The Best Camping Gazebo in Australia for 2021

The Best Camping Gazebo in Australia for 2021

When it comes to camping in the great outdoors, and a long way from your local campsite, a camping gazebo should certainly be something on your watch list this year.

You’re going to want to invest in something that keeps the rain, sun and wind off of you when you’re not in your tent, and a camping gazebo is the best product for this.

A lot of the models on offer today are fantastic for whole-family relaxation getaways and you’re going to be in good hands when it comes to sheltering your tent from a bad storm — as some of these gazebos even have support for tents.

In this article, we’ll take a look over all of the best camping gazebos in Australia for 2021 and which you should choose to make the most of your next camping adventure.

What We’ll Take a Look At

To ensure you’re getting the best camping gazebos out there, we’ll go over a tonne of features with you, and offer up our list of the best products that check all of these features off our list.

We’ll look over things such as the accessories, ability to ward off insects, the integration with tents and whether a gazebo has the potential to be turned into a living space.

Always remember, a gazebo should be as durable, feature-packed and versatile as possible for it to work best for you, and all of the models on our list offer exactly these features.

That said, let’s get into some of the most important things to consider when investing in a gazebo for your next camping trip and our favourite gazebo.


For our readers who just want the best of the best and aren’t too interested in looking at what to consider for a gazebo, then continue reading.

Our favourite camping gazebo for 2021 is the feature-packed and affordable model by Coleman. The brand’s Event 14 Gazebo is a full-size gazebo and, in some cases might even be considered over sized.

It comes with a sheltered space of 4.26 metres by 4.26 metres which means you’re getting a tonne of usable space here, and even enough width to slide in a two or three-person tent if you need some extra shelter on those stormy nights.

You’ll find plenty of headroom here with a 2.33 metre high ceiling and ventilation as well, which keeps the heat at bay during the hotter summer days. This can be especially ideal if you’re looking to cook underneath your gazebo too.

The gazebo also folds down to be rather small when compared to the competition, which means getting it to and from camp is easy.

That said, this model is our top choice camping gazebo for 2021 and we’re sure you’ll have a whole lot of fun with it this year.

The Most Important Features of the Best Camping Gazebo in Australia

As we’re confident you’ll agree, when it comes to a camping gazebo in Australia versus the rest of the world, we have some rather specific requirements. You’re going to want to invest in something that’s ultra-durable and able to stand up against storms, high winds, rain and also insects.

All of the gazebos on our list are great for the Aussie climate and camping experience, and that means they offer some rather specific features, like the ones we’ll go over below.

Always keep these considerations and features in mind if you’re going out on your own to buy a camping gazebo, because you don’t want to find yourself setting up camp, only to see that your gazebo isn’t waterproof or has large inoperable ventilation slits on the roof.

That in mind, here are some of our most important features and considerations for gazebos in Australia.


Right off the top, the most important feature that we want to you stay on the lookout for is weather and waterproofing.

There’s nothing worse than arriving at camp and setting everything up, and for the rain to fall right through your gazebo. That in mind, waterproof models should be the only options on your list when it comes to investing in a gazebo.

This is also important if you’re considering integrating your tent with the gazebo. You don’t want water to be slowing and irritatingly dripping down your gazebo and tapping on your tent as you’re trying to get some sleep in the evening.

To help you out here, a lot of higher-end gazebos feature materials that are dense enough to offer waterproofing by default. That means there doesn’t need to be an added waterproof coating on the canvas as it’s dense enough already — keep this in mind, as some manufactures don’t tout their waterproofing if they haven’t added a waterproof membrane.

The Frame Durability and Strength

To go hand in hand with the Aussie camping experience, your gazebo will need to offer up some pretty sturdy supports.

It’s no secret nor surprise that camping in Australia is quite tough, and when the winds pick up in the regional areas or the mountains, you’re going to be in trouble if you have a poorly built or weak-framed gazebo.

That said, it’s imperative to always have your frame strength considered. You want something that won’t snap, bend or collapse in strong winds, or if someone accidentally leans on the gazebo.

Most websites will outline the construction materials of their gazebos frames, and with this, we ask that you look for models made from tougher materials than an engineered plastic. Typically, metals are always the way to go.

Accessories or Added Features

On top of things such as how sturdy a gazebo is, you’re going to want to take a gander into what these products can offer you and whether there are any additional features or accessories that will make camping even more fun.

A lot of standard features include the ability to be fitted with awesome floors and walls, which let you turn your gazebo into either a private bathroom and shower space, or for it to act like a micro-home of sorts.

On top of this, you might also be able to find models that come with support for tent clips and more. These are the models you’ll be able to use as a secondary shelter for your tent,  which is ideal for those evenings that thunderstorms may pose a threat to your smaller tent on its own.

To end, a few other fun features include things such as built-in lighting, extendable awnings and other campsite-enhancing features.

Difficulty to Setup

This is a biggie if you’re someone who routinely goes camping on their own, or is primarily in charge of setting up camp.

You want to take a look at how a gazebo is set up and whether you’re able to take care of this process on your own or not. Some gazebos only require a simple central pole to be slotted in and then the rest of the poles to be connected around it.

This is the ideal set up solution.

However, some older models, or poorly designed gazebos have a much more complicated set up process that could really make camping a whole lot less fun for you, so be sure to take a look at the set up process.

On most websites you’ll find that there’s a guide or videos on how the camping gazebo is to be set up, and with that in mind, you’ll be able to figure out whether one model is better for you than the other.

There are a few technologies that are coming into play here too, such as the air frame models. These are going to be a whole lot easier for you too as they only require air to be pumped into the frame chambers and you’ll see the gazebo simply stand up on its own and be ready for use.

The Size of the Gazebo

One last thing we’d ask that you keep in mind when buying a gazebo is the size.

Of course, how big your gazebo is will affect your ability to move it around, but it will also dictate what you can actually do under the gazebo. For most campers, the standard 3 by 3 metre size is fine, though if you have a family or a group of friends, you’re going to want to head up to models that are around a 6 by 4 metre size.

Another thing to keep in mind is tent-to-gazebo compatibility. If you’re interested in choosing a gazebo that you can put your tent beneath, you’ll want to choose something that’s large enough to do this.

To end, the larger your gazebo is, the heavier it’ll be, so keep this factored into your purchasing decision as well.

Our List of the Best Camping Gazebos for 2021

With all of our essentials and considerations for the best camping gazebos out of the way, let’s take a look below at some of the best ones on sale today.

All of the products below ticked off everything on our list, so we’re sure you’ll have a great experience with whichever one of these you choose.

The Instant Up Lighted Gazebo by Coleman

Taking out the top spot for us is the instant gazebo by Coleman which is one of the more simple and elegant camping gazebos on offer today. You’re getting an awesome built-in illumination feature here which offers a few 450 lumen light bulbs here that can run for about 12 hours without needing to be recharged.

This is one of the best features out there if you’re a camper who likes to keep your space well-lit at night to reduce the chance of anyone falling or tripping over things during the evening.

You can also make use of the USB power input here to power these lights too.

On top of the great design and lighting, you’re also getting a vented roof here too, which means ventilation and keeping cool during your time under the gazebo is easy. That said, this is one of the better models for the Aussies who often camp out in the sun or in unshaded areas.

All that said, and with those great features, the Coleman Instant Gazebo is taking out the top spot for our camping gazebo. Be sure to take a look at a few reviews and ratings before making your purchase and you’re on track to a comfortable camping trip.

The Event 14 Series by Coleman

A second model landing on our list from Coleman is the event 14 series of gazebos which are designed for, as the name suggests, events. However, these do fold down and get compact enough to take with you camping, though they still offer a massive 4.26 metre square covered space.

You’ll have a tonne of room under here for the family when you’re camping on a hot day, and with the dome shape being designed into this gazebo, you’re able to rely on having plenty of head room and also some good ventilation.

One big perk for us is the fact that these gazebos in particular are rated by users for being able to withstand some pretty rough weather. You’ll be able to remain cozy and dry when the wind and rain picks up, and that’s a major plus for us.

When it comes to getting the 17kg gazebo back home, or to the car, we’re happy to note that it does in fact come with a carry bag and a design that folds down to being deceptively small. In the carry case, it’s a whole lot smaller than other similar sized gazebos, and this is great for those low on car space.

We would like to note, however, that taking down this gazebo is a little complicated and will take some time, so be sure to factor this in when it’s time to head home from the campsite. Leave yourself a bit of extra time for the Event 14’s packing up.

The Aerobase 3/4 Shelter by Zempire

Coming with a rather unique design and something new to the Aussie market at the Aerobase style gazebos.

These are common in mountainous regions and for our neighbours in New Zealand, and we’re standing by the Zempire model for our readers looking for something that is going to withstand even the strongest winds.

These types of gazebos are all designed to be ultra-aerodynamic and that means you’re going to see them brush off high winds like they’re nothing. There’s also a tad flex here too, so when things to pick up, they’ll absorb the gales and bounce right back.

They can be a little small, in height, due to the wind-friendly design, though if the 3/4 model isn’t for you, there are plenty of other sizes on offer all the way up to 3 x 3 metres and 4.2 metres squared.

It’s good to keep in mind that these camping gazebos can be a little hefty, with 17kg being the common size, and 21kg being the weight of the 4 metre variants. This is typically a testament to the quality of the canvas sheeting on the outside of the gazebo though, so you can rest assured that the added weight is coming because of durability.

One thing our readers will love, and especially if you’re a camper that isn’t too much of a ‘fiddler’ when it comes to setting things up, is that these gazebos simply pop out and clip together in a few minutes. They’re so easy to set up, a solo camper could make do in just a few moments.

That said, these are excellent and somewhat rare camping gazebos to consider, though we’re standing by these as some of the most effective out there for Aussies looking to camp in the mountains, or anywhere that the winds might pick up too much.

The Deluxe 3 Gazebo by Oztrail

Making our way back down the mountain now, from the Zempire models, Oztrail offers a neat campaign gazebo in their Deluxe 3 model.

You’re going to find a rather standard size here at 3 by 3 metres, though this should remain large enough for the family to find some comfort sitting in their camp chairs. The size also means this gazebo isn’t too hard to transport or set up when on the way to camp or if you need some shelter in a flash.

It’s good to note that this style of gazebo is the more common one out there, and with an awesome waterproof canopy, you’re getting a major plus. Not too many gazebos in this style offer waterproofing either, so if that’s something important to you, we certainly suggest Oztrail model.

We’d also like to add that being in that ideal 3 metre squared size, you’re getting enough floor area and roof coverage to block rain from blowing in the sides. Typical storms and showers won’t have you soaked when sitting under this gazebo — always a plus.

To end, there’s also a few models of the Oztrail gazebos that offer an internal tent as well, which means setting up a tent and clipping it into the gazebo is on the cards here too, a plus for those stormy nights where extra protection is needed.

The Fast Frame Gazebo Tent by Oztrail

As the name suggests, you’re getting a tent and gazebo crossover from this product, and that’s an incredible plus for those times of year where summer storms are a little too problematic to head out to the campsites.

However, when you have a gazebo and a tent above your head, there’s really not too much to worry about.

The size of this gazebo is again, a standard 3 by 3 which means it’s large enough for relaxing with the family and also big enough to cover most standard two-person tents that you’ll find by Oztrail.

The Gazebo Tent Inner Kit by Oztrail

A third recommendation by Oztrail is their tent kit.

If you enjoy camping and want a little extra privacy or for your tent and gazebo to work as one, then this kit is certainly for you.

This product is more than just a simple add-on though, and has been designed explicitly to ensure you’re getting a tent and gazebo that are built into one another. You’ll be able to make use of a sewn-in roofing system here as well as a PVC style floor that ensures durably and waterproofing.

There’s a double-door set up here too, with both doors offering insect mesh, so there is little chance of you being bothered by mozzies and bugs during the night.

A big perk of this 3 by 3 metre gazebo and tent kit is that it’s relatively lightweight even though it’s a dual product. You won’t have too hard of a time carrying it and setting it up, whether you’re solo or not.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you want a tent to go with your existing gazebo, you should double check with Oztrail’s website to ensure your new tent will fit inside of it.

The Gazebo Tent by Adventure Kings

To end our list, we have a final tent and gazebo crossover that you should certainly consider.

It’s coming from Adventure Kings, so you can, again, really rely on this dual product to keep you safe, private and dry during the day and night. Again, there’s a standard 3 by 3 metre size here and plenty of insect mesh across the whole set up.

On top of this, you’re getting waterproofing as well as a PVC flooring material which makes sure you’re getting durability and no chance of water coming up through the floor of the gazebo or your tent.

We would like to point out that this model, when paired with the tent, can be quite small, which means you might be better off going up a size from the double, or only using this for a solo sleeper.

In all, this model is rated for wet and windy conditions as well as hot and sunny ones, making it perfect for the Aussie outback. You’re going to be able to rely on the rain to hit the outsides of the gazebo and the gazebo’s walls, and this will keep your tent’s internals relatively dry and free from moisture.

The temperature regulation here is also top-notch too, so colder nights will be more bearable than ever with this two-in-one.

The Takeaway

Given that we’ve gone over just about everything you need to know about gazebos, we’re sure you’ll know just about exactly the type of camping gazebo you’ll want to get your hands on this year.

Always keep in mind the size and weight of your gazebo, but also the materials and the added features you might want. Remember that your gazebo is going to be the centre of your campsite and if you’re not choosing something excellent, then you might be making camping a whole lot less fun.

On top of this, the ease of setting up and packing down the gazebo should be a big factor for you too, down to the fact that this could be a little frustrating if you choose a rather complicated model.

Though, in all, with the tips above and our list of the best camping gazebos in Australia for 2021 you’ll be able to find a model that makes camping a whole lot more fun this year.

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