New Features to Navman’s my series range comes to market


The GSP company Navman has let the world know of their latest creation in its collection of its top of
the range GSP designs. There have been numerous improvements which includes the devices ability
to function more efficiently. While the sales of GPS devices have gone down slowly, thanks in part to
people mainly using their phones with certain apps that they can get, Navman have put in place new
features that can help with how easy it is to use while driving.
There are multiple new features which include the devices ability to profile your driving patterns for
example if you constantly drive under the speed limit so your new Navman device can help
determine your arrival time at your destination. Along with that there are different sounds and
alerts that let drivers know the changes when you drive past a speed camera or simply are driving
through a school crossing.
Another neat feature is that it comes with ideas for getaways for drivers for example if there is a
driving trail near a major city of if you are simply looking to go for a nice Sunday drive, this GSP can
give you ideas about where you potentially could go. If there is a certain place or destination that
you visit regularly there is a button where you can store your favourite places for easy access, add to
that if you are on a long drive it constantly gives you alerts to keep you aware and driving safely.
Lastly it comes with a two year warranty guarantee which is great peace of mind.
Many have said that this particular GPS device is the best one Navman have ever made. With in
depth research such as what drivers get most irritated by they can help reduce these feelings. For
example if you are a driver who does not like getting stuck in traffic, the device can select less
popular roads for you to drive on.
With the newest batch of GPS devices which is 3 new devices, at the time of writing are due to be
put on sale later next year. With the cheapest GPS model available at $329.00 and ranging all the
way up to $479.00

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