Best Hedge Trimmers in Australia

Best Hedge Trimmers in Australia

When is comes to buying hedge trimmers there are plenty to choose from. Aside from many makes and models there is also another thing that must be taken into consideration before purchasing a hedge trimmer. Things such as where your hedges are located around your house, how high are your hedges and would a cordless trimmer be better suited than a corded one? As well as how big an area you are trimming is. All of these things will determine how powerful a trimmer you will need.

In this article we will look at some top-quality hedge trimmers at your disposal.

Different types of electric hedge trimmers.

As most will attest to, electric hedge trimmers are not as powerful as their petrol-powered counterparts but that does not mean that they are any less effective.

If you are after a cheap electric trimmer than look no further than the Ozito pole trimmer. It can be stretched out so you can reach those high hedges and get a nice cut at the same time. It has a 900-watt battery, so it is decent in terms of power. Then there is the Ryobi trimmer. It has a 450-watt battery and with Ryobi brands, it will last you a long time. It can cut through even the toughest hedges and produce a clean finish to make sure your hedges are looking crisp and clean all year round. It is a little on the expensive side costing slightly under $250 but it does come with a warranty which lasts four years so it will be money well spent.

Another good idea for a purchase is getting a trimmer that has many different uses. Many call the Matrix hedge trimmer the perfect all in one hedge trimmer. It will set you back around $280 but it is worth it. By buying the Matrix trimmer you get a hedge trimmer, a chainsaw as well as a lawn trimmer so it is a great trimmer to buy if you have a lot to do outside around your house.

Battery powered hedge trimmers.

There a numerous makes and models to choose from when it comes to battery powered trimmers. The Ozito 18-volt trimmer is efficient and provides a crisp clean cut. With its 18-volt battery you can enjoy longer usage time if needed and it is also a good value low cost trimmer. Then there is the Baumer- A6 20-volt hedge trimmer. Because of the ion battery it comes with, you do not need to worry about the battery cutting out midway through your cutting as it is designed to last longer than normal batteries. Other cheaper trimmers include the Victa 82-volt trimmer which always gives you a great hedge cutting finish. Then there is the Bosch 10.8 volt trimmer that is very light and comes with over an hour and a half of cutting time and when your battery does run out it will only take just over three hours to fully charge again.

Top petrol trimmers.

Petrol hedge trimmers allow you to have access to much more power in your trimmer compared to battery or electric hedge trimmers and are usually the preferred choice for most people. Unfortunately, there is not a big choice in variety for people who want to purchase a petrol hedge trimmer. The Ryobi 26cc petrol trimmer is most likely your best bet. With its two-stroke engine it supplies you with great power and at the same time gives you a nice crisp and clean cut of your hedges.


Depending on what type of hedge trimmer you are after they is a good selection to choose from with electric trimmers giving you the most variety. With the few trimmers mentioned in this article we hope that we have given you a helping hand in deciding which trimmer should be your next purchase. Happy trimming!

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