The Best Swags in Australia for 2021

The Best Swags in Australia for 2021

When it comes to getting into the great outdoors this year, there are a few essentials you absolutely must invest in to keep comfortable, safe and to generally have an enjoyable time camping. And one of those is a dependable and comfortable swag.

Whether you’re looking to set up camp by a river, in the bush or out in the desert, a swag is essential. However, choosing one of these from thousands on the market can be quite difficult — especially if you aren’t too sure what to look for.

Those new to camping, or new to investing in some great swags will know that there are a tonne of features on offer by swag makers, and these should be factored into your purchase to make sure you’re getting the best products out there.

With that said, we have a list of all the best swags in Australia for 2021 below as well as a tonne of information that you need to know to make choosing a swag a little bit easier.

Why Invest in a Good Quality Swag

As you’ll already know, swags are often designed to last and they’re going to be one of your integral camping companions for decades to come. In fact, most avid campers will let you know that they’ve had their swag for years or even decades, and many swags are passed down through families.

You may not be in the market for a swag that’s going to find its way into the hands of your grandchildren, but we’re sure you’re going to be on the look out for a quality model that you’ll be able to rely on for at least a decade.

With a quality swag, you’ll be able to rest assured that you have a safe and comfortable sleep surface ready no matter where you’re going camping.

Swags are generally durable and able to be thrown down on just about any surface out in the bush, regardless of what’s on the ground, and the better the model you have, the better chance you’re going to have at getting a good night’s sleep wherever you are.

All that said, let’s take a look below at what features are essential in a good quality swag and what you should look for when buying one.

The Best Features to Look for in a Swag

For those new to buying swags, or anyone unsure about what is important to look out for when investing in the best swag, we have some great pointers for you.

There are a few things to keep in mind that will significantly dictate how well you sleep when you’re out camping, and we’ll take a look at these below. Whether you’re looking for a bedroll swag or a traditional swag, or just about anything else, or you’re unsure about the differences, we have everything you need to know below.

The Bedroll or Traditional Swags

Off the top, these swags are the ones you’ll most likely have in your mind when you hear the word ‘swag’ — and for good reason.

These types of swags are tried and true and have been around for just about as long as we can all remember. They’re essentially a canvas pocket that has a comfortable, thin mattress wedged inside of it, and you’re able to roll them up and zip or stud them together for transport.

When it comes to setting these models up and transporting them, there’s little that comes close to the ease of use. You’ll be able to unroll these at any campsite and simply get some shut eye no matter where you are. There’s little to no set up time and they’re just about as simple as a sleeping bag.

It’s also good to note that these are very light models too and they’re as robust as they come. If you’re someone who just wants to chuck their swag in the ute and get out camping, then this is the model for you.

There aren’t too many downsides to these swags other than the fact they’re a little like a sleeping bag and don’t have a cover or any tent-like features.

All that said, for the robust and traditional camping swag, the bedroll models are the ones you should look towards.

The Tunnel or Dome Swags

To the more modern models now, and to the swags with a roof or a cover, the tunnel or dome swags are going to be the top choice for you.

These are essentially like a camp cot or a tent of sorts. You’ll typically set these up at your campsite with the ropes and poles included and you’ll be on your way to a good night’s sleep out of the weather and free from bugs and other nasties if you choose a dome swag with zippable doors.

It’s good to note that when compared to traditional swags, these are a lot more cumbersome to set up and also to carry with you given that there’s lots of little things that need to go with them, like the poles for example.

In all, these are still excellent options for those who want to get out camping but not deal with the bugs or the weather.

The Air Swags

Getting to the more modern and most recent additions to the swag world, the air swags are going to be your top choice if you’re looking for something that’s easier to set up than a dome swag and has a bit more comfort.

As expected, the air swags rely on an air pump to inflate and maintain the shape of the swag as you sleep.

Of course, these do offer more comfort, though with the pump and added fuss, it might not be worth your while to invest in one of these models. Although they do only take around 15 seconds to inflate, you will have to leave everything connected to keep the air pressure maintained.

Typical Swag Sizes to Consider

We’re happy to say that swags do come in standard sizes just like mattresses, which is great when it comes to finding bedding to fit these iconic Aussie sleeping companions.

You’ll find swags in sizes from Single through to King and that means sizing is as follows:

  • Single from 180cm through 230cm in Length by 60cm through 90cm in Width.
  • Double from 190cm through 230cm in Length by 110cm through 130cm in Width.
  • King from 180cm through 230cm in Length by 90cm through 110cm in Width.

It goes without saying that to find the best swag for you in 2021 you should always consider your height and the height of your sleeping partner and go from there. You always want to choose something that’s going to offer plenty of wiggle room and enough space to get a good night’s sleep.

One thing to note is to ensure your swag is going to fit in a tent or whatever you’re planning on sleeping in. If you’re setting up shop on the ground, any size will be fine, though if you’re sliding your swag into a tent, make sure that you’re getting a tent and swag which complements one another.

Common Swag Materials

Another important factor to note when buying a new swag is choosing a model with materials that are going to withstand your camping activities and the locations you often find yourself camping in.

For example, if you’re someone who often camps by rivers or anywhere that the air can become a little damp or prone to dew building up, you’re going to want to choose a swag that features waterproofing and other essential elements.

With that said it’s also a good idea to invest in a swag that’s either designed for multiple different camp sites, or is well-suited to your own camping activities.

If you’re looking for the best swags to keep you dry and warm in rather moist or rain-prone campsites, consider the following:

Finding the Right Density

Off the top, you’re going to want to choose a swag with a material density of at least 400gsm which will be able to keep water out of the product. Keep in mind that this is somewhat of a bare minimum, and we’d suggest pushing toward 540gsm is possible, given that you’re able to rely on this for durability too.

In all, a higher GSM is going to keep your swag in tip top shape for longer and you’re not going to see all too much moisture penetration, if any at all when you’re camping.

The Seams and Sewing

Another major point to keep note of is the sewing and cotton thread. We’d only ever suggest choosing a swag with a high gauge thread as you’ll want to make sure that the swag’s materials are well adhered to one another and not going to allow moisture in, or let any warmth out when it’s cold.

You can often find information on the thread and sewing on a swag on the product sheets on retail store websites.

Anti-tear Materials

For those who are looking for durability and a product that can take a battering, then you’re going to want to look for a swag that offers anti-tear or anti-rip materials. These are going to ensure that no matter how rough you’re being with your swag, you’re not going to see the materials tear and fray over time.

Of course, there is a limit to how effective this is, though having this type of material on hand at all is a big plus when looking for the best swag.

Resistance to Mould

If you’ve done any research online, you’ll know that mould and mildew can become an issue with swags over time, especially if you find yourself camping in a moisture-prone area like by the sea, a lake or a river.

That said, there are a few manufacturers out there adding mould-proofing to their materials, which we would highly suggest you stay on the look out for.

This will also keep you healthy and less prone to reactions in your sleep, as well as make sure your swag lasts a whole lot longer.

The Climate Rating

Another big factor to keep in mind is the climate rating. It isn’t a secret that Australia is a giant country and you’re likely going to be camping in one specific climate zone, rather than travelling through all of them.

With that said, make sure to double check that the swag you’re looking to buy is designed for your specific climate zone.

Those in Darwin are certainly not going to want to buy a swag that’s been designed for use in Victoria, for example. So make sure you’re getting a swag that is as light or a thick as possible, depending on where you live.

A Few Mentions

A final few things to keep an eye on when it comes to swags are the quality of accessories and essentials.

If you’re investing in a dome swag, you’re going to want to take a look online at reviews or user complaints about poles, ventilation or zipper issues. This will let you know whether a swag is of a high quality or not, and if you can depend on it when you’re out camping.

It’s also good to keep in mind the quality and comfort of the built-in mattress or sleeping pad. You’re going to be sleeping on this material, and if it’s getting some pretty poor reviews, you’re not going to be getting a great experience out of your swag.

A Look at the Best Swags in Australia

With all of our essentials for swags out of the way, we can take a look at our list of the best swags in Australia in 2021.

All of these models are excellent picks and we’ve chosen a variety to ensure you’re able to find something that offers a great sleeping experience, incredible added features and perks for your own specific camping style.

Whether you’re in a cold climate or a hot one, or you’re a little more rough with your swag than most, there’s something on the list for you below.


If you’re looking for a quick summary of the best swags, we have outlined our winning brands and models below.

The Deluxe Escape Single Swag by Adventure Kings

The overall winner of the best swag in Australia this year is the Deluxe Escape model from Adventure Kings. It offers incredible value for money and you’re getting a swag that’s comfortable, durable and climate controlled to make sure that you’re able to get a good night’s sleep wherever you’re camping.

As we mentioned, it comes with that sweet spot 400gsm canvas with an anti-rip feature that makes sure you’re not going to see a small tear turn your swag into two.

There’s enough space here for one person to get a great night’s sleep with a tonne of wiggle room and you’re going to see a waterproof material for the floor too, which means you’re able to set the swag down on the ground and not need to worry about moisture making its way up through the base of the mattress.

It’s good to note that this is essentially the best swag for those looking for the ideal middle ground between value and experience. You can’t really go wrong here.

The Steel Dusk to Dawn Swag by Darche

Up the ladder a little more, and coming at a slightly higher price than the Deluxe Escape is the Steel Dusk model.

You’re going to see a tonne of practicality based features here with things like spaces for keys, plenty of pockets and even a boot mat for keeping your shoes up and out of the swag.

The built-in canopy here also features an awesome sky view option, which means you’re still getting a calming and incredible view of the stars at night even though you’re well protected from the elements.

To add, the swag is going to keep you from getting soaked should it rain, and being of a high quality and well-built, you’re kept out of the wind too, should things pick up a little too much during the night.

In all, this is the higher-end swag of our two winners, with some added features and a slightly better build quality.

The List of the Best Swags in Australia

With our two favourites out of the way, let’s take a deeper look into all the swag models you have to choose from and which ones might be best for you when it’s time to head off the beaten track.

The Deluxe Single Swag by Adventure Kings

As we mentioned, the Deluxe Single Swag is our top all-rounder given that it pairs incredible comfort with a great price.

You’re going to see some nifty storm flaps coming into play here as well as ventilation that makes sure you’re kept cool as you’re sleeping on those warm nights. When things get a little cold though, you can simply zip up the flaps and get some shut eye in the warm.

You’ll find that although this is the single size of the swag, there’s also a double size that makes it possible to get all the great features, price and built quality in a two-sleeper model as well.

The footprint of this swag comes in at 215cm by 155cm and its 100cm of headroom make it a lot easier to get to sleep than on most other swags out there.

That said, if you’re after a double swag, then Adventure Kings have you covered too.

Some Essential Specs

Size — 210 x 90 x 80 cm

Materials — 400gsm Canvas with anti-tear

Mattress — at 50mm thick

Floor Materials — a PVC Waterproof Floor

Weight — around 12 kilos

The Steel Dusk to Dawn Swag by Darche

As a brand that’s known for excellent quality, you’re in good hands when you invest in the Steel Dusk from Darche.

For those looking for the swag that could be handed down to the kids or grandkids, these swags are the models for you, and with a tonne of added features and a focus on durability, you’re certainly able to take this model wherever you want to go.

We do need to mention that it is quite expensive when compared to some of the other swags on the list, though there is a reason for this. You’re getting everything from pockets, a boot mat and star gazing features to make the most of your time outdoors.

There’s a whole load of interior space here too, and with a storm cover and storage pockets designed for phones, you’re essentially camping in what is almost a tent.

To add, the wind protection and weather proofing you’re getting from this swag is so ideal we’re confident in saying that this could replace a tent for a lot of campers out there.

Some Essential Specs

Size — 215 x 110 x 81 cm

Materials — 420gsm Canvas with anti-tear

Mattress — at 50mm thick

Floor Materials — a PVC Vinyl Floor

Weight — around 14 kilos

The Swag by Darche

Our second model from Darche, the ‘Swag’ is the brand’s air swag and the model you’re going to be able to use without any annoying poles or ropes, which means setting up this swag and also carrying or transporting it is a whole lot easier than a lot of other models on the list.

You’re going to find that the pump here is incredibly efficient and isn’t too loud at all, and you’ll have the swag set up in just about 15 seconds, which is fantastic for those last-minute campsite set ups before a storm arrives.

You’re going to see the high-volume pump coming into action to pump up the internal frame here, which is what gives this swag the shape and then you’ll be able to simply hop into bed when you’re ready.

We’d also like to point out that although this pump-up situation seems a little cumbersome, we’re confident in saying that it’s a game changer. There’s nothing easier than sitting back and letting something set itself up, and with the Swag by Darche, you’re able to do just that.

One other thing to note is that even though this is an air-frame swag, there’s still a tonne of resistance to the weather and wind, so when the weather does get a little rough, you’re not going to see your swag blowing out of shape.

Although there isn’t a true downside to this swag, we will say that the price can be a little steep for some of our readers. If you’re after value or not too interested in spending a tonne of money on a swag, then this model may not be for you.

To end, there are installation and set up videos available online for this swag, so you’ll know what to do when you get out to camp.

Some Essential Specs

Size — 215 x 110 x 80 cm

Materials — 320gsm Canvas with anti-tear

Mattress — at 50mm thick

Floor Materials — a PVC Vinyl Floor

Weight — around 14 kilos

The Homestead Swag by Kulkyne Kampers

One of the lesser known brands on the list, Kulkyne Kampers, comes with an excellent swag for a relatively affordable price.

There is a point of difference here in the fact that this swag doesn’t sit on the ground, but rather comes with a frame that allows the entire sleeping surface to be elevated off the ground for a more comfortable and arguably more safe sleep — away from bugs and nasties, etc.

That elevation in mind, and you’re getting a tonne of ventilation here, a lot of sleep space and also storm flaps and insect screens. All of which come together to create a swag that is certainly one of the more comfortable on the list and, again, could work to replace a tent entirely.

You can also invest in a sleeping bag here should you want to add a bit of extra comfort.

For those looking to go camping as a couple, or with a few mates, it’s good to keep in mind that there are also twin and double models of this swag on offer too, so you’re getting a lot more sleep space for more than one person should you need it.

One thing to note, which may be off-putting, is that the swag does come with a support bar sitting beneath the sleep surface on the double model. This means if you’re investing in the larger variant for just one person, you still won’t be able to sleep in the middle and spread out, as the bar is quite uncomfortable.

Some Essential Specs

Size — 225 x 100 x 80 cm

Materials — 440gsm Canvas

Mattress — at 40mm thick

Floor Materials — Canvas

Weight — around 14 kilos

The Easy Fold Tent Bed by Oztrail

With neo-swags seemingly becoming the norm, another brand out there looking to change how we understand the swag is Oztrail.

The brand offers a rather odd-yet-comfortable swag here, which works as a stretcher tent or somewhat of a cot-like model. It may look a little strange when compared to a few of the other products on our list, but it still offers a rather great sleeping experience, and you’re not going to have any complaints when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.

On this model, you’re again up off the floor or the dirt like the Kulkyne swag, and that means you’re getting good ventilation and staying comfortable away from rocks and sticks below the mattress.

It’s a little lighter than a few other products too at just over 12 kilos, so carrying it and setting it up isn’t too hard at all.

To add, there’s a great weatherproof design here which means you’re keeping yourself protected in this durable little tent-like-swag.

With all that said, this swag is another contender for those looking to get the most comfort out of their swag without buying into a fully-fledged rooftop tent with a mattress.

Some Essential Specs

Size — 200 x 80 x 140 cm

Materials — Synthetic UVTex

Mattress — at 40mm thick

Floor Materials — Synthetic

Weight — around 12.5 kilos

The Bushman Deluxe Swag by AOS

Coming right out of an Australian business, the Bushman is a swag that’s been well-curated to the requirements of the Aussie camper.

This is a rather no-frills model and comes closer to be a traditional swag than just about all the models on our list. You’re getting the plush mattress sleep surface and a small triangle shelter and not too much else.

There’s some awesome integrated tech in the materials here that make it both rot-proof and waterproof, so you’re getting the assurance that you’ll stay dry when you’re out camping.

On top of this, there’s a 470gsm canvas material coming into play here, which makes it one of the most durable on the market today.

Add to this some essential features like the carry bag, the guy ropes and the pegs are included and you’re getting a well-rounded swag and some essentials that make setting up camp a breeze.

There’s a 10-year warranty here too, going along with that incredible 470gsm canvas.

Some Essential Specs

Size — 200 x 71 x 70 cm

Materials — 470gsm Canvas

Mattress — at 70mm thick

Floor Materials — Canvas

Weight — around 8.7 kilos

The Mitchell Expedition Swag by Oztrail

Making our way back to the rather new-age swags now, and the Mitchell Expedition variant from Oztrail is arguably the be-all-end-all model here.

It’s quite large and comes with a dome that’s durable and going to keep just about all sorts of weather out so you can get a disturbance-free sleep out at camp. The price point for this swag is relatively affordable given that you’re getting an excellent build quality and some incredible features.

One nice perk of this swag is that you get in and out of it from the top rather than the side, which means you can slip in and out of it a whole lot easier than just about all the other models. There’s no need to squat and roll into this swag.

A second thing we’d like to point out as a great perk is the eyelet which you’re able to use for a ridge pole. This is perfect for those campsites that are far too rocky for guy ropes, so you’re able to just pitch the swag and be done with things.

To end, there are some excellent oversized mesh windows here, with the famous ‘No-See-Um’ material here for added privacy. These windows offer excellent ventilation on hot days and you can zip these up when things get a bit nippy or if any mozzies decide you’d make a great dinner.

Some Essential Specs

Size — 210 x 90 x 70 cm

Materials — 230gsm Canvas

Mattress — at 50mm thick

Floor Materials — PVC Vinyl

Weight — around 6.3 kilos

The Double Dome Swag by Mountview

To a swag with one of the higher GSM domes now, the Double Dome by Mountview is going to be a great option for those who need something durable and weatherproof.

Going along with this 400gsm dome, there’s a 500gsm floor which means you’re able to make use of this swag in the wettest climates and still be able to wake up dry as a bone in the morning.

Adding to the waterproof mechanisms, there’s also a 10cm skirt around the base of the swag which works to keep water and dew from entering your sleeping zone.

For long-term use, there are also UV-protected materials here, which ensure you’re not going to see anything fading or issues appearing from sun damage after long or even short term use.

For the security and comfort of the swag, we’re happy to note that it’s an entirely-closed model, which means you can shut out all the bugs. To ensure there’s good ventilation though, there are plenty of small openings here, so overheating in the swag isn’t too much of an issue.

On top of this, the comfort of the mattress built into the swag is also incredible given that it’s 6cm thick and you’re able to sink down into it and be comfortable. We’d also like to point out that being 6cm, the mattress even softens things like rocks and sticks without issues.

To end, there are aluminium poles used to keep this swag propped up, along with its guy roles and pegs which means in the windiest of situations, you’ll be kept fixed to your swag and not see too much movement if any at all.

Some Essential Specs

Size — 90 x 206 x 79 cm

Materials — 400gsm Canvas

Mattress — at 60mm thick

Floor Materials — 500gsm PVC

The Double Camping Swag by Weisshorn

To our final contender for the best swag in Australia, the double camping swag by Weisshorn is certainly worth considering given that it’s enormous and tent-like, though it remains incredibly easy to set up and transport.

You’ll be able to rely on the dome here to keep you comfortable and safe in just about all weather, and there’s plenty of mesh for anti-mosquito ventilation.

That in mind, this swag is going to be a winner for those in the warmer climates as well as the cooler ones, with the ventilation flaps allowed to be closed to keep things warm.

There’s a canvas here coming in at 400gsm which makes it an excellent option for those who are after quality waterproof materials and a swag that you can rely on to keep for years to come.

The flooring in this swag is a 500gsm PVC material and comes with a skirt like the waterproof-specialised models on the list. That in mind, you’re certainly able to use this swag in a tropical climate.

To end, the price of this swag paired with its feature set makes this a top choice for us.

Some Essential Specs

Size — 215 x 150cm

Materials — 400gsm Canvas

Mattress — at 40mm thick

Floor Materials — 500gsm PVC

The Takeaway

With all of those fantastic swags out of the way, it isn’t too going to be too hard to find a model that works best for you this season. You’ll be kept comfortable, warm and out of the weather no matter where you’re camping.

Be sure to keep in mind your style of camping, where you’re located and whether you camp solo or with a partner before you get your heart set on a specific swag. You’re going to want to choose a product that works best for you and doesn’t create issues down the line.

When you’ve found a model, be sure to check warranties and qualities of materials and you’re all good to go when it comes to getting the most out of your next camping trip in 2021.

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