Different type of line trimmers in Australia

Different type of line trimmers in Australia

Depending on your lawn needs there are multiple options when it comes to what type of whipper snipper or line trimmer you need. Ranging from electrical trimmers which need to be plugged into an outlet or the good old-fashioned petrol trimmers, with plenty to choose from getting the right one for your needs has never been easier.

In this article we will go through all the different types available and which style of line trimmer is best for you.

How much power do you need?

Now for some this is not such a big deal, for others it is crucial. The range and differences in terms of power with different line trimmers can be huge. In general, petrol powered whipper snippers have more power going through their trimmer, allowing to forcefully cut just about any type of grass no matter how high or thick. Petrol trimmers are at their best if you must trim a larger area of lawn and if you need it done in a timely manner. When is comes to trimmers which are battery powered or electric they generally have less power than their petrol counterparts and are usually ideal for those smaller area’s of lawn and have a more precise cut of your edges.

What style of line trimmer you are after?

For many people, a line trimmer is simply a line trimmer. Looks and feel do not necessarily matter to them, however for professionals this is of most importance. Whether you buy your whipper snipper simply based on how it looks or by the make and model it is important you get the right one for your needs. There are many different options, from bent shafts to straight shaft to the different models in Ryobi and other overseas makes. At the end of the day you will have numerous options, straight shafts are ideal for those who are taller in height and cutting difficult to reach edges is made easier. With a curved shaft it is the better option if you do not have serious edging needs with a smaller lawn area and in general will cost you less than a straight shaft too.

Petrol powered line trimmers under $300.

There are several petrol whipper snippers on the cheaper side. The Makita 24.5cc trimmer and the Makita 25.7 two stroke trimmers will cost you no more than $200 and is a trusted brand when it comes to tools in general as well as line trimmers. The 24.5 cc is a four-stroke engine and the 25.7cc is a two-stroke engine and both Makita makes and models mentioned are perfect for you to use at home.

The other notable makes are The Homelite trimmer which has a 25cc petrol engine and the Rover RS 2600. Both are cheap options and will get the job done and both are good value for how much they will cost you. The Rover will not cost you over $180 and The Homelite is a far cheaper trimmer and you will not be expected to pay more than $100.

Battery powered line trimmers under $300.

The two main battery powered line trimmers that will not cost you an arm and a leg. The Ryobi 18-volt line trimmer is a good and simple to use whipper snipper. It is perfect for domestic use around your house and is a great option for people who want a good trimmer at a decent price. The other main battery powered trimmer is the 18-volt Makita whipper snipper. Even though the battery power lasts under an hour (around 45 minutes) so unless you have a large area of lawn to trim you will have plenty of time to get your edges done.

Cheap Electric trimmers.

The two cheapest electric whipper snippers or corded trimmers are The Ozito 500-watt trimmer and The Ryobi 500-watt trimmer. The Ozito is by far the cheapest coming in at under $50. It is not recommended if you have a large area of lawn to trim but for those smaller lawns this is ideal. The Ryobi 500-watt is simple and easy to use and will leave your lawn edges looking nice and neat. Personally, this is the trimmer I use, and it will cost you slightly under $100 and is great value if you do no mind having a corded trimmer.


So, whether you are after a petrol-powered trimmer, a battery operated one or an electric trimmer there are plenty of options to chose from and most will not stretch your budget. So depending on what you current edging needs are there is something for everyone, from trusted makes and models to the lesser known better value trimmers, you can get the perfect edging for you lawn no matter what you choose.

Sarah Azzi

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