Best Robot Vacuum Australia 2021

Best Robot Vacuum Australia 2021

Ever thought of sitting down and seeing everything done for you? No sweeping, no picking up dirt, no pushing couches around, and of course, no hustles. It’s possible with robot vacuums! They aren’t just suitable for spotting dirt but are also ideal for smoother and stress-free cleaning; what you’re looking for! So, forget about the hustle of squeezing behind furniture to deal with the hidden pet hair, dust, and debris. It’s time to switch your mind to looking for the best robot vacuum to meet your needs and preferences. The below factors will be useful when looking for the best robot vacuums.


You don’t need a million bucks to purchase the best robot vacuum. Who said that expensive is better? The current market offers affordable vacuums to accommodate your tight budgets. You can now own one of the best robot cleaners from reputable brands without emptying your bank with one swipe. For example, iRobot Roomba 690 has discounted its price from $649 to AUD 578.12. You can now save up to $70.88.

OZMO920 Robotic Cleaner comes with a mop. It was previously priced at USD 999 but now goes for $649 to save $350. Finally, the ECOVACS DEEBOT 710 Smart Robotic cleaner was AUD 669 and is now USD 389, which means that you can save $260. With all these price reductions, you can still get affordable robot cleaners without compromising quality and performance.

Canister Vacuums Australia Vs. Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuums are better than traditional canister models because of various reasons. For starters, the robot vacuums tend to be smart and independent. They feature lasers and boast in Wi-Fi connectivity options. The Wi-Fi enables them to work under a program. With this, they can be remotely controlled using a smartphone, voice commands, or Amazon Alexa. Another added advantage is that the robots create statistics and map the areas it has already cleaned. All these features help in the easy navigation of the sensors.

Unlike the traditional canister models, robot vacuums Australia are elegantly designed with charging docks. With these, they can charge themselves at times. You can as well set timers as to when the robot will start cleaning. This gives you a lot of flexibility as you can leave the house as the vacuum cleaner cleans your home. With this, you’ll avoid unnecessary interruptions when the cleaning is ongoing. The only time you’ll be needed is when emptying the vacuum.

Clean-Up Time

Robot vacuums Australia tends to clean faster than traditional vacuums. Depending on how large your home is, the robot vacuum saves the long hours spent to clean yourself. The quick clean-time is thanks to the built-in filters, spinning brushes, and side brushes. The best robot cleaners are those that are compact enough to fit in a small space. This makes storage relatively easy. They should also be lightweight and thus portable. At this size, the robots are suitable for low-clearance furnishings.


Have you ever heard of robots having memory cards? The best vacuum cleaner is one that has a memory bank. The memory reminds the vacuum cleaner where the furniture is located. Once you have switched the button on, the device will automatically begin cleaning your space. You don’t need to disarrange coaches since the vacuum can be customized to reach behind and underneath your furnishings.

Go for the Tested Robot Vacuums

Typically, robot vacuums are tested in labs to check the functionality in setup, battery life, suction strength, navigation, and compatibility. You obviously want a robot machine that traverses multiple floor types and maneuvers smoothly around furniture. When out for a purchase, be sure to inquire if the product has been tested. This way, you’ll carry home a fully functional product.

Battery Life

The best-performing robot vacuums are tested on dark rugs, tiles, and hardwoods to see their transitions across different surfaces. The battery capacity will depend on your space size. If you need the cleaning to be done in a small space, go for robot machines that run for a minimum of 60 – 70 min. If you’re looking for one that can handle large areas, opt for robot cleaners with a battery life of around 90 minutes. Note that some robots require a battery charge, whereas others will need you to install batteries and side brushes.

Excellent Navigation

Most vacuums work well in ridding the household detritus. A robot is tested to suck in the dirt, flint, and hair. They’re also checked to pick up the tiny dust bunnies and food particles. The tests will tell whether the robots use methodical or random cleaning patterns. The random cleaners tend to clean a spot multiple times and take longer to clean a space. On the other hand, the methodical cleaners take little time to clean a room but only pass on a path once.

The Best Vacuums for Hardwood and Pet Hair

With the ballooning number of robot vacuum manufacturers, it becomes challenging to know the best machine for pet hair. But here’s a secret; when out for purchase, do not just settle for the vacuums that can floor-clean. Other than this, they should also be eligible for sucking up dirt and making hardwood floors shiny.

Garbage Bin

You’ll need some broom passes when getting the last little bits of dirt off the floor. The most challenging act of cleaning debris isn’t in the sweeping but the picking. Some vacuum cleaners are designed with self-emptying dustbins and can thus empty their own dustbin. Such cleaners will do all the work for you.

Additional Accessories

Other accessories to look into include; automatic space recognition, ease-to-use, setup process, and the robot’s control mechanism. Most robot cleaners come with remote controls. This makes them very versatile since the remotes feature options for various cleaning modes like edge, auto, quick, and spot. These options give you the alternatives to switch into different suction potentials like max and standard.

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