $24.99/Month) – A monthly package of crochet awesomeness for yourself or a loved one.

Arigatou Aiko ($39.95/Month) – This is a subscription box containing curated stationery made in Japan.

Paper Pretty Box ($10/Month) – Paper Pretty Happy is an affordable subscription service that delivers stationery from Australian startups and creators at a low cost.

Mrs Reds Art Room ($45/Month) – Mrs Reds puts together a special box of art supplies every month. The items can be used together or added to your ever-expanding collection of art supplies. 

Lettuce Write (From $9.99/Month) – They deliver fantastic stickers and stationery to enhance your creativity. A sticker-only subscription box costs $9.99 per month, while a sticker-and-stationery package costs $19.99.

Sketch Box (From $25/Month) – They deliver four to six high-end art supplies (frequently complete kits) to your home, including a one-of-a-kind piece of art. 

Men’s Boxes

BelloBox ($30 for Three Months) – Expert product sourcing delivers a top-notch grooming package of eight or more hand-selected samples to your home.

Dollar Shave Club (From $5/Month) – This club ships excellent razors and high-quality grooming equipment to your doorstep.

Sprezza Box ($28/Month) – A stylist will select five to six products for you each month. This includes ties, pocket squares, socks, grooming products, l.

Knobby Underwear Box ($20/Month) – Awesome underwear sent to your home every month. 

Manrags Underwear Box ($25/Month) – Allow Manrags to style you in their ‘all essential’ deals, including top-quality underwear and socks.

Oscar Razor ($15 for Four Months) – You’ll receive four sharp blade cartridges every four months, with the first shipment including a free handle. Subscriptions are only available for short-bladed cartridges.

Thread Box (From $40/Month) – Thread-box is a subscription service for men’s wear. You can choose between two styles: classic and fresh. Classic is for men who prefer simple yet stylish clothing, while new is for men who prefer fashion-forward hairstyles and trendy clothing. 

Sock Daily ($15.00/Month) – You can set your sock closet on autopilot with Sock Daily. Every month, you’ll get a new pair of checkered socks delivered to your home.

Adults, Sex Toy & Bedroom Subscription Boxes

Love Your Box ($35/Month) – Get fantastic products to help you feel more confident in the bedroom.

For Her Box ($139.95/Month) – Compensate for the lack of passion by spicing up your romantic life.

Saucy Secrets – Saucy Secrets deliver a monthly box that will add sauciness to your romantic life.

Date Crate ($60/Month) – Date Crate delivers boxes for date nights at houses that focus on the relationship beyond the bedroom.

Crated With Love ($26.99/Month) – Each box contains four games or activities that inspire fun while you enjoy time with your partner.

Period & Tampon Boxes

Crimson Collective ($49.99/Month) – The Crimson package contains your choice of TOM organic tampons, liners, and pads. It also comes with a selected assortment of natural body love products, tea, and chocolates.

Liverpool Street ($9.99/Month) – Organic tampons are supplied to you every month.

Moxie ($30/Month) – Delivery of tampons and a premium period box. You’ll supply you with your period necessities, skincare products, and tasty treats.

Love Lois ($23/Month) – Based on your subscription plan, you’ll receive the tampons and pads you require. You also receive some tasty treats to help you through your time of the month.

Gift Box Organic ($25 for Three Months) – Sign up for a membership plan and get tampons delivered to your doorstep. Shipping is free.

Bonjourjolie ($38/Month) – The perfect period box to take the frustration out of your period.

Kids & Babies Boxes


Bella baby Box ($24.95/Month) – Bellababy’s mission is to find the highest quality products for moms and young ones.

Bambino Box ($21.95/Month) – Their team works diligently to deliver the best baby supplies every month. 

Mum & Munchkin Box ($129 for Three Months) – Each box contains two hand-crafted items for the baby and one for mum. For every month, you’ll receive new high-quality designer goods. 

My Bubba Box ($99/Month) – My Bubba Box provides parents with high-quality toys that facilitate the growth of their kids at every stage.

NZ Baby Box ($24.99/Month) – This is New Zealand’s greatest mom and baby subscription box. 


Envelope Of Awesome ($17.95/Month) – You’ll get a package filled with badges, stickers, drawing instructions, comics, creativity exercises, and a special letter! This package aims to foster creativity among children aged 5–12.

Creative Kits Box ($31.45/Month) – Provides membership packages in all fields of interest for kids aged 5–15.

Stickles Sticker Box ($10/Month) – Send stickers via mail to a youngster you cherish. 

Millies Mailbox ($7.50/Month) – Millies Mailbox is a fun, customised mailbox for boys and girls aged three and above.

Stem Box ($35/Month) – This subscription offers science, technology, engineering, and mathematics learning programs.

Brilliant Box ($33/Month) – They provide the most refined item you’ll purchase to promote your kid’s education. They’re boredom stoppers, holiday assistance, and are excellent for travelling.

StickyBoo Sticker Box ($2.99/Month) – You’ll receive awe-inspiring stickers produced by an incredible team of artists and designers from all around the globe.

My Creative Box ($30/Month) – Subscription ensures your young artists receive their monthly Creative Box packed with themed paintings and crafting ideas.

Box For Monkeys ($55/Month) – This children’s program will keep your youngsters occupied, engaged, and away from the computer.

Pom Pom Box ($30/Month) – A unique monthly subscription box for tween (aged 8-12) or teen (aged 13+) females, designed to build joy and excitement.

Kiwico (NZ Based) ($19.95/Month) – We conduct hands-on science and art projects for children aged 0–16.

Outta Da Way ($40/Month) – Delivers customised sensory tools and toys for kids with Autism, ADHD, SPD and many more unique needs.

Sticker Planet ($16/Month) – You receive unique stickers at your doorstep every month, keeping your kids joyful.

Envelope of Awesome ($11.95/Month) – A monthly membership pack filled with hand-drawn materials to promote confidence and creativity via cartoons.

Castle & Kite (From $90/Month) – Crafting sessions in your home can now be regular, pre-planned, enjoyable, and mess-free!

Creative Toy Shop ($69.95/Month) – Each month, subscription boxes are delivered to your doorstep to interest your kids and allow them to discover new learning opportunities.

Little Passports ($14.95/Month) – Enjoy the gift of adventure. An all-year excitement makes this subscription box the ideal gift.

Pets & Dogs Subscription Boxes

Dog Subscription Boxes in Australia

Doggy Bag Delivery ($6/Day) – Freshly prepared and portioned food for your dog is delivered straight to your home.  

Olly’s Box ($55/Month) – Your dog will get an exciting mix of toys, all-natural Australian goodies, and valuable monthly accessories.

Pawpal Australia ($49.95/Month) – Your pet will receive a hand-picked pack of tasty treats and fun toys every month.

Pawgie Box (From $52/Month) – Pawgie is dedicated to your four-legged companion! A healthy dog is happy, so we only select the highest quality products and make them accessible to your home.

Pet Packs ($90 Every Three Months) – Pet Packs have all your dog’s requirements covered, from treats to toys and lifestyle products. 

Ruv Box ($49/Month) – Ruv offers your dog a box of monthly treats, toys, and other surprises.

Waggly Club ($45/Month) – Waggy provides toys and treats to keep your dog happy. 

Dizzy & Lee ($54/Month) – You’ll get four to seven exciting pet products and many samples each month.

Golden Swag ($69.95/Month) – Packed with quality, love, and care, each box includes a rad assortment of hygiene products, toys, accessories, coupons and samples.

Go Get Me (From $49/Month) – They deliver your dog’s requirements to your home once a month.

Cat Subscription Boxes Australia

Get Catty Box! – The Get Catty Box! is packed with stunning cat-themed merchandise for you. It comes with empty cardboard to keep your cat entertained as well.

Other Pets Subscription Boxes in Australia

Birdie Bundles (From $50/month) — Every Birdie Bundle has unique content, providing you and your bird with a pleasant surprise every month.

Parrot Box ($50.95/Month) – This is an attractive bespoke gift box and subscription box service for your feathered companions.

Gift Boxes

Sending Love Box (From $20/Month) – You’ll get a one-of-a-kind, regularly themed box packed with fascinating gifts.

Heart In A Box (From $49/Month) – These gift boxes are suitable for any event or no event at all. Sometimes it’s difficult to express yourself, especially when a loved one is going through a difficult season. This gift box will give your confidence a much-needed boost. 

Little Box Of Happiness ($77/Month) – This gift box contains beautifully crafted goodies that encourage happiness, optimism, and relaxation.

Farmhouse Honey Box ($39.95/Month) – This elegantly presented honey box features three gourmet food items and is manually produced in small quantities. They deliver 100% pure honey from Two Busy Bees, a local honey producer.

Feel Better Box ($59/Month) – This gift company specialises in making people “feel better.” Whether it’s a Get Well Soon present or a gift for someone going through a difficult period, there’s a package for your loved ones.

Chain Valley Gifts (From $13.50/Month) – Even though Handmade Box has relocated to Chain Valley Gifts and is currently a component of their website, there is not much alteration. Their fantastic handmade items, outstanding service, and the option to support Australian Handmade are all still available.

Misc Subscription Boxes

Box Of Blessings ($44.95/Month) – This subscription box contains hand-crafted gifts to inspire you and help you grow spiritually. 

FuelBox Conversation Box ($79/Month) – Strengthen your relationships through fantastic talks created by FuelBox.

Easy Come Easy Grow ($10/Month) – You’ll get three different in-season herbs or vegetable seeds every month. Whether you have a backyard or a windowsill, you can plant your own vegetables. Nothing beats home-grown greens.

Bloom Box (From $39/Month) – Arrive home to a lovely bouquet of seasonal flowers in the Bloom Box.

Geo Stuff ($15/Month) – You’ll get a package of geocaching goods sent to your house every month. This includes containers, logbooks, stickers, trackables, tools, etc.

The Green box($10/Month) – You’ll receive new special edition accessories every month.