Cricket as a Way to Appeal to the New Indian Market for Fisher & Paykel


By expanding to India, Fisher & Paykel has increased its market by 1.2 billion people, making it the second mega market for the New Zealand kitchen appliance brand.

At the beginning of their strategy, they contacted a former cricket star Stephen Fleming for the official launch in New Delhi. Cricket has been identified as having an exceptional unifying force in India, often called their unofficial religion, successfully connecting different actual religions.

The target market of the official launch was aimed at India’s middle class, the demographic that was singled out to be the target two years ago, said the F&P International Business COO, Andrew Paykel.

“The whole philosophy of Fisher & Paykel is focused on human-centred, modern design,” explained Paykel. “India’s openness to innovative ideas and an effort for improvement in life combined with the aim of the brand create a promising future for us.”

“We conducted extensive research and we have been developing our entry strategy into the Indian market over the past two years. Aiming to understand the customers’ desires within the target market we were able to determine the opportunities and sales routes that we wanted to take.”

“We were pleased with the research since we found a consumer-savvy population that is keen on exploring new products and appliances and gets excited about innovation, and that is exactly what Fisher & Paykel’s products provide.”

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