The Top Prams & Strollers

The Top Prams & Strollers

With thousands of strollers and prams out there, we know it can be downright impossible to choose one that suits your needs the best. Whether it’s for a newborn, a toddler, or an active family, the choices are just about endless.

When it comes to investing in a pram or a stroller, it’s important to choose something that’s safe, well-built and packed with enough features to make the trip from car and home a breeze.

Before we get started on our list of the best prams and strollers for 2020, we’ll go over a little about how we chose these prams and strollers and what we focused on along with what went into selecting these models.

Our primary deciding factors included:

  • The Feature Set
  • The Quality of the Prams
  • The Safety Features
  • Affordability
  • Versatility

With all of those points considered, we’re sure we’ll be able to get you on the right track to choosing a pram or stroller that’s best for you and your little ones.

Our Top Choice Travel Prams

To kick off our list, we’ll take a look at the best prams and strollers for those families who like to travel or take their prams with them on the road. Whether you’re going on a holiday or just out and about, these are the strollers that will make the move from home to car and back again a breeze.

All of these models are ultra-lightweight and compact and also fold or collapse for easy storage in the car, so whether it’s a plane, car, train or anywhere else you need to store your stroller, you’re in good hands with these models.

The Bugaboo Ant Travel Stroller

Coming in at number one on our travel stroller list, the Bugaboo Ant is the model we’re choosing for our readers who love to travel and need something compact and lightweight for transporting your new baby.

This model is ideal in that it unfolds from a flat storage design. You’ll find that there’s a light design that is just 7.2 kilograms, which makes it effortless to get in and out of the car and even to store in large overhead lockers on airplanes.

This compactness doesn’t impact comfort either, and we’re happy to say that with the all-wheel suspension on offer here, this is one of the most comfortable strollers on the market, and also the lightest on offer by Bugaboo.

In all, this is our top choice for the parents who need a stroller that’s going to be effortless to travel with whether it be in the car, on the train, in a plane or anywhere else.

Priced from $849.

The Mountain Buggy Nano V2

The second variant of the Mountain Buggy, the V2 is the model that is entirely effortless to open, close and store.

There’s a one-hand design here which means it’s easy to flick or swing the stroller open without too much help at all. There’s a shoulder strap here too, which means that you’re able to easily carry and transport the pram with you if needed.

To add, there’s support for car seats here as well. With the Maxi-Cosi Mico models you can quickly move baby from pram to car seat immediately, making it easy to travel and move about without waking the little one when it’s time to go home.

One of our favourite features of this pram is the fact it weighs less than 6 kilos, which is one of the lightest we’ve seen. There’s plenty of durability here too, with the pram being designed with aluminium and plastic.

To end, the well-ventilated seat and fabrics mean it’s a winner for us and for those who need a pram that will keep the little one cool when out on the trails.

Priced from $399.

The Joolz Aer

When it comes to speed, nothing beats the Joolz Aer. The pram can swing open and closed in a single second, with just one-handed operation. This makes it our ideal pram for those who despise the 5-minute frustration of sitting by the car trying to fold and unfold the pram before a hike or a trip to the store.

The pram weighs only 6kg which places it firmly in the lightweight and travel-friendly category. You can comfortably take this pram just about everywhere and that means from plane, train to car.

The width of the pram is only 44cm too, which is ideal for the overhead lockers you’ll find on standard aircraft.

On top of this, there is a shoulder strap and shoulder-carry feature as well, making this a pram you can easily travel with or fold up when you want to switch your little one from the pram to a baby carrier.

One key feature we liked in this pram is the elongated back rest which works to offer head and neck support for babies and toddlers that are a little taller than most.

To end, there’s an ergonomic design here that’s easy to clean and designed for kids that weigh all the way up to 18 kilograms.

Priced from $749.

The Babyzon Yoyo2

An honourable mention in our travel category comes from the Yoyo2 from Babyzen.

This pram is an incredibly light model with a total weight of just 6.2kg and a design that easily opens and folds in just a few seconds.

When it comes to getting out on the pavement, there is suspension on all wheels here, which means the ride is incredibly smooth and you’ll find that the pram is going to keep the little ones asleep even when things get a little rocky on the ground.

There’s a solar protection membrane in the fabric cover too, which means you’re keeping your baby free from the UV rays and sun exposure.

Priced from $829.

Our Top Choice Full Size Prams

With all of our top choice lightweight and easily transportable travel prams out of the way, we’re moving on to our full-size everyday prams. Whether you’re looking for a tonne of extra features like sun covers, storage or even cup holders and reclining features, you’ll find them in the full-size models.

Keep in mind that the above travel prams remain ideal for almost all parents, and you don’t need a full size pram unless you can’t find what you need in a travel model.

In all, these full-size prams are the best option for those who need something that’s feature-packed and well-suited to their child and lifestyle needs. These are often more attuned to everyday lifestyle requirements and less designed for quick packing and storage, so keep this in mind.

Let’s take a look at the best full-size prams below.

The Bugaboo Fox2

If you’re looking for the best of the best and aren’t too focused on the budget or a low price tag, then the Fox2 is the model for you.

We’re hard pressed to find anything that comes close to the Fox2 and that said, this pram does come with everything that’s essential — and a lot more.

You’ll find everything here from power steering, well-tuned suspension, the ability to ride on all terrain and even a small window and breeze panel that you can adjust to keep ventilation to a maximum on warm days.

There’s the bassinet here for your child to remain ultra-comfy in and a sturdy design that can withstand just about everything you throw at it.

Keep in mind that this model is also designed with durability and safety in mind, so you’re investing in a pram that’s going to keep itself together for years to come. You’re able to support kids up to weights of 23kg here too, which means you’re getting a lot of use out of this full-size pram.

To add, the weight of the Fox2 is only 9.9kg which makes it one of the lighter full-size models out there, especially when you compare its feature set to the competitors. Not too many prams come with suspension and full power steering and weigh below 10 kilos.

Priced from $1,799.

The Cruz V2 by Uppababy

Our second runner up is the Cruz V2 by Uppababy for its design and focus on keeping a smooth ride even in those rather rough terrains.

You’re going to notice that the pram’s suspension works wonders when it comes to cobblestone lanes and generally rough footpaths, which is great for those times you really want to keep your little one from waking up before you make your way home.

This pram is also compatible with a tonne of car seat products too, so you’re getting the chance to move from pram to car in just a couple of seconds without an issue at all. And once you do, the pram folds flat and is easily stored in the back of the car without too much trouble at all.

You can even reverse the seat here as well, which means changing the direction your baby faces is easy. If you want to keep a close eye on them or simply want to shield them from head-on winds, you can do this in a couple of seconds.

To end, there’s the infant inserts too, which means you can use this pram from newborn through to toddler age and not need to be too concerned with the support the pram offers in the long term. You’re getting optimal head, neck and back support from the Cruz V2.

Priced from $1,399.

The Cybex Priam

For the parents who are interested in style, essentials and comfort, then the Cybex is going to be your winner.

Of course, this pram offers all the essentials when it comes to getting a comfortable and supportive experience for your baby, though it also offers a design that’s one of the most elegant and classy out there.

It’s a designer pram, which means you’re investing in a model that’s been carefully curated to look amazing, along with offering everything that’s practically about a stroller. You’ll find a great level of customisation here as well as the four in one travel setup which gives you the option to use the pram in a few different ways without needing to buy a new frame to do so.

All that in mind, you’re getting a sleek and stylish pram that is also comfortable and practical.

Priced from $1,784.

The Convertible Two-seat Prams

When it comes to the prams for one child or two, these are the models for you. All of the designs below are developed to support a single seat, or two, should you need the added seating area for a toddler or a newborn or even twins.

As all of these strollers are designed for dual use, and you can rest assured it takes just a few seconds to convert them from single seater to double seater, ready for use with two children.

The iCandy Peach

If you know anything about iCandy you’ll know that the brand takes quality and durability exceedingly seriously.

Landing at the top of our convertible pram list, the iCandy Peach is our top choice for a versatile and sturdy dual-seat model. There’s a second seat option here that makes it easy to push both children without needing two prams or a bulky double-seater model of yesteryear.

The iCandy also comes with a huge 44 litre carry basket in the base for all of you and your baby’s needs. You’ll be able to store just about anything in here and the ultra-strong fabric means you’re getting more strength than you’ll ever need.

The pram is also suitable for newborns through to toddlers, so you’re able to use this model for up to a year or two for your new baby or for a toddler.

Priced from $2,199.

The iCandy Orange

The stroller just below the Peach from iCandy is the Orange model.

Again a double pram, this is the model that includes a bassinet and a seat and can easily be adapted into a double pram. You won’t have any issue with two babies or a newborn and a toddler here as the pram’s design evenly distributes weight and offers a smooth ride thanks to the study frame and tyres.

There is a huge weight limit here of up to 20kg so there’s no issue when it comes to using the stroller with two young children.

Keep in mind that the Orange has one of the biggest carrycots and storage units on our list and you’re certainly on to a winner when you compare it to the other modes.

It’s also good to keep in mind that this stroller works with a majority of capsules too.

Priced from $2,018.

The Uppababy Vista

Another designer stroller hitting our list is the Vista by Uppababy.

Of course, this model remains top-notch when it comes to features and the ability to convert into a dual and even triple pram for up to three children. It’s design is incredible and practical and you’ll be able to rest assured there’s plenty of storage space coming into play here.

You won’t have any trouble storing just about everything you’ll need to take with you on a trip from the home to the store or out on the pavement for an afternoon stroll.

There’s adjustable canopies here along with a recline ability that sits almost entirely flat, so storage is easy and the kids will be able to get some rest without being sat up straight — perfect for those times you want to lull the little ones to sleep without sitting them upright.

In all, this is one of the more elegant and multi-child-focused prams on our list.

Priced from $2,099.

The Joolz Geo2

The convertible pram that’s been designed to take just about everything in its stride is the mode from Joolz.

This pram is a convertible model, however, it doesn’t act like it. You’ll be able to rely on the huge wheel sizes and plenty of shock absorption to get the Geo2 to just about anywhere from the beach, hiking trails and just for a relaxing trip down to a cafe.

You’re going to notice that the Joolz Geo2 has been well-designed to focus on durability and adventure-prone parents, so if that sounds like you, then you’re certainly in good hands with this stroller.

Again, this model is convertible, so if you’re planning on a second child, or have just had a second, you can invest in an expandable seat and cover the pram into a two seater model.

Priced from $1,599.

The Bugaboo Donkey

From our designer-focused pram creators, the Bugaboo team comes through in the dual pram range with the Donkey.

As you’d expect, just about everything has been thought of with the Donkey, and that means you’re getting a stroller that comes with easy access storage sitting by the stroller’s upper carriage and a weight distribution that easily allows for two children to sit in the pram without an issue.

The Donkey is also designed with same-age children and different ages in mind, with placement of the seats being able to adapt depending on your requirements and those of the kids.

We’re inclined to say that this might be the best looking and most practical of all the dual strollers on our list.

Priced from $1,899.

The Best Double Prams

We know that convertible options aren’t always the best models out there if you have twins or similar aged children who are always out with you together. That in mind, the double prams we’ve selected are the easiest models for getting both of the young ones out and about with you, with as little fuss as possible.

Whether for twins or just the little ones who are close in age, these prams are designed with you and those bubs in mind.

The Valco Snap Duo

A no-frills double pram comes in the form of the Valco Snap Duo.

You’ll find reversible double seats that also decline and auto-fold and lock into place to make sure you’re in control of where these seats are facing and can rest assured that they’re not going to move should you go over any bumps.

To make moving this rather large pram a little easier, there is a power steering integration here, so you’re able to get about town without too much effort.

Keep in mind that there’s adjustable foot rests here along with compatibility with plenty of different car seats and you’re on track to getting the little ones to and from the pram with ease and plenty of comfort.

Priced from $999.

The Bumbleride Indie Twin

The second model landing on our double pram list is the Indie Twin from Bumbleride.

This is the stroller for you if you’re looking for adjustability and plenty of features. There’s ventilated seating here along with foot rests and harnesses that can easily be done up or totally detached so you can rest assured that the little ones are strapped in correctly.

Thanks to the ventilation, we’re happy to say that this is the option for you if you live in a rather warm climate.

To add, there’s plenty of manoeuvrability here, so if you do often find yourself in a small local cafe or in tight spots in general, this pram will be one of the best for getting in and out of tight spaces.

To end, the pram features a sun guard and a great subdued design, so keeping stylish and ensuring the little ones are out of the sun is easy on the Indie Twin.

Priced from $1,299.

The Budget-friendly Strollers

We know that for a lot of readers, budget does trump just about all else, and that’s why we’ve scoured the web and taken a look at some of the more affordable, all-essential stroller options.

These are the models that don’t skimp out on features or comfort for the sake of budget and will have you and the little ones safe, secure and comfortable without costing a little too much to handle.

The Maxi Cosi Zelia

At the top of our list is the pram that will give you almost half a decade of use for the newborns, should you need it.

This stroller supports weights of children all the way up to four years of age, which means you’re getting plenty of use out of this pram. It’s good to note that there’s a design here that is curated to work with kids from newborn all the way to toddler age, so you won’t need to invest in new carrying baskets and seats as the little ones get older.

There’s a big storage basket here too for your baby essentials or to throw some groceries and other essentials into as you take your child for a walk.

Priced from $699.

The Valco Snap Ultra

Another great affordable option is the Valco Snap which has been designed to offer ultimate comfort.

The seat on this pram is reversible and also able to recline, which means you’re able to encourage your baby to get a nap in and to remain comfortable when you’re out and about. The design of the stroller’s carriage is also ergonomic and great for keeping your child’s head and neck supported.

To end, the seat is entirely detachable and able to be slipped into a car capsule which means you can move from pram to car in an instant and without having to wake the sleeping bub.

Priced from $579.

The Steelcraft Strider Compact

Our final affordable model offers an incredible design and plenty of functionality.

You’ll find an excellent stroller in the Strider Compact from Steelcraft and be more than covered when it comes to comfort and storage for the little one. There’s a window here to keep an eye on your child as they sleep and also plenty of reclining and seating options to ensure maximum comfort when out and about.

There’s an integrated leg rest here too to help with those times when sleeping just doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s mind.

A large and extendable sun canopy comes into play here too, covering all the way down to the little one’s legs and keeping them shielded from the UV rays outside of the stroller.

In all, this is one of the best designed affordable strollers available and it’s a great model for those parents who need something that works for an active lifestyle and has features to improve the little one’s sleep when away from their crib.

Priced from $429.

Buying a New Pram or Stroller

To end our list, we’ll give you just a few quick pointers when it comes to investing in a new pram or stroller for your newborn.

You’ll always want to place safety and comfort above budget, design and feature set, though with a tonne of strollers on the market today offering a well-rounded suite of features and perks we’re sure you’ll find something that suits your needs perfectly.

Top Considerations

When it comes to selecting a pram, we suggest looking at a few of your own use cases and requirements for your child, where you live and what you need your pram to do.

Some of these include:

  • The weather in your location
  • Whether you need to travel a lot
  • Your child’s comfort requirements
  • The overall size of the pram

With those in mind, you can easily select from a range of prams on offer and be able to purchase one that’s better suited to your lifestyle.

How Much to Pay

With all of the prams above, it’s clear to see there’s a fair bit of difference when it comes to pricing. You don’t always need to pay the highest cost to get the best experience and we would suggest that anywhere between $200 through to $2500 will get you a great product that you can depend upon.

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