The Best Ride On Lawn Mowers in 2021

The Best Ride On Lawn Mowers in 2021

When it comes to making yard maintenance a little easier, on Current, we have a great list for you. We’ll take a look at some of the best ride on lawn mowers on sale this year and why you should choose one over the other.

Whether you’ve got a large backyard or a property that you need to take care of, there’s little that comes close to the ease that comes with a ride own lawn mower.

We know that spending hours out in the sun with a push mower isn’t ideal, and so our ride on lawn mowers will certainly do the trick. Of course, it’s a whole lot easier to just sit on the mower and drive it around the yard, rather than pushing it.

Let’s have a look below at Current’s top choice ride on lawn mowers for 2021.

The XT1 Enduro by Cub Cadet

Coming in at the top of our list, the Xt1 by Cub Cadet.

Arguably one of the most popular and most loved ride on lawn mowers out there, the XT1 is your affordable saving grace for mowing large yards and properties with ease. It’s a gas front-engine mower too, which means it’s cheap to run, responsive and gets the job done without the fumes of older types of fuel, like two-stroke.

One reason we love the XT1 so much is that it offers up an ingenious Hydrostatic transmission, which means you’re getting a smooth ride and no need to actually change gears yourself. There’s also none of that old-school jolting and jerkiness that comes with gear charges either, this is truly a modern, comfortable ride on lawn mower.

The cutting deck is an optimal 42 inches, and there’s an 18 horsepower engine making an appearance here too, so you’re getting a clean cut on the lawn and not having to make a number of laps to get the job done.

For those interested, the mower is a rear wheel drive too, which means you’re getting some added traction when things get wet or if there’s an incline.

One big key point to keep in mind is the tiny 16 inch turning circle, which is outstanding for a ride on mower.

In all, this is a ride on that’s capable and powerful and one of the better ride on options out there for 2021 and we stand by its cruise control, push button start and headlights. There’s a cup holder here too.

18 Horsepower

3.0 Gal Fuel Tank

Special Feature — Headlights and Push Start

The Z254 Zero Turn by Husqvarna

As we’re sure you’ll agree, the Husqvarna brand only comes out with incredible products, and their new Z254 Zero Turn Lawn Mower lives up to this expectation.

As the Z254 is a part of the zero-turn lawn mower family from Husqvarna, you can expect a great driving experience here. Not only is there a new and improved design for 2021, but there’s also an increase in performance and fuel efficiency.

This year’s model comes with an engine that boasts improved chrome plated fuel values, an increased air filtration system along with a cooling fan that ensures there’s plenty of support for the larger and more powerful engine.

There’s a cutting deck here that’s 54 inches, which makes it one of the largest decks on the list, and that also means you’re doing fewer laps of the yard to get the job done.

Like a lot of new ride on mowers, there’s a transmission integrated here that doesn’t require any maintenance. It’s designed to offer a smooth ride and you’re not going to have to worry about adding any oil, or keeping things in check.

One key feature of the Z254 is the new and improved ‘grass suction’ ability which is what we’d call it. This essentially pulls the grass upward into the blades for a cleaner and more efficient cutting experience.

To end, there’s an awesome auto brake system, headlights, anti-scalp protection and a smooth ride that arguably can’t be beat by many other ride ons.

26 Horsepower

3.5 Gal Fuel Tank

Special Feature — Grass Suction Improvements

The E100 by John Deere

From the experts at John Deere, the new E100 lawn mower is your winner if you’re looking for a machine that is capable and designed to help out around acreage.

Designed with a fuel tank large enough to mow a solid 3 acres, you’re in good hands when it comes time to mow the whole property with ease. And with a great seat, comfortable ride and a turning circle that’s as tight as they come, you’re getting a ride experience that will make you want to stay on for another acre or two.

You have cutting heights that you can choose from one to four inches, and a cutting deck that spans 42 inches cross. Not the biggest out there, but certainly falling in the ideal category.

The engine is an optimal 17.5 horsepower, which is great for getting that nice, crisp and clean cut on your lawns.

17.5 Horsepower

2.4 Gal Fuel Tank

Special Feature — A Comfortable Ride Experience

The 382cc by Troy-Bilt

Designed more so for the larger yards rather than acres, the 382cc lawn mower by Troy-Bilt is your winner here.

It’s got a smaller 30 inch cutting deck, which is ideal for smaller yards and it has a 6-speed transmission which means you’re getting plenty of control over your speed when mowing.

One thing to note, that we certainly see as a win, is the compact size of this ride on mower. It’s not overly large and will be easily stored in the garage or backyard shed, which is perfect for those who live in cities but also have a large yard.

There’s an auto-choke engine coming into play here, plus a supported maximum speed of 4.25MPH, which means you’ll be able to zip around the yard cutting at one of the 5 cutting heights.

When comfort comes into play, there’s an adjustable seat that you can move up and down for adjusting to your ideal height.

Finally, the manoeuvrability is ideal on the mower in that the turning radius is a tiny 18 inches, making it perfect for getting into those small and tight spaces in the yard.

12 Horsepower

1.3 Gal Fuel Tank

Special Feature — Compact Design

The Pro PP19A42 by Poulan Pro

An American-made brand initially, the Louisiana-based Poulan mower’s are another incredible brand landing on our list.

These ride on mowers are some of the highest quality on the market and engineered to be essentially flawless when it comes to quality and feature set. You have a wide range of cutting heights to choose from here, as well as a seat that’s been curated toward offering comfort that exceeds expectations.

One area that the mower will succeed in better than others is mowing larger yards and using less fuel doing so. With an efficient 19 horsepower engine you’re on the way to keeping the grass cut nice and short, without spending too much on fuel.

To add, the cutting deck here is 42 inches, so you’ll, again, be getting an ideal cutting experience without having to make too many laps of your yard.

19 Horsepower

2.5 Gal Fuel Tank

Special Feature — American Made

The YTH18542 by Husqvarna

Another variant from the team at Husqvarna, the YTH18542 ride on mower is landing on our list down to the fact that it’s one of the more powerful on the market.

You’ll find a Briggs & Stratton motor here that taps out at 18.5 horsepower, so you’ll be getting a solid cut every time. Along with this engine, the experience when driving the ride on is akin to a car in that it’s outstandingly comfortable and quite responsive too.

You’ll be able to keep everything moving with just one pedal-operated system, and being a study Husqvarna machine, you can rely on it to feel safe and comfortable when driving.

It is key start, so keep in mind that you’ll need somewhere safe to store these keys.

A standard 42 inch cutting deck makes an appearance here, which is ideal for average sized yards and gets the job done quite quickly. There is a heavy duty steel covering atop this cutting deck too, which means you’re not going to see any wear and tear affecting the mower in too short of a time frame.

One stand out feature here is the dual anti-scalp wheels integrated here to stop the cutting deck from reaching the soil below your grass.

24 Horsepower

2.5 Gal Fuel Tank

Special Feature — Briggs & Stratton Engine

The 2911525BVE by Snapper

With a similar compact design to the Troy-Bilt mower above, the Snapper is the ideal solution for the smaller yard.

It isn’t overly powerful, though, this isn’t too much of an issue, and there’s a 344 cc engine here that keeps things running optimally throughout your lawn-cutting journey. Keeping in mind that this mower runs on gas, you’ll be keeping emissions a little lower than on petrol options.

Although we generally suggest ride ons for larger yards, this ride on would be better suited to inner-city yards that aren’t too large and just need a quick 20 or 30 minute mow, rather than a few hours like you’ll need to do for acreage.

It’s good to note that the ride on experience is comfortable and ideal for short periods of time, and there’s storage perks built into the design, like being able to stand on its edge.

11.5 Horsepower

1.35 Gal Fuel Tank

Special Feature — Designed for Easy Storage

The Husqvarna YTh34V48

A brand landing on our list for the third time, the YTh34V48 by Husqvarna is another favourite of ours because of the Husqvarna reputation.

Essentially, all of the favourites from Husqvarna are ideal for our readers who are looking to get a powerful, durable, versatile and comfortable ride on experience without the struggle of a big ride on.

There’s a 24 horsepower motor landing in this mower, which is certainly falling on the larger end. That said, being a Briggs & Stratton, you can expect a routinely great start, stop and cutting experience when it comes to cutting the lawn.

The transmission here is powered by a pedal, much like old school ride on mowers, though this isn’t an issue in that it’s incredible easy to control the power on the mower with this pedal.

Again, a suction feature for the grass is implemented here and under the ultra-wide 48 inch cutting deck you’ll notice that your lawn is pulled up prior to be cut. Ideal for tough or rather thick grasses or tufts.

When comfort is concerned, there’s an adjustable seat here that feels similar to that of a car, ideal for those times when you’re mowing a larger yard.

To end, as Husqvarna is such a high-end and well-rounded brand, there are a tonne of accessories and add-ons such as mulching kits and more to choose from.

24 Horsepower

3.0 Gal Fuel Capacity

Special Feature — Grass Suction Features

The 42X by Troy-Bilt

A second Troy-Bilt landing on our list for outstanding affordability, the 42X riding mower is our winner if you need something cheap and reliable.

It’s, again, the ideal solution for small yards and to replace a push mower if you’re not too keen on that any longer. Essentially, this is the mower for you if you’re looking to get in a quick lawn mowing session without going all-out on acreage.

The cutting deck is an optimal 42 inches, which is plenty large enough for smaller suburban backyards.

The ride experience on the 42X is smooth and comfortable too, thanks to the 7-speed transmission keeping things nice and controlled. Plus, the tiny 18 inch turning radius keeps smaller yards well within reach of the 42X mower.

There are five cutting heights to choose from here, which means it’s relatively easy to find a level that your yard suits the most.

18 Horsepower

1.36 Gal Fuel Capacity

Special Feature — Ultra-affordable Model

Our Honourable Mentions

With all of the fantastic mowers above out of the way, there are a few other models we’d like to touch on briefly for those who may not have found the ideal model for their yard or use cases. Take a look below.

Husqvarna Z242F 42

Designed to be the ideal companion for the big yards, the Z242F is the winner for you. It has a zero turn radius, a large 42 inch cutting deck as well as handle grips instead of a steering wheel to make manoeuvring in tight spaces a breeze.

It’s got a great 19 horsepower engine, a 3.5 gal fuel tank and a comfortable design that ensures you’re comfortable when lowering acreage.

Husqvarna YTh34V54 Hydrostatic

Boasting one of the most powerful motors on the list, the YTh34V54 Hydrostatic ride on mower is the ideal for those yards with lawns or grass tufts that nothing seems to cut just quite right. The cutting deck on this mower is a giant 52 inches which makes it one of the biggest out there, and as a result you’re getting a lot more done in a short period of time than on any other ride on.

There’s a 24 horsepower motor here, a 2.5 gal fuel tank and twin engine that ensures you’re getting a smooth ride.

Troy-Bilt 13AJA1BZ066

The higher end of the Troy-Bilt models the 13AJA1BZ066 Super Bronco comes with the same 24 horsepower as the model above, however, there’s a slightly smaller 50 inch cutting deck here. This is another top choice of ours when it comes to getting a larger yard mowed that might have lawns and grasses that are a little too tough for the average mower.

A Bit About Picking a Ride On Mower

To keep things simple, if you’re new to the ride on mower product array, you’re likely a little confused about what factors to consider when you’re looking to invest in one.

With that said, there are just a few things we’d like you to consider before pulling the trigger on a ride on mower.

Consider the Yard’s Slope

You’ll want to make sure that your yard isn’t too hilly or features too much of a slope for the mower to work correctly. If it is rather rugged, there are anti-scalp guards in place on some mowers to make sure that your blades don’t shave off the lawn down to the soil.

That said, a hilly yard requires a ride on with anti-scalp protection.

Choosing a Brand

Although you’ll likely already know some of the top brands out there, such as the ones on our list, it’s always good to double check before making a purchase.

A quick Google search will let you know the details of a brand and outline some customer reviews, however, speaking generally you will be okay when choosing a mower from John Deere, Husqvarna or Troy-Bilt to name a few.

A Few Things to Look For

To end, just a few things to look out for when buying a ride on mower include the horsepower of the engine, the cutting deck size and the fuel tank capacity.

Your horsepower will let you cut thicker grasses or longer grasses that might get caught or refuse to cut smoothly on lower horsepower mowers.

The cutting deck will be the factor that affects the number of ‘laps’ you’ll need to make around the yard. Essentially the smaller the cutting deck, the smaller your grass cutting pathways will be.

And finally, your fuel tank capacity will dictate how long you can mow your lawn for. A few models have ultra-large capacities for mowing acreage, however, some have smaller single-gallon capacities for the smaller yards out there.

And that’s that!

All of Current’s choice of the best ride on lawn mowers available in 2021 to make it a whole lot easier to stay on top of that backyard grass this year.

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