The Best Juicer

The Best Juicer

As we all become more aware of how vital our fruits are in our diet, it seems like everyone’s on the hunt for a new juicer. Fruit and vegetable juice is arguably the easiest way to get your fill without having to slave away in the kitchen, or pick the seeds and rind out of your teeth at work after a kiwi, mandarin or any other fruit.

If you’re someone who wants to spice up their fruit intake and not just crunch into an apple each morning, then there’s a great alternative — a juicer! There’s no easier way to up your intake of fruit (and even some vegetables) than with a juicer, and it makes the whole process a lot more fun too. It’s all your day’s fruit intake in one quick, easy and delicious drink.

Of course, there’s still the option of buying a $7 to $10 pressed juice or vegetable blend before or after work each day, but these costs can quickly add up. Plus, if you’ve got a capable juicer at home, you’ll save hundreds of dollars over a year, and use genuinely fresh fruit.

For those new to the world of pressed juices and juicing your fruit at home, we have a fantastic comprehensive guide to the best juicers below.

TL;DR Summary

If you’re just here to grab the good bits, then take a look at our quick summary below. These are the three best juicers we’d recommend to our readers. They’re affordable, feature-packed and reliable enough to power through juicing every day, for years to come.

Kuvings B8000

The overall winner for our best juicer is the Kuvings B8000 thanks to its price point, easy to clean design and the excellent build quality. You’ll have no trouble at all quickly whipping up a juice in the morning with the Kuvings B8000, and it’ll be just as easy to take it apart and clean it. The juicer even solves a significant problem that most others have, and that’s the ultra-wide chute that fits just about everything you’d want to juice.

Top Features

  • Ultra-wide Chute
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Great Build Quality
  • Also Makes Sorbet

Get This One If… you’re looking for the best of the best that’s easy to clean, going to last for years and has more than enough power to juice everything. 

Breville the Juice Fountain Max

The juicer that you’d find in just about every family home in Australia is the dependable and easy to use Juice Fountain Max. It’s affordable, works great and can be pulled apart and cleaned very quickly. The chute design is also a standout feature on its own thanks to the fact it’s wide enough to take whole fruits in one go — no need to slice an apple or orange, just throw it in whole.

The stainless steel materials and the modern design also pair perfectly with the most minimal kitchens. You’ll also be able to quickly wipe down any mess from the juicer and not need to worry about hardening fruit pulp or juice finding its way on to the juicer.

Top Features


  • Ultra-wide Chute
  • Stainless Steel Minimal Design
  • Easy to Take Apart

Get This One If… it would help if you had a dependable morning juicer that’ll let you throw in whole fruits and get the juicing job done fast, and the mess cleaned up even faster.

H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer

An innovator on the list, the H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer turns its back on tiny grate strainers and opts for an easily cleaned plastic one as well as a tiled juicing well. That means not only is this juicer capable of getting more out of each fruit, it’s also easier to clean than any other juicer on the list.

You’ll also find custom cleaning tools in the box, making the morning kitchen clean even easier. Automatic pulp removal further stops you having to clean that out on your own, keeping the kitchen clean and giving you more time to focus on drinking your juice after you’ve whipped it up.

Top Features

  • Tiled Juicing Chamber
  • Easily Cleaned Plastic Strainer
  • Custom Cleaning Tools
  • Pulp Control

Get This One If… it would help if you could clean up quick smart, want to have the option to include pulp and prefer a funnel-topped chute.

Our Selection and Review Process

To give you the most suitable recommendations for the best juicers in Australia, we dove deep into customer reviews, exclusive features and manufacturer perks to find the ideal juicer.

We know that to make the most of a juicer you’ll probably want one that’s easy to use, even easier to clean and gives you the smoothest juice. Whether it’s a pressed juicer or a fast juicer, we took a look at how customers found the juicing experience, the quality of the juicer’s build and of course the output of the juice itself.

Other considerations we took into account were the size, shape and design of the juicers to make sure that they were able to fit best in the kitchen. We strayed from bulky designs and intricate shapes that were hard to wipe down, and thus all juicers on our list are relatively slim, curved and easy to wipe down after use.

The chute and juicing mechanisms were also taken into account to ensure that there’s no need to spend a lot of time cutting all of your fruits into small tedious pieces. Juicers that had the ability to take entire fruits at a time were placed high on the list to help out with rushed morning routines — just throwing in a whole apple or orange is a lot quicker than cutting it all up.

Ultimately, all of the juicers on our list aren’t bulky, are uncomplicated to take apart and clean, and will help you get the most out of your morning juicing routine.

With all of that said, here are the best juicers to get the most out of your morning routine and increase your fruit intake.

The Best Juicers Overall

  • Kuvings B8000
  • Breville the Juice Fountain Max
  • Hurom H34 One Stop
  • Sunbeam JE7800
  • Mod Cold Press Juicer

Kuvings B800

Arguably the best juicer on the market today, the Kuvings B800 is the perfect blend of all things we love about juicers, value for money, ease of use and a great design. It will fit perfectly on a countertop without taking too much attention and is designed well enough to wipe down after use easily. 

When it comes to using the juicer, the wide chute ensures plenty of space for whole fruits which makes sure you’re not wasting time cutting things up. The grater and strainer in the juicer is also relatively strong and durable meaning you’re able to quickly throw in soaked almonds, hazelnuts and other nuts into a juice — adding to diversity in your diet. 

The materials used in the juicer are also standout on their own as they’re Ultem, which is a material made use of by NASA because of its durability. That said, your money goes a long way here, in that you’ll not need to worry about corrosion and having to replace your juicer in a year or two. 

For after-juicing, the juicer has a smart cap and a design that easy to pull apart. You’ll be able to quickly rinse and wipe down the Kuvings B800 without getting your hands trapped trying to reach all the hidden areas, as there aren’t any. 

Lastly, the B800 includes cleaning tools, a recipe book and a recipe book to help you get the most out of the juicer and more fruit, vegetables and nuts into your diet. 

Standout Features 

  • 400ml Capacity
  • Anti-drip Spout
  • High-end Materials
  • Ultra-wide Chute
  • Sorbet Maker

Price and Stats

At $499 the Kuvings B800 falls firmly in mid-range price territory, though for a high-end juicer. There is a fantastic 20-year motor warranty and a 5-year warranty for replacement parts, making sure there’s support to keep your juicer going strong for years. 

Breville’s Juice Fountain Max

To the juicer that’s likely already in one of your friend’s or family’s homes, the Juice Fountain Max is one of Australia’s most popular juicers, and for a good reason. The chute is a massive 8.4cm across making just about all popular juiced fruit and vegetables an easy fit, keeping things simple in the kitchen.

It’s also good to note that Breville states that their Breville’s Juice Fountain Max’s huge chute lets the juicer “extract up to 20% more” of the vitamins in your fruits and vegetables than other similarly designed juicers. A fantastic perk for those looking to increase their vitamin intake and cut down on chopping up fruits prior to juicing.

Another big standout of the Juice Fountain Max is its built-in compartments to divide juice, foam and pulp. We’re sure that no one likes slurping up frothy juice, and the Juice Fountain Max works wonders in removing it all from the juice before it hits your cup. All you’re left with is a smooth, well-juiced fruit extract, nothing else.

When it’s time to clean up, the Juice Fountain Max is also a godsend as there’s a tonne of parts that can be rinsed off and thrown in the dishwasher. For the parts that can’t be, there’s an included brush and a design that’s easier to clean than most.

Standout Features

  • Large 1L Juice Capacity
  • Dishwasher Safe Parts
  • Two Juicing Speeds
  • Large Chute
  • Automatic Froth Removal

Price and Stats

Coming in at $250, the Juice Fountain Max offers a tonne of bang for your buck. There’s a 5-year motor warranty and a design that makes morning juices faster and easier to clean up than ever.

Hurom H34 One Stop

One of the easiest to use juicers on our list is the Hurom H34 One Stop thanks to its lack-of-chute design. All you’ll need to do is throw in all your fruits, vegetables and whatever else into the ‘juicer’ compartment, close the lid and turn it on. There’s no need to sit slowly and ‘feed’ the juicer; it simply does it all at once while you tidy up your chopping board.

From a speed standpoint, the Hurom H34 One Stop may be the ideal juicer for those who are always in a rush in the morning. Or just want to save as much time as possible.

There is an excellent filter and smart cap, which makes sure you’re getting the best result from your fruits, and there’s little to no mess to clean up. You’ll notice that the juicer’s design is relatively compact too, making it fit comfortably on a countertop without taking up too much space.

Standout Features

  • Anti-drip Cap
  • No-chute Design
  • Easy to Clean
  • Compact Design

Price and Stats

At $749 the juicer is a little on the expensive side, though offering an efficient and easy-to-clean up design you’ll save more time here than with other juicers. A 5-year warranty on parts and a 10-year on the motor also offers peace of mind.

Sunbeam JE7800

Although not a standout leader in juicers, the price point and compact design makes the 1,000-watt Sunbeam JE7800 land firmly on our list. There’s a fantastic 3L capacity, which is enormous compared to most other juicers, and a chute size that fits almost all whole fruits, keeping chopping and dicing to a minimum.

Your morning’s juicing activities should also be easy to clean considering the 2L pulp container means there’s enough space to juice for a family of four to six without having to empty out the pulp constantly. For thorough cleaning, there’s a cleaning brush and an easy-to-disassemble design. Parts aren’t dishwasher safe though, so these will need to be washed up in the sink on their own.

One drawback may be the JE7800’s operating noise, which is a fair bit louder than most, though the speeds make sure that you won’t have to sit and listen to the roaring motor for too long.

Standout Features

  • Huge Juice and Pulp Capacity
  • Very Affordable Price
  • Large Chute fit Whole Fruits
  • Easy to Clean

Price and Stats

At just $179, there’s little to no competition for the Sunbeam JE7800 on our list. And with an optimal design, motor and juicing strainer there’s not too much left to be desired. A 1-year warranty is also included.

Mod Cold Press Juicer

For designer kitchens where looks really do matter, there’s nothing that comes close to the Mod Cold Press Juicer. The slim, tall and stainless steel juicer is one of the most elegant looking on the market and offers more than just juicing capability.

The juicer is touted as being quiet, easy to clean and is multi-functional in that it’s able to help out making at-home butter, plant milk and sorbets —an ideal companion for the health-focused eaters out there.

When the design is concerned, the shape and overall look of the juicer is a winner, and being so slim and tall, you’ll be hard-pressed to find somewhere the juicer doesn’t fit. It will simply work well in just about all storage locations in the kitchen.

The chute is also tall, wide and able to fit a tonne of fruits and vegetables at once, working similarly to the Hurom H34 One Stop where you’ll be able to drop all of your fruit and vegetables into the juicer and leave it to do its thing while you’re free to tidy up, saving you time.

A final perk of the Mod Cold Press Juicer is that it’s capable of stripping fibrous greens like celery with ease, so adding a dash of your favourite greens to your juices won’t result in a pulping, stringy and hard-to-drink mess.

Standout Features

  • Beautifully Designed
  • Tall, Wide Chute
  • Multi-use for Sorbet, Butter and Milk
  • Quiet Operation
  • Designed for Easy Cleaning

Price and Stats

Coming in at under $500, the Mod Cold Press Juicer is a bargain in almost every sense. The juicer also comes with a 20-year motor warranty and 5-year for parts. The juicer is also branded as one of Australia’s favourites and has a tonne of great reviews.

Optimum 400

Our final standout juicer is the Optimum 400 with a fantastic price point and the ability to make more than just juice, which is always a plus. The fruit graters found in the Optimum 400 are dynamic and are touted as being able to make everything from juice through to ice cream, tofu and even nut-based kinds of milk.

To add to the features of the Optimum 400, there’s a 1L juice jug keeping you going for a long while before having to serve your juices. The model is also capable of running for up to 35 minutes which is fantastic if you have a family of juice lovers.

Optimum also makes it clear that this juicer is undoubtedly more than just a juicer, with “Soft & Hard Fruit & Veggies, Wheatgrass, Nuts and Soybeans” listed as foods that can be juiced or blended in the machine. It’s important to note, however, that the proprietary grating/juicing element can have a little trouble with stringy greens like celery and kale.

There’s an included cleaning brush and filter to make cleanup and replacements as easy as possible if there’s ever an issue. 

Standout Features

  • Long Running Times
  • Including Cleaning Brush and Extra Strainers
  • 1L Juice Jug
  • Juice Tap
  • Relatively Quiet Operation

Price and Stats

At $499 and with a 2-year warranty the Optimum 400 presents a reasonably good deal, though there are some other more capable options. Almost all reviews are very positive, however, and consumers also favour the design of the juicer.

Why Consider a Juicer

As we mentioned above, there’s not really a more natural way to get your day’s intake of fruits and vegetables than with a juicer. You’ll be able to quickly guzzle down your 2 and 5 in just a few minutes in the morning or at brunch, and be done with them for the day.

On top of your fruits, you can even soak nuts like almonds and cashews and up your intake of all the vitamins and minerals in these too.

Another great reason to consider a juicer is that you’ll save a tonne when compared to buying pressed juices in stores. With a great juicer, you’ll be motivated to make a freshly squeezed juice each day before breakfast, or to drink on the way to work and you’ll happily skip over an expensive daily stop at your pressed juicery.

Primary Considerations When Buying a Juicer

If you’re looking to transform your morning routine or lunchtimes with a great juicer, there are a few things you should always consider. You don’t want to be spending hours a week cleaning pureed pulp from a juicer, so we’re here to help make sure to get the right one.

Dynamic Parts

It’s imperative to always be on the lookout for parts that are easy to disassemble and ideally can be washed in a dishwasher to save time. You should also take a look at whether you can get your hands on parts that are made from exclusive or high-tech materials that are less susceptible to rust, going blunt or staining.

Pulp Compartment

A second vital feature to look out for in a juicer is a large pulp container. Without a large enough pulp container, you’ll be continually stopping your juice-making activities to empty the pulp compartment, which becomes tedious if you’re making a lot of juice for yourself and the family.

We suggest choosing between 1L and 3L, though juicers with a pulp drain may also be ideal if you’re happy to put you own compartment below it.

The Widest Chute Possible

Arguably the most crucial feature of a juicer is a chute that’s wide enough for at least one type of whole fruit. The larger your chute, the more efficient you’ll be able to churn out the juice in the morning without having to spend time chopping and dicing your fruit.

Chutes between 7cm and 9cm are ideal as you’ll be able to throw in entire apples, oranges, mandarins and even tomatoes.

Juice Jugs

Finally, you should do your best to look for a juice jug that fits as much juice as possible, ideally a litre or two. This will keep you going for long enough to get a good amount of juice without having to empty the juicer too often.

Keep in mind that juicers with larger juice jugs often have smaller pulp compartments and vice versa, so be sure to choose which is best for your ideal use. 

The Takeaway

From all of the stats outlined above, we’d like to leave you with one conclusion; a great juicer should be your ultimate encouraging partner in the kitchen. If your juicer is designed to be straightforward to wipe down, motivates you to whip up a fresh glass of juice and looks good doing it — then you’ve got a winner on your hands.

We’ve selected Kuvings B8000 as the best of the best from our testing process and are more than comfortable recommending this model to our readers. You’ll be able to instantly juice whole fruits, have no trouble dealing with pulp and find the cleanup as seamless and easy as possible.

In all, a good quality juicer will be the first step to a healthier lifestyle, and with a model that’s reliable, durable and long-lasting like the ones we’ve reviewed above for you, you’ll likely not need to repurchase a juicer.

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