Best Baby Swing Australia 2021

Best Baby Swing Australia 2021

Eventually most parents, when their little one is starting to grow up, they will look at getting a baby swing. There are heaps of options that are available to parents when they are looking at the best baby swings. In this article we will look at all the choices you have, from a baby rocker, or the best baby bouncer, the best baby bouncer swing and many more. On top of that we will look at all the different styles, how to get to the right decision and most importantly what is best for your little one as well as the features that come with all the best swings.

As nearly all parents know, being able to put your young one on to a baby swing so you can get some “along time” is really important because in the right swing your baby is happy and their safety is no issue. As a parent myself I know that when you have your child with you or you are picking them up all the time, that it is really hard to find the time do things you need to do around the house. That is why baby swings are a great addition because you will then have your hands free to do what you need to do while keeping your baby happy and safe.

The most important thing you can do before you decide you to buy a baby swing is to do your research with all the products out there. Also figure out what type of swing you want too, like a baby bouncer or a baby rocker or you can even get ones that can move in a way that is similar to you actually rocking the baby. Also depending on the ages of your child there are different sizes of swings that are available for certain ages.

Now we will have a look at all the different types of swings out there. Let us start with full size baby swings. They as a rule come with more features then other types and they also have a huge range of different modes that can be used like vibration, bouncing a swinging. Most of them are detachable portable bouncers and they can be taken apart if you want to take them travelling too. They also are often stronger and get put up with more weight and that enables your baby to use it for a longer period, however because of this they tend to cost more than others. If you have plenty of room at your place and you do not travel often then a full-size baby swing could be your best option.

Then there are portable swings. If you travel a fair bit and you also want something that can keep your baby entertained and happy away from home, then perhaps a portable swing would be a good choice. They usually have a bit of difference in weight so make sure you check out the weight before you buy and, they generally have more settings and modalities. On top of that they are usually extremely easy to take with you while you travel as they can be light, and they sometimes need batteries for you to get the best out of them.

If you like to have your baby being moved from one side to the other, much like a mum would if she were holding her baby then a glider baby swing is a great choice. They are usually different in the way that they do not swing in an arc at the top of the swing. They have a nice smooth motion and will not be a jumpy swing either so if your child is sleeping it will not be woken up by the swing. They are usually smaller than the full-size swings and because they are usually made of the best quality, they will end up costing you more.

Next you want to make sure that the swing you buy your child is nice and comfortable and most of all is exceptionally durable. If your little one is going to be sleeping a lot in their swing, then a swing that has high quality material that it is made from and is easy for you to clean. Also keep in mind to keep an eye out for some really good features like if the covers are machine washable and if the swing has a recline feature which would be great if your baby loves to sleep in it.

Also remember that if you have a full-size swing it will take up a fair bit of space, simply because of the actual swing arc and how big it can be. You want to be able to swing freely and not hit anything while your doing it.

Probably the most important thing to think about when you are buying anything for your little one and that is safety. As parents you will want to have a baby swing that has the best standards of safety because you do not want to put your child in danger. Ideally you will want a swing that is strong, is made from the best material and will not move off the floor when it is being used. Also be sure to have a look at what other parents have said about other models.  

Also, many baby swings usually have a harness so that it can make sure you baby stays safe while it is in the swing. Most expert as that a 5-point harness is the best option to have, however if your child is a bit older than a 3-point one can work just as well. Some models also have an feature that gives the swing the ability to shut itself off just in case you leave your  child in their swing for a bit too long. Additionally make sure of the model’s weight limit. If your child is over the weight limit it is not a good idea to use the swing as it could compromise its structure and its ability to work. As we all know pretty much all swings come with instructions on how to put it together so make sure you follow the steps carefully so that you put it together correctly and also use something that is of similar weight to you child and put it in the swing to test it out before you put your baby in it. On top of this most swings have some sort of nonslip ability, so it does not move around when your baby is in it.

Now let us discuss the other great features and functions. Purchasing a swing that has a huge range of features can be a good choice for your baby and its more important if you are buying a baby swing for the first time. Some kids like mine absolutely loved the bounce mode on their swing, while others simply just like the ability to swing but it is a good idea to have a swing that has multiple functions so that your baby is kept happy. Also think too, about how the swing operates, where it be from batteries or whether you can plug it in. Swings that have batteries are good, but the batteries can drain quickly (trust me) whereas one that is plugged into an outlet you can use for as long as you have electricity.

With my son’s baby swing we had one that had a toy bar. That allows you to hang some toys in your baby’s eye line. Others play songs and have things that lights up to keep your baby engaged. Speaking from experience it is better to have a swing that has different levels of vibration and has different speed options, so your baby does not get bored.

So now we will have a look at the different types of baby swings that are available in Australia.

First is the one my wife and I used and that is the full-size Fisher Price colourful carnival take along swing. It is a light swing that can be used outdoors too and it is easy to move around but at the same time it is built strong enough and of a high quality which makes it, among parents one of if not the best Fischer Price baby swing. Some of its features include that it comes with a soothing vibration setting and it also has 6 different swing speeds too. The swing in one and the infant seat has a great feature. It has 12 different songs and soothing sounds. The seat is nice and comfy, and its covers are machine washable because as we know, things will get spilt on it. It is among on of the best value Fisher price baby swings available in Australia and it is made for children who weigh up to 18 kilos. It is battery operated and the battery life lasts up to a huge 60 hours which makes it easy to use and also it is a good option because in terms of its size it is in between a full size swing and a portable swing.

Next is the 4moms Mamaroo infant bouncing seat. This is a good option for parents who want one of the best baby bouncer swing. It is a glider swing and can be used as a bouncer seat and has a great side to side motion. If your child has troubles with colic or reflux, then this could be a great choice for your child. It has multiple ways it can swing, from up and down and goes from side to side as well much in the same way that a mother does with her child. There are 5 different speed settings along with 5 different swinging motions which adds up to nearly 25 combinations to keep your baby engage and entertained. These features are what makes it one of the best baby rocker swings out of all the reviews done by experts. The seat itself as a recline feature so you can help get your baby into the best position when it is in the swing. It also comes with an MP3 plugin along with 4 built in sounds so if you want your baby to listen to the wiggles then you can do so. On top of that it has a toy mobile that has many different toys to keep your baby happy. All the materials with this swing can be taken off and are machine washable. This specific bouncer is best for babies who weigh up to 11 kilos and this swing be operated by plugging it in to an outlet and with batteries too if you want to travel.

Next is the Babybjorn Bouncer. It is a light bouncer that weighs under 4 kilos and can be folded flat and that makes its easier to move it if you must go out or if you decide to travel. One of the best features about this is that if your child outgrows it, then the bouncer can be changed into a chair. The movement of your baby is what makes the seat’s bounce motion activate so you will have to bounce your child yourself until the little one is strong enough to do it by itself. It is simple to use, take somewhere and most importantly to clean. it gives your baby a safe place to sit and it can play with toys thanks to the toy bar that fits on it.

The Mamaroo 4 is a great looking swing/bouncer. It looks more like a modified bit of baby gear. It comes with 5 different motions that mimic how parents move when they are trying to rock their kids by moving side to side as well as up and down. On top of that it has a built-in white noise machine and you can connect one of your devices to it so you can play your own music like the wiggles. It is a great pick with a lot of high tech on board but by having this it drives the price up ( around $300) and it also makes it one of the heavier swings n the market so being able to take it to different rooms is a little tricky. It can be plugged into an outlet as well as having batteries and it also comes with an additional insert for your infant child for better support.

Next is the fisher-price sweet snugapuppy dreams cradle. It has a rotating mobile that has a mirror and also has a sound machine so it can keep your baby engaged while you get some much needed down time. It has a 5-point harness and is made from a soft fabric to make sure of your babies safety. The Snugapuppy cradle n swing offers parents a break from rocking their child. The rocking motion can help a baby fall asleep and can also keep them asleep if your child does not like to be put down. It has different reclining positions and the gliding swing has 6 different swing speeds. It can be put into different positions so it can help with babies who have reflux. It also comes with 16 songs along with 2 nature sounds so your baby can be kept entertained and if your child is like mine, likes to fall asleep while listening to music. On top of that it has a timer function and that stops songs and sounds from playing for longer than 20 mins which is great for children who like to fall asleep to sounds.

Up next is the Graco glider lx. It plugs into an outlet and it is quiet and has a good smooth motion. The seat reclines with different recline positions, both gender kids can use it and it is nice and it is a small and compact baby swing and could be said as one of the best portable baby swings going. It has a quite different gliding motion that will help babies that are used to being rocked by their parents. It has all the great benefits that normally come with a full-size swing such as an AC adapter as well as being able to be operated by batteries. It has songs, sounds and a mobile so it can keep your baby entertained for hours. If you are after a swing that has a normal swinging motion then this is not the choice for you, however it does have a deep seat with good head support and a nice feeling fabric that makes it a good option for babies to relax while giving the parents a break.

The last baby swing that we will look at is the Graco Duetsoothe swing and rocker. It is a 2 in 1 swing as it is an infant swing seat that can double as a rocker. It has 3 different seating positions which allows your baby to go from side to side as well as swinging from front to back. It also comes with rocker handles so you can pick it up and take it with you. The swing and rocker also has two different speed settings with its vibration that helps keep your child relaxed while it is seated in the rocker.

So, there you have it, just a few baby products that you can look at when you and your family are looking at buying a baby swing. Whether you want to get a nice plush seat for your babies’ comfort or if you want a sturdier swing, you have heaps of options. Like with anything, if you are looking to buy do your proper research and try and find the swing that best suits your child. Most swings get be bought online through sites like amazon or you can go in store too. Either way you have a wealth of options at your disposal when you are looking at getting a swing for your child.

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