The Best Food Processors in Australia

The Best Food Processors in Australia

As we’re sure you’ll agree, when it comes to home appliances, we’re more than spoiled for choice these days. There’s an option for just about everyone and everything you need to do in the kitchen, though that makes things a little hard when it comes to choosing a product that works best for you.

In this post we’ll take a look at some of the best food processors in Australia and what goes into making a food processor great.

We’ll take a look at our top pick food processors and what you should factor in when you do go to invest in one. Things such as the power of the motor, added features, warranties and meal prep perks are all great to keep in mind, and we’ve gone over some of the best food processors with all of these features below.

All that said, let’s take a look below at the best food processors and how to choose the best one for you and your kitchen.


If you’re just here to see the best of the best and aren’t too interested in the rest, or aren’t keen on what to look for in a food processor, then keep on reading.

Our top choice food processor comes from Breville and is relatively affordable, feature-packed and designed to fit in with just about every kitchen out there.

The Breville Kitchen Wiz

Off the top, this food processor is one of the most versatile and stylish out there and comes with a huge capacity that reaches eleven cups. This makes it an ideal food processor for all those Aussies who need something that can process a tonne of ingredients in a short period of time.

There’s a 1,000 watt motor here too, which makes it one of the more powerful out there in such a small size.

To end, there are a tonne of thickness options for your food processing, 24 to be exact, and that means there’s no issue at all when it comes to creating a meal or prepping ingredients in a thickness that’s ideal for whatever you’re looking to make.

In all, this is the most dynamic food processor we could find in Australia, and it suits just about everyone’s needs, budget and more.

How to Choose a Food Processor

With the Breville Wiz out of the way, we’ll take a look below at how to decipher all of the marketing terms in food processors and what you need to look for in a processor to get something that’s ideal for you and your household.

There are a tonne on the market today, and as you’d expect, they are all quite similar aside from a few small features that make a big difference.

As you’ll already know, a food processor is your ideal kitchen appliance that can do a tonne of different things from chopping your food, pureeing it, mixing it up, slicing and dicing it and a whole lot more. With a food processor that boasts a tonne of different settings, you can get just about all of your food preparation tasks completed with this one tool — reducing the amount of washing up you have to do and keeping everything as smooth as possible when it comes to food prep for a lot of family members.

For us, the best food processors out there get a lot done in a small period of time and can make light work of just about all chopping, mixing and slicing tasks when it comes to vegetables and fruit.

A lot of food processors can also deal with bread crumbs and other grains too, which means this has also fallen on our list of what makes a food processor great.

With that said, we’ve outlined below seven of the most important factors that need to go into your selection process when buying a food processor.

The Most Important Features of a Food Processor

Now that you’re sure you need a food processor we have a few considerations that are essential to making certain you invest in a good model. As you will know from looking online there are tonnes of different options and models available, all with their own unique feature set.

Choosing the best model all depends on your own personal preferences and we must say that there is no one size fits all for a food processor. That in mind, we have some of the most important factors listed below to make sure you’re not left out in the cold when it comes to your food processor.

Take a look at the most important features and considerations for a food processor below.

The Capacity

Without a doubt, the biggest factor to consider in your new food processor is how large it needs to be. This will be the deciding factor that dictates just about everything about your food processor.

If your model is too small, you’re not going to be able to prepare food or make meals in here that are large enough for yourself or the family.

For those of our readers who love to get cooking in the kitchen and make large meals for the whole family, we’re suggesting that you go all-out on choosing the biggest size available. You don’t want to be halfway into a recipe only to find that there’s nowhere near enough space in your food processor for your ingredients.

On top of this, it’s good to keep in mind the size of your kitchen and your counter space as you’ll want something that also fits in the work space. Keep in mind your cupboards and storage space too. There’s nothing worse than an appliance that simply doesn’t fit in the kitchen.

One thing we will suggest is having two processors if you’re an avid home-chef. One small chopper will work wonders alongside your main food processor and you’re able to clean this little one up and put it away a whole lot easier than the larger model.

The Capabilities

As we mentioned at the start of the article, your food processor will need to stand up to the task of getting your food prepared in a way that works best for you.

Of course, these food processors are all about convenience and getting things done quickly and easily, and if your food processor only has one or two basic functions, then you’re all out of luck when it comes to really getting your cooking on.

It’s no surprise that not everyone needs all the bells and whistles, however, they are good to have should you need to make use of some of them down the line — especially for those times when you’re cooking or catering at home.

Some of the most important features we suggest you look for in a food processor include the ability to:

  • Chop
  • Mix
  • Whisk
  • Slice
  • Blend
  • Shred
  • Grate
  • Whip
  • Blend
  • Puree

With those included in your processor’s feature set, we’re sure you’ll have an appliance that can get just about anything done without issue.

The Price

Where things do get rather simple, surprisingly, is in the budget department.

When it comes to kitchen appliances, it’s good to note that there are some pretty big pricing differences between brands — even for the same type of products, and food processors are no different.

Of course, your higher end brands will be pricing their feature-packed food processors at around $1,000 or more, however, you can get a very similar experience for just $150 if you know where to look.

That said, the pricing of a food processor is generally determined on the number of perks and features you’ll find available. The more expensive a processor, the more you’ll be able to get out of it.

For our readers who, again, don’t need all the bells and whistles, you can certainly opt for something that’s a little more affordable and offers up maybe five of the capabilities we listed above and you’ll do just fine.

With all of that out of the way, it’s good to do your best to land somewhere in the middle of the food processor market as you do still want something that’s affordable, feature-packed and going to last for a few years, rather than wear down and break in a few months to a year.

The Motor Size

As we mentioned at the start of the article, the size of the motor is a big factor in a food processor.

The larger and more powerful the motor in your processor, the more you’ll be able to do with it – and with ease. A high-powered motor gives you more control and the ability to get a lot more precision when it comes to more intensive tasks like pureeing and getting bread crumbs made up in a flash.

To add to this, the smaller motor sizes can simply fail when you’re blending or pureeing some rather thick or coarse foods. The processor could just seize up and refuse to blend your ingredients, and this can be disastrous in the middle of making a home dinner recipe.

For those of our readers who are planning on using their processors a lot during the week, or need something capable of dealing with the toughest foods, nuts, seeds and vegetables, a powerful high-watt motor is a must-have.

The Intuitive Controls

In a lot of the product reviews on our website, we mention usability and intuitive controls and settings.

A lot of brands go all-out on features and settings and forgo a simple set up. If you find that a food processor has a tonne of knobs and switches and settings that look far too hard to master, then it might be best to look elsewhere.

In our opinion, it’s a good idea to choose a processor that’s been designed to work simply and without too much fuss. A single knob or switch and a display is all you’ll need to get the most out of a processor.

A Safe Design

As your food processor is a rather powerful machine, you want to make sure that there’s a design here that keeps the processor adhered to the bench top and you’re able to use it without worrying about things swinging open.

Take a look at food processors that are safe, stable and have grippy ‘feet’ to keep things nice and still as you’re processing your food. It’s a good idea to look to models with suction cup feet, for example.

Simple to Tidy Up

It’s no secret that food processors can be wildly irritating to clean up when all the cooking is done and it’s time to end the night.

We suggest investing in a model with as many detachable and dishwasher safe panels as possible. You don’t want to be stuck trying to wipe out and scrape off food and debris when you’re done processing your foods for the night.

Our Best Food Processors in Australia for 2020

With all of the points above out of the way, we have a list of the best food processors in Australia below, and these all meet our essential requirements above.

For a food processor that will last for years to come and make light work of just about everything you’re doing in the kitchen, one of these models will be an excellent investment for you.

Breville The Kitchen Wizz

As arguably the best all-rounder food processor out there, the Wizz by Breville is our top choice for a food processor for all Aussies who need something that’s efficient and precise when it comes to dicing and chopping their food.

Like we mentioned that the start of the article there’s an 11 cup capacity here and a tonne of features that makes getting just about every recipe under control in the kitchen.

There’s a 1,000 watt motor here too, which means you’re ready to slice, dice, grate and puree your foods without any issue at all — even the more firm foods like nuts and stringy, leafy greens.

We’re also happy to say that there’s a 10-year warranty here too, so you’re getting the assurance that this model is going to last you and you family a very long time before you’ll see any issues.

There’s an ideal 24 food thickness levels to choose from as well, so if your recipe calls for a specific density of vegetable puree or you simply are a little pedantic when plating your food, the Wizz has you covered.

To end, this is by far our affordable, feature-packed winning food processor for 2020.

Top Features

  • A 1,000 Watt Motor
  • Plenty of Thickness Settings
  • A 10-year Motor Warranty
  • A Range of Blade Settings

Hamilton Beach 10 Cup Food Processor

A food processor that comes with a rather unique blade design is the Beach model from Hamilton.

You’re going to find the ability to do all of the above processing features like dicing, chopping, pureeing and more here, and there’s little to worry about when it comes to precision and getting a density you’re looking for.

There’s a rather small motor here at just 450-watts, however, this is where the blade design comes in to save the day. The power use on this model is a lot lower thanks to this smaller motor, and the uniquely designed blades offer up a more efficient chopping experience to make up for this.

You’re free to throw in all your fruits, vegetables and other ingredients in here without worry as the motor and blades are still plenty powerful and sharp enough to deal with all of these.

There’s even the ability to process cheeses and other dairy foods, however, you will need to make sure that these are frozen before you process them due to the small motor on this model.

The Hamilton model is also rather large, with a 10-cup capacity coming into play here and this is fantastic for those times you’re processing a tonne of food for a family meal, for example. Pair this capacity with the proprietary blades, and you’re able to get just about everything processed in little to no time at all.

When it comes to the bench space and the size of the processor, we’re happy to say it’s ultra-compact for its capacity and this means you’re getting a processor that’s easy to store too — and it’s less than 3kg in weight.

To end, there are a tonne of detachable parts to this processor and a number of them a dishwasher safe, so getting things nice and clean and stored isn’t too much of an issue at all.

Top Features

  • Good Design
  • Easy to Clean in the Dishwasher
  • 10-cup Capacity
  • Lightweight and Easy to Store

Magimix Food Processor 5200XL

For the ultimate kitchen hand, this is the model for you.

The 5200XL doesn’t come to play when it comes to food processing and that’s obvious when you pick up the monstrous 11kg processor. It comes with a 1100W motor and one of the biggest capacities out there, going all the way up to 3.6L.

We’re confident in saying that if you have a family of six or more and need to process enough food for everyone in one go, that this is the food processor for you.

It does everything you need and more, with plenty of settings here including whisking, dicing, blending, slicing and chopping to name a few. Pair this with the blades and the 1100W motor coming into the picture and you’re able to deal with just about every recipe and family meal out there.

We know that sometimes the higher-wattage motors can cause a mess in the kitchen when it comes to lids coming loose and things leaking, however, the Magimix brand have come to the rescue with their locking lid that makes sure you’re not seeing anything flying out of the mixer as you get your cooking on.

There’s an extraordinary 30-year motor warranty here too, so there’s no need to fret when it comes to wondering how long this amazing 1100W processor will last you.

To add, all of the main processing compartments of this processor are removable and dishwasher safe, so keeping things clean and tidy is no issue at all here. Pair this with the stainless design and you’re able to quickly wipe the machine down with a damp cloth and be on your way to the dinner table.

In all, this is by far our top choice for those who take their cooking in the kitchen exceedingly seriously and need a processor that packs and punch big enough to feed the whole family.

Top Features

  • Ultra-powerful 1100W Motor
  • Detachable and Dishwasher Safe Compartments
  • Safety Latched Lid
  • 30-year Motor Warranty

The Cuisinart Food Processor

Coming back down to earth a little bit, the Cuisinart Processor is a rather no-frills and essential processor for our readers.

It offers great value for money and comes with all of the essentials we outlined above, though not too much else — which still checks off all the boxes for us. You’ll be able to slice, dice, chop and whisk in this processor and be sure that you’re finding a food consistency that remains ideal for all of your recipes.

There’s a rather small 8-cup capacity here, however, for smaller families or when you’re whipping up something small, you’re not going to need too much more of a capacity than this.

One good perk coming form this model is the food chute you’ll find integrated into the design. Unlike some models of processors you’ll find with the lid and latch, this processor gives you the chance to easily feed more ingredients into it as you go — keeping things moving, and clean too.

When it comes to keeping things hygienic, the 350W processor does essentially come apart with all dishwasher-safe panels and compartments, so you’re all set when it comes to cleaning the kitchen as fast as possible.

Top Features

  • Affordable Price
  • Simple Design
  • Chute for Adding Ingredients

The MultiQuick 9 by Braun

From everyone’s favourites at Braun, you’ll find the stick food processor in the MultiQuick 9 that packs a mega-punch for its size.

It’s by far the smallest and most powerful for its size, and being designed to be held and used with one hand, this stick food processor is another one of our top choices. If you need something that’s easy to clean, offers an optimally sized 1.5L processor compartment and a design that takes just seconds to clean up, then this model is for you.

To make up for the stick design, Braun have developed some smaller compartments that essentially make it effortless for you to switch between chopping, dicing and pureeing your foods, without needing to change settings on the device itself.

There’s an incredibly compact 1000W motor in here, and when you consider it’s the size of a Coke bottle, this becomes more a feat of engineering than anything else.

In all, this is our final food processor choice for those who need something small that remains as powerful as the biggest players out there. It’s a little more costly than some models on sale today, though for convenience and an easy cleanup, the Braun MultiQuick 9 can’t be beat.

Top Features

  • Ultra-compact Design
  • 1,000W Motor
  • Easy to Clean Up
  • A Tonne of Attachments Online
  • Handheld and Minimal
  • The Takeaway

With all of the above said, it’s not too hard to decipher the world of food processors and all you’ll really need to do is look for a model that suits your individual needs and then take a look at the motor size and attachments.

From our team, we always suggest that our readers choose something based on their use case and then think about the budget. You want to invest in a food processor that will work for what you do most rather than solely on budget. If you buy into a processor that is low-cost and doesn’t offer what you need, you won’t be able to use it for all of your culinary endeavours.

Always keep in mind your storage space and the ability to clean up the food processor and you’ll be on the right track.

Be sure to check our website for the best stick blenders and other kitchen appliance reviews and you’ll be on your way to getting the best food processor in Australia and getting the most out of your time in the kitchen.

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