Best Hard Shell Roof Top Tents in Australia (2022)

Best Hard Shell Roof Top Tents in Australia (2022)

Hard shell rooftop tents are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. Many people even argue that these tents originated in Australia when travellers wanted to protect themselves from dangerous animals. 

Over time, the designs of these tents have evolved into unique patterns that appeal to buyers. Years ago, setting up a tent was a time-consuming task, but with the introduction of a ladder, setting up a tent has become more accessible and less time-consuming. 

If you enjoy driving around states, you need a quality tent for some well-deserved rest. Read on to discover the best tents for your next camping experience.

Best Hard Shell Roof Top Tent

1. OCAM Roof Top King Tent

Even though OCAM Tents have numerous hard shell tents to pick from, the durable OCAM King Tent stands out. It is large enough to accommodate four adults.

Similarly, the mattress that complements the tent is huge enough to create a balance. Setting up the King Tent is easy as you only need to pull the ladder to make the tent stretch outwards. And if you need to stabilise the King Tent, you can do so by using its high-quality aluminium poles. 

You can also incorporate a canvas sheet into the tent’s rear, creating more space to carry out activities. The tent is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about getting drenched in the rain. You’ll need a mesh wall and a mosquito net to protect you from bugs. 


  • Spacious – The King Tent has ample space to carry out fun activities with your loved ones. You can also walk around without stepping on people in the tent.
  • Elongated Awning – The extended awning helps those who want to socialise or prepare a meal. The top protects you from the scorching sun and heavy rains. 
  • Affordable – This tent is inexpensive, so you don’t have to break a bank. It’s an excellent value for your money as you get even more features and qualities than you paid for. 



  • Setup – Even though setting up the King Tent is fast; you’ll still have to climb up the tent to secure all the poles. 
  • Awning not Included – The awning is an integral part of those who want to cook and socialise. It is not included in the original purchase, so you need to buy it separately.

2. Kwiky Hard Shell Roof Top Tent

Kwiky Tent is also an impeccable tent with great features that many people find helpful. Even though it’s only large enough to accommodate two people, it still ranks as one of the best tents. Setting up the Kwiky tent is easy and fast as you only need to untie the straps and then elevate them, and what’s more, you don’t need to support the tent with aluminium poles. 

The tent is also easy to transport, so you only need to yank down the sides and strap them in. It also comes with a telescopic ladder you can adjust depending on the terrain. The tents have unique pockets where you can store your items safely. 

Even though the Kwiky Tent is small and can only accommodate two people, it has enough space to lie down comfortably, no matter how tall you are. The tent is affordable and of great value, making many people lean towards buying it despite its size. 


  • Affordable – Kwiky is one of the most affordable tents even though it offers excellent quality. 
  • Straightforward Setup – You can set it up in two easy steps as it doesn’t require supportive poles. 
  • Can Withstand Strong Winds – Although the Kwiky tent doesn’t have any poles, it’s still solid and firm and cannot be shaken by strong winds. 


  • Space – The tent is small. Hence, it can only accommodate two adults. 
  • Simple – This tent is extremely basic, with no unique features.

3. Eezie Awn Stealth Roof Top Tent

The Awn Stealth Tent is a great classic tent with aluminium roofing that makes it durable. At 90 kg, the roofing is a bit heavy. Thus, if you intend to carry it in your car, you have to consider the weight the roof of your vehicle can handle. 

The Eezie Awn Tent has four steel latches around the roof, a scissor mechanism and struts on the sides. It doesn’t require poles like other tents. It also has two entrances and a large window for proper ventilation. 

This tent has a velarium at the rear, which can protect you from the rain and sun. It is equipped with a ladder at the base, facilitating up-and-down movements. It also comes with a mattress, which means you can save the money you initially set aside for buying a mattress. 


  • Quick setup – It’s easy to set up, so you can kick off your adventure within seconds. 
  • Durable – It’s durable as it’s made of high-quality materials.
  • Ladder – The ladder can be detached from the base of the tent.


  • Costly – Compared to other tents, Eezie is a little pricey. 


  • Scissor Mechanism – This is an excellent feature of the tent. However, you must ensure it doesn’t come into contact with the canvas when closing below the tent.  

4. ‍Camp King Roof Top Tent

Camp King Tent is a unique Australian-made tent introduced in 2018 and since then has been making great strides in the market. The Camp King Tent is easy to set up as you only need to unfasten the two latches. If you want the tent to be fully upright, you’ll need poles to support it. 


The Camp King Tent has expansive windows covered with insect-proof mesh to prevent bugs from getting in. If you want to access the tent from its side entrance, you’ll have to use the telescopic ladder. The tent is spacious and tall enough to accommodate you, no matter how tall. You don’t have to bend every time you need to change clothes. 


The Camp King Tent also comes with a standard double-size mattress for the ultimate comfort. Besides having storage pockets, it also has a storage section where you can securely store your belongings. 


  • Quick Setup – Setting the Camp King Tent is easy as you only need to unfasten the tent latches. You can do this in five minutes or less. 
  • Spacious – The King Tent is big enough to accommodate you and your belongings. So, you won’t have to bend to perform simple tasks while standing. 
  • Materials Quality – This tent is built from top-quality Australian-made materials. 


  • Expensive – Even though its quality is undisputed, the King Tent is too costly for most Aussies. 
  • Heavy – This tent weighs 100 kg which is too heavy if you have a small vehicle.  This means you can only buy it when you have a big car that can accommodate its weight. 

5. iKamper Sky Roof Top Tent

If you’re looking for a magical couple tent, the iKamper tent is the best. It’s a couple of tents, so it’s perfect for couples. It’s not heavy, so you can drive around with it in your car. You simply have to unfasten its latches and erect them with poles to open them. 

iKamper comes with many features, such as the sky view, which you can enjoy without entering the tent. The tent has two windows for excellent ventilation. The windows have three panels: a mesh, transparent, and solid cover. 



  • Lightweight – It only weighs 55 kg which means it’s convenient to move around. 
  • Sky View Element – It’s always refreshing to look at the beautiful view of the sky from your tent. 


  • Design – The iKamper has four distinct colours you can select from if you want to match it with your vehicle.


  • Space – The tent is slightly smaller than other tents, so it can only shelter up to three people. 
  • Pricey – It’s an expensive tent, even though it’s smaller than other tents.


Factors to Consider Purchasing a Hard Shell Roof Top Tent

With many options to choose from, it’s hard to tell if you’ll get value for your money, especially when you’re looking for a hard shell rooftop tent. So, here is a guide to help you find the perfect tent. 

Soft Shell vs. Hard Shell Roof Top Tents

True to its name, hard shell tents come with solid covers, perfect for securing your items. And as you sleep in the tent, its solidity will shelter you from turbulent winds away. 

On the flip side, soft shell tents are also effective as they are built from solid materials with waterproof properties. And even though the cover is made of canvas, it’s still durable. 

1. Insulation

Hard shell tents have better insulation than soft shell tents, which explains why the temperature in the hard shell is stable. It’s an essential feature that many people consider when buying a tent. 

2. Durability

Both the hard and soft shell tents are durable, but hard shell tents are more resilient than soft shell tents. Even though soft shell tents can handle lousy weather, the hard shell tent is still miles ahead as it can effectively handle harsh weather conditions. 

3. Assembly

When you take a closer look at the soft shell tent, you’ll realise that there’s not much to its set-up compared to the typical ground tent, except that the ground tent is pegged to the ground, whereas you can secure the soft shell tent on the top of your car. 

Setting up the hard shell tent is quicker. You only need to unfasten the tent, and it’s ready for use. It’s also easy to store; you only need to fold the tent and lock it at the base. 

4. Weight

Even though there’s a notable difference between hard shell tents and soft shell tents, the difference is not as extreme as some would think. Of course, soft shell tents are lighter as they are a composition of more lightweight materials and fabrics than hard shell tents. 

On the other hand, hard shell tents are a lot heavier than soft shell tents due to their materials. And since they tend to be a little bit solid, they become heavier. Hard shell tents are made from aluminium and fibreglass, so they are light enough to be carried around. 

5. Price

If your budget isn’t high, but you need a tent, I suggest you go for a soft shell tent since they are cheaper. There are varieties of soft shell tents you can choose from, depending on your budget. On the other hand, hard shell tents are more expensive, so you’ll have to go deep into your pocket to purchase one. 


Securing a hard shell rooftop tent is an excellent choice, especially if you enjoy travelling from city to city. It gives you a place to rest when you’re tired of sitting in the car. When you’re ready to purchase a tent, consider your budget and the type of car you have.