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Top Esky in Australia

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The society has evolved to a point where there are machines for almost every task, including a loo that cleans you after doing your business. Too much comfort has made it so that most people forget where humanity came from and the challenges we had to endure to get here. Not to say that we do not deserve the said comforts, but sometimes it is a wise idea to challenge yourself and get away from all the comforts at home.

Heading out of the house for a camping trip, boat ride, or any other outdoor adventure is a wise idea as it keeps in touch with the outdoors. However, you do not have to give up all the comforts of your home, including drinking a cold beer. While you cannot carry your fridge outdoors, you can always count on an esky.

Top Rated Esky for Australian customers.

Coleman Esky Small Size (Recommended)

Coleman Esky Large (Recommended)

What is an Esky?

Also known as a cooler or an icebox, an esky is a portable container that is used for keeping foods as well as drinks cool. There are several brands of eskies in the market (both online and offline), which makes it challenging to choose the best one. The most ideal esky is one that is easy to move around and clean so that you don’t have to worry about contaminating your foods and drinks. In this write-up, we provide you with a guide to the best esky in the Australian market.

Features to consider when choosing the best Esky

Below are some of the most important element that you should look out for when choosing the most ideal esky;

1. Portability

Portability is one of the main features of an esky since its main role is to keep foods cool while away from the comforts of your home. Elements that support the portability of the cooler include its wheels. While the esky may be lightweight, the contents you put inside it tend to add to its weight. This may make it difficult to move around. Therefore, wheels would come in handy. Make sure to get one with the best wheels that do not stick and can be used in the roughest of environments.

Another element that would support the portability of the product is the handles. The role of the handles is to assist with carrying the device. The best esky is one whose handles are not too heavy that they are difficult to hold. Consider ergonomically constructed handles that provide maximum levels of support.

2. Ease of Cleaning

A good cooler should also be easy to clean because it is prone to get dirty from spills and being dragged around all day. Consider one with seam-free construction since they have fewer crevices that attract a lot of mess. Also, look for one with smooth surfaces that are easier to clean.

Also, to allow easy cleaning, consider an esky with a drain plug. The drain plug will help you get rid of melted ice. You, therefore, will not need to tip over the device, especially if it is a heavy brand.

3. Compatibility

When choosing the best cooler in the market, consider one that is compatible with additional accessories. Such accessories include cushions, blocks of ice, divider, and boards, to name a few. Make sure that your esky is compatible with accessories from different manufacturers.

Also, make sure that the cooler is compatible with dry ice. Since dry ice tends to be extra cold, it can cause damages to your cooler. Different brands indicate whether or not their coolers are compatible with dry ice in the instruction booklet.

4. Locking features

If you plan on using your esky in a campsite, you will probably be forced to leave it unattended for a while when taking on some tasks. This is especially the case if the cooler is heavy. Therefore you will need one with a lockable lid. For added convenience, make sure that the lids have seals around them. The role of the seals is to prevent the cold air from escaping from the cooler. Other areas that need a seal include the drain plugs and any other openings.

Also, you want to make sure that the cooler will be secure in your car when traveling. Therefore, tie-down points would come in handy.

5. Insulation

Thick walls allow for added insulation. Figuring out the thickness of the product is not as easy as it may seem. However, you can do so by squeezing the lids. If squeezing it causes it to compress effortlessly, it means that it is filled with air. Air does not count as insulation, especially one that will keep your ice cold for a long time.

Additional Features

These are elements that are not quite necessary but will cost you more money. The role of the additional features is to allow extra comfort and performance. They include;

Light underneath the cover- this element allows for better viewing. However, an esky with this element is bound to cost you an extra $.
Cushioning on the lid- a cushioned lid allows you to use the esky as a resting spot as well.

Fiberglass material- this is one of the most high-end fabrics for coolers in the market. It is an impeccable insulator, resistant to elements like odor and rust, as well as corrosion.

Domestic Cool-Ice Iceboxes- Top Choice

Domestic Cool-Ice Iceboxes come in three models built with different types of clients in mind, the first one is the C142 or 70. This model is constructed in such a way that it keeps ice cool for up to a couple of weeks. The second model is the C1 55 or 110. This model is designed so that it keeps ice cool for at least ten days. Finally, there is the C1 85W model, which is constructed with convenience in mind.

Each model has the same features, including thick insulation, seals that keep the cool air inside, and a seam-free design for easy cleaning. These products are also quite long-lasting and sturdy. They come with tie-down points, lids, and polyethylene feet. They are also compatible with a variety of accessories, as well as dry ice.

This is an award-winning brand that received the 2018 IF design award. It also has some of the best reviews from users.


  • Seam-free design for easy cleaning
  • Larger diameter drain plug
  • Handles and integrated hinges
  • A five-year warranty from the manufacturer


  • While the products are compatible with a wide range of accessories, you have to pay extra for them
  • The boxes do not have wheels for moving around

Esky Arctic Pro Cooler and Esky Arctic Pro Rugged Cooler- Second Best Option

This brand also provides a wide range of sizes, including 50L, 70L and 120L, rugged 50L, and 70L. Each size in this brand can hold ice for up to 7 days because they are constructed using foam insulation all over the body and the lids. The lids are also fitted with silicone gasket, which helps to keep air from escaping from the coolers.

These coolers also have heavy-duty and easy-to-grab handles that can be folded down to allow for easy storage. Another feature is the stainless-steel fitted tie-downs and lockable lids. Another feature is that the coolers are compatible with different kinds of accessories for which you have to pay extra. This brand also features sturdy rubber side bumpers, removable cushioned seats, and led lights underneath the lids. Another feature is the two-piece bungs that help to keep the liquids inside and prevents leaking. It also has a 5-year warranty like the latter.

Some features that are specific to the rugged model include the LED cooler lights and the built-in bottle opener. The rugged models also come with accessories like a wire basket and are designed with cushioned seats.


  • It is fitted with silicone gasket in the lids
  • It has fittings that are made of stainless steel
  • It is conveniently prices
  • It has lockable lids


  • It doesn’t have reviews
  • It doesn’t have wheels

Technical Signature Series

This model offers two choices, which are with and without wheels. Each of the choices also features different sizes. Apart from the sizes and the fact that some have wheels and some do not, all the other features are similar. These features include the heavy-duty nylon handles that allow for easy movement. The coolers also have tie-down points for safety and security while driving and are compatible with a variety of accessories that are, however, sold separately.
This model also features better insulation and padlock capacity. Also, there are more airlock seals for added convenience.


  • Better insulation
  • Lock seals for the air
  • Compatibility with a variety of accessories


  • The accessories have to be acquired separately
  • More costly

Tropical Ice Boxes

This model of iceboxes is designed in such a way that they are seam-free. This means that they are easy to clean. Their materials are also resistant to fading as a result of exposure to the hot sun. Each product in this model comes with built-in handles and feet that are fitted with non-slip rubber for better stability. They also have a loop and catch in the form of a button, which helps to keep the lid locked when necessary. Other impressive features about this model of iceboxes include their strong construction and durable material. The bottom line is that these products have way simpler functions.


  • Lockable lids
  • Simple features
  • Elastic latches


  • They lack tie-downs
  • They are costly

Evakool 60

This is the most expensive brand in this write-up. The 60L icebox goes for $459, which is way costlier than other brands, which are not in the least less impressive. One of the reasons why it is as costly is that it is made up of smooth fiberglass. The fiberglass helps to keep the ice inside the cooler cold for up to 15 days. This is record time compared to other brands. For easier cleaning experience, the product comes with a smooth surface without any cracks and ridges.
It is a lightweight product made from materials that are resistant to elements like rust and corrosion. It comes with latches that are made from elastic fabric and come with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Impeccable quality
  • Keeps ice cool for 15 days
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Easy to move around and durable


  • Very costly
  • Doesn’t have tie downs or wheels

The Method We Used to Pick the Eskies Reviewed on this Post

Before coming up with the content for this post, we first had to understand how the products work. So we studied different products and how they function. We visited a variety of websites and compared the functioning of the devices. The aim was to get insight into what makes a good esky.

We also relied heavily on product reviews from clients and the ratings. We realized that some brands are not truthful in their product description; therefore, we decided to look at what clients have to say about the products. The products listed on this post are all 3-star rated and above.

Additionally, we made sure that the products had at least 50 reviews that contribute to the star rating.
We also came up with important features that helped out to narrow the list. The features were acquired from reading the product descriptions and what clients had to say. We found out what Australians want in an esky and used that information.


An esky is an important travel companion for different trips to varying locations. The most ideal esky is one that is strong, effective in its function, and can withstand the conditions in the wild, like being drugged through the hard rocks. It should also be easy to clean, maintain, and easy to carry around. It also wouldn’t hurt if the product has lockable lids, wheels and is compatible with a variety of accessories.

Considering all the features mentioned above, we concluded that the Domestic Cool-Ice Iceboxes are the best overall. They are strong, easy to clean, easy to move around, conveniently priced, compatible with dry ice and accessories, and are a fan favourite.

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