The Best Foot Massagers in Australia for 2021

The Best Foot Massagers in Australia for 2021

We all know that our feet bear the brunt of our day. We’re almost continually standing and walking around at work, doing our hourly exercise and encasing our feet in our shoes almost all day long, and so there’s a good chance you might be looking to give your feet some relief.

With that in mind, the best avenue for this foot relaxation might be investing in a foot massager.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of all Australia’s best foot massagers and outlined some of the best features of each. Whether you’re after a foot spa, electronic foot massager or just about anything else to give your feet a little bit of a pampering, then take a look below as there’s certainly something for you.

Our Top Pick Overall — The Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager by HoMedics

Coming in at number one on our list is the excellent foot massager by HoMedics.

This is the foot massager that comes with a price tag of just $100 and features a range of essential foot-massaging perks. You’re going to find a tonne of massaging nodes coming into play here — 12 to be exact — along with the foot massager’s four rotating heads that really help to get the most relaxing experience.

You’ll be able to rely on toe controls on this model as well, which means unlike a tonne of other foot massagers on the market, you won’t need to continually bend down and change the settings, you can simply do this from where you’re sitting.

On top of this, we’re glad to say that with the price tag settling around the one hundred dollar mark you’re getting a fantastic deal here from HoMedics.

There are more features on offer than most other foot massagers, and again, being only $100, you’re not going to have to break the bank. Adding to this, we’re also confident in saying that the massage experience here is so effective that you may not even need to head down to you local spa for a massage.

As we mentioned, the four rotating heads and twelve nodes here make deep massages in the feet easy, and you can rely on the heating function to warm the pads of your feet and release pressure and pain too.

To use this massager, all you’ll need to do is take a seat and set your feet down into it and use your toes to turn the system off or on — and you’re good to go. There is no need to bend down and switch things on and off, which is perfect for those with mobility issues.

Our Favourite Parts

  • 12 Massaging Nodes
  • 4 Rotating Heads
  • An Ideal Heat Function
  • Easy to Set Up

The Tru-Heat by HoMedics

Our second leading foot massager, or foot spa in this case, is also coming from the team at HoMedics.

You can rely on this system for great massage functionality through the vibrating nodes, though also the heat and bubbles too. This means you’re getting your feet nice and warmed up and also relaxed, which is ideal after being out and about all day.

To add, there are safety timers in place here which means if your foot massage is so calming that you fall asleep, you’ll be able to rely on the system to shut itself off.

One thing to keep in mind is that these products have been in routine development since the 80s by HoMedics, and that means the experience here is top-notch. There is a solid focus on getting a great result in that magnetic therapy is on offer in cohesion with vibration and deep tissue massage functions.

You’ll find that the heater built into this system is incredibly effective too in that it can heat the water to a comfortable 45 degrees Celsius in just a few minutes — helping to further soften the foot muscles.

For usability, the system is ideal for all users. There are a few large buttons coming into play here as well as pre-set timer settings for 60, 45 and 30 minute intervals should you want to keep your relaxation to a set time.

Once you’re finished using the product, you can then tip out the water, flush it out and store it with ease considering it’s compact and easy to put away.

Users give this foot spa almost 5 out of 5 stars on most websites online.

Our Favourite Parts

  • 3 in 1 Foot Spa Features
  • Fast Heating Elements
  • Large Buttons
  • Shut-off Timer

The ProRelief Circulation Booster by Revitive

Coming in with a price tag of around $350, this foot massager has fallen down our list a little given that it might be out of the price range of a lot of our readers.

However, that in mind, we’re happy to say that the massager is getting over 4 stars on most review websites and this means you can expect a good experience on offer here, especially when it comes to relief for foot and leg pain.

Users online have noted, as have the company themselves, that poor circulation and foot swelling can be assisted with this foot massager, and that’s fantastic news if these issues cause pain or persistent problems.

One thing we would like to point out is that there’s a rather unique EMS system or electrical muscle stimulation coming into play here. This will mean that you’re able to use this foot massager to directly combat the pain you’re experiencing by altering the signals in your spinal cord to and from your brain.

Getting into the nitty gritty here, there are 16 different wave form stimulation options to choose from, and this means you’re able to fiddle with this foot massager until you find a setting that works best for your specific type of pain. On top of this, there’s almost 100 levels of intensity to select, and so if you’re not feeling too much with one, you can easily change it to better suit your needs.

To end, there is a remote here and continuous operation, which means you’re not going to need to stop using the system in a short period of time. You’ll also be able to make use of the remote to keep you from stretching down and changing settings, for example.

The Massage Foot Warmer from Beurer

To one of the no-frills models on our list, the tame and calming foot warmer is our top pick for most readers.

If you’re not too fussed about when it comes to the massaging features, and rather focused on investing in something that just makes your feet feel a little better, then we have just the thing for you — and that’s Beurer’s foot warmer!

You’ll love the plush feeling of this foot warmer, and given that it feels and looks just like a big sock, we’re sure you’ll be less concerned about the experience here. It’s very friendly and inviting.

You will be able to make use of the two different heat levels and also the dual massage levels as well, and so you can tune your foot warmer to offer an experience that you’re most looking forward to.

To safety now, and the system will switch itself off after around 90 minutes to ensure there’s a reduced risk of leaving the product running over night or seeing the risk of a fire. This is likely something you will make use of on a routine basis given that the foot warmer is going to have you falling asleep quite quickly.

To end, the foot water comes in at below $100 in most retail stores, which means you’re not going to need to break the bank here either!

The Foot and Calf Shiatsu Massager by CloudMassage

Climbing up the price ladder, and being the most expensive model on our list, the CloudMassage foot massager is our next top pick.

You’ll have to make sure you’re able to stomach the $800 price tag before getting set on this model, though it does offer an experience that is unmatched by just about every other brand out there today.

The massager extends from the feet all the way up to the calves, and this means you’ll be able to keep the whole of your lower leg well-massaged and nice and pain-free, which is ideal if you’re an athlete, for example.

One thing to keep in mind is that this massager is going to work quite dynamically. It is one of the only models that you can move from the floor up to your bed and use it vertically and horizontally too, so when you’re in bed or trying to get some sleep, you can keep the model running.

There are five different temperature, vibration and pressure settings on offer here too, which gives you plenty of wiggle room when it comes to adjusting the massager to suit your specific pain level.

The last thing we’d like to mention are the pre-set massage options that are on offer here too, which mean you can choose from some of the fifteen-minute massage modes as well.

The Foot Bubble Spa with Aromatherapy by Beurer

The final massager on our list is another model from Beurer.

Again, this is a rather affordable model coming from Beurer in that you can snag one of these for less than $100 in a lot of retail stores.

This is one of the options on our list for those who’d like to be able to add some scent to their foot massage experience, and using the aromatherapy option, you can ensure your feet and your room smell nice during your massage.

There are three fantastic modes on offer here that include bubble massage, a vibration massage and a simple temperature control that helps to relax and soothe sore muscles in the feet after a long day’s work, or a run.

A few unique perks of this foot massager are the integrated magnets that come into play here which are suggested to improve the experience. There are also a few LED lights too.

Some essential add-ons are also included in this massager’s box, which means you’re getting some extra usability here for a low price. There’s a corn remover and a callus remover as well as a secondary massager and a brush too.

All of these things make the experience with this massager a little bit better, even if you do have to put in a little elbow grease to get the full use out of the added attachments and features.

Final Things to Note

Now that we have all of our favourite foot massagers out of the way, we do have some final tidbits and suggestions before we leave you.

The first thing, and we’re sure you’ll agree here, are that our feet work incredibly hard at virtually all times. We’re always on our feet doing something throughout the day, and that means all of our body weight and whatever we’re carrying is forced down into the feet.

That in mind, there’s a good chance you could be suffering from foot pain, or anything else in the feet for that matter. And if you’re looking to reduce your risk of long-term issues, or just to soothe those aches and pains in the feet or the toes, for example, a foot massager is the way to go.

No one wants to live their day to day with sore, pain-filled feet and ankle joints, and so work to make sure you’re pampering yourself with a foot massager!

Our top choice foot massagers above all include some form of heat, and that is for a specific reason — this heat allows the muscles in the foot to loosen and become less filled with pain. You can then rely on your loosened feet muscles to better respond to the massage features that are integrated within the massagers.

On top of this, you can then consider things like a foot spa to really get the most out of your foot pampering session. These spas work to clean and soothe your feet with warm water, bubbles and vibrations to further reduce any pain, inflammation or general mobility issues with the feet and ankles.

To end, almost all of these foot massagers are around $100 to $150 so you’re not going to need to break the bank when it comes to a great foot massager. The more expensive models do offer some added features, and so if you want just a little more, you can splurge on your foot massager.

Common Questions

Before we wrap up our article, we have just a few answers to some common questions about the best foot massagers in Australia.

We know that the world of foot care and massaging is a little complex, and there are some marketing phrases and terms that make understanding your foot massager a little more complicated and so we’ve worked to make this a bit clearer for you below.

Open and Closed Designs?

Off the top one of the most common confusions is with regards to the difference between open and closed foot massager designs.

Typically there are two options to choose from — open or closed.

You’re going to want to choose an open design if you’re after a foot massager that is quiet, a little cheaper, more portable and oftentimes more affordable too. These models are the most common as well, and so you’re likely to find more of these floating around than closed designs.

For the closed design, you’ll be able to rely on these models to massage the entire foot’s surface area, which offers a better experience. You can also get more out of a closed design in that there are added vibration and massage settings as well as rollers built into these. To end, there is better use of heat and temperature here as well, and so if you like things a bit warmer, you should turn to a closed design foot massager.

The Different Foot Massager Categories

There are a few different design or foot massager types out there to choose from, and that means it’s harder to choose one!

The more common ones are:

  • The shiatsu for the rotating passage heads and improved pressure on the foot and legs.
  • The air compression massager which utilises air pressure through inflation of airbags to provide a massage-like experience for the foot.
  • The oscillating massagers which essentially move beneath the feet to soften the muscles and sometimes improve blood flow if swelling is an issue.
  • The kneading massagers designed in a way that makes use of spinning nodes or heads that gently knead and push on the soles of your feet.
  • The foot spa model which, as we mentioned, makes use of water, vibrations, bubbles and heat.

To choose a model that works best for you, we suggest you analyse any issues with your feet and determine which type of foot massager is going to offer the most pain relief and best experience for you when it comes time to use the massager.

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