The Best cin Australia for 2021

The Best cin Australia for 2021

When it comes to the happy, healthy and outdoor-focused lifestyle in Australia, there’s nothing more important for the back patio than the trusty BBQ.

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your nightly dinner routine or after a more simple way to get dinner parties under control without relying on the kitchen for all of the cooking, then the best BBQs in Australia are something you need to take a look at!

You’ll want to make sure you get your hands on a BBQ that’s designed to be safe, easy to use and even easier to clean, and we have a tonne of these types of BBQs on our list below.

Take a look at our list of all the best BBQs in Australia.

How We Decided

To ensure we were offering up all of the best BBQs to our readers, we took a deep dive across the web to get a good look into all of the best BBQs on offer today and what types of experience everyday Aussies had when using them.

We worked to explore online reviews, BBQ features as well as how these features fared in real world testing in real Aussie backyards. All of this information gave us a tonne of direction when it came to choosing the best BBQs for our readers and suggesting these models for some rather specific use cases.

Whether you’re looking for a BBQ that works best for an outdoor party or any type of event, or just a simple BBQ for small family dinners, we have you covered.

All of the brands and BBQ makers on our list below offer great products and experiences for their customers and this means you’re in good hands when it comes to cooking up steaks, chicken or just about anything else in the great outdoors — whether rain or shine!

One thing we do ask that you to keep in mind is that due to a lot of BBQ makers forgoing some essential features, we haven’t got a whole swathe of BBQs for you to consider, and this means that you might have to take a look for yourself — but rest assured, we have plenty of pointers further in the article to guide you in the right direction.

A final point we’d like to make is that we looked beyond the size and power of brands when writing our list, and this means you can be confident in relying on some of the lesser known brands on our list as these still passed our stringent feature and quality assessment.

All the barbecues on our list garnered 3.5 stars at the very least, and so you will be able to rely on any of the BBQs on our list to offer up a great, stress-free experience in the backyard.

That out of the way, let’s take a look at the best BBQs for Australians below!

The Famous Weber Q (Q2000)

There’s a good reason that the word BBQ is synonymous with the word ‘Weber’ and that’s because the brand is arguably the best in the country when it comes to getting you the most ideal outdoor BBQ’ing experience.

That in mind, the Weber Q remains our top choice for the best BBQ.

Off the top, one of our favourite features in the Weber Q is the excellent durability and the materials being used. These ensure that you’re going to get years or even decades out of these BBQs without issue at all.

To add, the size of the Weber Q has been carefully developed to make sure that there’s enough cooking space for meals for the family, or if you’re hosting. When it comes to practicality, the Weber also implements an excellent little fold out workspace that gives you the chance to prep and plate your food before and after it’s done cooking.

It’s also good to keep in mind that the Weber is very flexible and easy to move around. If you’re looking to move a party from a patio to a backyard, for example, your Weber Q can easily follow you because it’s so light and easy to move around.

On top of this, you’ll be able to use the Weber quite easily on small balconies and other tight spaces too, without too much trouble at all.

To end, the $469 price tag is affordable for this calibre of BBQ and you can make use of the electronic spark to get the BBQ fired up safely. There’s a great stainless steel burner here and lots of additional accessories that you purchase to add to your Weber experience.

Our Favourite Bits

  • Made of High-end Materials
  • Foldable Side Tables for Plating Food
  • Compact and Portable
  • Electronic Spark
  • 5-year Warranty

The Ziggy Twin Grill by Ziegler & Brown

The only BBQ we were able to find to go up against the Weber Q was the model coming from Ziegler and Brown.

This model is a little more affordable coming in at around $450 depending on the retailer you’re heading too, and this means both of these models fall into the same price point, and so similar experience and features are expected here.

One of our favourite parts of the Ziggy is the fact that it comes with a tonne of nifty little practicality boosters like the tool hangers. These will mean that you’re able to turn, flip and even cut up your foods and simply hang the tools you were using without needing to head back inside away from the party.

Adding to this, you will find that the model is just as compact and easy to move around as the Weber, though there is even more functionality here. You can separately control the burners on offer as well as the dual grills, though you can swap out the grills for other cooking elements too.

On top of this, the Ziggy operates open or closed, which means there are some added cooking options on the table here that make getting a lot done on this model a breeze.

Offering the same stainless steel burners as the Weber, the Ziggy is going to ensure you’re getting a lot of use out of these essential parts. With materials in mind, the Ziggy is also engineered out of a die-cast aluminium casing which is designed in a way that won’t rust — ever. That means you can expect to get plenty of use out of this BBQ even when the weather is not ideal.

When it comes to cleaning the BBQ you’ll be able to rely on the intelligently designed grill shape to make wiping it down easy. The grills are also supported by most dishwashers too, and the Ziggy suggests that dishwashing is fine, something that Weber doesn’t.

As we mentioned, ease of use was important to us in our reviews, and the Ziggy has a fantastic dual-dialled control panel at the front of the BBQ. For the times when your burners go out, there’s a smart ‘flame thrower’ feature on offer here that will essentially automatically relight the burners that go out — provided that one of them is still on.

We would like to point out that this BBQ does come with some smart side tables too, and so getting your prep work and plating work done right on the BBQ itself is easy and keeps you from needing to make multiple trips in and outside the house to work on plating your meals.

For those interested, the Ziggy routinely pulls a 4.5 star rating from users online, and this means you’re going to be getting an experience that a lot of customers seem to love.

There is a 5-year warranty coming into play here too, which means this ultra-popular BBQ is going to be covered should any issues happen down the line.

Our Favourite Bits

  • Made of High-end Materials
  • Foldable Side Tables for Plating Food
  • Compact Design
  • Flame Thrower Ignition
  • 5-year Warranty
  • Dual Burners

Other BBQs to Consider

With those two leading BBQs out of the way, we have some other models to consider for our readers. Keep in mind that most of these do lack a fair few common features. This means you may not find something that works ideally for you, or is rather complicated to use.

However, at the end of our article we do have a nifty guide to buying the best BBQ in Australia so that you have a little more direction when it comes to finding a model that’s going to work the best for you and your own unique use case.

All that said, here are our runner-up BBQs to consider.

The Professional 4-Burner Stainless Steel BBQ by Char-Broil

Off the top, the more expensive model on our list comes from Char-Broil and it comes with a price tag of $1,199.

However, price aside, this BBQ does offer a rather unique and full-featured experience.

You will find a four-burner on offer here which means this is the top choice model for those of our readers who need something a little more powerful. If you’re a party hoster or someone with a large family, this barbecue is going to make light work of cooking for six to eight people.

There are some smartly integrated cabinets underneath this BBQ too, which means when it’s sitting on the patio, you can keep everything nice and tidally stored in the BBQ itself, rather than in the kitchen or strewn across the house.

Like the models above, there are side tables on offer here as well, which means getting things plated, prepared or both isn’t too hard at all.

There is natural gas support here as well.

One thing we would like to point out, that may have added to the cost of the BBQ is the TRU Infrared Tech coming into play here. This essentially keeps a closer eye on your cooking and prevents issues like flare ups and other issues that could affect your meal’s tastiness.

The overall reviews online here place this BBQ at around 3 stars, though there aren’t a whole lot to go off, so some users may have a great experience that we’ve not yet heard about.

The Family Q (Q3100) Gas Barbecue by Weber

Going one level higher than the Weber Q that topped our list, the Family Q is the more expensive and more feature-packed model to choose from.

If you’re looking for a larger BBQ and something that is able to take your patio cooking to a new level, then you can make use of this Family Q and be glad you spent the extra few hundred dollars — this model comes in at $789.

There’s a 2,400cm2 cooking space here, which means you’re able to easily get a tonne more done than on the smaller models on the list. There are still only two burners on offer here, and two side tables, though this model comes with the smart tool hooks that make the cleanup and usability of this BBQ a little more streamlined and effective for those who aren’t too keen on wandering to and from the kitchen.

There is a great thermometer in the lid here as well as the ability to swap out the grill with a secondary hot plate which will allow you some more cooking space.

Again, this model is a little more costly at $789, though for larger families or those who enjoy having their friends over for dinner a few nights a week, the added productivity from the BBQ will be a great investment.

A 5-year warranty from Weber is also included here, keeping you covered should there be any issues down the line.

The Everdure FORCE 2 Burner Gas BBQ by Heston Blumenthal

Sitting at a similar price point to the two runner-ups above, the Everdure is a $799 BBQ that’s been developed in a way that works best for the small backyard or the balcony.

For those Australians living in apartments, townhouses and other rather small spaces, you’re going to be able to rely on enhanced flexibility in your cooking experience here — and that is great for those who don’t want to give up a BBQ altogether.

You’ll be able to easily use this BBQ as a 50/50 and that means you can essentially rely on half of the BBQ being the grill and the other half being the hotplate — and they’re interchangeable too.

As expected, there are the essential dual side tables coming into play here that give you cooking and prep space as well as a place to simply store essentials like tongs or spatulas as you’re going about your cooking endeavours.

For portability, this BBQ does come on wheels and also has built in storage shelves that make it a whole lot easier to get the most out of the space that the BBQ takes up on a small patio or balcony.

We’re happy to note that this BBQ comes with an incredible 4.5 stars, and so it is one of the higher rated models on our list. Making it a contender for the best BBQ in Australia.

The BUGG Mobile Barbecue by BeefEater

To our final model on the list, the BUGG is a winner if you’re after something that is designed with portability in mind above all else.

The keen campers, for example, are going to adore this BBQ in that it can easily be packed up and transported to a campsite and then easily slotted back into its stand for use away from home!

Coming with a price tag of $550, it is still a little more than our winning BBQs though not by much, and this is an excellent option for those who need something in that sub-$1000 price point.

When it comes to usability, there are the dual stainless-steel burners that can be used independently of one another along. To add, the grill and hotplate combo means that you’ll have an ideal space to work with should you need to grill and fry at the same time.

And once you’re done cooking, all of your tools can simply be strung up on the tool hooks, making it easy to keep your space clean!

This BBQ does come with the 3.5 stars we mentioned above, and that makes it a winner for us and likely for most of our readers too, though with a price point of over $500 we would have liked to see reviews exceeding 4 stars.

Choosing the Best BBQ in Australia

Like we mentioned at the start of our article, there aren’t too many BBQs that hit the mark for us when it came to the best BBQ in Australia — and this meant that our list was rather short.

However, we have some pointers for you.

We know all Aussies have their own unique requirements for a BBQ and the main problem in choosing a great one is not understanding what to look for in a great BBQ, and so we’re here to help you out.

To start, we ask that you make a list of what you need to see in your ideal BBQ and what you will be using it for. Then, take a look at our essentials below, and tie these into your list and you’ll be on the right track!

Practicality and Flexibility

As we know you will agree, a practical and dynamic BBQ is going to be a winner for everyone, and so we suggest looking for the BBQs that enable interchangeable grills and burners.

On top of this, dual workspaces are essential as is the ability to use the BBQ open or closed.

With these features, you have more freedom when it comes to cooking a variety of different foods for friends and family.

Simple Controls

Unlike appliances like air fryers and ovens, BBQs should remain as simple as possible, and in fact, the simpler the better.

The last thing you’re going to want to be doing is fiddling and trying to get a hold of your BBQs burners and grill’s ignition switch, and so an automatic ignition is suggested here, along with choosing something that has as few dials and knobs as possible.

One thing to note is that special features like automatic re-ignition is always a plus when you’re looking for the best BBQ in Australia.

High-end Materials

We all know that Australia’s environment isn’t exactly the most friendly, and so getting your hands on a BBQ with the most durable materials is imperative to its longevity.

We suggest only looking for materials in the die-cast aluminium and stainless-steel arena if your budget allows because these are the materials that are going to be able to fight off issues such as rust and heat damage in the long term.

A tip from us is to find a magnet, or use an iPhone 12, as these feature MagSafe, and see if the device or the magnet sticks to the BBQ. If it does — you have a stainless-steel model that is likely to rust faster.

The Cleaning Process

Another key feature to keep in mind is the cleaning process.

The best BBQs out there have been designed from the ground up to be easy to clean, and this means you should always look for them.

Our top consideration is to understand that if something is easy to clean, you’re less likely to skimp out on cleaning. And a clean BBQ is going to last longer.

That in mind, removable and washable parts are a plus, as is dishwasher-safe assurance.

Tool and Appliance Storage

Our final BBQ consideration is making sure your BBQ has a space to store your tools as well as any other appliances or ‘things’ you commonly use with your BBQ.

These storage spaces are a major plus in that you can keep everything on the BBQ itself and you won’t need to trek back and forwards from the kitchen to get whatever it is you need to cook your meats or veggies.

These storage spaces can also get back some of the space taken up from a BBQ living on a balcony for example. You can use the storage below the BBQ to keep things like plants, outdoor pillows and other things stored when you’re not using the BBQ.

The Takeaway

All of those BBQs and essential considerations in mind, we’re sure you have everything you need to get your hands on the best BBQ in Australia this year that is going to work best for you.

Always be sure you’re keeping an eye out for the features and the tools you are going to make use of the most, and you will have the best experience possible, regardless of the make, the model or the price of the BBQ.

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