The Best Baby Monitor In Australia

The Best Baby Monitor In Australia

You take sleep for granted until you have a baby. And even during the precious time when the baby is asleep, you need to be alert to all the sounds that it makes. 

With a baby monitor, you can hear, and sometimes even see, the baby while you’re not in the room. A good baby monitor is easy to set up, offers a range of volumes and can be used even when it’s not plugged in.

When picking the best baby monitor in Australia, we’ve started with over 40 models that have been reviewed by experts in test conditions by CHOICE. Then we looked at to see how these performed in Australian homes.

We made sure that the baby monitors have all the basic features, and apart from those, we noticed the ones who had some extra functions like light shows and lullabies.

Types of Baby Monitors

  • Audio – this is basically a walkie-talkie between you and your baby
  • Video – includes video as well as audio and lets you see the baby 
  • Networked video (WiFi/3G/4G) – apps that transmit the video into your smartphone or another device

The 8 Best Baby Monitors in Australia

  • Our Audio Monitor Top Pick – VTech Safe & Sound Audio BM1000, Audio Monitor
  • Our Video Monitor Top Pick –  Oricom Secure710 Digital, Audio/Video Monitor
  • Netgear Arlo Baby, Audio/HD Video Monitor
  • Angelcare Movement & Sound Monitor AC401, Audio/Video Monitor
  • HESTIA H100, Audio/Video Monitor
  • Oricom BabySense 2, Audio/Movement Monitor
  • Oricom Secure870 Touchscreen, Audio/Video Monitor
  • VTech Digital Audio BM2000-OWL, Audio Monitor

Our Audio Monitor Top Pick:
VTech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor

The main function of a baby monitor is to hear when the baby is crying. The VTech Safe & Sound Audio BM1000, Audio Monitor delivers this, setting you back only $49 RRP. Why did we pick this one as our top choice?

Easy to Use

The monitor is easy to set up and operate and doesn’t require that much time. And as a fresh parent, we know you don’t have time to waste.

Alerts and Indicators

To prevent any problems that could arise from technological issues, the power indicator flashes when there is no connection and alerts notify you when the battery is running low or is out of range.

Also, it has 5 LEDs on the parent’s device that light up from green to red to indicate how loud the noise is. 

Rechargeable Batteries

While the baby unit needs to be plugged into the main power, the parent’s device runs on rechargeable batteries that are included and last up to 14 hours before they need to be charged again.

Other Good Points

This baby monitor allows you to pick one of the 5 volume levels, or turn the volume off. At the affordable price and with a 2-year warranty, it offers all the essential features without any unnecessary extras. 

While the product reviews are mixed and limited, it still came 4th in the Canstar Blue’s 2019 baby monitor survey. 

Negatives to Keep in Mind

The main negative point that is mentioned in the reviews is that the monitor doesn’t pick up every small noise. This, however, can be also seen as a good thing, since you won’t be woken up by every baby’s small snuffle. 

There is no battery in the baby’s unit and it has to be plugged in the power all the time, which can cause inconvenience. 

Our Video Monitor Top Pick – Oricom Secure710 Digital

If you’re after some more advanced baby surveillance, the Oricom Secure710 Digital, Audio/Video Monitor offers both audio and video so you can watch the baby on the 6cm colour screen.

More Comfort for the Baby

The Origom packs a lot of features that ensure the biggest comfort for the baby. It has a room-temperature sensor, adjustable nightlight, parent talk-back, an infrared baby-friendly night vision and 5 lullabies. 

More Convenience for the Parent

Apart from the baby’s comfort, this monitor also ensures the convenience for the parent. The features like wall-mountable camera, its capability to connect to 4 compatible cameras and a sound sensor that indicates noises when the volume is low. 

Value for Money

All of these contribute to why Aussies love it. With over 200 positive reviews, it is the second most popular baby monitor brand.

It will set you back $229 but it packs a lot of features and offers a 3-year warranty which makes the price easier to justify.

Apart from the price, this baby monitor doesn’t have a lot of negatives, the main one is that the parent’s device doesn’t feature a belt clip which would make it easier to move around with. 

The Rest from the Best

Netgear Arlo Baby

Type – audio and video

This bunny-shaped baby monitor includes a lot of interesting features that are reflected in the price. At RRP $287, the Netgear Arlo Baby gives you a clear picture with a high definition video operated through an app. You can even record a video and share it with your friends and family.

It has air sensors that detect the room’s temperature and humidity and an infrared LED lights that work well at night. There is a multicoloured night light on baby’s device and it allows for a 2-way talk between the devices. 

The batteries are rechargeable and it comes with a music player that stores lullabies, white noise and can even record your own voice to soothe the baby when you’re not in the room. This clever monitor can even differentiate between the baby’s sounds and detect crying.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it kind of is. The negative reviews agree that the app that it operates through is poor.

Angelcare Movement & Sound Monitor AC401

Type – audio and movement

This multi-award-winning baby monitor doesn’t include video but can detect movement. With a breathing sensor, it sends you an alarm when it can’t detect the breathing.

The Angelcare Movement & Sound Monitor AC401 includes advanced features such as showing room temperature, sound lights, acts as a nightlight with different brightness settings as well as including a talk-back feature.

The sensitivity of the monitor is adjustable and quieter vibrations instead of alarm notifications can be set too. It is the 3rd most popular Canstar Blue’s brand and customer satisfaction is reflected in over 100 reviews achieving a 4-star rating. The positives come with a price though, with RRP $299.

Oricom BabySense 2

Type – audio and movement sensor

The Oricom BabySense 2 is an upgrade from our Oricom top pick. The upgrade is reflected in the price and at RRP $299 it doesn’t offer that much apart from the movement sensor.

It has two sensor pads that are placed underneath the baby’s mattress which then alert you when the breathing slows down or can’t be detected. Other than that it’s pretty basic.

It has features that you would expect from a baby monitor with such a high price tag. An adjustable night light, sound-sensitive light display, parent talk-back, battery warnings and good reviews. 


Type – audio and video

The HESTIA H100 has a boxy and outdated design reminiscent of the walkie-talkie vibes. Apart from the design, it has a 6cm LED colour screen, an impressive 250m range, waist clip for convenience, infrared nightlight and can connect to up to 4 Hestia cameras which allows you to watch more than one kid. 

It also assures the transferred data is encrypted for privacy and comes with a $199 price tag.

Oricom Secure870 Touchscreen

Type – audio and video

The Oricom Secure870 Touchscreen is the most expensive baby monitor we’ve reviewed with RRP of whooping $359. With that price, you’d really expect it to go the extra mile.

And it does. It has a big 9cm touchscreen, 3x digital zoom camera, 19 lullabies, the white noise feature and can even replicate womb sounds. 

Apart from that, it also has a motorised pan-tilt, a light show, talk-back, adjustable nightlight, temperature sensors, vibrations alerts and enables split-screen for 4 compatible Oricon cameras.

This magic monitor comes with a reassuring 3-year warranty and more than 100 reviews. 

VTech Digital Audio Baby Monitor (BM2000-OWL)

Type – audio

The biggest advantage of VTech Digital Audio Baby Monitor (BM2000-OWL) is its affordability, with the RRP $59.95, and a cute owl-shaped design. 

It comes with all the basic sought-after features such as room-temperature sensor, sensitivity adjustments, visual sound indicator, a night light, a parent talk-back, 5 volume options and 5 lullabies.

App Baby Monitors

Reasons for choosing an app baby monitor

  • Affordability – they usually cost less than $10
  • Convenience – easy for travelling
  • Sustainability – no need to buy a baby kit that you’ll never use again after a few years

The limitations

  • You can use your phone as a parent device but you need to get a child’s device, which could be an unused or a new phone
  • The apps drain phone batteries which can cause issues
  • No night vision unless the phone has an infra-red lighting


Dormi is a baby monitor for the smartphone age. It has most of the usual basic baby monitor features such as audio and video as well as the adjustment of the noise levels. 

It features a ‘Listen’ as well as ‘Speak’ button allowing direct communication with the baby or the babysitter who is in the room. To prevent the technological issues, it alerts you when the connection is bad and you can even use it without the internet, as long as the devices are connected via WiFi.

You can respond to calls and texts on your child’s device from the parents one and a beep will notify you of what’s happening if you’re currently using the phone for a call. It can connect multiple devices, letting other people monitor with the baby.

You get unlimited use for only $9 but its main downfall is that it is only compatible with Android. 

Baby Monitor 3G

The Baby Monitor 3G offers more compatibility, more functionality and more system support. Apart from Android, you can use it with iOS, Mac and even Apple TV. It also allows multiple parent devices and a function to talk to the baby.

The basic features include notifications, the ability to adjust audio, sensitivity or vibration. It can act as a night light and play lullabies. It can also replay sounds back to you and keep an activity log that gives you an insight into the baby’s sleeping patterns. All just for $6.

Cloud Baby Monitor

For as little as $6, the Cloud Baby Monitor offers most of the usual features and functionality. Some of these include noise and motion alerts, talk to baby function including video, allows multiple parents to connect and has built-in lullabies, white noise and night light features.

Like Baby Monitor 3G, it has both Android and Apple compatibility, connecting to a range of devices including iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod Touch as well as Apple Watch.

Factors to Consider Before You Buy

Basic Features

  • Visual sound indicators – show intensity when the volume is low

  • Power source – the more expensive monitors have rechargeable batteries

  • Volume control – control the volume depending on what you’re doing

  • Low battery and communication failure indicators

  • Infrared camera – lighting that doesn’t disturb the baby

  • The belt clip on the parent’s device makes it easy to move around 

Advanced Features

  • Lullabies and sound features

  • Parent talk-back – talk to the baby or the babysitter

  • Room temperature monitor – you can customise upper or lower temp limits

  • Movement monitor – premium feature for a premium price, alerts when no movement is detected

  • Multi-camera compatibility – useful when you have more than one child

  • Nightlight or light show – creating a comforting and sleep-inducing environment

The Verdict

The main purpose of a baby monitor is to hear and maybe see the baby during the day as well as the night. 

Our winner, VTech Safe & Sound Audio BM1000, Audio Monitor, offers you everything you need at an affordable price. With 5 volume levels, visual sound indicator, simple set up and use, it is the best audio baby monitor on the Australian market.

If you’re looking for video as well as more advanced features, our top pick is the Oricom Secure710 Digital, Audio/Video Monitor which has much more to offer but also costs 4 times more than our first choice. Some of its features include a large full-colour screen, room-temperature sensor, lullabies and a talk-back function.

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