The Best Baby Bouncer In Australia

The Best Baby Bouncer In Australia

When it comes to keeping the little ones comfortable, entertained and safe for an unsupervised moment in the home, there’s nothing that comes quite close to a baby bouncer.

These incredible, dynamic and adaptable products are fantastic are keeping the youngest member of the family strapped in, safe and kept busy. You’re giving them the chance to sit and bounce out their cries while you head to the kitchen to make a bite to eat, take a shower or just about anything else.

All of the baby bouncers on our list are durable, high quality, comfortable and safe, so you can rest assured you’re investing in something that will keep the little ones secure and cosy while you get on with your day.

Most of the baby bouncers out there have a range of motions and settings that give you the chance to set your Bub down and adjust whether they’re sitting, lying down or free to move between both.

Designed to offer calm and reserved movements, these bouncers are great at offering up some relaxing and soothing motions to keep your baby asleep or at least entertained, reducing those midday or afternoon cries.

If you’re looking for a new baby bouncer, take a look at the best baby bouncers in Australia below, and you’re on the way to freeing up your hands for dinner, breakfast and just to relax.

The Bliss Baby Bouncer by BabyBjorn — Our Favourite

To kick things off, our favourite baby bouncer is the Bliss Baby Bouncer by BabyBjorn, and for good reason.

The design of this bouncer is fantastic in that it’s slim, reserved and padded entirely across the design, so there’s an even safer product here if you have other children who might run around and hit the bouncer.

The bouncer stands on a base rather than legs, which makes it look more ergonomic and this also means the bouncer’s profile is slimmer and easier to move around the room.

When it comes to comfort for your baby, there’s a well-developed upper head support zone which keeps the back, head and neck supported whilst baby is bouncing or just simply relaxing in the seat.

One of our favourite parts of this bouncer is its multi-setting option which gives you the chance to adjust the bouncer between sleep, reclined and sitting. That means you can use the bouncer for snack time, nap time or for bedtime if you’re not looking to move baby to a bedroom just yet.

There’s also the ability to make the bouncer lie completely flat, which means you’re able to easily flatten it out and store it in a cupboard or under a bed when it’s not in use.

As for the movement of the bouncer, the seat is designed to subtly offer movement though nothing too sporadic. All of your baby’s movements will be gently supported by the bouncer, which means there’s little chance of the seat getting too jittering if your little ones kick about too much.

The fabrics on the bouncer are also ‘open’ by design, which means ventilation and air flow are top notch, keeping your baby cool and making sure you’re not dealing with sweat patches.

Top Features

Stylish Design

Can Fold Flat for Transport and Storage

Ergonomic, Comfortable Design

The Colourful Carnival Bouncer by Fisher Price

At second place on our list is an offering a bit more traditional design than the BabyBjorn above, though Fisher Price have done still their best to offer a great all-in-one design here that works for everything from play time to nap time.

This baby bouncer is another great model for babies through to young toddlers and can support weights up to two year olds.

The bouncer is also designed to be supportive and still operate as intended for babies through to kids that can sit up and move about on their own, so you can rest assured that the older ones, or your newborn can use the bouncer for a couple of years before you’ll have to switch them to a highchair or let them roam the house.

We’re happy to say that the bouncer mechanism in the Colourful Carnival bouncer is top-notch too. It reduces too much motion and keeps things soothing and calm and there’s an intuitive built-in vibration option here that helps to soothe baby further for bedtime.

When the fabric is concerned, there’s a great padded and ventilated seat here that keeps everything cool and comfortable for your little one and that means you’re not seeing those frustrating discomfort tears from your baby.

The fabrics on this bouncer can also be stripped off and machine washed if needed.

As for the restraints, there’s adjustable straps here as well as a three-point restraining system which means you can rest assured that no one will be falling out of the bouncer.

Unlike the BabyBjorn model above, this bouncer comes with a toy bar that can be easily removed. That said, there’s an easy way to encourage entertainment with toys.

Top Features

Quick to Wipe Down and Clean

Multi-point Restraints

Vibration Mode to Soothe for Sleep

Included Removable Toy Table

The Rocker Baby Bouncer by Chicco Hoopla

The Rocker baby bouncer is one of our favourites for use up to babies aged around 6 months.

If you’re looking for a well-curated bouncer for the little ones and not for use through to toddler age, then this is the model for you. It’s been designed for the smallest members of the family and won’t transfer too much of your subdued movements through to the baby.

The rocker is a quality model and is robust and durable so you’ll be able to rest assured that it will last for years to come.

It’s one of the more dynamic models on the market too, and we’re happy to say that you’re able to use this rocker as a chair and a sleep surface for the baby, making it easy to go from nap time to supper time.

With soft, plush and warm fabrics, the Baby Bouncer is also quite warm and cozy too, so getting that nice ‘cuddly’ feeling for your baby won’t be too hard here. It’s rather encompassing which is great for those babies who sleep or nap better when being embraced, rather than sprawling on a surface.

There’s adaptability here too, so you’re able to make some changes to the size and shape of the sleep surface as your young one grows — getting you some more use out of the rocker.

To add, the backrest is also easily adjustable too, which means there’s the option of using the rocker for more than just sleep or supper time. If you’re looking to have your little one play with toys, have a bite to eat or just to take a nap, you can quickly adjust the bouncer for this.

You’ll also find hanging toys included here as well, with three included out of the box which ensures your Bub has something to play with and stimulate their mind and motor skills as they sit in the bouncer.

To end, the rocker does fold flat like some of the other models on our list, so you’re able to easily store it or travel with it in the car.

Top Features

Doesn’t Require Assembly

Easily Locked to Fixed and Rocking Positions

Ergonomic and Embracing Design for Comfort

The SmartBounce Automatic Baby Bouncer by Ingenuity

One of the more full-featured baby bouncers on our list comes from Ingenuity.

This is the bouncer that’s one of the best out there when it comes to keeping your baby relaxed, sleeping or calmed down. It’s been so well-designed, in fact, that we’d rate this bouncer as the best for those parents who want to simply strap their baby in and get some work done around the house.

It’s been developed to mimic the movements of parents bouncing or rocking their child in bed or in a cot, and that means your child is kept focused on these motions and able to easily sleep or stay distracted whilst you get some chores done.

There’s plenty of added features here too, beyond the rocking motion. You’ll find included toys and sounds included as well, so there’s a range of stimuli to keep your little one nice and cozy.

When it comes to comfort and support, the bouncer has been shaped and moulded into the perfect form for babies looking to get a nap in. The bouncer is contouring and designed to embrace and also comes with plenty of padding and soft fabrics that can be machine washed or wiped down.

To add, there’s also the three-point restraints here which make it easy to keep your little one strapped in when it’s time to look away from the bouncer for a bit.

As for the motion and automated movements, there are two speed settings here which you’re able to choose from when it comes time to rock your baby to sleep. Both are quite subtle, which is ideal, though depending on your child, one may work better than the other.

There’s also a range of melodies and sounds to choose from too, with three nature sounds and a great selection of eight melodies to choose from along with volume control and a toy bar too.

Top Features

Multiple Speed Options for Bouncing

Comes with a Range of Nature and Melody Sounds

Includes and Adjustable Harness

Tiny Love 3 In 1 Baby Rocker

To our final baby bouncer, and the Three in One by Tiny Love is another bouncer that qualifies for the best baby bouncer in Australia this year.

It’s one of the more versatile models to choose from as you can easily adapt and change it with time. That means you’re free to use this baby bouncer as your child grows. You can even alter it from a bouncer into a baby napper in a few seconds flat, which means there’s a lot more here than just a simple bouncer.

You’ll notice that Tiny Love also states you can use this bouncer with kids that weigh all the way up to 9kg which means that’s for young ones up to a year old, which is great for keeping them kept safe and secure at the age when crawling and roaming the home becomes a little hard to manage.

When comfort is considered, there’s an ideal three positions here for reclining. You’re able to quickly switch between the three for nap time, supper and simply sitting. There is also a plush sleep surface here too, so there’s no need to worry when it comes to letting your little one sit and sleep for a few hours.

The rocker’s built-in stimulation features are also excellent for parents looking to keep their young one’s mind distracted. There are music toys, vibration controls and lights built into the rocker so you can rest assured there’s plenty of options to choose from then it comes to keeping your little one more focused on napping than crying for attention.

Top Features

Three Stimulation Options

A Side-raising Option for Sleeping

Easy Conversion Between the Three Sleep and Relaxation Modes

Buying a Baby Bouncer and Our Tips

For our readers new to parenthood, or just new to baby bouncers, we have a few tips and ideas for you below.

These products are incredibly popular, and for good reason. They’re one of the safest and more effective ways to keep your little one distracted and lulled to sleep without you needing to be present, which means getting some work done or making dinner can be distraction-free.

However, there are a tonne of these baby bouncers on the market and that means there’s a lot to consider when it comes to investing in one. Deciding on the feature set, the use case and how you’re going to use your bouncer is just part of the story, so we have a great baby bouncer buying guide below.

Choosing Between Electric Or Passive

The first thing you’ll need to do is to choose is between an electric model or a passive baby bouncer.

The electric models are our top choice if you’re looking for a bouncer that’s going to stimulate and distract your baby without you having to do this. There are lights, sounds and automated toys here that keep your child focused on these things rather than getting your attention and this is typically ideal for most parents.

A lot of electronic bouncers also offer vibration and automatic rocking too, which means you can soothe your little one without having to lift a finger. The passive models will require you to sit and rock the baby bouncer on your own.

The Size

A second big consideration for your baby bouncer is the size. A lot of these bouncers can be quite large, which means you’ll need to choose one that suits your needs and your car.

Online there are size guides and metrics so checking the size isn’t too much of an issue, though be sure to measure your storage space in the car or in the home before you pull the trigger on a baby bouncer.

Be sure there’s space for it to fold and store in a wardrobe or under the cot, or in the car and you’re all good to go.

The Safety Features

One of the pivotal features you must look at are the safety features.

Of course, baby bounces are all compliant with Australian standards, though for added safety features, you’ll have to read the feature list.

We suggest looking for at least a three to five-point restraint system to put your mind at ease when it comes to strapping your little one into the baby bouncer. On top of this, be sure that the baby bouncer comes with ideal neck, back and head support too as you don’t want a younger child developing problems from resting their bodyweight incorrectly into the bouncer.

Ease to Clean

To end, the final point to keep in mind is the ability to clean the bouncer.

You always want your bouncer to be as sanitary as possible and this will rely on the shape and the fabrics used. If the bouncer has a rather complex design or a fabric that can’t be wiped down or machine washed easily, it’s best to turn in the other direction.

In all, plastics and plush machine-washable fabrics are going to be your best friend here.

The Takeaway

With all of that said, it isn’t too hard to find the best baby bouncer in Australia.

We suggest looking for a bouncer that suits your needs and the needs of your baby and you’re on the right track to a great experience. Be sure to keep in mind that you’ll need to select a bouncer that word best for you, which means if you need some free time away from baby, and automated model might be the best for you.

For the parents who are okay with sitting and bouncing their little one, then a manual model is a good choice for you, and these might be more affordable too.

In all, remember to keep comfort, cleanliness and safety at the top of your list when it comes to a baby bouncer.

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