Top Welding Helmets Australia for 2021

Top Welding Helmets Australia for 2021

Whether you’re a boiler maker looking for the latest and greatest in welding helmets from manufacturers in 2021 or someone looking to gift an incredible welding helmet this year, you need something reliable, safe and durable.

Regardless of where you work or what you do in your trade, there’s a good chance at some point or another you’ll need to have a sturdy and comfortable welding helmet landing on year head.

Whatever you’re doing, whether it be welding or using a grinder or even a plasma cutter, you’re going to want to ensure you’re protected on the job and more able to focus on the task at hand — rather worrying about sparks, metal and cornea-damaging light hitting your face.

As you may already know, the more modern and advanced welding helmets offer a tonne of features from lightweight designs, automatic darkening and more.

However, with a myriad of helmets to choose from, and with features becoming more and more complex, it can be hard to know which helmet to choose, and which might be the best for you and your projects.

That in mind, we did a tonne of research on the best welding helmets for 2021 so you don’t have to.

Below we’ll take a look at all of our contenders for the best welding helmets as well as what you might want to consider if you’re going it alone in finding a welding helmet this year.

Take a look at our top choice welding helmets below.

The Auto Darkening 3350 Welding Helmet by Lincoln Viking

Taking out the top spot on our list for its effortlessness to use, the 3350 by Lincoln Viking is going to be a fan favourite among anyone who routinely finds themselves welding in their workshop or on site.

From the outset, the helmet has automatic darkening technology and a design that focuses heavily on comfort during prolonged use. We know that a tonne of helmets out there are only typically designed for a few minutes use at most and begin to get uncomfortable after that — though not this one.

If you’re someone who has long or drawn-out welding workflows at your workplace, this is going to be the ultimate companion for you.

With excellent ventilation, padding and a light weight, you could almost leave this helmet on all day if you’d like.

There’s a fantastic level of transparency through the glass window here too — when the dark mode isn’t activated — and that means you’re getting essentially 1/1/1/1 optical clearance here.

That means — colours and details are essentially true to life, even through the helmet itself.

A tonne of users online have touted just how incredible this experience is, and it’s arguably the best model out there if you’re looking for outstanding optical quality.

When it comes to comfort, as we mentioned, the helmet is created with long-term use in mind, and this means the weight of the helmet is very evenly distributed across the product.

You won’t find one side being heavier than the other, and the control knobs and other features sitting on one side of the helmet don’t really change the weight distribution much at all.

There is sometimes the issue of the helmet being a little hit or miss for some users in that it can be a little loose, though this is quite rare. You can also slide this helmet on to a hard hat if needed, for added safety and to meet worksite regulation.

As for the style and appearance, you have a few colours to choose from as well as colour ways that include racing stripes and gnarly skull designs too.

Getting a little technical now, there is a 1.2 pound or 0.54kg weight here, which means it can be a little heavy for some users. However, it is good to note that this weight is coming from the huge glass panel in the front, so you’re not holding a heavier product for no reason.

To end, the helmet is one of the more expensive on the market today, though this is to be expected with a product of this calibre. We certainly suggest investing in this model if you have the budget as it’s looking to be a durable and long-lasting option for most boiler markers or welders out there.


  • Four Arc Sensors
  • A Continuous Light Sensor Control
  • Light Weight
  • Large Glass Panel in Front

The 302C Auto Darkening Welding Helmet by Yeswelder

A second standout welding helmet on our list is the incredible 302C by Yeswelder which comes with a large glass panel in the front, but also panels on the side too. This means you’re getting a wide viewport that a good majority of other helmets don’t yet offer.

One thing to note about this wide angle view is that you’re more able to see what’s going on in your workplace and less claustrophobic if this is an issue for you. You’re more in tune with what you’re working on and that can mean you’re a little safer too.

To add, the view field here is 180 degrees, incredible when compared to most other helmets. The total size of the panels at the front and side of the helmet is 15 full inches which is outstanding in our opinion.

Again, there’s an optimal 1/1/1/1 optical quality here soo, so you’re not dealing with eye strain or focal issues when the darkening isn’t on. As you’ll agree, this is great for those longer-term workflows than can take upwards of twenty to thirty minutes or even longer and you simply want to get it done without taking the helmet off.

A second big perk coming into play here that many welders will appreciate are the six-array light sensors. That in mind, you’re almost never going to be covering all of these and you can always rely on the automatic darkening.

Within the glass and view power, Yeswelder have also worked to integrate an intelligent ‘true colour technology’ here which essentially means that even when your dark mode is activated, you’re not confused or unable to discern what’s going on.

When it comes to ergonomics and practicality, this model has a great curvature in its design and you’re able to rely on this to make sure that you’re better able to fit in the helmet without issue. It’s also easy to grab on to as well.

One thing to keep in mind is that although this helmet is feature-packed and offers a lot of comfort, it isn’t something that’s very durable. Although not a total dealbreaker, you will need to be a little more careful here.

On top of this, you might find that you need to replace the helmet a little more often than you’d like to, if you do enjoy the comfort.


  • Six Arc Sensors
  • A Continuous Light Sensor Control
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Multiple Viewports for 180º Viewing

The 770890 Inventor Welding Helmet by Hobart

Coming down the ladder a little more, the 770890 helmet by Hobart is another key product to consider.

It comes with features that are just a tad paired back when compared to some of the others on our list, however, all this means is that there are a few more manual controls such as dials and things — which are actually more effective when you’re wearing welding gloves.

On top of this, there remains the automatic dark features and a design here that is very light weight.

A key point to note is that the material this helmet is made of is rather rare when compared to other helmets and that is because it’s a polyamide nylon — essentially resulting in an insanely lightweight helmet that’s also durable.

You can expect this product to survive a tonne of wear and the material is even durable enough to survive collisions, debris, sparks and more.

There’s a neat and rather nifty set of adjustment toggles here too which make it easier than ever to get things a little tighter should you want to do this mid-weld or mid-project, you won’t need to stop and fiddle for a few minutes.

You will also notice that there’s some good weight distribution here too, which helps to make this already-comfortable helmet even better.

Online reviews have made mention of the balance too. You’ll spot quite quickly that the helmet sits and balances on your head quite well, which means there isn’t that painful and rather distracting jiggle that can sometimes occur.

An important metric to keep in mind is that this helmet does come in at a little heavier than other products in this calibre, even with the lightweight material. However, this does come from the rather large 9.3 inch glass panel in the front along with the helpful magnification glass that the brand is calling the ‘Cheater Lens.’

To end, you’re going to find this helmet just about anywhere you look down to it being so comfortable and durable and so getting your hands on a good deal won’t be too hard for the professional welder or the hobbyist users.


  • Four Arc Sensors
  • A Continuous Light Sensor Control
  • Variable Shade Options from 8 Through 13
  • Ergonomic Design
  • A Large, Single 9.3 Inch Viewport

The AH6-260 Auto-darkening Welding Helmet by Antra

Getting a mention on our list thanks to this helmet’s rather unique feature set is the AH6-260 by Antra. It comes as our top entry-level pick and it isn’t too expensive either, so it will also make a good welding helmet gift for those who aren’t too sure about what to invest in.

As for the practicality, there’s an ideal shade level suite here from 5 through to 13 to ensure you’re getting the ideal level of protection. Coming in at a 480 gram weight, it is one of the lightest out there, however, it is primarily made of plastic and so using this in a workshop or professional environment is off the cards for many.

If you’re someone who does routinely smack their welding helmet around a little too much, you will notice that this model is going to break very quickly — and that’s not good for any welder or boiler maker.

We would suggest keeping this model in your at-home workshop to make sure you’re keeping it safe.

A second thing to keep in mind is that the plastic in this helmet is exceedingly thin and this makes for a safety hazard relating to molten slag — it will simply sit and melt through the helmet.

All that in mind, this helmet is still our top choice for the entry level welders and those who need something to keep their eyes safe in their DIY workshop in the garage or the man cave. 

A few unique perks here are the solar charger for the battery powered auto-darken feature, which means you’re likely not going to need to deal with always replacing the batteries — or finding the helmet flat. Just set it by a window when you’re not making use of it.

There is a UV protection built into the glass here too, so you’re getting added assurance that your eyes are safeguarded.

Online reviews have mentioned that this helmet has become a replacement device for the more expensive helmets out there, which is good news for our readers.

To end, there is a much sought after delay and sensitivity control system in here too, which means you’re getting the chance to reduce how quickly your helmet dims, or if it dims at all. Typically these features are only found in helmets at a far higher price point, so this is ideal.


  • Two Arc Sensors
  • Solar Battery Charger
  • Adjustable Sensitivity Controls
  • Variable Shade Options from 5 Through 13
  • Lightweight Design
  • A 4-inch by 1.75-inch Panel

The Speedglas 9100 Auto-darkening Welding Helmet by 3M

To one of our more traditional welding helmet choices, the 9100 by 3M is going to be a top choice for those who despise that rather awful green-toned hue when the darkening occurs.

You’ll find that this helmet’s primary focus is making sure the view outside of the glass panel is as natural and true to life as possible, allowing you to better focus and get to work on the job rather than trying to ignore that odd hue.

To add to this feature, you’re better able to see what’s going on outside of the helmet and gauge the welding puddle more clearly, which will assist in adding a bit more control and safety to your worksite.

It is good to note that these helmets are a little more costly and the features here are technically geared to the more professional and expert welders working in industries that demand the best quality products.

A second thing to keep in mind is that these helmets have been known to loosen quite easily, and so as users are working on their tasks, the helmet may simply just come loose for no apparent reason. Something to be mindful of.

When it comes to the auto-darkening here, the feature is powered by reliable lithium batteries which will be able to last a lot longer than simple alkaline versions.

3M has also integrated a glove-friendly interface here in the form of larger buttons, making it easier to utilise the helmet without needing to take off your gloves.

There’s an adjustment shade selection here from 5 through to 13 which is relatively standard, though, with the press of a button you can quickly come back to that near-perfectly-transparent mode enabling you to work on other things. From there, the moment the helmet detects your arc again, it will darken.

The instant you stop welding, the helmet will then adjust up to three levels brighter and more transparent for you to continue working.

Those auto-darkening points in mind, this is the helmet that assists with efficiency and keeping you from having to mess around and fiddle with buttons and lighting options — you can simply keep working.

A great feature we love here is that the helmet also lets you choose modes for quick selection, and so there are darkness settings you can pre-select.

Some final features we’d like to point out is the auto-activation when the helmet detects it’s been picked up. There is also a set of exhaust vents designed into the body of the helmet here too, which means you’re staying comfortable and well-ventilated inside the helmet when you work — not having to deal with fog or just too much moisture from your breath.


  • Three Arc Sensors
  • An Automatic Pickup Detection Feature
  • Glove-friendly Controls
  • Variable Shade Options from 5 Through 13
  • A Glass-darkening Pre-set Mode

The Insight 46131 Welding Helmet by Jackson Safety

Due to the popularity of the awesome Jackson Safety welding helmets, we’re sure you’ll have already seen a tonne of these either in store, or even around your workplace.

They’re a top choice for a reason given that they offer an incredible usability experience and great comfort too, even if they do weigh just about double all of the other helmets out there.

Welders will find there’s a tonne of great features in here that even includes a mode for grinders which ensures you’re not going to go into dark mode when sparks start appearing on your work bench.

Add to this the incredible 2.3 by 3.9 inch viewport and you have plenty of space to look and see what you’re doing at all times.

With four arc sensors coming into play here, you’re also getting the assurance that the Insight 46131 is always going to spot when you start welding again and dim the glass accordingly.

A painful side note to keep in mind is that the helmet is rather close-fitting and this means that you’re really tightly secured in here. This wouldn’t be an issue if there was great ventilation, though users have noted it gets a little stuffy.

On top of this, not being able to work with a respirator goes without saying. The helmet is just a little too small to fit one in here, so when fumes and breathability are concerned, you may be out of luck.

To end, the weight of the helmet is a rather heavy 2 pounds or 0.91kg which means using this helmet for a prolonged period of time can become an issue.


  • Four Arc Sensors
  • Fast-action Glass Darkening
  • A Nice 2.3 by 3.9 Inch Glass Panel
  • Lithium Battery Power

The Sentinel A50 Welding Helmet by ESAB

Making our way to the second nylon-made helmet and we’re happy to say that the Sentinel A50 is going to be a winner for many of our readers.

The brand is doing their best to transform and re-invent the old school welding helmet, which means you’re getting a tried and true design, a no-frills approach to non-essential added features — though there is an incredible and futuristic looking design here.

A streamlined design here also means that this helmet is more capable when it comes to simply throwing off slag and other debris as you’re working.

On top of this, the minimal design also makes it our top choice for welders who need to get right up close in areas such as inside cabinets and cars. The helmet is small and versatile enough to fit your head and itself into just about anywhere you need it to.

A second great perk of this design is in the fact that the glass slopes with the helmet’s space-age look. This means you’re getting peripheral vision support, and of course, that means safety and a better awareness of what’s going on around you.

Unfortunately though, this glass is more susceptible to warping and changing shape, and this means that you might need to keep an eye out for a strange fish-eye effect appearing after a few months or years of use.

As for the comfort and weight distribution, this welding helmet takes the crown from all of the others on our list. The weight distribution and in-helmet grips are based upon a 5-point design which means all of the weight is evenly distributed across your entire skull rather than in one or two points.

This even weight in mind, you’re able to lie on your side and find that the helmet simply balances and grips with ease. A massive perk for those who often work underneath vehicles, trucks or need to work on their back.

To end, there’s an incredible touch screen coming into play here which you’re able to use for shading and darkening sensitivity features.


  • A Five-point Headband
  • Fast-action Glass Darkening
  • Excellent 3.93 by 2.36-inch Panel
  • Built-in Touchscreen
  • Ultra-streamlined and Minimal Design

The Digital Infinity by Miller

For our readers who need more viewing space than anything else out there, the Digital Infinity is the absolute cream of the crop.

You’re going to find a 13 inch panel here and that means you’re getting by far the biggest viewport on our list and one of the biggest on the market today. As you’d expect, this viewport enhances safety in the workplace and makes sure you’re well in-tune with what’s going on and able to spot issues or potential dangers without a problem.

On top of this, with such a big viewport, this welding helmet means you can cram into a small space and look through the very edge of the panel and continue working.

A second great feature, beyond just the panel size, is the integration of Miller’s excellent ClearLight Technology which is what will give you that true to life looking image through the panels.

There’s a 1/1/1/2 optical clarity here which is ideal for just about all our welder readers.

When it comes to shading, there’s an incredible 8 through 13 levels to choose from here, for welding, and cutting mode also offer a 5 through 8 shading level.

There is also a grinding mode supported here as well, which offers shading up to a level 3.

As with some of the other welding helmets on our list, there is intelligent detection of non-welding activities, which means plasma cutting, grinding and sunlight are all taken into account here.

You can also trigger these intelligent darkening features with TIG welding too, which means you’re able to rely on always being able to see what you’re doing, rather than fighting off an overly dark display.

Arguably one of the more advanced features coming into play here is the Digital Infinity’s reliance on an electromagnet to detect your welding arc. This entirely eliminates the need for the old school light sensors and essentially makes detection a lot faster and more accurate.

To end, there’s a three-year warranty on offer here and a help menu too so you’re always going to know what to do and how to use this helmet.


  • Fast-action Glass Darkening
  • A Huge Viewport
  • Auto Turn-off
  • Ultra-streamlined and Minimal Design
  • 3-year Warranty
  • Four Arc Sensors
  • An Electromagnetic Arc Sensor

A Bit About Safety

To end our article on all of the best welding helmets in Australia for 2021 we have some things about safety we’d like to go over.

Of course, there’s a good chance you already know a tonne about how welding affects the eyes and why you want to make sure you’re protected — however, going a little more into detail might be worth you while in motivating you to keep wearing your welding helmet at all times.

Welding and Infrared Light

To kick things off, welding creates a few different forms of light which are quite harmful and certainly not something you’re going to want to be looking at for hours on end.

These types of light include:

Typical Visible Light — which can harm the eye’s retinae from brightness.

Infrared Light or IR — which heats whatever surface, substance or body part it touches.

Ultra Violet or UV Light — which can cause skin burns and other forms of damage.

Those types of light out of the way, it’s fairly easy to understand that the bright spark coming from your welder isn’t just bright light, but rather harmful and can cause blindness and even skin damage.

With a welding helmet, you’re getting the assurance that little to none of this light is making its way to your eyes, face or neck and you’re staying protected and healthy.

Although most welding helmets do have all of these features and safety perks, it’s still good to check to ensure that your model does offer support for IR and UV protection.


With all of our top welding helmets out of the way, we’re sure you’ll be able to find a product that is well-suited to your welding tasks either at home or work, and you’re going to be kept safe and protected.

There are a tonne of new welding helmet technologies hitting the market today and these make the experience of not only wearing the helmet better, but using it too. You’re able to better control how your helmet responds to your welder’s arc and get the assurance and peace of mind that you’re well-covered even during prolonged tasks.

When choosing your helmet, safety should always be at the forefront. From there, you can work on choosing some special features, the size and comfort as well as the price, though your safety and the safety of your eyes should always remain one of the most important deciding factors. Remember, without a reliable welding helmet, you’re putting your vision at risk and just a small investment in a stylish, high-tech and well-designed helmet can majorly reduce thi

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