Best Leaf Blowers in Australia 2021

Best Leaf Blowers in Australia 2021

Leaf blowers are a great machine to have if you constantly have your lawn covered with leaf’s or other debris. Depending on how big your lawn is will determine what kind of leaf blower you will need. That along with how much falls onto your lawn or garden during the day or week will also go towards what type of blower you will need.

In this article we will look at the best leaf blowers on the market in Australia.

There are many different types of leaf blowers to choose from but the first thing you should ask yourself is do you want a petrol blower. Or an electric or battery powered blower? Firstly, let us look at some of the best electric blowers available.

Bosch Leaf Blower

The next blower is made by the highly regarded Bosch brand. It is the Bosch ALS 25 2300W blower. This type of blower is ideal if you have large amounts of debris to remove and if it is particularly hard to get rid of. This blower also has another great use. It also has a vacuuming ability too. where it can pick up wet leaves and can begin shredding it for compost. It can suck up leaves and other debris that is laying around, so you literally get two products in one, how good is that! The only drawback for some people is that you will need a decent size extension cord to use it.

Dewalt Blower.

The Dewalt DCBL720P1 20V Max 5.0 Ah Lithium Ion XR Brushless Blower is a great option if you are specficlly looking for a Dewalt brand blower. The ease of use in which the inital set up can be is a real asset to this blower. All you need to do is charge the lithium-ion battery, connect the blower tube and you are ready to go. It is easier to get started than other petrol models and other types of handheld leaf blowers. It is light in weight and the ergonomic design allows for maximum control and reduces the amount of stress you put on your arm while using it. It also has a low noise emission which is great for your neighbors who could complain about noise level like they could do with the use of power tools.

Electric Leaf Blowers.

The Ozito Electric Blower BLW-1800 is a good choice. If you have a backyard or lawn that is not high on upkeep, then this blower is perfect for you. It has an 1800-watt electric motor so for an electric blower is it not too bad when it comes to power. It also has a 320km/h air speed, so it is great at moving leaves from any general area around your house. The ease of use is great and light at the same time, so it is perfect if you want to get your job done quickly and efficiently. It is a good blower to use anywhere around the house from your front porch and driveway to your backyard.

The Makita 36-volt Blower.

The Makita 36-volt blower has a brushless motor and built around the motor is space for two batteries and you will usually get around half an hour of run time which is not bad. It also puts out nearly 120 mph of air flow with the air volume coming in at 473 cfm. This type of Makita blower is ideal for blowing away anything in your path like heavy wet leaves all the way to sawdust if you happen to be a handyman. Another good feature about this makita brand is that when you are using it you do not feel yourself fighting for control when you are pulling the trigger when using it. Overall, this blower is reasonably powerful and has a decent enough run time so if you are looking at a Makita power tool to be your first purchase then you can not go wrong with this one.

Cordless Models.

The Husqvarna 320IB Leaf Blower.

This Husqvarna leaf blower offers a low noise operation for users which is ideal for surrounding neighbors. it can be used by either left or right-handed people as it only has one handle. It boasts incredible ergonomics and it is extremely lightweight. It also has a cruise control button which allows the user to have constant air volume for any job without having to have your finger on the trigger all the time which allows you to run your blower for longer.

Another type of blower is the Cordless leaf blower. Ozito makes another appearance with the PXCBLS-018. A light blower that has an 18-volt lithium ion battery so unlike the previously mentioned Bosch blower, an extension cord will not be needed. It is a quiet leaf blower and it is quite easy to use so it is great to use around your garden and lawn. Another great cordless Leaf blower is the Ryobi 36V 2.6Ah and according to research is the best cordless blower on the market. It is a light blower and you can even use it with one hand, and it is durable so you will get years of use out of it. With the 36-volt battery life you will get hours upon hours of use and if the battery does run out the leaf blower does come with a charger. Like many Ryobi electric models, it also comes with long term warranty which is great for your own mindset if something happens to go wrong with your blower.

If you happen to need a Cordless leaf blower that has a long range without the need for an extension cord than look no further than the Ego LB5804 Power 580 CFM leaf blower.  It has the longest run time of any leaf blower on the market, averaging a run time of over 30 minutes, which is great if you need to use it for long periods. it has a more intensely focused air stream with allows you to get underneath a large area of wet and heavy leaves. There are several downsides unfortunately. Its price and weight. If you are interested in purchasing one it will set you back around $325 so it is on the expensive side for a blower. The weight can be an issue too, coming in at just under 5 kilograms. Even though it is on the expensive side what you are getting for the price is great. It is easy to use, has great power and is easy to move around your backyard.

The Black +Decker 18-volt Lithium-ion cordless Power command Leaf Blower.

It gives you a great sense of control when clearing away debris. From driveways, flower beds and most importantly your lawn this Black+Decker has you covered. It has a unique power button which can give more a sizable increase in power for needed to get on top of those stubborn wet leaves or debris. The power of its 18-volt lithium-ion battery will give you longer lasting run times year after year without fail. In terms of weight it is reasonably light, weighing in at just under 2 kilograms. It has over 200km of blow speed so clearing an area has never been easier. Another perk is that when in use because of its low noise design, your neighbors will barely hear you while you are working.

Another option is the great value 18-volt String Trimmer and blower twin pack. Like the other Black+Decker 18-volt blower it is easy to clear all the areas you need. The trimmer also has a 25cm cutting radius so you can get the bigger jobs done faster. It also comes with a neat feature. The automatic line feed system. It always supplies a constant feed line for your trimmer automatically.

The next list of blowers is Corded leaf blowers.

Corded Leaf blower.

Another Black+Decker blower is the 2500-watt Leaf blower and vacuum. It has a huge 310km/h blowing power speed so it can get through even the toughest garden tasks. Its shredder is high impact, so the large volume of leaves and debris picked up is shredded down to practically nothing. Its ease of use is attributed to its light weight and its ability to be easily moved around from area to area. To top it off it has a huge 40L capacity vacuum bag with allows you to work for longer without the need to be constantly emptying it.

The Toro Powerjet F700 is one of the most powerful corded blowers available. It can get under large dense areas of leaves and pick them up with ease. It is simple and easy to use with its one-handed interface and with it having a curved handle it gives you the ability to even position the air stream angle when you are using it. Although you can use it one handed many have found that because of its power, two hands were need more times than not. It is cheap too. Costing you no more than $60 it is one of the cheapest blowers on the market now. You will need to plug it into an outlet which limits it range of use to around 90 feet or so, however purchasing an extension cord will help with that.

The Worx WG520 Turbine 600 leaf blower is another great option. Although nearly identical to the Toro, it does not feature a second handle and it does not have the same amount of power at the Toro F700 and it is cheaper too, only costing you around $50.

Petrol leaf blowers.

Leaf blowers that use petrol instead of being electric or cordless are much more powerful than their counterparts. Much noisier than other blowers but much more power so depending on your garden needs this type of blower could be your first choice. The Homelite Petrol Blower is available at a great price. Because it is a leaf blower on the lighter side you can fly through your jobs for your lawn in no time at all. It is easy to start up and its 26cc two-stroke engine will make any job you have to do a lot easier.

The Husqvarna 350BT is another quality leaf blower. It is designed for commercial use and has a popular 50cc mid sized X-Torq engine. This backpack leaf blower is ergonomically designed to be easliy used and has a high capacity for doing a great job around the backyard.

Now if you are after a blower that is simply on another level then look no further than the Honda 25cc four Stroke Blower. This Honda model will clear away any debris with ease. This blower is perfect if you have a larger lawn or if you use it professionally then it is great for your larger jobs. It is extremely easy to use and is a low noise blower which is great for your neighbours. It will cost you around $500 and it great for professionals but if you are willing to fork out a bit of cash it is good to use around your home too.

The last petrol leaf blower on the list is the Victa Swift-Start Blower/Vac. It is an easy to use blower and exceptionally reliable. It has a great engine with a 27.5cc two-stroke engine so it has the power to blow away basically anything in your garden. It also has a vac feature so you can suck up other debris which is a handy option to have. It will cost you around $280 but it would be money well spent.

Stihl Gas powered backpack Leaf Blower. 

If you have a large property than this Stihl BR 350 backpack leafblower will be a great fit for you. Although you may be able to find more powerful leaf blowers this Stihl backpack blower has all the power you need. It has several great features which include a protected gas cap and a good place to put your hands when you are starting it up. Because this Stihl model is powered by gas you will have to properly maintain its two-stroke engine. It is a powerful leaf blower and is easily to move from area to area but for you to feel justified in buying this you would need to cover a lot of ground using it.

Bosch Leaf Blower Vacuum ALS 25.

The Bosch Leaf blower and Vacuum is another good option. It has an easy to handle collection bag for grass clippings, dry leaves, wet leaves you name it, it can do it all and do a great clean up job in the process. It has a motor power of 2300 watts and has a good blower flow rate of 800 cubic feet an hour which is good by any measure. It also comes with an adjustable handle and padded shoulder strap. It is available for purchase on Amazon for $129.00 so it is a little on the expensive side, but it is worth it.


So, depending on what your specific needs are they is plenty of options to choose from. Whether you want an electric or petrol blower you are spoilt for choice regarding which blower you can purchase for your needs.

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