Top PVRs in Australia

Top PVRs in Australia

Have you ever been out while one of your favourite tv shows was on? Or your sporting team was playing, and you were missing all the action? Then perhaps a PVR is what you need. A PVR is a neat piece of technology that allows you to record all your favourite tv shows and sporting events and will store them all in one convenient place. A PVR also has several other cool features which includes being able to watch live tv and perhaps the best one of them all. With a PVR you can now pause and rewind live tv so you can watch your favourite moments or simply catch up on a tv episode that you have missed.

In this article we will go through some of the best PVR’s that are currently available in Australia.

The Panasonic 1TB Twin Tuner Smart PVR. Like with most Panasonic technology this is one good looking piece. It has great functions and features and it allows you to record a show while you are watching another one. It comes with a built in Wi-Fi ability but also has a wired connection if you do not have Wi-Fi set up at your home. You can easily scroll through several programs and other content such as Netflix and YouTube just to name a few. It has great hard drive space so you can record as many shows as you like without having to worry about drive space while still recording all your favourite tv shows with great quality. It is available for purchase through the Good Guys and online at Bing Lee.

The Fetch Mighty PVR. A simple and slick design which allows you to access all free to air channels while also allowing users to access other apps such as Netflix and Stan. It also has to great ability to give you the option of a pay tv subscription such as Foxtel if you happen to want more channels on your PVR. You can record over 500 hours of your favourite shows and even record an entire series with the push of a certain button which is convenient. There are also other apps available such as the Fetch apple/android app which means you can control all your recordings from anywhere you chose. Everything about the Fetch Mighty PVR is easy to use, from the menu screen to the use of the remote it is all super easy to use. Add to that, there is next to no lag when you switch from channel to channel which is great for your overall experience. It is a versatile PVR, it is great value for your money however like some other models it does not have a built in Wi-Fi option. The Fetch Mighty PVR is available to buy through Bing Lee. 

The next PVR on our list is the Laser STB-6000HD Set Top Box PVR. A great option that most people will love about this type of PVR is that you can record all of your favourite shows and then transfer them to a USB or external hard drive while you are watching another tv show. Another good feature is that this specific PVR is that it can work with new tv’s along with some of the older models which is great and you do not have to upgrade your tv to get great use out of this PVR. This Fetch Mighty PVR also comes with HDMI and USB ports. It also comes with a tv guide that stretches across seven days and you can set it to record one program at a time. It has parent controls so you can alter what your children watch and hear as well as password protected programs for the older views, additionally you can skip ahead and go back during your recorded tv shows. It comes with a small remote control and its general design is simple and compact. It also boasts a media player which is perfectly suited to videos, pictures, and music so you can enjoy not only tv shows but also music if you happen to host a house party. This Laser STB-6000HD Set Top Box PVR is available for purchase online at eBay and Bing Lee.

Another superb PVR is the Panasonic 3D Blue-Ray Disc/DVD recorder 2TB HDD PVR. This is the ultimate PVR, it does everything you need. You can record multiple programs at once, it has the impressive 4K ultra HD video playback and enables you to use internet apps like YouTube. Also, with this PVR you get the lot, with DVD, Blu-Ray player and CD playback which is great feature to have. If you are worried about missing out on your favourite shows, then worry no more. With this Panasonic PVR you can even record up to three shows at once! In addition, you can record an entire series at once too. The connections it possesses too are incredible. Having an Ethernet and SD Memory port, a high definition HDMI and two USB ports. This is the ultimate PVR and if you are after a top of the range PVR then look no further that the Panasonic 3D Blue-Ray Disc/DVD recorder 2TB HDD PVR. It is available to buy through Bing Lee.

Another great PVR option is the Panasonic 3D Blue-Ray Disc recorder 500GB HDD PVR. This specific PVR can record two tv shows at the same time, it also has enhanced Blue-Ray picture quality with 4K ultra HD on board. The built-in hard drive has a capacity of 500 GB for TV recordings and with the HBB TV you can watch the TV shows you have missed without the need to record them first. Another neat feature is that if you are connected to a network, you can watch TV on your smart phone or on your tablet so you do not have to be in the lounge room to enjoy its benefits. Selecting your favourite TV program is easy too with the series recording function and its keyword recording ability means that you will never again miss your favourite shows. This specific PVR system also allows you to access online movies, games, and music. The Panasonic 3D Blue-Ray Disc recorder 500GB HDD PVR is available online at Bing Lee.

Samsung PVR.

The Samsung DVD-D530 DVD player plays DVD-R, CD-RW, CD-R, VCD, CD, and DVD formats so there is quite the number of options. It can also play audio formats like MP3 and WMA. It also has JPEG image format for your pictures too. It also has High definition connections and HDMI outputs so you can connect to your Samsung or Sony TV and watch your favourite shows in crystal clear definition.

When you are looking at buying a PVR there are several things to look at. Now we will have a comb through and have a look at some of the features and factors that can help you in deciding which PVR you need or want.

Sony PVR.

The Sony RDR-HDC100 is a high definition HDD/DVD recorder that also doubles as a PVR or Personal Video Recorder. It comes with a built in Digital TV Tuner and a decent size 160 GB hard drive that allows you to store up to 270 hours of content. It is simple to use but according to some buying guides the lack of twin HD Tuners is a big set back considering how much this PVR will set you back. It is decent enough PVR if you are looking for something simple and easy to use.

PVR Info. ​​​​

PVR or Personal Video Recorder is a great way to record TV shows if you happen to be out at the time they are on and also gives you ability to pause, rewind, skip ahead and even stop the recording when you feel it is appropriate.

Many people have PVR or Personal Video Recorders in their homes and as with most things, different PVR’s other different services and a lot of different features. Some of these features are important to people, others not so much. Now we will go through some of the important features that can impact your choice when choosing a PVR.

How much drive space do you need?

PVR’s come with a built-in hard drive. Normally the storage capacity ranges from 500GB all the way up to 1 TB and 2TB. If you have around 500GB then you can expect to be able to record nearly 70 hours of quality high definition TV. 

The ability to transfer data from your PVR.

There may be several reasons that you want to transfer data from your PVR. You may want to watch the TV shows you have recorded on another device like a laptop or your hard drive space may be running out. Having a PVR with this function allows you to move your recordings onto an external hard drive or USB. Some even allow you to burn a DVD if it comes with that function and will allow you to burn a DVD to then use on another DVD player.

The next good feature that comes with most PVR’s is the EPG or Electronic Program Guide. The EPG gives you access to a program schedule for your TV like Freeview for an example. It gives you the option to check what programs are coming up and what times they are on. Most PVR’s give you more than a week of program scheduling where others may give you more.

Will you require internet for your PVR?

For many people, the answer is yes. Most give to access to online streaming services such as Netflix and Stan if you have internet connection. Others have built in Wi-Fi while others require a wired internet connection or an Ethernet port.

Lastly most people ask if there are any differences in PVR or DVR (Digital Video Recorder) as they are unsure of the differences. In the end they are basically the thing. The biggest difference between PVR and a DVR or Digital Video Recorder is that a PVR is able to store more files on a bigger hard drive for a longer period of time, whereas a DVR can only store a small amount for a short time period.

Depending on what type of PVR or DVR you are after and what you will be using them for there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you use google to find your right PVR such as Fetch TV or log onto Amazon and see what products they have, making the right choice for your viewing needs has never been easier. 

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