Best Steam Irons in Australia

Best Steam Irons in Australia

One of the things that are inevitable regardless of the material and quality of the fabric is the formation of creases and wrinkles on that fabric. Unfortunately, this also means that ironing is going to be on our list of household chores. If we accept this, the natural question that arises is how we can make this chore if not enjoyable at least bearable and easily performed? 

The answer is by choosing the right tool, which in this case is the steam iron. So, in this article and based on the research we did, we present to you the best steam irons available on the Australian market.  

The list is comprehensive, and the choice is made on a range of criteria that have to be met, such as performance, value for money, and customer reviews. We hope you find your favourite among the chosen five top products. 

1. Tefal Ultimate Fv9715 Iron 

Tefal Ultimate is one of the top-rated and highly in demand on the steam iron market. It is sturdy with remarkable features that remove wrinkles from garments. You cannot go wrong with this choice from a number of reasons. Its unique feature is the steam shot with 220 g/min that distributes the steam quickly and efficiently and eases the ironing, and at the same time, it saves you the time that you plan on ironing. Additionally, it cools off pretty quick after its turning off. It has a water tank of 300ml which means that it lasts enough not to have any interruptions and refilling. The wattage of 2400 W is just right for different temperature range and various types of fabrics. 


  • Great temperature ranges 
  • A water tank that enables uninterrupted ironing
  • Great for ironing of the most persistent wrinkles 
  • Saves time on ironing


  • A bit heavier 
  • Pricey 

2.Philips GC3920-24 PerfectCare Steam Iron

Philips PerfectCare Steam Iron heats up very quickly to the maximum wattage of 2400 watt that assists in the top performance and ease of use while ironing. Wrinkles are easily removed from the garments with the generation of steam of 45g/minute, and there is an option of 185 g with the unique function of boost that you can use for persistent creases. 

For additional functionality of the iron itself, there is an integrated system for descaling and self-cleaning as well as safety features that has an automatic turning-off within two minutes after the iron has been inactive. The iron uses OptimalTemp technology that allows ironing of the fabric without adjusting of the temperature range. So basically you do not have to worry about what type of fabric you are ironing as this iron is equally good with all types. 


  • Drip-Stop System allows ironing at lower temperatures
  • OptimalTemp Technology that automatically adjusts the temperature 
  • Boost functionality
  • Self-cleaning system for descaling 
  • Auto power off within 2 minutes 


  • Few customers complain about insufficient steam
  • Difficulties in ironing of cotton clothing items

3. Braun TexStyle 9 Steam Iron

Braun is a well-known brand in the industry of laundry for its quality and affordable products. Braun TexStyle can be a perfect choice for you with its 400mg water tank that can enable you uninterrupted ironing. For the most stubborn wrinkles, there is a 170g/min steam shot while the output is adjustable from 0-50 g/min. The eloxal soleplate is excellent for glideability and unobstructed motion even when ironing buttons. Braun offers a 2-year warranty on all its irons. 


  • A great size of the water tank perfect for when you have a pile for ironing
  • Eloxal Soleplate great for unobstructed iron movement 
  • Powerful steam of up to 170g/min
  • 2-year warranty


  • It takes some time to develop the operating temperature 
  • Few complaints about the reduced efficiency when the water in the tank reduces
  • Demands frequent cleaning 

4.Sunbeam SR6856B Verve Extreme Steam Iron

Sunbeam Verve Extreme is a top performance steam iron that gives impressive results in ironing with a variety of fabrics. It has a capacity of 2400 watt which means that it heats up fast and it keeps the temperature you have selected steadily. It also generates 38 g/min of steam that is pretty decent when it comes to removing wrinkles. Additionally, the steam shot can be boosted to 80g under high-pressure and directed to the soleplate tip. The water tank is 300ml which is enough to iron a pile of clothing items, and the spray function can assist you in achieving easier ironing by dampening the tougher fabrics. The soleplate is scratch-resistant and enables gliding of the iron with ease. 

You may use the Sunbeam Verve iron in a vertical position which assists in steaming wrinkles and creases of drapes and hanging clothing items, and it is as efficient as the horizontal ironing. It has integrated self-cleaning functions. 


  • Automatic switch-off for safety reasons
  • Heats up fast up to 2400 watts
  • 300ml water tank
  • Vertical Steam 
  • Self-cleaning function 


  • Steam 38g/min
  • Shorter cord

5. Russell Hobbs Steam Glide Iron

The Russell Hobs Iron can be a great investment value if it is suitable for the clothing items you have in your wardrobe. This iron has 385 ml water tank capacity, which is quite adequate. It has a ceramic soleplate that can be easily cleaned and a considerable length of cord that enables smooth gliding of the iron. A great surprise is the vertical steam option which is not quite common with budget-friendly models. The steam shot is 90g/min and 35g/min steam output which can be not enough for certain tougher fabrics. 


  • A great size of the cord
  • Vertical steam
  • Affordable model
  • A water tank of 385 ml


  • Small steam shot and steam output

What to consider when looking for a new steam iron

Steam irons have an excellent performance when it comes to tackling creases and wrinkles formed in any type of fabric from delicates to cotton. There are many available models from a range of brands, prices, and performance on the market. All this can confuse you on how to choose the best steam iron that will suit your needs. To help you make the right choice, we created a list of things to consider before you start looking at the different models.

Make sure you look at the following features:   


The spray is crucial for the steam irons as with its help you can target the areas which require the most attention so you can have wrinkle-free garments. The ability to intake the water from the reservoir and transform it into a powerful spray is more than welcome for an impeccable impression of professionalism even for the garments that require much attention in the process of ironing. 

Safety Features

The busy professionals and parents always on the go will appreciate the safety functions of the best steam irons that come with features such as automatic shut-off. When the iron is left in a horizontal position for a definite amount of time, this function will switch off the iron automatically and thus prevent the possible danger of injury or fire. 

Vertical Steam

The vertical steam as a setting is an incredible option to have, especially for hanging garments and drapes as well as delicates that do not tolerate direct ironing. With the vertical steam option, you just use the gravity and the steam for pulling the wrinkles out. 

Multiple Heat Settings

Before you make your decision on the best steam iron, check the labels on the garments and the fabrics that you already have for the required temperature of ironing. There are variable heat requirements for different materials, so make sure the iron you are to purchase covers all of these ranges -from cotton to delicates such as wool and silk. This way, you can make a worthy and long-lasting investment. 

Cord Swivel

The cord swivel is essential as a feature first and utmost for the safety and convenience of use. These types of irons have a cord that can swivel freely, which contributes to the lifespan of the cord and flexibility of the iron movement across the ironing board. This overall adds to the ease of use and top performance. 

Steam Burst

If the iron possesses the function of surge or steam burst, this means that it can generate a powerful shot of steam directed at a particular part of the clothing item, which can be practical when handling ornery wrinkles. 

There is no doubt that one of the most useful tools for grooming is a steam iron, and it will help your clothes look crisp and wrinkle-free. It is always good to do a little research of your own and check all the info you are interested to learn before you purchase the selected model. Afterall steam irons are an investment that you do not buy every day, and you surely expect them to last long and serve you the best. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a minimum wattage for an iron to be considered good?

The minimum wattage for iron is at least 1000. However, for an average household that has garments, and other items for ironing it is best to choose an iron between 1800-2400 wattage. The latter wattage will enable top performance, ease of use, and effective handling of the wrinkles, without having to wait for the iron to heat up. The generation of steam is also much more powerful when the wattage is higher, and all this adds to the performance rating which on the other hand, means you can do the ironing with less effort and time. 

How do I know when to descale and how to deal with it?

The first signs that you have an issue with scale are the marks on the garments while ironing. This means you need to clean the iron. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines as they may differ from a product to a product. Some irons have self-cleaning functions. A good tip is to fill the water chamber with a blend of vinegar and water when the iron is on. After this switch off the iron and then drain this mixture in a pan. The cleaning liquid made from vinegar and water helps in the cleaning of the vents as well. To clean the steam vents better and easier, use cotton buds. 

What is the difference between a garment steamer and a steam iron?

One of the most significant differences between the garment steamer and the steam iron is that the steamer can be used with delicate fabrics without having to worry that you will cause damage to them and there is no need for an ironing board. However, as your garments include not only delicates but cotton and other fabrics that require smoothing of the creases, you will definitely need a steam iron. It helps you attain the fresh look of the clothes and get rid of all the wrinkles and deep creases. 

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