Best Nappy Backpacks Australia 2021

Best Nappy Backpacks Australia 2021

When my wife and I found out we were having a child, our attention turned to buying the things that we would need once the baby arrived and that included a nappy bag. Now the big-name baby bag brand has made big strides when it comes what the best nappy bags look like and the neat little features that they offer. Parents all around Australia are spoilt for choice when it comes to nappy backpacks. The biggest thing to consider when buying a nappy backpack is to get the right one that suits your needs. So whether you are after a baby bag that has a huge price tag that includes bottle pockets, a change mat and changing bag, its waterproof, has side pockets and is of the highest quality for your little one or if you are after a simple nappy backpack that you can potentially fit in your handbag, the choices are nearly endless.

One of the first things you can do is do your research. Have a look at baby shops and online to see what options are out there. Also think about how much you would like to spend and try and find a nappy backpack that best bits your family’s way of life.

So, the question many parents ask themselves, why buy a nappy backpack? Well a nappy backpack is basically just like your normal backpack with the biggest difference is that is made with the sole intention of storing things for your baby. Also, they are different to a tote bag because having a backpack will allow you to use your hands for your baby not the bag. The backpacks are easier to carry and because they are specifically designed for babies, that have certain sections designed for a specific baby item. Today the nappy backpacks are basically a better version of a nappy bag and for parents who are worried about appearances, most of the time they do not even look like nappy bags which can be great for the parents.

Now we will look at some things you should consider when you are looking at buying a nappy backpack. First is the size and what your backpack can hold. As many parents can attest to, there are a ridiculous number of items that you will need for your baby. As i can say you will most likely take numerous items for a just in case scenario and more often then not you will not even use half of them. But is good to have the room so you can pack those extra items for your baby as you will not want to carry more than one bag when you go out. You will also want to get a nappy backpack that is light. You do not want a bag that is heavy even before you start putting things in it, so if it is light then it will cause less stress on your shoulders and back.

Then we look at the material and the durability of the backpack. Ideally you want to get one that is easy to clean and also it waterproof or water resistant because as I can tell you there will be spills more often than not and you do not want them ruining your bag, especially if it came with a high price tag. Also, when you do go out your bag will meet a lot of difference surfaces so you will need to be able to easily clean it.

Then comes the look of the back. Now this is often a personal choice. There are great options out there, whether you want a brand name, or you just want a casual baby bag or diaper bag there will no doubt be a option for you. Also think about who will be more likely to be carrying it so you can get a unisex diaper bag or one specially for a mum or dad.

Then there are other features that parent could consider as Nappy backpacks come with loads of cool little benefits. First you want your backpack to be water resistant, others have a specific area to store a changing mat which is a handy tool. Now if you have a young baby, insulated bottle pockets are great as they can keep your baby’s food or milk warm or it can keep them cold. So, you can heat the food or milk before you go out and it will stay warm. 

On top of that, you need to think do you need those extra little compartments like dummy’s and wipes? It is more of a personal choice as the more compartments you have the more Knick knacks you can take with you. Then do you want a backpack that comes with pram straps. Having a backpack that you can change to a pram bag is a good idea. Because your baby will most likely be in the pram, anyway, being able to have stroller straps so you can hang it on the handles is very convenient.

Now we will look at some of the best nappy bags in Australia.

First off, we will look at the Haptim Multi-Function backpack. This one is a of a large size and has different compartments so you can take basically everything with you. Overall, it has 18 different compartments which includes space for baby wipes and has two zippered front pockets and has insulated bottle holders. It is grey in colour and it is unisex so both parents can use it for a diaper bag. On top of this the material that it is made from gives it a high-quality waterproof feature so do not be too worried if you spill things on it. It also has shoulder straps to go with straps for the pram and has grab handles too. It also comes with a changing mat. It has a good price and it a good option for parents.

Up next is the brand Babymel. They have some nice-looking backpacks that make great baby bags for both mums and dads. They all come in a range of colours and, they can be carried in multiple ways like a diaper bag tote, a backpack or a crossbody bag.

The backpack Babymel Robyn has multiple features like a secured double zipper closure with a wide opening. It also has a side pocket for baby wipes and has a dispenser slot so you can pull wipes out easily. You also can choose from different options like durable canvas bags or a faux leather diaper bag. Both bag designs have a machine washable padded changing mat along with an insulated bottle holder. It also has straps that allow you to hang it on your stroller. They are really good-looking bags and are great to store all the things you need for your baby.

So, we have named just a few of the best baby backpacks that are available in Australia. Some of the best diaper bag backpacks give you the ability to store all your baby essentials and give you easy access to all your items and have nice looking zippered pockets. Most baby backpacks are available on amazon and ultimately your decision will come down to your own personal preferences and lifestyle. But rest assured you will not be lacking choices.

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