Best Baby Thermometers Australia 2021

Best Baby Thermometers Australia 2021

As I parent myself, one thing I can attest to is that there is nothing more worrying than when your little one gets unwell. Especially if you think that your baby’s temperature is higher than what it should be, this is where having a good baby thermometer is crucial to have.

Over the course over the last few years the quality of baby thermometer’s has continued to increase with many of them having great functions like giving accurate readings basically straight away, it beeps when your child’s temperature is high with accurate results and there are many different types of thermometers like rectal thermometers, oral thermometers, pacifier thermometers, forehead thermometers (temporal artery thermometer) and mercury thermometers. Deciding which one is best can give parents piece of mind when it comes to see if it is time to call your doctor or not.

In this article we have a look at all the types of the best baby thermometers that are available around Australia. We will look at infrared thermometer’s, digital thermometer’s, and the best ear thermometer’s so whether you have a young baby or older children you will find the right thermometer for your first aid kit.

As with anything you are looking at buying for you and your family, there are numerous things to consider when your are trying to find the best option that suits you and your child.

There are many different types of baby thermometers and they all range in price and they also have their pros and cons. There are multiple options when it comes to the best baby thermometers. In fact there are some types that even come with an app for your phone so you can check on your child around the clock for your peace of mind because you do not want to cheap out when it comes to your child’s health.

Another type of baby thermometer that you can use to check your baby’s temperature is what my wife and I used. A contactless thermometer. These are really easy to use as they have infrared technology on board an all you have to do is point it at your baby’s forehead instead of like the ear thermometer where you have to put it into the ear. This one you do not have to do anything like that as it is non-contact. Just point it and you are good to go. However, it is a little on the costly side but speaking from experience it is worth it. For me it is the best way to get accurate temperature readings for your child and it is so easy to use that your whole family can use it if they are looking after your child.

Now let us look at thermometers that can be used in multiple ways like orally, armpit and rectal. Personally, I do not like the idea of using a rectal thermometer on a baby but that is just a personal choice, however many parents have said that this type of thermometer gives them extremely accurate results. Having an oral thermometer for your child is another good option if your child is a little older and that they can have the thermometer in their mouth for a certain amount of time. Thermometer’s that can be used under the armpit are said to me less accurate although talking to many GP’s they like using them and they are a good option to have if your child is not a fan of the other mentioned thermometers. Lastly there is the thermometer that you can use on your child’s forehead and come in two select types. One where you do not even need to touch your child’s forehead and the other is when you can thermometer strips that can be used on your child’s forehead. Many say they are a simple way to check temperature, but the major drawback is that it does not give you as accurate results like other thermometers.

Next is looking at the little features that you and your partner should think about when you are going to purchase a baby thermometer. Speaking to other parents if you want to get the best and accurate results then getting an infrared or contactless one is the way to go when it comes to getting the best readings. Close behind that is the rectal thermometer and one that has a combined feature if your child is a little bit older.

Then there is the response time. If you are worried about your child then you want results as quick as possible and also take into consideration that if your child is young they will not be still for very long so you want a quick response time. Most infrared thermometers and some of the combination ones usually give you a reading within a few seconds. While a thermometer for a dummy or pacifier is one of the slowest at giving you quick readings. Then there is probably the most important thing, the cost. Now as with basically everything that you buy in today’s world, the better the product the more expensive it is, and it is no different with baby thermometers. The more expensive ones have a great accuracy when it comes to readings, are quick to give you results and it is a good idea to get a high quality one if you have more than one little one running around.

You also want your child to be safe too. If you check your child’s temperature is high, which is usually when it is above 38 degrees Celsius then you really should go to your GP or the hospital. No matter what type of thermometer you eventually get always do your research and read the leaflets that come with it. You also want a thermometer that you can read easily. Once you take your child’s temp you ideally want a screen that you can easily read while giving you accurate readings. Nowadays many thermometer’s some with backlit screens and some even read out the temp result too.

So now we will look at some of the available baby thermometers available in Australia. If you are looking for a baby dummy thermometer then the cherub baby thermometer is a good choice. Many parents like this type of thermometer as is it cheap and is a good option if your child uses a dummy. This Cherub thermometer has a quick reading time too, taking up to 2 minutes to properly take your child’s temperature and is incredibly accurate for any degrees Celsius. It also has a neat feature which is a fever alarm that beeps, it shuts itself off and is super easy to keep clean. If you must have this brand, then look at the other model in the cherub baby which is a combination thermometer.

Then there is the Braun brand. The Braun Thermoscan 7 ear thermometer is a good choice if you are specifically looking for an ear thermometer. It has multiple features that are made to check if there is an increased temp with your child as quickly as possible. It also comes with a fever guidance feature. That means that you can pre-set your child’s age before you take a reading as children get older their temperatures can vary. It can also be warmed up prior to being used so your child has minimal discomfort while also giving really accurate readings. It comes with a nightlight and has a backlit display screen and has a fast reading time of 1 second. It is also easy to clean if your get any earwax on it once you pull it out of the eardrum. Overall, it is a solid choice for your child.

Are you looking for a rectal thermometer? Personally, this would not be my choice, but the Vicks thermometer is a design that has 3 different uses, being used in the underarm, in the mouth and as a rectal thermometer for rectal use. It is easy to use and has a screen that lets you know if you should be concerned about your baby’s temperature. Because of the type of thermometer, it is, you should clean it thoroughly and it comes with a hygienic container that you can store it in and has probe covers too. It gives quick rectal readings for your child’s rectal temperature and if you choose to use it orally, then the grips it has make it easy to use in your child’s mouth. This is a good choice and because it has multiple choices with how you use it, it is one to look at. 

Another Braun design is the Braun Thermoscan 5. It comes with a tip that cam be warmed up prior to being used. It also keeps record of the baby’s last temperature too and has a large display LCD screen. It comes with a night light, a separate on/off button, easy to use and has a fast temperature reading of just one second, on top of this it comes with a 2-year warranty.

If you are after an infrared thermometer that is contactless then the Ketotek is a good choice. It gives quick temperature readings whether it is pointed at your child’s underarm, ear or your baby’s forehead in just half a second. It comes with a backlit screen and a neat feature is a buzzing sound that can tell you if your child’s temp is higher than it should be. You can also check the temp in either Fahrenheit or Celsius and if you do not use if regularly it will turn itself off within 15 seconds. This is a good option if you want a touchless one that is not overloaded with features.

Then there is the Medescan 2 in 1 touchless and ear thermometer (tympanic thermometers). It comes with a patented technology that gives you the option to choose between an adult or child mode so you can accurately get readings. There is also a magnetic tip that you can take off so you can use it to take the temper through the ear. It also changes to ear mode by itself when the probe cover is taken off and can go back to a touchless mode when you put the probe cover back on. It has a very quick reading that only takes 1 second, has a big backlit display, shuts of by itself and it has a sound warning if your child has a high temperature.

Next is the famous baby brand that is Tommee Tippee. The Tomme Tippee Digital thermometer is a combination design which means it can be used in 1 of 3 ways, orally, rectal use and can be used with the underarm. Its design is really plan and it comes with a large display screen and has a hygienic case. Another cool feature is that you can take temperatures in both Celsius as well as Fahrenheit and it has a fast readout for the temperature of only 1 minute. If you love the Tommee Tippee brand than this type could be the right fit for you and your family. 

Next is the Mosen Baby Thermometer. It is considered one of the best forehead thermometers as well as an ear thermometer. It has infrared technology that gives you accurate results in seconds and is widely considered to be a good choice in the medical field. It can also measure both your room temperature as well as the surface temperature which can be useful to parents. Its other features include that it can store up to 32 readings on the device and is a multipurpose thermometer and gives quick readouts. It is a little on the expensive side though, but it is worth it for peace of mind for your child.

So, overall, there are multiple baby products available when it comes to thermometers. No matter what you want whether it be a no-touch thermometer or noncontact thermometer so you can check in on your child in the middle of the night you have a wealth of options. Most are available to purchase online through Amazon or at your local chemist. In the end it comes down to your personal preference and how comfortable you feel about the different ways to take your child’s temperature. As with anything, do your research and take your time so you get the right thermometer for your family.

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