Top Stick Blender

Top Stick Blender

For those in the kitchen looking to scale down and disintegrate their ingredients in the most efficient way, a stick blender has to be your top choice appliance. These great little devices are compact, light, powerful and work just as well as a blender without the mess!

Whether you’re looking to get a hold of smoothie making in the morning, or would like to make blending your veggies into soups a whole lot easier, then a stick blender has to be at the very top of your to-buy appliances list.

As we’re sure you’ll agree, a great stick blender is simple to use, relatively quiet and really easy to clean. It should be able to get the job done on veggies, fruits, nuts and other ingredients so that you’re not stuck getting your blender out halfway through the job. And we’re pretty sure all of the stick blenders below have you covered.


If you’re just here to get a look at the top of the line stick blender, then take a look directly below. The Control Grip by Breville is a winner for its 15-speed settings and the attachments that allows more than just blending. Braun’s iconic MultiQuick 7 is also our other top choice with its nine extensions and versatile design. 

Braun MultiQuick 7 (Recommended)

Arguably the most versatile stick blender on the market, the Braun MultiQuick comes with nine attachments and a design that enables you to use the stick blender as a genuine blender too. There’s a 600ml jug included along with a 1.5L food processor also, so whatever you’re looking to whip up, you’ll be able to rest assured Braun has you covered. 

And to boot, it’s Australia’s most popular stick blender. 

Breville Control Grip

Coming with 15-speed settings, Breville’s Control Grip gives you a little more control when it comes to getting just the right amount of ‘blend’ out of your ingredients. This is especially useful when you need a fine blend of nuts, veggies and other foods. There are a blending bowl and jug here too, along with smart anti-suction tech integration to prevent poor blending. 

Our Selection Process

Before we dive into our best stick blenders, we’d like to go over the process of selecting thing — because they have to be the best for a reason!

As you’ll already know, stick blenders are inherently supposed to be more versatile and lighter than their traditional counterparts, which is where we began our process of choosing the best stick blenders. They had to be versatile, lightweight, small and more comfortable to use than ‘normal’ blenders.

On top of the size, efficiency is also incredibly important. Stick blenders are just that, sticks, meaning there’s less space for a larger motor and power source. This meant that our chosen stick blenders had to be designed intelligently to use as much power in as little area as possible —many brands workaround this by creating proprietary blades that work better with less energy.

Finally, easy cleanup and storage was a must — so all of the stick blenders on our list are relatively quick at pulling apart and being washed and stored. There’s no chef’s remorse here when it comes time to clean the kitchen or getting the kids to clean up after dinner.

Now you’ve got some insight into what we looked for in a stick blender; we also took a deep dive into online resources too.

All of our stick blender recommendations were supported by either lab testing or customers reviews, so we were sure you’re getting an appliance that people actually like to use.

Essentially lab testing determined the power, longevity and reliability of a stick blender and user reviews gave us insight into what it’s like to use them to, well, make a meal with.

And there you have it. Our trustworthy selection process!

Now let’s take a look at Australia’s best stick blenders.

Our Shortlist 7 Best Stick Blenders

Overall Winner — Braun MultiQuick 7

Runner-up — Breville the Control Grip

Special Considerations

  • Bamix Mono
  • Sunbeam StickMaster Plus
  • Kambrook Power Drive
  • Braun Multiquick 9
  • Smeg Hand Blender

Braun MultiQuick 7

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Australia’s leading stick blender lands at the top of our list. It’s trusted by thousands, comes with a tonne of essential accessories and even boasts attachments that make whisking eggs and baking mixes a breeze.

For the kitchen that’s a little larger, the MultiQuick 7 stick blender is a tiny bit bigger than most stick blenders; however, it makes up for this by being reasonably light and easy to take apart and store.

German-made, this stick blender is well-built and going to give any other appliance in the kitchen a run for its money. There’s a myriad of accessories here too, with a 60ml jug, a food processor that’s an ideal 1.5L and the blender even comes with a chopping tool, shredding insert, kneading hook and slicing tools.

Lovers of their pureed fruits will also be glad to know that there’s a puree tool and whisk too, so getting a fantastic smooth result from your fruits won’t be too tricky at all here. Expect eggs, creams and mash to come out incredibly well done from this stick blender.

A little on the technology now, there’s a mechanism integrated here that instantly unlatches and allows you to swap in and out different accessories should you need them. That said, if you need to replace the whisk with the blender, it can be done in 2 seconds flat.

To keep the kitchen clean, there’s even an anti-splash design that makes sure there are no accidents waiting to happen. A welcome feature if you’re considering at-home cooking classes with the kids.

Top Features

  • 1.5L Food Processor
  • 9 Attachments
  • Instant Unlatch Technology
  • An Anti-Splash Form Factor
  • Soft-touch Plastic Grip
  • German-made
  • 2-year Warranty
  • Smart-speed Tech (Squeeze for more speed.)

Breville Control Grip

Coming in at a very close second, the Control Grip by Breville is another hot contender for the best stick blender in Australia. 

A little more affordable than the Braun model, at $109, there’s a lot in the Control Grip for a great price. It’s a powerful blender that’s coming with a 15-speed setting, so you’re able to really nail down the best blend of your ingredients. 

Again, there’s a tonne of attachments and accessories here including a 750ml chopping bowl to make things a bit easier when it’s time to mix and mash. A smaller 1.25L jug comes included as does a whisk attachment for replacing your mixer. 

As stated in the name, the Control Grip is a safety-first non-slip stick blender. You’ll find that it’s incredible to hold on to and you won’t find yourself or your slippery hands letting go of the blender by accident any time you’re using it. 

A form factor that makes the blender rest on its lid also means that it’s self-stabilising in a sense. When you’re using it on a countertop, there’s no wobbling or shaking happening, which is ideal when it comes to safety and splatter control. 

One significant stand-out feature here is the anti-suction tech that stops your blended ingredients bunching up and blocking your blending. If you’ve ever had to stop blending just to get a fork or knife and un-stick all the ingredients, then this is the stick blender for you. 

A little more technical now, there’s a 20cm ‘stick’ or shaft on this stick blender to help get you right to the bottom of your pots and containers. There’s a non-scratch design here too, so you’ll be keeping your pots and pans from getting too scratched up. 

Top Features

  • Fantastic Non-slip Grip
  • An Anti-slip Base
  • 15 Speed Settings
  • Anti-suction Features
  • A 1.25L Jug
  • Compact Size
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Affordable

Bamix Mono

When it comes to a ‘bare bones’ or traditional stick blender, the Bamix Mono is the one to choose. With few accessories and more of a ‘Just a Stick Blender’ approach, Bamix has made an extraordinarily high-quality blender that’s reliable, durable and can be easily mounted to the wall in the kitchen.

There’s a multi-use tool here, though not too much else. You’re able to blend, mash and mix up your ingredients but don’t expect a full-scale solution to getting creative in the kitchen.

A 600ml jug and three blades are included which give you the option of a multi-purpose blender, a whisk or a beater/blender.

The Mono is made in Switzerland, so you can expect some great quality here, along with a simple to use interface. You’ll only find 2 speeds though and 2 buttons — that’s it. Simple.

If you’re partial to slips or dropping your stick blenders, we’re glad to note that there is an ergonomic handle design which will make it easy to grip and blend without slight stutters throwing off your grip.

One letdown for some was the lack of dishwasher support. Though Bamix has thought this through and created a self-cleaning design that requires you only submerge the head of the Bamix into a glass of warm soapy water and turn it on. You’ll have a clean blender in seconds.

A couple of things to keep in mind are that there is a bit of extra maintenance and head changes needed now and then, and keeping the blender oiled is a good idea.

One very Swiss ‘feature’ is the 20-year motor warranty letting you know that your Bamix is here to last.

At $349 it is a little pricy, though we’re sure you’ll easily get 7 to 10 years out of this stick blender if you take good care of it and keep it well-oiled.

Top Features

  • Quality Above All
  • Simple to Use
  • Easy to Clean
  • 20-year Motor Warranty

Sunbeam StickMaster Plus

For the budget-friendly shopper, the Sunbeam StickMaster Plus is your top choice. It’s just $79.95 and comes with a few essential accessories, a good build quality and a single-speed setting that’s good enough to get the job done no matter what you’re whipping up.

With a few attachments you’re able to beat, whisk, chop, blend and puree all of your favourite ingredients, so the affordability of the blender doesn’t hit capability at all. There’s also a 1.5L jug and a 750ml chopper with a non-slip mat here as well. Essentially the StickMaster does everything it can to give you the chance to be the best you can in the kitchen — on a budget.

We’re happy to say that there’s a suitable latch mechanism here where you’re able to twist and lock, or unlock simply. The design is dishwasher safe too, which is fantastic for easy cleanup.

Again, just one-speed option might be a worry for some, though it has been calibrated to be ideal for most ingredients.

Online reviewers seem to love the StickMaster, so you’re buying into a stick blender that’s tried and true.

Top Features

Great Price

Good Number of Accessories

Non-slip Mat

1.5L Jug

Kambrook Power Drive

To the lowest cost on the list, the Kambrook is here to make the most of your budget with their $59 Power Drive stick blender.

Although the price point is incredibly low, there are still two essential accessories included — your jug and chopping bowl. Sadly you won’t find a bunch of different heads, though there is the variable speed which gives you a little control over how fine or coarse your blending is.

You’ll find a MIN to 5-speed setting here as well as a much-needed boost option for getting the final blending done when things need just a little extra kick.

The blender’s shaft is dishwasher safe, so cleanup is fast and easy.

One thing to keep in mind is that there isn’t a non-slip feature designed into the blender, which means as you’re using it, you’re going to notice a little movement and slipping. That said, holding on to it at all times is a must.

Finally, the compact, basic design is ideal for those on a budget and with smaller kitchens. The reviews are generally quite good, landing at 3.5 across the web.

Top Features

Very Affordable

Essential Accessories Included

Dishwasher Safe

Braun MultiQuick 9

When it comes to the top of the line, at least on our list of best stick blenders, the Braun MultiQuick 9 doesn’t have a close match — other than its sibling the MultiQuick 7. 

You’re getting the outstanding anti-splash features along with the easily detachable accessory designs and smart speed tech, but there’s a little more packed in here to make it a real winner overall. 

You’ll find a few more attachments to make the most of your time in the kitchen along with a patented ACTIVE Blade Technology which essentially allows the blades in the blended to extend and retract vertically to compress and crush foods as they’re being blended. Braun explains that this is to take control of the toughest foods and effortlessly blend them. 

To quantify this technology, Braun outlined that there’s 40% less effort required with the ACTIVE Blade tech, and there’s 250% more active cutting surface when compared to their other blenders. 

A few of the added accessories also include a 350ml chopper, a 1.5L food processor and plenty of chopping tools, a kneading hook and even a slicing insert. A shredding insert and puree tools also make an appearance here too. 

Being German-designed also ensures you’re getting an appliance you can trust, and the 2-year warranty backs this up. There’s a routinely high user rating across the web with more than four stars across the board. 

At $249 it’s a little costly, though with what you’re getting we’re confident in saying the MultiQuick 9 is a deal.

Top Features

Proprietary Blending Tech

A Tonne of Add-ons


A 1.5L Jug

Anti-splash Design

Smeg Hand Blender

A quick honourable mention for those who’d like a retro-style blender like our favourite reality stars *cough* Kris Jenner *cough* then the Smeg Hand Blender comes in clutch. 

This blender might not be the best of the best, but it did win a design award in 2017 for being so incredibly stylish and on-trend for the 1950s aesthetic it rocks. 

There’s an excellent chopper included here, a whisk too along with a jug an even a potato masher. A four-speed option is here, as well as turbo function for those hard-to-blend foods. Designed with a dial and no buttons means there’s a satisfying spin when it comes time to start up the Smeg. 

A few of the accessories are dishwasher safe, though not all. There’s also a good non-slip grip included here, so hanging on to the blender won’t be as tricky as some of the others on our list. 

Coming in at $219 it’s a little costly, though its design is fantastic. 

What to Consider When You Go it Alone

If the stick blenders on our list above haven’t tickled your fancy and you’re looking to head out and look for your own, we have some tidbits for you to consider. To get the most out of a stick blender, you’ll want to double-check it has a few of the following features.

You don’t want to get a few months in to find that there’s an accessory you really needed for a pureed vegetable soup…

Essential Attachments

Always be on the lookout for a jug, a whisk, a chopper bowl or a food processor and some sort of puree attachment. The jug is your perfect partner when it comes to making smoothies, for example, as you’ll want a lot of space for liquid. The food processor, on the other hand, is where vegetables become soup. And your whisks, of course, help with beating eggs and replacing a mixer.

A Non-slip Design

There’s arguably nothing worse than getting into the groove in the kitchen only to have things ruined when you slip a little and spray your ingredients all over the cupboards. Be on the hunt for a stick blender that touts anti-slip designs or plastics, so you’re able to grip more easily. If you’re cooking with oil, for example, you’ll have a hard time hanging on to the blender, so choose non-slip to remedy this.

An All-sealed Design

Lastly, it’s essential to do your best to find a stick blender that’s completely sealed off. These designs are far more hygienic and definitely help to keep the blender clean because you’ll be able to quickly and easily wipe it down without fear of getting internal components wet.

The Takeaway

After taking a deep dive into Australia’s best stick blenders, it’s pretty easy to see that there’s a blender design for everyone and every budget.

For the lower end, Kambrook’s Power Drive is here to get you everything that’s great about stick blenders for under $60. Whereas for the style-focused chef, the Smeg model is here to add a dash of retro elegance to the kitchen.

Our ideal all-rounder, however, is undoubtedly the accessory-packed Braun MultiQuick 7 with all of its essential features, great design and a good warranty. In all, a stick blender should be the most compact, easy to clean and versatile tool in your arsenal — at least when it comes to mixing, mashing, whisking and dicing your foods. Be sure to keep an eye out for our essentials if you’re going it alone and you’ll be happy in the kitchen for years to come.

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