The 10 Best Multimeters for 2021

The 10 Best Multimeters for 2021

Whether you’re in the electrical trade, or just a hobbyist interested in getting a little more hands-on with the electrical tools in the backyard shed, there’s nothing more essential nor versatile than a multimeter.

You’re going to need one of these devices for measuring ammeters, ohmmeters and voltmeters and, we’re sure you’re going to want a good, durable and reliable one.

In 2021, there are a tonne of these multimeters to choose from and it can be hard to find the best one, especially when you’ve got a set budget. Some are affordable and work great and others are costly and don’t work too well at all!

That said, Current has analysed all of the leading brands making these devices and worked out which have the best multimeters for 2021 and which you should consider investing in for your shed, or the workshop.

Take a look below.

Our Winner

The 34 82141 by Craftsman

If you’re in the trade, you’ll know that Craftsman offer up some of the best tools on the market, especially for sparkies.

The Craftsman 34 82141 Digital Multimeter might not be the absolute best when it comes to the accuracy, although it’s well-close enough to get the job done. It’s our top pick for versatility, ease of use and affordability.

The multimeter by these guys offered a wide range of functions too, and gives you the chance to test voltages in the house, on projects and in vehicles without issue.

There’s a durable rubber case or cover wrapping around the device too, so if you do end up dropping it, the plastic isn’t going to crack or come apart — which we all know happens a tonne at work.

Reads 600 Volts

2 Megaohm Resistance

Cat III 600V Safety Rate

The Top Tier

The RMS 117 by Fluke

For those after a multimeter that is a little more costly but comes with pinpoint accuracy, a great design and all the best features out there, then the 117 by Fluke is our choice for you.

It might be a little bit more expensive than our winner, but there is a reason for this. It has a massive 400 hour battery life, comes with a feature set that’s been carefully curated by electricians themselves, and can even effortlessly read non-linear loads.

That said, there is a level of accuracy here with the Fluke 117 that you won’t find on too many other multimeters.

To end, the multimeter is designed to withstand just about everything, which means it doesn’t tap out when the air is too hot, moist or when you’re using it in unideal conditions, like on the side of the road in a storm.

Reads 600 Volts

40 Megaohm Resistance

Cat III 600V Safety Rate

The Rest

With our top two devices out of the way, we’ll now take a look at the rest of the multimeters on our list. These might not standout as well as the Fluke or the Craftsman, though they’re still winners for the best multimeters in 2021.

The Voltage Tester by Etekcity

When it comes to a compact size and an easily portable design, you can’t beat the Voltage Tester from Etekcity. This multimeter is the affordable option that doesn’t come with too many frills, other than a highly accurate voltage read.

One of the biggest stand out points of this multimeter is its size. Again, it’s tiny and perfect for the electrician or hobbyist looking to keep it in their pocket and to whip it out throughout the day.

Like a few other devices on the list, this multimeter comes with the much-needed rubber grip for safety and durability. Being rubber, it holds on to fabrics too, so it isn’t going to slip out of your pocket all too easily.

One thing to note, the Etekcity model is a little fragile, though not too much. It’ll survive a few drops, but being overly rough will leave you without a multimeter.

Reads 200 Volts

20 Megaohm Resistance

Cat III 200V Safety Rate

The Digital Multimeter by Can Tech

A second great portable option is the Cen Tech Digital Multimeter. It’s very basic in its design and feature offering, but that makes it one of the easiest devices on our list for you to get a reading — and fast.

There’s nothing confusing here, and the huge LCD on the front means that there’s no chance you’ll be squinting trying to read what the voltage is.

There are seven different measurement functions here, and there’s a dial on the front which makes all of these functions easy as pie to use.

Again, like the Etekcity, this multimeter is super compact. In fact, it’s about the size of a credit card, so keeping it in your pocket, ash tray or anywhere else for easy access won’t be too hard at all.

Reads 200 Volts

Unknown Megohm Resistance

Unknown Safety Rate

The EX330 Mini Multimeter by Extech

Keeping up with the big guys, or the little guys we should say, the Extech EX330 Autoranging Mini Multimeter is the option for those who need non-contact AV readings, for improved safety.

You won’t need to come in direct contact with a current to get an AC voltage reading on the Extech model, which means you’re keeping yourself safe.

Both DC and AC voltages are supported by this multimeter, and there’s readings for both duty cycles and frequency response too. One nice perk that Extech have added is the ability to read temperature too, so if this is an essential feature for you, we’ve found you a winner!

To end, there’s a holster that comes with this multimeter to make up for its somewhat weak-seeming body.

Reads 600 Volts

Unknown Megohm Resistance

Cat III 600 Safety Rate

The 69149 Test Kit by Klein Tools

A multimeter that comes with an essential little accessory kit is offered up by Klein Tools in 2021, and we’re glad to say that’s definitely worth every penny — especially for electricians who need a little more testing ability.

There’s a multimeter in this kit, of course, though there’s also a non-contact voltage tester along with a receptacle tester too.

That said, if you need to get your hands on an electrical testing kit that has all standard testing functions and tools, then this model is for you.

A few use cases we’ve noted as being effortless for the Klein Tools model are testing the voltage levels inside cords, outlets, light fixtures, circuit breakers and more.

To end, the experience is really simple and there are plenty of visuals on this device to let you know what’s going on with regards to voltages. There’s audio indicators here as well, so you won’t need to take your eyes off what you’re doing to understand what’s going on in a cable or an outlet.

Reads 600 Volts

Unknown Megohm Resistance

Cat III 600 Safety Rate

The MS8233D by Crenoca

For those who need a well-rounded and arguably top-notch multimeter, this one is for you. It might be a little more costly than some of the other options on our list, and on the market in general, though it’s certainly worth it.

You’ll be able to measure voltages here without setting up a voltage range first as the multimeter automatically detects and measures everything for you. The LCD display is large enough to read without really having to peer into it, and there’s a good backlight too, when it comes to reading the voltages in dark spaces.

There is an overload protection feature here too, keeping you safe should something go wrong.

Finally, there is even internal data storage too, for when it comes to holding on to those voltage measurements for reference down the line. No more having to scribble down voltages on a notepad.

Reads 200 Volts

20 Megohm Resistance

Cat II 600 Safety Rate

The Digital Multimeter by AstroAI

Our top choice multimeter for the functionality offered, the AstroAI Digital Multimeter is the option when it comes to DC testing only. You’ll be able to easily measure DC current and voltages, along with resistance, continuity, diodes and a whole lot more.

Although ideal for those who need a DC measurement, there’s not too much for those who need an AC voltage.

Like some of the other testers on the list, there’s a good LCD display with a backlight that makes it easy to see the device in low light.

The primary safety feature comes in the form of overload protection, so you’re kept safe if there’s a change in current.

Lastly, there’s a great rubber corner guard on the device so if you drop it, you’ll have it landing on these rubber pads, rather than the device itself.

Reads 200 Volts

20 Megohm Resistance

Cat II 600 Safety Rate

The 115 Compact by Fluke

Climbing up the price ladder a little more, the Fluke 115 Compact True RMS Digital Multimeter is our top choice for those who need the best device for automotive use. What this means is that there’s a lower maximum readable measurement here for voltages.

However, it’s a great device for getting those ultra-accurate readings in cars.

It’s a lightweight model too, so keeping this multimeter in your pocket is going to be no trouble at all, and not an annoyance throughout the day.

Again, an LCD display with a backlight means you’re able to read the device in poor light, and that means late-night roadside issues won’t be an issue. If you’re ever in that situation.

Reads 600 Volts

40 Megohm Resistance

Cat II 600 Safety Rate

The 3320 Digital Multimeter by Innova

Another vehicle-friendly multimeter, the Innova 3320 Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter is our final choice for those looking to a safe, affordable and durable multimeter for use on the car or in mechanic workshops.

It’s ideal at reading accurately as opposed to supporting ultra-high voltages, and it’s also got a few certifications under its belt when it comes to safety. There’s a UL certification here, along with high accuracy levels, so you’re getting a true reading of voltage from vehicles.

The design is user-friendly too, in that it’s dial has a simple layout of options around it, and there’s also a huge LED display on the front.

Finally, the design comes with rubber corners, so, like a few other models on the list, you’ll be able to rest assured it’s safe after a drop.

Reads 600 Volts

10 Megohm Resistance

Unknown Safety Rate

Things to Keep In Mind

With our top 10 multimeters out of the way, it’s good to know just a few of the things to keep in mind if you’re consider investing in one.

Our biggest tip is to look for a multimeter with a tonne of features. This will mean there’s more versatility when it comes to testing and your ability to get more out of the device should you need to jump between vehicle readings, household readings and more.

Be sure to always consider the voltages supported, the type of currents and DC and AC support.

Depending on your use case, you might also need to consider the design of the multimeter in that some devices are drop-resistant and others are not. That means, if you’re often seeing the device fall out of pockets, it’s good to consider a model with durable rubber edges.

In all, the 2021 models of multimeters are looking up and with better technology finding its way into the devices, such as inbuilt memory, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a multimeter that isn’t great for you.

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