Best Indoor TV Antennas

Best Indoor TV Antennas

An indoor TV antenna is a great if you cannot have a reliable TV antenna outside. For example, in apartment buildings or if you are on the road in a caravan or even out on the water on your boat, indoor antennas are especially useful. They are super easy to set up, they will not take up a huge amount of space in your living room and are effective at picking up TV signals and giving you the best TV reception.

There are many indoor TV antennas to choose from and they all have different features and levels of effectiveness so picking out the right one is crucial for your TV viewing. 

In this article we will look at some of the best indoor TV antennas on the market now in Australia.

The best pick for most people is the Crest indoor Digital Indoor Antenna. It is easy to set up and to install on your TV and its design is simple and effective which means that unlike other indoor TV antenna’s it will not stand out and be obvious to people that you have one. It has a power boost feature with a mains adaptor and had high gain strength. If you live close enough to a TV tower, around 20kms than this is the indoor TV antenna for you. It comes with suction cups underneath so you can easily find the right place to put it to get the best signal strength and in turn get the best TV reception you can. It only comes it one colour which is white so if you do not mind that then it is a good choice and it is great value for the money you will fork out. It is available for purchase through the Good Guys in any major capital city such as Melbourne.

The next antenna on our list is the Indoor and Outdoor Digital DVB-T TV Free-view Aerial Amplifier. This indoor TV antenna is perfect if you are on the move. If you go away on holiday and you are in your car, caravan, boat, or your motorhome than this is the one for you as it can be used just about anywhere. A digital TV antenna that is specifically designed for digital reception and it can be used with virtually any portable TV you have. It also had a magnetic base which is used to give you a better-quality digital signal and in turn give you much better TV reception. It is Freeview ready as it comes with a coaxial cable and has rubber feet to protect what ever surface you have it sitting on. it is easy to use and is small and compact which is great if you are on the move but the major knock on it is that it does not pick up all TV channels. You can pick one of these up online on eBay by simply using google to find your right fit.

Next up is the HDTV Digital Amplified Indoor TV Antenna. If you happen to be far away from the nearest TV tower and need strong amplified antenna with a digital signal than this is the ideal antenna. It also has good mile range, up to 190kms so it can easily pick up a digital signal thanks to its signal amplifier. It will work just about anywhere around your home and gives you free viewing to high definition channels. It is small in design and is discreet so it will not stand out like other indoor TV antennas. It is relatively easy to install and if you happen to be far away from a TV tower simply plug in the amplifier which acts as a signal booster to get that longer range and better signal strength. The HDTV Digital Amplified Indoor TV Antenna is available to buy online through Amazon.

Another Crest product is the Crest Indoor Digital TV Antenna Power Boosted. This type of Indoor Antenna is a great purchase for those who like to adjust their antenna to improve the signal strength to get a better-quality picture on their TV. This antenna has two adjustable antenna rods and a UHF loop that is easily moved to allow you the best chance to increase your signal strength for your TV. This antenna is more suited to people who are around 20kms away from a signal tower. It has a decent size cable length coming in at just over 1.3 metres so it gives your the freedom to place it where you want to get the best digital signal and in turn give you the best TV reception. If you are really into looks than this one is probably not for you. It has the appearance of the old rabbit ears antennas of years gone by so if you can get past that this is a decent enough indoor digital tv antenna. It is available to buy from the Good Guys and online at

The last one on our list is the One for All HD Indoor Antenna- Amplified 45dB. This indoor TV antenna is by far the best in terms of giving you an all-round experience. It is high quality and offers you several features that gives you great viewing pleasure. This indoor antenna will give you excellent reception for a digital TV and is also fully High Definition compatible. You can also move the antenna to suit your location and position the antenna to achieve the best possible viewing experience. One of its best features is that is very outside of the box. It has to ability to block 3G and 4G filters that stops mobile phone signals like the iPhone from messing up your TV signal. It also offers users manual gain control up to 45 db. This great all-round full HD antenna is great perfect for anyone who needs a good indoor antenna for a great TV viewing experience with their home entertainment system or their media players.

So, there are several things to look for when deciding which indoor TV antenna to buy. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding.

Which antenna type? Depending if you want an antenna suitable for your home theatre or home entertainment system or you want one that will give you the best TV signal boost, there a several types to choose from. This includes, flat panel, loop and monopole just to mention a few so you do have a few styles to choose from when it comes to the style of your indoor TV antenna as you will need to point some antennas direct at the signal tower or TV. Other things to consider as well are the cable length you will need; will your TV be on a wall mount? Which would impact the number of places you could put your indoor HDTV antenna if you chose to go that way. Also do you want your antenna to be Wi-Fi enabled? For those online interactions with apps with your smart TV?

In addition will you need a professional installer for your antenna, or do you prefer ones that are easy to install yourself? If you happen to have several phones around the house a mobile signal blocker could prove especially useful to you and your family.

All in all, there a a lot of factors to consider when deciding which indoor TV antenna to buy. Hopefully by reading our article we have shed some light on the options that are available to you and your family. 

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