Best Weighted Blanket in Australia for 2021 & Beyond

Best Weighted Blanket in Australia for 2021 & Beyond

If you fantasize about laying on your bed and your biggest motivation to work through the day is to hug your mattress, and doze off, then you might benefit from weighted blankets.

It’s a giant, comfy blanket that hugs your body, allowing you to feel comfortable and secure while enjoying a peaceful slumber. Read this guide to discover the best weighted blanket in Australia.

Our Method for Shortlisting the Best Weighted Blankets

We headed directly to the real experts; the Australian users of weighted blankets. Most of them were found hanging out on review platforms like

To discover more top-rated products, we extended our search and lurked around on platforms like WireCutter and Amazon to get more info on the best weight blankets in Australia.

After putting a list of the top products, we put together this guide for you.

Best Weighted Blanket in Australia – Our Top Picks

Calming Blanket

The manufacturers are guilty of self-proclaiming to be selling the ‘Australia’s Favourite Weight Blanket’ but they’re not guilty of being liars. The Calming Blanket has over a staggering 400 reviews with an average rating of 4.7 – this is the largest amount of testimonials we’ve seen on with this much collective rating. The adult blanket has a $299 price point, weighs 4.5kg, and measures around 198cmx121cm.

It also has two more weight options – 9kg and 6.8kh. The fabric is soft and milky giving out a very warm, velvety feel. There are three modern, neutral colour options to fit almost every Aussie household. If getting too warm is your concern, you can get their bamboo cover variant which is cooler due to high breathability.

All versions of Calming Blanket are machine-washable and even though inners can go into the washer as well, the manufacturer recommends against it. Each pocket of the blanket is quilted separately and stuffed with environment-safe micro glass bead, ensuring evenly distributed weight. The blanket comes with a 30-day period of trial – didn’t like it? Simply send it back under 30 days and get your refund. Although most blankets have the same feature, over 400 happy reviews from Aussies on this particular product make it the best weighted blanket in Australia.

The Good Bits:

  • Comes with only 3 weight and 3 colour options – nothing too overwhelming
  • Comes in adult, queen, and kid sizes
  • Soft and plushy fabric. Plus bamboo fabric is also available
  • Can be whirled and washed into a machine
  • Filled with quiet, small, and environmentally-friendly micro glass beads
  • 12 ties for keeping the filling from bunching at one place

Some Caveats:

  • There are none, just the initial price point of $299 might not be very affordable for many

Therapy Adaptive Series Premium

Want to cover yourself all year, even in those brain-melting Australian summers? Well, then Therapy Adaptive has a reversible cover blanket with one side made of warm, soft micro plush fabric and the other with cool and breathable bamboo fabric. Just turn it over to achieve desired temperatures. On top of having two different material fabrics, the blanket is machine-washable.

Therapy Adaptive Series Premium Weighted Blanket is anti-microbial and hypoallergenic, making it perfect for sensitive skin. It comes in two sizes – queen/adult XL measuring 152cmx203cm and child measuring 102cmx152cm. Plus, we have four options in the weight department; 11kg, 9kg, 7kg, and 5kg. It has micro pockets containing small grids for perfect weight distribution.

Furthermore, it comes in three neutral, modern colours and leverages micro glass beads for filling just like the Calming Blanket. But unlike Calming Blanket, Therapy Adaptive doesn’t have ties for better distribution of inner area and is also priced around $389, while Calming Blanket costs $299. However, with Therapy Blanket, you get two weighted blankets in one because of its reversible covers, which is a plus.  Plus it is also well-loved by Aussies with over 150 reviews averaging around 4.8 on

The Good Bits:

  • Also comes in super king and king sizes
  • There’s a Bamboo variant in super king, king, queen/adult, and child sizes
  • 2-in-1 reversible cover with micro plush, warm fabric on one side, and cooling bamboo on the other
  • Anti-microbial and hypoallergenic
  • Three colour options
  • 30-day return and refund warranty
  • Zip-removable outer cover

Some Caveats:

  • It’s quite expensive for $389

Calming Moments

If you’re a fan of local products then Calming Moments should be your next weighted blanket. It handmade in Mandurah, Western Australia, by a proud Aussie company that leverages as many safe Australian materials for the manufacturing as they can find. Furthermore, since these are handmade blankets, we’ve found them the most customizable. All of them are double-lined with triple stitching on the edges for better durability.

Although it doesn’t have a separate inner and outer cover, it is still machine washable. The good thing is; it will keep the filling from getting detached from the outer and gathering at one place, causing big lumps. Since it’s highly customizable, you’ve got the option to add soft, organic cotton padding for additional comfort and weight distribution. Plus, they offer a 2-year warranty so that’s a relief.

Calming Moments’ blanket weight options range from 2.5kg to 12kg and sizes include – Queen, Single, King Single, and double. You can also choose from seasonal variants by getting printed cotton cover for keeping you cool in hot, sweaty Aussie summers or minky fabric for warmth. Besides being locally manufactured, the reason it’s the best weighted blanket in Australia for customisation is that you can design it from scratch. You have up to 50 fabric patterns and colour options to have them quilt cover accordingly.

The Best Bits:

  • Handmade in Australia
  • Highly customizable
  • Doesn’t have an outer cover so you don’t have to tie the inner to the outer
  • Can be washed in the machine
  • Only costs $149
  • 2-year warranty – the best one we’ve come across yet

Some Caveats:

  • None really, other than not being reviewed on

Top Competing Weighted Blankets

Sleepist Weight Blanket:

This blanked has managed to pull off what Therapy and Calming Blanket couldn’t; a perfect 5 stars rating on! However, the reviews are under 10, so it might be a turn-off for some. We really like how straightforward the selection process they’ve made for customers. You only get three choices – child, adult, or galaxy printed adult. The first one (child) has 92cm x 122cm dimensions with 2.2kg to 3.2kg weight range. Second one (adult) has 150cm x 200cm size with 5kg to 11kg weight range.

The outer cover is comprised of warm and soft microfibre and only comes in grey. It has ties that keep the inner blanket in place inside the cover. Like most of our picks, it also has micro glass beads as a filling. Plus, both the outer cover and inner blanket can be machine washed. You get a 30-day return warranty by Sleepist to catch a few slumbers in it and see if you’re like it. Starting price is $279 for the adult blanket.

Best For: Those who need a blanket with a full 5 stars rating, minimal choices, and a 30-day trial period.

Luna Weighted Blanket:

According to Luna, their blanket has an innovative and smart design that restructures 7 layers into one, which ensures an evenly distributed weight. Although, we weren’t able to find much about their ‘7 layer design’, it simply can’t be a marketing gimmick, can it? The good news is, it’s liked by WireCutter so we don’t think there’s something shady going on behind closed doors of their manufacturing plant.

That said, it comes with 100% certified, fully organic cotton giving out a cool, soft feel with great breathability. Plus, you can wash the blanket in the machine. It also has small glass breads as filling in its small pockets. It doesn’t come with an outer cover but you can buy it separately; there are 8 straps to connect the inner with the outer.

You can find Luna in a range of fabric patterns, colours, weights, and sizes including the queen, full, king, and twin sizes. The weight range goes from 2.2kg to 13.5kg and prices vary from $90 to up to $290.

Best For: Those looking for an affordable option and are happy to get a separate cover/

Gravity Blanket

We couldn’t leave out the initiator of the Gravity Blanket trend when discussing the best weighted blankets in Australia. It comes in just one size; single with 182cm x 122cm dimensions and three weight options; 11kg, 9kg, and 6.8kg. You can also get it in three different, modern neutrals; white, navy, and grey. The cover is made of soft and warm micro-fleece and can be washed in the machine. However, the inner can only be hand washed.

It comes with two internal clasps to keep the blanket’s inner securely tucked inside the cover. And just like all other weighted blankets we reviewed, it also has micro glass bead filling. They’re stitched into the small packets with more accurate gridded stitching for even distribution of weight. Lastly, it comes with a 30-day return warranty, but since it comes from the U.S, you’ll have to pay the shipping.

Best For: Those looking for authentic weighted blankets with modern looks.

Considerations For Buying the Best Weighted Blanket in Australia

Weight: it’s generally suggested that your weighted blanked should weight 10% of your own body weight. Make sure to go for the weight that doesn’t make you feel suffocating.

Filling: Every weighted blanked we discussed has micro glass beads and that’s a good thing because they’re eco-friendly, comfortable, wash-friendly, and dry well.

Washing: Get the weighted blanket that can be washed in a machine, the cover especially. If the inner is separable, you can spot clean it as it’ll be more protected from outer elements by the outer.

Cover Fabric: This depends on your use. If you use the weighted blanket throughout the year, you can get the one with bamboo or cotton fabric as it’s more breathable. But for winter use only, get the one with minky and warm fabric.

The Crux – Read This If You Skipped Past Reviews:

If you need a soft and calming giant hug during your slumber while also remaining cozy whether the outside temps are high or low then get yourself a weighted blanket. If you skipped past the reviews of these blankets then here the top three for a better night’s sleep out of the six discussed above.

If you need the best weighted blanket in Australia then it should be the one most loved by the Aussies, right? Well, that’s precisely the case with Calming Blanket that has over 400 reviews with a collective rating of 4.8, we’ve never seen this much love on one product listing before. The covers can be cleaned in a washing machine and depending on whether you’re a cold or hot sleeper, you can get covers accordingly. It comes with a $299 starting price point and a 30-day return warranty.

If you need something to use throughout the year, then Therapy Adaptive Series Premium is the perfect partner to doze off with. It has two sides; warm, minky, and cool bamboo. You can sleep under whichever you want depending on what the thermometer reads. It’s got micro pockets for even weight distribution. It comes with a $489 price point, which is a bit expensive but over 15 Aussies have left raving reviews about it online.

Want to shop local and that too, handmade? Get Calming Moments which are made from several Australian sourced materials right in Western Australia. They’re very affordable with a $149 price tag and can be customized in a lot of areas ranging from colours, weights, sizes, patterns, fabrics, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do Weight Blankets Work?

Although they’re marketed as the ultimate solution for all of your physical and mental health problems including stress, insomnia, restless leg, sensory issues, PTSD, ADHD, autism, and anxiety, we’re not really sure about that.

We tried going through the internet with a fine-tooth comb to find scientific data to support these claims but for every supporting study we came across, a new one shattered it.

So you can only find out the truth by trying one on your own. However, we can tell you this; it does help you with a comfortable, good night’s sleep.

Weighed Blankets For Kids – Are They Safe?

They’re drug-free so manufacturers market them as ‘safe’ and they are! However, this doesn’t make automatically make them safe in other factors including:

  • Suffocation risk
  • Overheating
  • Chocking from inner beads
  • During our research, we found out that manufacturers mention two things about their blankets usage for kids;
  • Don’t give them to children under 3 or 2
  • Ensure its not a very heavy blanket and child can lift it on his/her own
  • There are child sizes available with most of the products we reviewed but you should be aware of the risks. You can try a duvet if you’re not sure.
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