The Best Portable Air Conditioners in Australia

The Best Portable Air Conditioners in Australia

If you are looking for an air conditioner, but you are not a fan of the fixed AC system, then we have an excellent alternative for you. A portable air conditioner! It is an excellent option for people who are staying in a rental property, dorms, or for people who simply want to avoid all the hassle of fixed system installation. 

As the market offers many models, and you might not have enough information nor time to spend on searching the right unit for you, we compiled this article to help you out in this search. We are presenting the top five portable AC units together with all the info that you might need when choosing the perfect model for you. 

1.Dimplex DC15RCBW 4.4kW Portable 4 in 1 Air Con

This portable and versatile air conditioner guarantees its performance in the hottest summer periods, and it is suitable for an area up to 30m2, which is a larger room and small apartments or studios. Its compact design ensures that it can easily be moved from one place to another. The device is said to be efficient for cooling up to 43 degrees and has heating and cooling capacities of 4.4KW. 

To use this air conditioner, you will need to install the exhaust hose and window kit which come included in the package. The controlling unit is placed on the top of the conditioner, and it is simple and straightforward for users. The functions include cooling and heating but also dehumidification for balancing the levels of humidity. This is very important for normal and healthy breathing. Additionally, there is a handy remote control for managing all the functions. From the other useful features, there is 0-24 hour timer and sleep mode and self-evaporative function, which means that when used in cooling mode, it does not require an extra hose. 

A 2-year warranty covers the product. 

2.Olimpia Splendid C4.1kw Portable Air Conditioner

Olimpia Splendid represents a portable air conditioner that is high quality, but at the same time, it offers excellent value for the money. The maximum capacity is 4.1 kW which means it is a powerful option with 14000 BTUs. According to the functions, this portable conditioner will be able to refresh you in the hot summer periods, even if there are higher temperatures. 

If you want to start using the air conditioner, you will need to position it close to the window, and you will also need an exhaust hose, which is part of the package. You can enjoy the efficiency of this air conditioner for a long time. Although not silent, this unit manages to reduce the level of the noise to a minimum. There are three settings, timer, automatic mode, and remote control for managing the functions. On the other hand, you can also access the same feature on the control panel. The panel is straightforward and convenient for use.  

The timer is also a great feature as you can set up the start and end time for up to 24 hours so when you come at home, you can enjoy the cool and comfortable atmosphere of your home without running the air conditioner all day and spending more on electricity. 

The unit is covered with a warranty of 3 years. 

3. Rinnai RPC41WA 4.1kW Cooling Only Portable Air Conditioner

If you want to have ideal cooling conditions at your home and enjoy the summer periods without the hassle of having to install the split-system Rinnai might be the right portable air-conditioner that you have been looking for. This AC unit has 4.1KWs that can ensure you cool temperatures at your home. 

The design is simple, sleek, and elegant. There is a rounded shape of the whole unit and on the top where the control panel is. The LED display is easy to read and manage.

Besides the cooling function, this unit also can dehumidify, which also is a great option as it removes the mould and keeps a healthy humidity level. Additionally, the unit has a sleep mode whose purpose is to keep a comfortable temperature that you set as suitable for sleeping. However, the unit has intelligent technology so it can decrease or increase the temperature according to the room temperature within 10 hours. 

The AC unit has a self-evaporative system which means that no drip-trays or hoses are required for smooth operation. The humidity is released through a wall venting kit. There is a swing operation which makes the cooling effect evenly distributed. 

There is a warranty of 2 years. 

4.Kogan 4.7kW Portable Air Conditioner 

The Kogan conditioner operates ideally for keeping cold temperatures during the sweltering summer months and are efficient to up to 30 -40m2. They are incredibly convenient for moving from one place to another as they have four wheels and integrated handles. 

The AC unit is a powerful one with 4.7KW and 16000 BTU so you can be confident in the efficiency of the performance even if space is larger. The unit is with an integrated self-evaporative system which also reduces the hassle of emptying the drip-tray. There are three modes: the first one is a 3-speed fan, the second one is the cooling function, and the third is a dehumidifier. The smart function adjusts the cooling to be in line with the desired temperature that you set. It cools the rooms within minutes as it also has an automatic swing function that directs the flow of air to the direction where it is needed. If you decide to set the start or end the process of cooling, you can always use the option of 24-hour timer. Additionally, there is a sleep mode that can be used during night times. 

The included warranty is 1 -year. 

5.Honeywell 2.9kW 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

This Portable Air Conditioner from Honeywell might be your ideal option if you are looking for a portable unit that cools and dehumidifies at the same time. At the same time, it is easy for installation in a context that does not require the drip tray or hose as it is used only for cooling options, and it is a self-evaporation system. This comes handy as you can enjoy long in the comfort of the home without having to empty the drained water. However, you might need a window kit assembly.  

On the other side, one might be aware that this is not a compelling option, and with its 2.9KW and 10000 BTU, it is best suited for smaller spaces. The temperature is adjustable and ranges from 16-32 degrees. A timer is also a convenient option as it saves energy and helps us set the desired temperature at a particular time within 24 hours. The unit is easily portable and can be moved from one room to another. On the plus side, its operation is almost silent. 

How do we measure heat energy 

One usual way to measure heat energy is by using the British Thermal Units or BTUs. What this means is that one BTU equals the quantity of heat that is needed to increase the temperature of one pound of water by a Fahrenheit degree. The BTU rating for the air conditioners shows us the number of BTUs that the unit can remove in an hour. The appliances that are commonly used in households fall in the range of 9000 – 16000 BTU. 

When you are choosing an AC unit, make sure you follow the guidelines given by the manufacturers regarding the BTU rating to the corresponding size of the premises where you are planning to put the unit. The calculator is also useful to give a general insight into the required BTU per hour as well as to check the measurements of the power in kW stated for the majority of the brands of portable air conditioners.

However, if you want to compare two units and check their efficiency in cooling spaces, you should take into account the BTUs, as they consider the unit’s power output as well as the cooling efficiency. 

What are the other available options? 

Portable Air Conditioner Dick Smith

Dick Smith, at the moment, offers several portable air conditioners from a range of brands such as Hyundai, Kogan, Honeywell, Dimplex and Lenoxx among others. The majority are powerful units with at least 10.000 BTUs. Customers generally have positive comments, and few negative comments usually refer to the noise produced by specific units or different expectations of the customers. 

Portable Air Conditioner Kmart

There were lots of customers who are interested to know if Kmart is selling portable air conditioners and the answer at the moment is that they do not sell such but only budget-friendly evaporative coolers with fan function different speed settings. The comparison between these two units is given in the text below. 

Portable Air Conditioner Appliances Online

Appliances Online offer many top brands of portable air conditioners that vary in prices and BTUs. Customers love the Dimplex brand, although it is on the higher price end. However, they also offer budget-friendly options such as the brand Esatto. 


How can we compare the Portable AC to the Evaporative Cooler

Often when we try to find info for the portable conditioners, we can see that they can be compared to the evaporative coolers. Lots of people are appealed to them because they seem a more affordable option that offers more or less the same service, but before you make this decision, let us give you how these two units differ. Although they have the same purpose, which is to cool down the temperature in the premise where they are located, their method of operation is what makes them different. 

Simply put, the evaporative coolers add moisture for cooling the air while the portable air conditioners remove moisture to cool the air. You should take into consideration this and choose the best option for you, depending on the place where you live. For those you live in the dry parts of the country the evaporative coolers might be the best option while the vice versa is also correct – choose a portable conditioner if you are residing in the humid areas of the country. 

If you want to learn more info on the differences and similarities between these two units, you can check the available information on many different online sites. 

Installation of Portable Air Conditioners 

There are lots of online video materials that provide a general and some more detailed overview of the method of installation of the portable air conditioners. Also, each of the manufacturers gives detailed instructions for their specific brand and model’s method of installation that might be different for different model versions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the method of operation of the portable air conditioners?

Very similar to the fixed systems, the portable AC units cool the premises by using the principle of heat exchange. These units take in the humid, hot air from the exterior space and cool it and dehumidify it with the use of coolant, reservoir, and refrigeration systems. The cooled air is released in the room, and the hot air is discharged outside by using a window duct. 

How are portable air conditioners different from the standard AC units?

The portable units operate very similarly to the fixed air-conditioners by taking in the heat from the interior and releases it externally by using an exhaust hose. So, the similarity of the portable and fixed AC units besides the way of operation can be seen in the window kit and exhaust hose that both units require for installation. 

So, before you purchase this kind of portable unit, ask if it comes with a window kit for installation as the majority units do and check if these kit works are suitable for your windows. Do not forget the exhaust hose that is usually part of the package and make sure it is long enough for the size of your room.

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