Best Electric Skateboards, What You Need to Know and How to Choose One

Best Electric Skateboards, What You Need to Know and How to Choose One

Climbing the list this holiday season for great gift ideas, electric skateboards are every teen and young adult’s dream!

They offer a great level of freedom and are generally just a whole load of fun to ride. Being as fast as most bicycles, easy to ride and remote controlled, they’re a great way to zip around town, to a friends house or even to work each morning.

However, if you’re not sure where to look, you could be paying a pretty penny for these electric skateboards. Whether for a gift, yourself or anyone else, they’re an incredible product, and we’ve got some good insight for you below.

Take a look at the best cheap electric skateboards below.

Cheap Electric Skateboard Reviews

With a history that goes back to the 1970s, motorised skateboards have been around for quite a long time. However, these longboards of the early days didn’t have today’s advanced high-wattage battery technology to power them — making them a gas, petrol or diesel-only option.

As a result of these poor fuel sources and full-fledged engines, these boards were quickly banned in their home state of California for being too emission-heavy and noisy for residential areas.

Fast forward to the 2000s and the development of higher-tech batteries allowed these boards to pack a tonne of power in a tiny frame, with almost no noise output and absolutely no pollution at all.

When electric skateboards really took off though was in 2012 with the launch of Zboard and Boosted Board, taking the internet by storm.

Into the 2020s

Moving further into the future, or to the here and now rather, advancement in the electric skateboard industry has not ceased, and there are now a tonne of boards on the market with outstanding range, near-silent motors and more.

These boards are available in a tonne of different price points with a range of features that are entirely different to the next, and we’ll take a look at these below.

With the history of the electric skateboard out of the way, we’ll take a look at some of the industry leading boards on the market today and how you can easily tell them apart. It’s always good to choose a board for your specific needs though, and we have just the article below to help you out.


For a quick look at the boards in our list, take a look at the table below.

  1. BLITZART Huracane 38″ Electric Skateboard
  2. WowGo 3 Electric Skateboard
  3. Loaded Boards Unlimited Electric Skateboard Kit
  4. Evolve GT Carbon Series Street Electric Skateboard
  5. Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard
  6. Maxfind MAX 4 Electric Skateboard
  7. SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard
  8. Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard
  9. RazorX Electric Skateboard
  10. Teamgee H9

All of these boards have a tonne of great features, reliable and robust designs to ensure you’re not breaking down any time soon, and arguably some of the best price points in the industry — at least for what they have on offer.

BLITZART Huracane 38″ Electric Skateboard

For a winning mid-range board, the Huracane is your electric board that’s for anyone who’s new to the electric skateboard game. There’s a high speed here of 17mph or 27kmh which means it’s an ideal board for travelling a good distance in a short period of time.

We’re happy to say that there is a good range here too, coming up at around eight miles maximum or 12 kilometres. That said, for students and young adults looking for an easy way to get to work without taking public transport, this board might be a winner.

Keep in mind that BLITZART’s  Huracane is a no-frills board, so there’s not too much else here other than a great motor, good remote and good range.

The board itself is a composite board like most electric boards, which means there’s plenty of bounce and flex over bumps, though not too much that you’re risking a fall.

Unlike belt drive motors, there is a hub motor in this board, which helps majorly with efficiency — pushing the board to hit up to those 12km ranges.

In all, we would say that the Huracane is the ideal board for anyone who’s looking for a simple electric skateboard without much else. It’s affordable, well-designed and has battery life better than a lot of other boards. It charges in just three hours too. 

Tech Specs

Hits 17mph or 27km/h

Hub Motor is More Efficient

Has a Range of Up to 12km

Composite Deck

WowGo 3 Electric Skateboard

A little more expensive than the Huracane, the WowGo 3 electric skateboard is an all-rounder that we’d say is just about perfect. The board seems to be a little more costly for a reason, and it’s clear that there’s generally a flawless design and material selection here.

Touted online, WowGo has chosen to source materials and components from a global selection of providers to ensure this electric skateboard is generally made up of the best of the best.

To break things down a little more, a Parisian brand makes the trucks and this brand is arguably the best in the world when it comes to truck durability and design. The board’s bearings are from Zealous, another global leader. And WowGo themselves had taken the time to craft the board’s deck to ensure you’re getting the best experience possible.

A standout feature here is the deck’s materiality being both bamboo and fibre glass, a rarity when it comes to electric skateboards. You’ll be getting the firmness of fibreglass and the flex of bamboo, giving an experience that’s unmatched.

Finally, the board’s wheels are soft and durable, making the ride on the WowGo 3 an incredible one. A few tweaks to the onboard motor and its software have also gotten you more grunt per watt, so a faster experience is expected here.

Tech Specs

Hits 24mph or 38km/h

Dual Motor Setup

Up to a 20mi or 32km range

Fibreglass and Bamboo Deck

Loaded Boards Unlimited Electric Skateboard Kit

Coming in at number three, this electric skateboard is for those who have a big budget and are willing to spend a little more to get the best of the best.

The Loaded brand is synonymous with high-end snowboard and surfing gear, and the Loaded Electric Skateboard Kit is no different. It’s the kit you need to turn your board into a fully-fledged electric skateboard with no trouble at all.

You’ll find trucks, a controller, a motor and wheels in this kit, so you’ll still need a deck and a few other materials to get yourself up and running, but you can absolutely rest assured you’re getting top-notch quality here.

One point online commenters made was that there was a single drivetrain motor in use here, though Loaded has optimised the motor to reach all new heights, or speeds rather. It’s incredibly powerful and ideal for cruising.

For beginners, it’s good to know there’s a beginner speed mode here along with the pro mode that gives you a bit more responsiveness and power. Of course, experts are going to want to push their board a little more, and Loaded offers and extra kit for this to add another motor to help you really push your board to the limit.

There is a carbon baseplate here as well, so you can expect to get thousands of kilometres from the board before you start seeing any major signs of wear.

Tech Specs

Either Single or Dual Motor Options

Hits Speeds of up to 37km/h

Total Kit Weight is Just 2kgs

Up to 11km Range from Single Battery

Evolve GT Carbon Series Street Electric Skateboard

One of the most expensive electric skateboards on the market, the Evolve GT is the board that’s coming with all the bells and whistles — at least with regards to feature set.

You’ll find an ultra-sleek design here along with an outrageous 49km range from such a small profile board. Whether you’re going to work or quite literally across the city, this board has you covered.

There is a 3,000-watt battery making this all happen, and with speeds hitting upwards of 41km/h there’s not a whole lot left to be desired.

The motor set up on the Evolve GT Carbon Series Street Electric Skateboard is a twin brushless motor that makes it easy to climb inclines as high as 25 per cent, making it a good board for anyone living in a city that’s a little hilly.

For all riders, there are the four riding modes that make it easy to get the most out of the board depending on what you’re doing. A fast, slow, GT and eco mode are here to help you get the most out of your battery, or really gun it when you need to.

The wheels on this board are also top-notch, with an all-terrain option coming in here to make sure you’re in good hands, or on good wheels, when you need them most.

As for the remote, there has been a few updates here, making instant response possible as well as improved battery life.

Finally, the deck is a carbon composite making it incredibly durable.

Tech Specs

Hits Speeds of 41km/h

Dual Brushless Motors

Up to 50km/h Range

A 3,000-watt Battery

Carbon Composite Deck

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

From the famous Boosted brand, the Mini X is here to save the day when it comes to those who want small. Very small.

The Boosted Mini X comes with a tonne of features, and arguably the most important ones from the larger Boosted Series boards. It’s a lot smaller than most boards on our list, but still uses a great motor, has an ultra-efficient power usage and gets you up and down hills with ease.

The Mini X has exactly the same engine as the larger Boosted boards, which means you’ll be hitting speeds of up to 32km/h with no trouble at all. It’s also a hill climber thanks to the torque and intelligent software in here, so a 20 per cent gradient won’t be an issue for the Mini X.

The software is also adaptable in that it adjusts ride profiles on the fly, so you’re able to set and forget and simply have an incredibly smooth ride wherever you’re boarding.

With a concave in the deck, the Mini X is as stable as can be, and that makes the small form factor a winner when it comes to dealing with humps and inclines.

To finish, the Mini X really is mini, with a tiny 30 inch board length. If needed, you can even slide this board into a back pack if you’re riding to school or work with it.

Tech Specs

Hits up to 32km/h

Features Dual Motors from Larger Boosted Boards

Has a Range of 22km

Concave Stable Deck

Maxfind MAX 4 Electric Skateboard

Arguably the first skateboard company with hub motors, the Maxfind MAX 4 could potentially offer the most refined experience when it comes to torque and speed.

As we know, a merging of the motor into the wheels creates a safer and more power-efficient experience for electric boards, and the Maxfind’s integrated hub motors are the better experience when compared to belt-drive boards.

Inside the MAX 4, you’ll find two powerful 750W motors that work in cohesion with one another to offer excellent responsiveness as well as high speeds and torque. Add to this some fantastic power efficiency, and you have a board that’s fast, long-lasting and safe too.

The batteries and efficient-engine combo will get you an 80km range at max, and with swappable batteries, you could easily double this if need be.

We’re also happy to say that because of the batteries charging in only 120 minutes that you’ll be able to keep things moving at all times. Whether you’re heading to work or school, you could easily get a few days of charge out of the MAX 4 electric skateboard.

As mentioned above, the power coming from the engines on this board is outstanding. You’re able to take on a 30 per cent incline gradient with no trouble at all, which is something far better than just about any other board on the market.

A 90mm wheel size is great here too, as you’ll have a smooth ride on and off-road.

To end, the Maxfind brand is standing by their board with a 180-day warranty to make sure you’re getting a great experience and some added reassurance. There are also 6-month warranties here too.

Tech Specs

Hits Up to 40km/h

Dual Integrated Hub Motors

Up to 24km Range on One Battery

High-end Maplewood Deck

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard

For the skateboarders with plenty of experience already, this board is your ideal electric model if you know about correct stance and form already. It’s a little small, so it will take some getting used to. However, the technology and innovation in this board is going to make for an incredible experience overall.

With dual 500-watt motors here, this board is no lacklustre variant and is one of the torquiest on the market. You’ll be taking on inclines with no trouble at all, and with a top speed of 40km/h there’s plenty of speed available too.

Without having to assemble the board, you’re getting a tonne of simplicity here; it’s ready to go out of the box.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who already owns the first generation of this board, we’re happy to say that all-new and revised rider profiles make for a smoother and more efficient experience overall.

Tech Specs

Hits Speeds up to 40km/h

Twin 500-watt Hub Motors

Range of up to 28km

High-end Maplewood Deck

Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard

A more expensive board and a recent release, the Stealth by Boosted is a board that takes pricing to the very maximum for most skateboard buyers. Though, it really is a winner of a board overall.

In line with Boosted’s great boards, the Stealth comes with a dual motor design and touts an innovative ‘3:1 gear ratio’ which essentially works to get you a great amount of torque and speed.

Similar to Boosted’s snowboard range, the Stealth’s board is made with a composite material that gives plenty of durability, flex and integrity. You’re sure to get thousands of kilometres out of this board with no trouble at all.

One proprietary feature that comes in handy here is the Jerk Filter by Boosted which essentially protects the board and the rider from taking on too many jolts from the motor or slowdowns.

We’re happy to say that overall, the Stealth does offer the smoothest ride from an electric skateboard.

All in all, the Boosted Stealth is a highly engineered board and it’s easy to see that the team at Boosted has left no stone unturned when developing this board to set a new industry standard.

Tech Specs

Hits Speeds of 38km/h

Twin Motor Setup

Up to 22km Range

Composite Deck

RazorX Electric Skateboard

As one of the most well-known brands in the skating world, Razor is coming into the electric skateboard game with their RazorX skateboard.

In line with many Razor products, the RazorX is the best board for your foray into electric skateboards thanks to its low price tag but great feature set. There’s a small but efficient 125-watt motor here for getting you the most out of the batteries on board.

It is a little underpowered, though that’s ideal for newbies to electric skateboards as it will give you a chance to warm up to the responsive movements. The motor will have you comfortably zooming down the sidewalk or the road, though getting up hills might be a bit of a struggle.

The RazorX is also a shortboard, so it’s a little smaller than most. Again, great for beginners looking to skate a little of the way and carry the board for the rest.

With a 5-ply deck here, the board’s deck is a little weaker than some others on the list, though it’s durable and won’t break any time soon. Just be sure that you’re a little cautious and not too rough with it.

The Razor team has worked to design their own trucks and wheels here that are ideal for city riding on streets, and with a maximum speed of around 16km/h it’s overall a great, safe board for the beginner skater.

There’s even a setting that works well for indoor situations. On moderate, we’re happy to say that this board will work indoors safely.

Tech Specs

Up to 16km/h Speed

Single Motor

Battery Life of Around 40 Minutes

Maplewood 5-ply Deck

Teamgee H9

Last up on the list is the Teamgee H9 with its design that is well-suited to both the very beginner and the advanced user. It’s an ultra-durable board designed with a few different settings to make sure you’re able to move up from beginner to advanced without being pushed too far by the high speeds.

The battery in this board is integrated into the deck, making the design nice and slim as well as ideal for those looking for a board that’s not too bulky. Although it’s a typical longboard, the design makes it easy to carry and store if needed.

The motor in the Teamgee H9 is a single brushless driver, which means it is a little less powerful than it’s dual counterparts, though being 960W it does make up for it. There’s an ultra-responsive feel here, and you’ll be able to power toward 41km/h without any worry at all.

Being such a light board also helps with range too, with almost 20km being the maximum, it’s a great board to get you to and from work or school.

One point to keep in mind is that due to the batteries being spread across the interior of the board’s deck, you won’t be able to flex the deck much. And if you do, you risk severely damaging the cells inside.

An excellent final thing to note is that there are some incredibly useful headlights making an appearance in the remote. You’ll be able to see what’s directly in front of you with no trouble at all.

Tech Specs

Hits Speeds up to 40km/h

Range up to 20km

Efficient Single 960W Hub Motor

Maplewood Fibreglass Blended Deck

Good Battery Array

Choosing a The Best Electric Skateboard

For those looking to do a little more research and find the electric skateboards to suit their needs better, we have some great tips below.

If you’re new to electric skateboards, it’s good to know a bit about how they ride and what to look for in a great skateboard. Of course, quality materials and a good brand are paramount, but things like the breaking mechanisms, motors, wheel types and other factors are essential to know about too.

With that said, we’re ending our list with some essentials to help you choose the best cheap electric skateboard.

The Breaking Mechanism and Riding Experience

When looking for a good, cheap electric skateboard, the first thing on your mind needs to be the ride experience and its safety.

If anything’s loose or too wobbly by design, you’re not going to have a good experience, and you’ll also going to raise your risk of injury. If trucks are loose or of a poor design, for example, there’s going to be a jerkier feel and loose manoeuvrability when it comes time to lean into corners, for example.

On top of the trucks and board feel, the software that controls the motors is also a significant factor. If the firmware hasn’t been developed to reduce a jerky experience, you’ll be on a board that loves to jolt and jerk about, again, raising the risk of injury.

Bottom line: the skateboard you choose should have solid trucks, a good overall ride feel and smooth responsive acceleration without jerkiness.


Although the motor plays a pivotal role in the electric skateboard, it’s good to know that there are only two motor types commonly used: the belt drive motor and the hub motor.

Simply put, a belt drive motor is going to offer a little more ‘kick’ when it comes to acceleration, whereas the hub motor is better at being smaller in mass and more efficient if designed correctly.

A drawback of a belt-drive motor though is that debris can find their way stuck in the belt, jamming the whole motor and bringing the board to a stop. This isn’t such an issue in cities, though if you tend to take your board off-road or on parkland trails, it may become an annoyance.

Bottom line: either motor is a great choice, however, your own use case will dictate which one you should choose.

Wheel Type

Arguably the most imperative factor when choosing an electric skateboard are the wheel types. Keep in mind that in some cases you’re able to swap the wheels out for a different kind, however, if there’s an integrated motor you’re out of luck.

A few of the things the wheels impact are:

  • The Speed
  • The Ride Feel
  • The Traction and Torque
  • The Breaking Ability
  • The Efficiency

That said, wheels really need to be toward the top of your list when it comes to buying a cheap electric skateboard. They will be the feature that reduces power usage, takes you further in a safer manner and overall makes your board better to ride.

In some cases, branded wheels can offer a better experience; however, the cost does sometimes become an issue when high-tech or proprietary technology comes into play.

One thing to keep in mind is that the boards with hub motors have polyurethane linings on them, though they’re very thin and somewhat fragile. That means you’re going to have a mildly rougher ride on a board with hub motors and low PU wheels.

Bottom line: make it a top priority to choose a board with well-reviewed wheels and don’t skimp out on branded wheels if they’re going to make your board last longer and drive further.

Incline Ability

For the hill climbers or anyone who lives in a city with far too many inclined roads, a board’s torque and ability to take on hills is an essential factor. In flatter cities, all boards will do just fine, though for hillier towns you’ll want to make sure that your board can handle gradients upwards of 20 per cent. 

Bottom line: if you’re in a city with plenty of hills and inclines, take a look online for a board that touts its ability to climb hills efficiently. You don’t want to be stuck manually kicking your way up a mountain when your board gives up. 

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