The Best Heated Jackets in 2021

The Best Heated Jackets in 2021

For our readers who spend a lot of time in the outdoors in those blisteringly cold winter months, this is the list for you.

Here at Current, we’ve worked to outline the best heated jackets available this year, based on a few essential factors — price, ability to keep you warm and the style of jacket.

We know that sometimes jumpers and even winter jackets don’t do the trick when you’re in the alpines, or hinterlands during winter and so, a heated jacket is the only thing you have to rely on. That said, we’ve done our best to find the jackets that self-heat and will keep you warm and comfortable next winter.

Take a look at our reviews, recommendations and heated jacket comparisons below.

The Men’s Soft Shell by ororo

Coming in at the top of our list for checking all the boxes; affordability, style, comfort and warmth, the Soft Shell Heated Jacket by ororo should be at the top of your list.

It not only has a stylish and minimal look, but the shell fabric and ultra-thick inner lining that’s made of flex will keep you warm for hours on end.

There’s added functionality here too, in that there’s a hood that you can easily unzip and take off should you want a little more mobility.

For those who love the outdoors, in rain or shine, we’re happy to say that the jacket is also windproof and rain proof. With that in mind, whether you’re out camping, working or just happen to be caught in a storm, you’ll be safe and sound inside this jacket.

When it comes to the heating elements, you’ll find these in the key areas of the chest and lower back with three heat settings to choose from. Being placed in these two areas is optimal for ultimate warmth, and the single button activation makes it effortless to keep warm.

There’s a 10-hour battery life here, and being a carbon fibre heating element, they heat up just seconds. You can even charge your phone with the USB outlet too.

The Women’s Slim Fit by ororo

The variant of the above jacket for the ladies, the Slim Fit Heated jacket by ororo is our second runner up for those looking to keep warm in style.

Of course, these jackets are practical and easy to work in, in the outdoors, but they’re also versatile and minimal enough to be used as a jacket when out and about in the city too.

Again, there’s a detachable hood here like the men’s variant, and there are the three carbon fibre sheets or heating elements that keep you warm.

One area that we’re especially happy with is the jacket’s slimness. Being a slim fit model, it’s been designed to offer the most warmth in the smallest package. You’ll be kept warm, without carrying a heavy, overbearing jacket — and that’s a win for us all.

There’s the famous 10-hour battery here too, and plenty of added features like USB charger for your phone.

To end, there’s a design here that makes it easy to manoeuvre around in the jacket, so getting in a brisk walk, or working out on the farm are easy. 


A little lower down our list for the shorter 7.5 hour battery life, the DEWALT DCHJ060A is still an excellent option for those looking to keep warm this winter.

With a few added accessories or practical features, rather, the Dewalt might be the better option for you if you like a little extra control over your warmth levels. There’s a remote here to help you do that.

You’re also able to easily pre-set temperatures, so if you’re someone who’s incredibly particular about how warm they’d like to be, you’re able to use the LED remote to get this just right — and then save it.

One area the Dewalt wins out above a lot of the competing jackets is in its incredibly small size. It’s so small, in fact, that it’s the ideal jacket for winter sports. With fabric zones that have been cut and sewn into shapes that allow ease of movement, this jacket is one of the best when it comes to getting a lot done, and keeping warm.

There’s also an adjustable hood here, though it can’t be removed like some of the others on our list. It’s also padded, warm and great at blocking air, water and debris from making their way into the jacket.

Again, there’s a USB here too, so charging iPhones is a cinch.

The Men’s Soft Shell by Bosch

When reputable brands come in, there’s not too much that beats out Bosch.

Their Soft Shell Heated Jacket is one of our favourites at Current in that it’s one of the highest-end on the market with regard to quality.

It’s been designed from the ground up to be water and wind resistant, and you can see this in the shape of the fibre panelling on the outside of the jacket. With these fabrics being flared to ensure water not only stays out, but is whisked away from the body too.

As we mentioned, quality is unbeatable, and so getting into the outdoors and getting some rather rough work done won’t be an issue here.

There are, again, three warming zones on this jacket like some of the others on our heated jacket list, which means that the moment you turn on the heat — you’ll feel it everywhere in just a few seconds.

Like the ororo, these panels sit over the chest and the back. Ideal for instant response.

You’ll find three levels of heating here, which means you can quickly adjust based on how warm you’d like to be. However, we’re a little disappointed in that there’s only a six hour battery life.

You might not need the entire six hours, though, when compared to other jackets that offer up to ten hours, there’s a little to be desired here.

A USB charger is also included in the design for phone charging too.

The Camo DCHJ062C1 by DEWALT

For the hunters and fishers out there, the Camo Heated Jacket by DeWalt is the option for you.

Even though this jacket isn’t exclusively for hunting, it has been designed for those who enjoy a day’s trip to the fields to try their hand at anything from fishing, duck shooting and anything else.

The external fabric on this jacket is thick, and we really mean thick. You’ll have no trouble at all when it comes to crouching on the ground and shimmying your way into tight spaces, or just getting some work done on the farm or anywhere else — the DeWalt won’t show any signs of wear or tear.

The heat in this jacket comes from the four heating zones, making it a little warmer than some of the others on the list. You’ll find these heating panels in the collar, mid-back and the chest.

That in mind, you’ll be able to brave the wild for hours on end in the ice cold with ease and comfort.

There’s an LED panel here that you can use to activate one of the three heat settings too, so getting your ideal warmness level won’t be too difficult.

To end, there’s a seven hour battery life here, water resistance and wind proofing too to really keep the cold weather out.

The Kit M12 by Milwaukee

Stepping out of the camo-style from DeWalt and back to a city-styled jacket, the Milwaukee Jacket KIT M12 is another fantastic heated jacket for 2021.

However, don’t let the style fool you, the Milwaukee jacket comes with its own proprietary fabric called ToughShell Stretch polyester, which essentially means that there’s an assurance that you’ll get up to five times the lifespan out of this jacket.

Again, like a few other jackets on the list, it’s designed to allow for optimal mobility. You’ll be able to move freely in this jacket even though it’s packed with technology and is ultra-warm.

All materials in the jacket are highly insulated too, which means that when the battery life does give out, you’re still going to be kept warm for a long time.

One standout feature of this jacket that makes it a little more enticing than some of the others is its ability to warm based on specific zones. If you want a part of your torso a lot warmer or cooler than the other, you’re able to do that without issue.

To end, there are a few different colours here to choose from and Camo is one of them, so if hunting is on the cards, the DeWalt Camo might have a competitor.

The Cordless Heated Jacket by Smarkey

One of the only jackets on the market with a safety feature directly  integrated into the heating system is the Cordless Heated Jacket by Smarkey.

There is a great design here, arguably industry leading insulation and a three-zone heating system to keep you warm and dry even in the coldest climates. However, there’s an anti-high temperature feature that comes in handy too, which will cool down the jacket should you get too warm.

We know this is an issue when the sun comes out, or the weather changes and we haven’t adjusted our jackets to suit. And as a result, things get a little steamy. However, Smarkey’s jacket adapts to this for you, keeping you comfortable.

There is waterproof and windproof design landing here too, as well as heating panels powered by the highly efficient lithium battery array.

Like a few of the other designer jackets on our list, the Smarkey comes with a design that’s nimble and makes it easy to move around. This is ideal for those who need a warm jacket, but also one that gives them the ability to work while wearing it.

To end, the design is insulated enough for your body heat to quickly warm the jacket on its own, so much so that in some cases you won’t even need to activate the heating panels.


Coming in a little lower on our list, DeWalt’s other Camo jacket is making an appearance.

There are four heating zones in here, and as a result, it is coming in as one of the warmest on our list. All of the heating is powered by the LED panel which makes it easy to control the temperature or turn the heating on and off as you please.

Again, there are three temperature settings here, however, one standout is the pre-heat function that might be able to warm you up just enough for the heating to remain off throughout the day.

Battery life is good, coming in at seven hours, which is a little lower than our top choice models from ororo, though that’s nothing to scoff at.

Like most other jackets on the list, there’s the USB charging port for our phones, too.

One last thing to note is that there still remains wind, cold and rainproofing here, so getting out on the hunt or just roaming the city streets is going to be nice and comfortable no matter how cold out it is.

The MC-38 Motorcycle Jacket by VentureHeat

For the keen bikers and motorcyclists, we haven’t forgotten about you.

Our top pick heated jacket for those who ride their motorcycles in the coldest winter months, the VentureHeat MC-38 is arguably the best out there.

As you’ll be riding, the jacket has been designed to be incredible streamlined and doesn’t feature any fabrics or ‘dangling’ hoods and other materials. You’ll be able to slip into the jacket and ride off with no trouble at all.

The jacket is also powered by your bike, which means that there’s no need to worry about the battery going out mid-way through a trip. So long as you’re going, so too is the jacket.

When warming comes in, there is an incredible seven active heating zones here that makes sure you’re kept warm no matter how cold, or how savage the winds get when you’re out on the road.

For those concerned about air or wind penetration through the fabrics, we’re happy to say that VentureHeat have integrated fabrics that lock out all incoming wind and insulate on a level that’s like magic.

Wrapping up, heating is almost instant and there’s no wait time when it comes to turn on the jacket once you’ve hooked up to the bike.

You can either wear this jacket under your motorbike jacket, or you’re able to wear it alone thanks to the fabrics that lock out all of the ice cold winds.

The M12HHGREY by Milwaukee

One final honourable mention is Milwaukee’s stylish city-styled hoodie.

When it’s more suitable to rock a hoodie than a fully-fledged jacket, this hoodie is your saving grace.

As a hoodie, its a soft and responsive garment and you’re going to be able to do just about anything in it. Whether you’re planning on a city stroll or getting in some exercise, there’s little that beats this heated hoodie.

There are heated pads on the interior and they’re powered by motorcycles like the jacket above, so wearing this hoodie under your riding jacket is effortless. It’s thin and slips on like a glove.

There’s a rechargeable battery too, of course, which means you’re still able to use the hoodie when out and about.

In all, this is our top choice heated hoodie when you need something ultra-warm, comfortable and not too bulky.

Picking Your Jacket

To end our list of 2021’s best heated jackets, we’ll go over just a few tidbits when it comes time to choose a heated jacket or hoodie. This should help you choose a garment that’s well-suited to your needs and will also help you pick something that holds up for years to come.

Choosing the Type of Jacket

To get started, there’s a good chance you’ve noticed that there are a lot of different heated jacket types for you to choose from when it comes to investing in something warm and self-heating.

It’s important to make sure you’re getting your hands on the right one, and so we have a few things to keep in mind below.

For everyday use: we wouldn’t normally suggest a heated jacket for everyday use, and would rather you opt for a well-insulated jacket that holds warmth quite well.

For hunting or fishing: we’d choose something with a high-end external fabric that’s as thick as possible and is also well-insulated. If hunting takes you the good portion of the day, you’ll want to make sure you’re kept warm if the battery goes out.

For getting outdoors: you’ll want to select a heated jacket that’s as light and nimble as possible, but also well-insulated and warm. Our list toppers from ororo might be a good consideration here.

For riding your motorcycle: without a doubt, wind resistance and waterproofing need to be your top consideration here. You’ll want a jacket that’s going to block out those chilling winds, but also keep you ventilated. Support for charging via the bike is also something to consider too.

One final thing to consider before you make your purchase is to keep an eye on the safety features integrated into the jacket. Like the anti-high temperature features in some of the jackets we mentioned, you’ll want to choose something that will cut off if things get too warm.

And there you have it!

All of Current’s favourite heated jackets for 2021. Be sure to take a look at your own use case before pulling the trigger on a jacket, and make sure you’re getting something that works best for you, your style and how active you are.

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