Best Travel Backpack Australia 2021

Best Travel Backpack Australia 2021

If you and your family are looking at travelling, then the best thing you need is a great travel backpack. Ideally you should do your research and have a look at numerous backpack reviews so you can make an informed decision when you get to the point when you buy one.

When you are looking at buying a travel backpack there are multiple things to consider. Things like who will be the one to mainly carry the backpack? What items will you put in it? Will you need a laptop backpack that has a laptop compartment so that it stays away from harm? and lastly the price of the backpack. Another thing to consider is how comfy the backpack will be, as the better travel bags are usually light in weight and fits you perfectly.

There are heaps of sites that give you options when it comes to backpacks so what we have done is compiled a list of the best travel backpacks and brands that include their neat features so you can make a good decision about the best backpacking bag for your lifestyle needs.

So why buy a travel backpack? Well they are not just made for people who travel the world and are staying in hostels. It is a great addition for all travellers and allows them to have freedom and you will not have to drag a suitcase from place to place. They also give you flexibility because if you are staying at a hotel that does not have an elevator then you will not have to worry about lugging your suitcase up stairs. It is also a great bag to go on travels with your children because it gives you the freedom of having nothing in your hands so you can concentrate on your little one. 

So, what are the things to think about when you want to buy the best travel backpack? Well firstly are you a person who travels light? Are you fit and healthy and will you be needing to carry a laptop or other important things? Most brands of travel backpacks give you multiple options and no same backpack are the same, so it is not a all for one for all type thing either. So depending on what type of backpack you want, like a hiking backpack or a daypack for your travels around the world to places like Europe, it is critical to make sure you get the decision right when choosing your travel backpack.

Another thing to consider is the size of your backpack. If you decide to buy online it might be hard to exactly see its size, if it is too small then you will not be able to fit all your things in and if it is too big then you will have lots of wasted room in your backpack.

In today’s world most people who travel, especially by plane, they will have carry on luggage and there are numerous types available when it comes to the best carry on luggage. On top of this you should have a think if you want a top loading bag or if you want a front-loading bag. What does this mean? It means that where you want to get your items out of your bag from.

Now we will talk about compartments in the backpacks. You will need to have a think about what types of things you will be carrying in your pack. Things like your clothes, a rain cover for you or your pack, phone camera etc. Having some compartments inside your backpack is a great idea too. It will make it easier for you to store your more valuable possessions and they are made specifically to make sure your items are safe while your travelling.

Now there are the straps. You should feel comfortable with them and they should be of high priority for people buying. As a general rule if a backpack has a decent strap system then it will help with the weight that goes onto your back when you carry it and have a fair bit of the weight on your hips thanks to a hip belt. Other type of packs has pockets within the hip belt so you can keep you phone or other small things like food. Also, you have to look at if the straps have breathable fabric and do they include padding along with things like can you stow them away if you happen to go on a plane. Ideally backpack straps should be made to be adjustable to go around different parts of your body like your shoulders and sometimes go around your chest so that keeps the shoulder straps in their place.

Some other things you should keep in mind too is that if you are planning on being outside most of the time you should probably get s backpack that has a water-resistant fabric and also one that gives you quick access to rain cover too. Unfortunately, there is not one singular backpack that does everything but some of them have their fair share of cool features.  

Also, if you are like me and travel with a laptop you should look at a backpack that comes with a laptop compartment. They usually come with padded sleeves so that they can keep your laptop safe while you are move about. Then there are the carry handles. Having them means you will not always have to put your pack on your back which can get a great option if you need to move around quickly or if you are planning on flying. On top of this you should get a backpack that has a water resistant material as well as weather-resistant if you are planning on going to a destination that rains often but also having a rain cover will help too.

So, they are some of the key features that you should consider about your travel backpack when buying. Now we will look at some of the best travel backpacks available to you and we will have a look at some of their key features.

The first backpack that we will have a look at it the Osprey farpoint Travel Backpack. It is made to withstand heavy loads in the range of up to 25 kgs. It has a detachable daypack that comes with a laptop sleeve to keep it safe and it is made from Nylon Ripstop fabrid and it is water resistant too. Let’s talk about the compartments it had. The main compartment can be opened with a big zippered panel and can be locked along with the laptop sleeve and tablet sleeve. It has compression straps both inside the pack and on the outside so you can easily lock down valuable items. It also has a LightWire frame suspension system that shifts the weight of your pack to the hip belt which levitates the pressure on your body. You also have an option to put away your shoulder straps and your hip belt in a zippered compartment. Overall, it is a decent enough backpack that has some good features and is a comfortable pack.

Up next is the Kelty Redwing 50 Backpack is a casual backpack has more focus on peoples comfort rather than have great features. With the suspension system that comes with this pack, it gives you the ability to make any adjustments you need simply by loosening your straps before you put you pack on. Its main compartment can be opened by a zippered panel on top or you can access it by a bigger panel that is under the compression straps. The back panel is padded and helps keep you and your body cool while you are travelling. It does not have a laptop sleeve because the padded sleeve acts as a laptop pocket too. The only downside is that there are no real features like a rain cover, it does not have compression straps on the inside and no lockable zippers. Some experts have viewed this as the best 50 L pack to purchase.

Up next is a travel backpack that is made especially for women and it is the Gregory Mountain Jade 53. It is a light pack and has a strap system that is made to be a good fit for women that has shoulder straps with cutaways, a hip belt along with a breathable lumbar area. The hip belt has other pockets so you can carry small items like your phone or food or toiletry products. It is ideal to carry nearly 20 kgs and is best if you are planning on going for a weekend trip or an overnight stay. It has a mesh design, so it gives air the ability to circulate around the back and pack. It is a top loading pack and it comes with a big zippered panel which gives you access to the bags main compartment. The top pocket can be taken out or extended and the compression straps are on the outside and the rain cover is easily gotten to. It is considered a great hiking backpack for women.

Next is the Osprey Nebula 34 Laptop Backpack. It is a carry-on backpack that has tons of room, especially for your laptop. It has a nice design and comes with lockable zippers and many experts agree that it is good value for money. It is tough enough to be used for travel and its key features are good too. A light if you want to go bike riding at night, a laptop sleeve that is padded with a zippered access and it has a big front pocket and a handle on top so you can grab it and carry it with your hands. It has side pockets that a good for quick access for your small items, and has a back panel that is aerated so it keeps you from overheating while travelling and it also has a hip belt that can be taken off. It is a good option if you want a travel backpack that is small and easy to use.

The next pack we will look at is the Tortuga Setout. It is a high quality and decent priced backpack. It has so many features and yet it is very lightweight. It has a versatile design which makes it great for shorter or day trips. The main people that will go with this bag are ones that love urban travel as well as travelling by plane. Experts say that it is good for travelling if you are on a budget and that they like it more than the Osprey Farpoint. There are loads of Setout designs ranging from the small and compact size at 26 L all the way up to the 45L version that have a big carry on size. All the backpack designs have the general clamshell look and they give you quick and easy access to all your items. The hip belt is cushioned and if you do not need it then you can simply take off the whole thing. On top of all that the harness with this pack is easily able to be stowed away which essentially turns the Setout into a duffel bag.

The cost of the Tortuga Setout is set at $199 but they do not ship outside the US. They also sell the Outbreaker which is more for professional travellers, but most experts would have the peak design travel pack.

Lets now look at the Farpoint 40. It is one of the most popular pack on when it comes to people backpacking around the world. It does some with some complaints however, like the laptop compartment is not placed in a good position and there are not good storage spaces in the main compartment. On the other side many like it because of its price and how reliable it is. As some experts say, if you are planning on going travelling around Europe or Asia then the Farpoint 40 is a great choice.

Now let us talk about the Osprey Porter 46. It is a duffel-style pack and its main compartment opens like a clamshell. When you unzip it, you get easy access to all your items and if you are a digital nomad you get access to you phone and other things. The bag itself has thick walls so it protects your items, leaving them nice and snug inside. Its main compartment is a big space so you can fit a lot of your items in there and it also has two small zipped pockets that allows you to store your smaller items however if you purchase some packing cubes you get set out your items better. Another different feature this pack has is that the laptop compartment is on the back, not the front like many other backpacks.

Next up we have the Osprey Women’s Aura 50 AG Backpack and it is a big pack and has good reviews when it comes to its comfort. It has antigravity suspension system and has a curled designed and it can shift the weight you are carrying to the hip belt. It has an adjustable harness which you can change while you are walking and the hip belt as small pockets for your small items like your food or phone. It is more suited to the longer trips but do not wear it for hours on end as you will end up paying for it with a sore back. It has a lot of pockets; it also has compression straps and lockable zippers. It is a big sized backpack but if you need a bit of space and you have a high emphasis on comfort then this could be the pack for you. 

So if you are a backpacker and are looking for a pack like the Osprey Fairview or you are looking for a heavy duty pack with a good backpack size that has many features like water bottle pockets to fit your water bottles in. Or you want one that is waterproof so it protects your travel gear, or you want a pack that you can use as a carry-on bag there are many options to choose from. Some travel backpacks are available to purchase online with amazon.

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