Top Microwave in Australia 2021

Top Microwave in Australia 2021

A good microwave is one that comes in a compact design, is easy to clean, and adds to the overall beauty of your kitchen. In this list, we have compiled a list of some of the best microwaves in Australia. We conducted rigorous research to ensure that this review has the best products from renowned manufacturing companies.



This product performs exceptionally compared to standard microwaves. It heats, makes yoghurt, cooks food, and melts ingredients with limited power consumption. It leverages power-saving and sensor cook mode to ensure that no guesswork is used in your cooking experience. Besides being easy to clean and use, the LG MS42960BC features an anti-bacterial interior coating.

Kmart Anko 20L

The Kmart Anko 20L microwave is a perfect choice for those looking for basic applications. It comes with excellent functionality. The product features a defrost function alongside six auto cooking menus. It will not take up too much space in your kitchen, which makes it ideal for most households.

We Picked

A top Australian consumer advocacy group has conducted research and microwave testing. Therefore, we commenced by considering the microwaves they would prioritize.

We also checked out, which is the first consumer option website in Australia. This helped us find out how various microwaves performed in the lab. Primarily, we were interested in at least 100 reviews accompanied by a 4-star rating.

With a clear understanding of what would be considered by experts, and knowing what is loved by Aussies, we were able to come up with this review. The things we considered include affordability, ease of cleaning, and a decent warranty.

In this guide, we have tried to focus more on countertop microwaves instead of built-in ones. This is because compared to the latter, countertop microwaves are readily available and suit many users.

7 Best Microwaves in Australia

  • LG MS4296OBC, 1200W, 42L Microwave
  • Kmart Anko 20L, 700W, 20L Microwave
  • Breville The Quick Touch BMO735, 1100W, 34L Microwave
  • LG MS2596 OB, 1000W, 25L Microwave
  • Sharp R24YS, 800W, 20L Microwave
  • Samsung ME6104, 1000W, 28L Microwave
  • Sharp R21DW, 750W, 20L Microwave

Important Features to Consider

Most microwaves utilize similar technology since there are only a few manufacturers in the world. This implies that your buying decisions should not rely on technical specifications. The main differences in various microwaves are programming, price, controls, and brand. These are some of the core features a good microwave should boast.

Easy To Use Interface

Your microwave should be easy to operate by just glancing at the controls. Touch interfaces are easier to use compared to knobs and dials. These interfaces are also easier to clean.

Cooking Modes

Microwaves come with a range of cooking modes. However, the basic functions include time to cook, express cooking, and an ass time button. There needs to be a defrost function, as it is quite helpful. Expensive microwaves tend to have more functions compared to cheaper ones.

Decent Turntable Size

As microwaves keep getting sophisticated, the size might also increase. Even if you are looking for a compact microwave, you still need to get one with a turntable that is big enough.

Easy Clean

Whether you are an occasional microwave user, you still need to get one that is easy to clean. Your touch controls should be ones you can easily wipe clean. The ones with dials or buttons can hide some food and dirt particles.

Power Level

The power level of a microwave can be estimated from its size. Bigger microwaves tend to have more power, although one with 800 Watt or lower will not record a bad performance.

Door Visibility

Users like to check their food while they cook. This might be essential for delicate applications such as melting chocolate or butter. Pay close attention to visibility if you need to do more than just heating and reheating with your microwave.

Child Lock

Little fingers tend to be quite curious, and your microwave should remain locked to protect your little ones. This implies that, with an engaged locked, the microwave will not power up, regardless of what is pressed. Thankfully, this feature is available in most microwaves, even the cheaper ones.

What You Get If You Spend More

You will probably get more features if you spend more. Even if you feel that the extra features are currently unnecessary, there may reach a time when you desperately need them. We have listed some of these features below. Note that they might not be necessary, but they are still good to have.

• Volume Control

When your microwave is done cooking, it will produce aggressive beeping noise, which might be annoying to some. For this reason, you should consider a microwave fitted with a volume feature. This feature lets you reduce the volume or even turn it off completely. Some microwaves will even play music instead of a beep.

• Sensor Cooking

It is imperative to note that sensor cooking is quite a high-end feature. Instead of setting the cooking time, the sensor cooking monitors the steam coming from the food and then adjusting accordingly. This feature ensures that no guesswork is involved while using the microwave.

• Energy Efficiency

People who use microwaves a lot tend to be concerned with energy consumption. With some models, you will find eco-friendly features such as the LED lights or power-saving mode.

Best Overall: LG MS4296OBC Microwave

This product performs excellently compared to standard microwaves. It heats, makes yoghurt, cooks food, and melts ingredients with limited power consumption. It leverages sensor cook and power-saving mode to ensure that no guesswork is integrated into your cooking experience. Besides being easy to use and clean, the LG MS42960BC features an anti-bacterial interior coating.

If you are looking for a microwave that can cook, reheat your food and do some more, then you need to consider LG MS4296OBC. Besides having the normal features you are used to, it comes with additional smart functionalities that will give you pleasurable cooking experience.

The LG MS4296OBC has at least 250 reviews on and has an overall rating of 4.3 stars. It is also the award winner for 2018 and 2019. The LG MS4296OBC has 1,200 watts of power, which makes it ideal for urgent applications.

With up to 10 different power levels, this product can effectively support various cooking methods. It also has seven cooking modes, which makes it multifunctional.

The LG MS4296OBC has an array of additional features that we like. One of these is the hexagonal ring that enhances the stability of the turntable. The ring ensures up to six support points that ensure the off-centre items are protected from tipping over amid cooking.

It comes with an anti-bacterial interior coating that is also very easy to clean. The coating prevents and eliminates 99.99% of disease-causing pathogens from the surface. This feature has also been tested and approved by SGS, the world’s leading verification, inspection, and certification company.

The LG MS4296OBC comes with a two-year warranty, alongside a 10-year parts warranty on the Smart Inverter Magnetron technology. It comes in a dazzling minimalist design that features one piece of tempered glass found on the front door. This design gives it a modern look that will easily match your kitchen. Other than being loved by Aussies, this microwave has been reviewed by LG and CHOICE.

The only major downside of this product is that it has an RRP of $319, which makes it one of the most expensive microwaves we have ever reviewed. But it does compensate this with its additional classic features, which have satisfied most of its users. The fact that it is highly durable makes it a worthwhile investment.

Why Buy the LG MS4296OBC

  • It is easy to clean- It has an interior coating that encourages easy clean-ups. The testing conducted by SGS reveals that the interior coating can eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria, thereby making it safe for humans.
  • It comes with a stable turntable- It also features a hexagonal ring that provides six places of support. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about any off-centre item tipping over as you cook.
  • The sensor cook is ideal if you are unsure how much power is needed for your food to cook properly. Once you have selected the sensor cook, your microwave will ensure that the rest of the work is done.
  • The Energy saving mode is highly reliable if you are concerned with power consumption. Just turn off the energy-saving mode, and the display will be turned off so that you do not use a lot of energy.

The Not-So-Good Bits

Some users feel that the touchscreen controls are not very easy to use. But they are very easy to clean because they do not hide food particles.

The menu is placed inside the door, which means you have to open the door to access different functions.

In Summary

The LG MS4296OBC is no way your ordinary microwave. It will cook and reheat your food faster, but it will also perform lots of extra functions. It can make yoghurt, melt and soften ingredients, and remove the guesswork out of the cooking time with the help of the sensor cook mode.

It can also keep your little ones from harm with the child lock feature. It is easy to clean up and will not consume too much energy compared to other microwaves.

We have reviewed alternatives below if you are looking for a basic microwave. Otherwise, if you are looking for high use, we recommend the modern LG MS4296OBC.

Also Great: Kmart Anko 20L Microwave

The Kmart Anko 20L microwave is a perfect choice for those looking for basic microwave tasks. It comes with amazingly excellent functionality. It features a defrost function alongside six auto cooking menus. The product will not take up too much space in your kitchen, which makes it ideal for most households.

If you want a microwave that will simply heat and reheat your food, then consider the Kmart Anko 20L Microwave. It is a no-frills product that includes 700-Watt power, six auto cooking menus, and ten power levels. The six menus cover pizza, popcorn, potatoes, frozen vegetables, and reheat.

It also comes with a child safety lock and is very affordable. This makes it an ideal microwave for most users. It also features easy-to-clean controls, and the fact that it does not have many features makes it very easy to clean and take care of.

The Not-So-Good Bits

The 1-year warranty is thought to be small by many users and potential buyers. But it does not make sense considering its price.

Some quality issues have been identified, but that is to be expected, given that it is very easily affordable. The product is only available in white.

In Summary

This microwave is for those who only need to heat and reheat their food occasionally. However, it does come with helpful functionalities such as six auto cooking menus, a defrost function, and a child lock feature. It comes in a compact design, which means it will suit smaller kitchens.

The Competition

If you feel our tops can’t provide you with a choice, here are some more microwaves to consider. They also have essential functionalities and prices, which is why we feel they are worth your money.

Breville The Quick Touch BMO735

If you are the type that is unsure of the time your food needs to cook, then this might be your ideal microwave. It features a smart menu that saves time, letting you choose to reheat, cook, melt, or defrost with just a few dials. The product comes with 13 smart cook auto menus, five smart defrost auto menus, 13 smart reheat auto menus, and two auto melt and soften menus.

LG MS2596 OB

Although it offers a smaller capacity, this microwave will not burden you with high energy consumption. It features an anti-bacterial and easy-to-clean coating, proofing function, stable turntable, and LED internal light. It also features 1,000 Watts of power, alongside ten power levels.

Sharp R220YS

This is your ideal microwave if space is your major concern. It is a compact 800W microwave that offers nine auto menus, 11 power levels, a child lock, and weight defrost. It features a dial pad that is easy to clean and use.

Samsung ME61O4

This is a 28L, 1,000W compact microwave that comes with all the basic functionalities required. Choose this product and enjoy 11 levels of power, defrost, sensor cook, auto soften, melt, and ceramic interiors. It is scratch resistant and very easy to clean.

Sharp R210DW

This is an affordable microwave that features 750 Watts. It comes with basic features, which makes it ideal for occasional applications. It comes with six auto menus and express defrosts. Its auto menus are developed in Australia using Australian ingredients.

The Bottom Line

A microwave can come in handy, especially on those days when you have forgotten to defrost food for dinner, or when you need to reheat leftovers for lunch. However, your microwave should be very easy to use and clean.

If you are looking for a multi-tasker that will do more than just heat and cook your food, then the LG MS4296OBC might be ideal for you. It has more than just the standard features you would expect from an ordinary microwave. If you are looking for something cheaper yet convenient, we have also included a few budget micro.

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