iRiver developing an Android Based Media Player, Ebook Reader And Tablet. Rivals iPod Touch.


iPod touch has been the top competitor for a long time. iRiver has plans to take down Apple’s flagship media player. They’re creating for Android devices.

This new model is called K2. It has a 3.5 inch touch-enabled device that comes bundled with Wi-Fi, web browser, accelerometer, TV tuner, and Bluetooth.

Unfortunately, the K2 won’t come with an app store. However, it does have all the same specifications as the iPod touch. At the moment, we aren’t sure if K2 will be available for the Australian market.

iRiver not only plans to release the K2 but also a new tablet and ebook device. Testing is underway.

iRiver is marketing the K2 has an iPod touch killer. But will the device live up to the hype? And does iRiver have enough brand loyalty to compete with Apple. These are all interesting things to consider before more details are released and the device gets launched.

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