The Best Drill Bit Sharpeners in 2021

The Best Drill Bit Sharpeners in 2021

Whether you’re an avid DIY’er or use your drill bits a tonne for work, we’re sure you’ll agree that there’s not much worse than a dull drill bit.

If you’re working on a project or need to urgently get something drilled into the wall, only to find out your drill bits are blunt, you’re likely bordering on a level of frustration that can’t be described.

That said, here at Current we’ve taken a look at all of the best drill bit sharpeners on the market today to get you the best one. Whether you’re looking for something high-end, portable or a tool to sit in the workshop, we have something in the list below for you.

Keep in mind that using your drill bits when they’re dull isn’t only annoying, but it’s dangerous too. You could cause burring or even start a fire, or worse.

Take a look at our best drill bits below.

Drill Doctor DD750X

Topping off our list and coming in at number one for our readers is the Drill Doctor DD750X thanks to its diamond wheels and outstandingly powerful motor.

You won’t see this sharpener going dull anytime soon, and being powered by an outlet means you’re getting plenty of endurance out of the sharpener when it comes to getting a nice, sharp drill bit.

There are even a tonne of angles supported here, so you’re able to sharpen your drill bits based on their own unique designs and not need to worry about altering the shape of masonry bits for example.

This is our overall winner for both hobbyists and tradesmen.

Top Features

Our winning feature includes the split point tech which gives you the chance to see the sharpener self-centre and keep your drill bits from moving or changing shape as you sharpen them.

The drill bit sharpener is a full-sized model too, which means you’re getting a 13.8 x 5.8 x 11.8 inch size, making it a little larger than the portable models, though it’s still quite light and not too large.

You can easily mount this drill bit sharpener to a bench and not lose a whole lot of space.

When it comes to a versatile tool, the DD750X supports drill bits from 3/32” through to 3/4” bits, and that means there’s a good chance that all the bits you use on a daily basis are supported here.

You’re able to adjust the point angles too, which means your setting can be from 115 through to 140 degrees.


When it comes to power, there’s a great 6-foot cable here that ensures you have plenty of length when it comes to plugging in the drill bit sharper when it’s a long way from a powerpoint. The sharpener itself is 120V and makes sure you’re getting a tonne of power and a good, precise sharpening solution.

DAREX Drill V390

At number two on the list, the V390 from Darex is one of the more upmarket and high-quality drill bit sharpeners for 2020.

The model brings some of the most elite and high quality sharpening solutions right into your workshop, and although it does cost a little extra, there are almost four decades behind this brand.

You’re getting a high-quality toolset here and a quick sharpening experience that isn’t complicated in any sense.

Top Features

One of the biggest features for us is the bit sharpener’s ability to handle up to 50 drill bits per week, which is incredible given that the lifespan is predicted to be quite long too. That said, if you’re a business owner who relies on drill bits a tonne for your workflow, then this sharpener is your saving grace.

Again, a split point feature makes an appearance here so you’re not going to damage or ruin specific drill bit types, or knock a shape out of the top of them by accident.

The system for sharpening is a 3-step one, which means you’re getting a great sharp drill bit in less time. Essentially, your bits can be sharpened in less than one minute most of the time.

One thing to keep in mind is that the sharpener is a manual model, and there’s a sharpening tool diameter of between 1/8” and 3/4” which is ideal for most drill bit sizes.

Unlike the smaller models on our list, this sharpener is a whopping 25 lbs, which means it’s not going to be portable or easy to move around in any sense. However, this weight is testament to the quality and features you’ll find in the sharpener.

The sharpening element itself is made from Borazon which means both steel and cobalt bits are well-covered here, however, there is a diamond wheel option as an accessory if you’re looking to go that route. It is sold as an extra though.


When it comes to operating the Darex, there’s a corded power inlet and the sharpener runs at a solid 115V to 230V which gives it plenty of power. The maximum RPM you’ll see here is 3,450RPM.

Drill Doctor DD350X

Another model from Drill Doctor, the DD350X is our top choice for those at home who don’t need an all-out workshop-grade drill bit sharpener.

It’s a little smaller and lighter than the model above, and it’s going to be the perfect companion for keeping your drill bits nice and sharp with routine sharpening before they get a little too blunt.

Essentially, this is the model for you if you’re looking to forgo that last minute trip to the tool shop for a quick sharpen.

Top Features

Our favourite feature of the Drill Doctor model is the two-step sharpening system which essentially waives the need for your drills to be aligned. To keep things short, this drill bit sharpener has been designed to make it effortless to keep your drill bits sharp without you needing to fiddle and align them correctly.

Just slide in your drill bit and you’re all set to go.

There’s a good V-block jaw here too, which we often see on more expensive drill bit sharpeners and it works great for assisting with a precise and clean sharpening solution. There’s no chance you’ll be seeing any major jaw twisting here.

To add, the DD350X comes in at just three pounds, which means you’re getting a great, versatile and portable sharpener that’s user-friendly and won’t take up much space at all in the home workshop.


Like some of the other models on our list, the power cable is 6 feet long and there’s a 120V motor in here which is the ideal size for getting a precise and efficient sharpening of your drill bits.

Drill Doctor 500X

A third Drill Doctor model landing on the list, the 500X is our top choice for those who find themselves always sharpening their bits. This drill bit sharpener is designed to be used on a regular basis and for a lot of different drill bit sizes, so you can rely on it to stay sharp and offer a great result every time.

There’s a 118 through to 135 degree point support here, so almost all of your drill bits will be able to be sharpened by the 500X. This is good news for those who use a tonne of different bits, like masonry, timber and metal bits, for example. You want a sharpener that supports all different types with ease.

Top Features

You’ll find support for all different materials on the 500X which includes Cobalt, Carbide and Masonry bits. That in mind, if you’re someone who works with a lot of materials in their workshop, you’ll be covered here.

There’s also chuck jaws that work to hold on to your bits in a more accurate and controlled way than some other types of jaws from lower end sharpeners. What this means is that you’re not seeing your bits moving and they’re staying sharp and well-angled after each sharpen.

Split points are also supported here, of course, so you’re not seeing your bits damaged or affected negatively by the sharpener over time.

When it comes to workshop space and the size of the drill bit sharpener, there isn’t too much to worry about in that this sharpener is only 4 pounds and 13.8 inches across. You’ll be able to safely sit it anywhere in the workshop without too much of a hassle.


There’s a 6-foot long cable powering the sharpener, which means you’re getting a good response time and plenty of power when compared to a battery powered model.

Woodstock D4144

Designed to work best in conjunction with a bench grinder, the Woodstock D4144 is going to be your best bet. It can cling to bits from 1/8 to 3/4 inches and is a great option for wood bits.

Although this model is a rather complicated one to use, there is a comprehensive manual and paperwork for you to learn as much as you can before getting into sharpening your drill bits.

One thing to note here is that there is a learning curve and you’ll also need a fair bit of space for this bit sharpener to work its best, though the resulting sharpening is often a lot smoother and more effective when compared to some other manual models on the market.

Top Features

The drill bit sharpener is one of the easiest to adjust on our list and covers a few different point angles, so you’re getting support for all of your drill bits. There’s also standard support, as we mentioned, for bits from 1/8 to 3/4 inches.

One thing to note is that the sharpener is quite light as it weighs just over a pound, though it doesn’t come as fully featured as other bit sharpeners, so you’re going to need some extras here.

It can be easily mounted to your work bench too, which means it’s locked in place and not going anywhere.

The grinding wheel on this model is around 8 inches across and comes in a massive 1.5 inches thick, so you’re going to see it wearing down any time soon.

A few things to keep in mind is that there’s a lower grinding speed here and that will keep things cooler as you sharpen. There’s also a lot of different grind stones supported here too, so you’re able to swap out and replace them with materials that work better for you and your drill bits. A big perk if you’re noticing a problem with the ones you’re currently using.


This sharpener is a manual model, which means you’ll be using your own elbow grease to get the job done. However, this is great news if you’re looking for a drill bit sharpener that doesn’t need a power outlet. It can be installed anywhere in the workshop and you’ll still be able to make use of it.

Neiko 10170A

Coming with a rather unique double-head design, the Neiko 10170A is your best bet for extending the usage life of all your drill bits. It’ll be easy to keep them in tip top shape for longer, is what we mean thanks to the low-heat precision sharpening.

This model, unlike the one above, is an electric model, so no more manual sharpening here.

Top Features

Going back to the dual-head design, there are different drill bits supported by each of the heads, which means you can pick and choose a side depending on the one that suits your bits the most. To add, that means you’re not grinding down one side of the sharpening pad.

There are bits supported here from 5/16 and 5/8 of an inch and 1/8 to 3/8 of an inch, so we’re confident that you’ll be able to get just about all of your bits sharpened with this model.

One thing to keep in mind that’s good news for most is that the design of the sharpener is rather compact and it’s lightweight too. That said, you’ll be able to throw the 4.42 pound sharpener on the workshop bench without trouble at all, and carrying it with you to a job site won’t be too much of an issue either.

It’s important to note that this model is primarily made of plastic, however, so durability might be an issue down the line.

One final thing to note, is that we’re glad to say there is support for both high-speed bits and steel too, so you’re getting a nice clean sharpen on all these bits regardless of their material and durability.

The RPMs you’ll see on this sharpener are also reaching up to 1,720 which is fantastic for getting a precise and quick sharpened drill bit.


You’ll find a six foot cable coming into play here, along with a powerful electric motor that reaches the 1720RPM we mentioned above.

Chicago Pneumatic 61778

Moving on to a drill bit sharpener that’s somewhat versatile and dynamic when compared to a lot of the others on our list, is the Chicago Pneumatic 61778 that comes with a tonne of support for different bit sizes.

The sharpener is quite compact too, which means you’re seeing a size of just 8 inches by 6 inches here. It’s ideal for anywhere around the backyard workshop, or in town at the workshop for you and your workmates.

There’s support for high-speed bits here too, and you’ll find sizes from 1/8 to 3/8 supported here. You can even sharpen things like knives and scissors if you need to do that.

The motor in this model is a powerful 70 watts, though it’s been designed in a way that’s near-silent and going to reduce annoyance for others working in the shop, or at home.

Top Features

As we mentioned above, thanks to the powerful motor you’re able to sharpen a tonne of different bits here that run from sizes 1/8 through to 3/8 and with the planar blades you can sharpen anything from 1/4 of an inch all the way to 2 inches wide. That’s where the support for knives and scissors comes in.

One thing to note is that the size of the sharpener can be quite deceiving in that it’s rather small, but very dense — or heavy, rather.

It’s a 4.15 pound model, so it is a little on the heavier side for its size, though you won’t notice this too much unless you’re taking it too and from job sites.

There is a rubber base integrated into the design too, which means that 70 watt motor doesn’t cause much vibration and you’re able to get your bits sharpened without having to desperately hold on to the sharper to stop it from moving.


As one of the more powerful models on our list, there’s a 120V motor here that draws enough power to ramp the sharpener up to 4,800 RPM, making it one of the most powerful on our list so far. That said, you’ll be able to sharpen your bits in no time at all.

Multi-Sharp 2001

A third model that is capable of easily sharpening high-speed bits is the Multi-Sharp 2001. Our top choice for those who are looking for a grinding job that takes care of the bit positioning for you.

You’re able to sharpen all of your drill bits considering there’s a durable and robust aluminium oxide wheel in here, making it an optimal choice for anyone in need of a bit sharpener that’s going to take the blunt out of your bits in as short a time as possible.

Top Features

One of our favourite features of this bit sharpener is the ultra-lightweight design. Not only is this one of the more powerful and versatile bit sharpeners on the list, but it’s also light enough to make its way from home to work and back again without any issue.

There’s plenty of curated tip geometry in here which means you’re not going to accidentally change the shape of your drill bits when sharpening.

The total weight of the bit sharpener is only 11 ounces, and it’s able to be powered by an electric drill too, so you don’t need a power source with you out on a worksite.


The bit sharpener can be powered entirely by an electric drill, so you won’t need an additional power source with you at all. Simply use the drill and the bit you need to sharpen and you’re all good to go.

That feature alone makes this drill bit sharpener one of the best on the market in 2020.

O3 DFRT52787 Multi Purpose

With a design like the model above, this bit sharper is the powered version. It’s a great versatile option for those looking to get their bits sharpened without having to lug around a large model to and from work.

There is support for both typical and high-speed bits here, and the sizes are supported from 1/8 to 3/8 of an inch, and flat blades from 1/4 to 2 inches wide – again this is ideal for things like scissor and knives.

Top Features

As we mentioned, this is a multi-purpose bit sharper and you’re going to be able to do more than just sharpen your drill bits here.

Again, knives and scissors are supported and other similar shaped blades too, so if you’re in a workplace with blunted scissor or knives, you’ll be able to make use of this sharpener without any issue.

The design is, again, rather compact at 8 inches all around, so keeping it on your person at all times, or in a vehicle that goes to and from the worksite won’t be too much of a hassle at all. It will also fit in your hand if you need it to.


Unlike the manual and drill powered models above, this model comes with a 5.5 foot cable, which is a little shorter than some others on our list. It does feature a 70-watt motor and a 120V power outlet is required.

Maximum RPMs reach up to 4,800 so you’re getting a fast and precise sharpen at all times.

Drill Master 98061

Capping off our list is the Drill Master 98061 thanks to its no-frills, ultra-affordable and portable design.

This sharper essentially looks like a Stanley knife and you can power it with the drill you’re looking to have the bit sharpened on. Everything is simple to understand and the bits attach really quickly and without hassle.

We would suggest having this bit sharper on your person at all times, or at least within reach as it’s the ultimate tradesperson’s companion for keeping bits nice and sharp.

Top Features

There’s support here for drill bits from 5/64 and through to 1/2 of an inch, which is ideal for most stand sizes. There’s a 100 grit pad stone grinder here too, which means you’re still getting a great smooth and precise sharpened finished.

The total weight of this sharpener is just four ounces, which means it’s by far the smallest and lightest on the list.


This bit sharpener is powered entirely by an electric drill, so you’re able to carry it with all of your tools without needing to worry about finding a power outlet.

And there you have it! Our list of the best drill bit sharpeners in 2020 that you can trust at home and at work to keep your drill bits sharp and safe to use.

Make sure to check back on Current for our latest product reviews and any updates on drill bit sharpeners for 2021.

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