Before the end of 2011 harvest, Apple will open a new Store every 50 hours

Before the end of 2011 harvest, Apple will open a new Store every 50 hours

Apple Retail stores first opened their doors on May 19th, 2001. Since then, they attracted billions of visitors and have been expanding at a rapid pace. They are planning to open new retail shops all across the world.

Here in Australia, Apple is growing rapidly. We decided to reach out to them and ask them about their future plans for expansion.

Customer service is a top priority when we asked about contributing factors to their large success.

A representative at Apple replied “We’ve been in business for 10 years. The amount of people that walk through our doors is staggering. Many visitors that come in are new to Mac products. We found that the best way to sell our products is through education and that’s exactly the aim of these retail stores.”

“Over 1 million customers have signed up for our personal setup this past quarter. Customer service and product education are the cornerstones of our business. Showing customers the abilities of a Mac helps close sales.”

They told us that they have no plans to stop. They want to keep growing their reach at aggressively.

Currently, there are over 325 Apple stores across the globe. The future of Apple looks very bright.

“In 2008 we opened our first Apple Store in Sydney. Now we’re continuing to grow as we are on our 11th store in Penrith. We want to keep our growth at a steady pace.”

Apple’s fiscal year ends in Sept. 2011. At this rate, Apple will open new retail stores every 50 hours until we hit that date.

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