Breville Juicer Sales Go Through the Roof Following a Health Documentary

Breville Juicer Sales Go Through the Roof Following a Health Documentary

Breville is riding the fresh juice wave after the release of the new doco film by Australian entrepreneur Joe Cross, called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

The movie portrays Cross’s journey from being obese and sick into a healthy lifestyle, all thanks to a diet solely composed of freshly-squeezed vegetable and fruit juices. The whole film features a Breville juicer in many scenes, which is quite an achievement and advantage for Breville.

Cross explained that the choice of the Breville juicer was done by a complete coincidence. He acknowledged that Breville isn’t the only manufacturer for juicing appliances. Consumers have many options and different types to choose from. According to Sprint Kitchen, the best cold press juicers can make your juice last up to 72 hours. This could be a better option for some consumers than a Breville machine. Regardless, he simply selected the product at his local Crate and Barrel store in New York. What started as a random purchase soon became a profitable promotional opportunity for both sides, and Breville planned to use the full marketing potential of the release.

“We have been in contact with and discussing the ways of using this opportunity with Joe Cross all year,” explained Scott Brady, Breville’s general manager of marketing.

“It is true that Cross bought the Breville juicer for his road trip by a complete coincidence but since the documentary was released on the US Netflix in July, the sales of our juicers have more than doubled, we even had to put most retailers on allocation.”

Joe Cross uses the juicer to prepare various different green drinks and the Breville logo appears multiple times throughout the movie. The documentary has been set to be sold in the fruit and vegetable section of Woolworths stores across the nation. This is massive exposure for Breville. Following this opportunity, Breville has started a new campaign that focuses on healthy juicing.

“The campaign will be boosted with Joe doing in-store talks for Breville and we advise the retailers to keep their juicer levels in stock. Even after the campaign, we will support the juicing category with media and online content. Our big range of juicers that suit every budget guarantees that there is a juicer for everyone.”

“Joe is very charismatic and genuinely passionate about sharing his personal journey and the ‘reboot your life’ philosophy. We will keep our customers updated about these events ahead of time,” said Brady. 

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