Samsung Hints At Big Plans For H2. New Tablets and Monitors Are Coming.

Samsung Hints At Big Plans For H2. New Tablets and Monitors Are Coming.

Samsung is in the midst of releasing a wide array of new and innovative products this year. They plan on launching LED-backlit monitors, 3D TVs, tablet PCs, and much more.

Samsung Australia’s product marketing manager, Emmanuele Silanesu responded that regardless of tablet design and the ongoing battle of the tablets between Apple and Samsung, they will be launching plenty of new products next year. It’s been rumored that some of these tablets will come with full-fledged keyboards.

They’ve also hinted at launching 13-inch laptops, touch-enabled monitors, and more 3D devices as well.

“I don’t know if they’re more evolution than revolution, but certainly Q1 will have touch, not only in notebooks but also in monitors.” The touchscreen monitors will likely be CCFL backlit to start, but Silanesu said they, along with the rest of the lineup, will be LED before long.

Silanesu began to elaborate even more. He said quarter 1 is going to be focused on touch computers and monitors. The touch-enabled monitors are will start as backlit CCFLs. However, they will eventually get upgraded to new LED technology.

Led seems like it’s the future and that is where all-screen technology is headed.

He didn’t mention much more. He said that many new developments and technologies are coming and to watch out for nVidia’s two dimensional to three-dimensional technology.

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