11 Picnic Blankets For Aussie Families

11 Picnic Blankets For Aussie Families

Sometimes you just need to step outside and spend quality time with your loved ones, and what other way to do it than go out for a picnic? To pull this off, you need an aesthetic and fascinating picnic setup. Having the right picnic blanket is the first step to a great outdoor experience.  

A picnic blanket plays a pivotal role in ensuring you and your family’s outfits don’t get dirty. It also helps when you’re out on a picnic during icy conditions and don’t want your outfits absorbing water. You need assurance that everything will work perfectly for a memorable experience. 

We’ll dive through some of the best picnic blankets you could ever think of owning in this post.  Let’s get straight to it. 

1. Isla in Bloom

Isla in Bloom is a superbly Australian-made picnic blanket made from recycled cotton. This picnic blanket is thick, hard-wearing, and breathable. The best part about Isla in Bloom is that it’s big enough to serve four adults, and that’s why many picnic lovers prefer it. 

2. Kollab

If you’re looking for a giant picnic blanket, Kollab is your best bet; it measures 2 m by 2 m. This means it can accommodate your family and friends. Even better, Kollab is water-resistant and comes with a unique, comfy foam lining and a firm strap for rolling. Mini mats are also available for  $69. 

3. Hendeer

Even though Hendeer was designed in France, it’s still a popular picnic blanket among many Aussies as it’s made from recycled polyester and cotton. The best part is that you can use Hendeer picnic blankets indoors or outdoors. 

4. Picnic Season 

Picnic Season is a bright and colourful picnic blanket that is large enough to accommodate your family and friends. Apart from its remarkable artwork, Picnic Season also has a waterproof feature, ground pegs, a unique backpack, and a stain-resistant top. 

5. Salty Aura 

Salty Aura is also a beautiful picnic blanket with many features that make it valuable. This blanket has different prints on both sides, so you can use it throughout the picnic season. You can get a Salty Aura in 10 different designs to make your picnic more exciting. 

6. Creswick

The Creswick blanket is just what you need if you’re a picnic enthusiast. It comes with a wool-blend top and is available in different fun designs. Creswick is waterproof, so you can place it on the ground without the fear of it absorbing water.

7. Murph and Murph

Murph and Murph is a unique picnic blanket made out of rubber-cushioned neoprene, making it suitable for all sorts of picnic adventures. The picnic can be on sand or grass, but you’re good to go if you have a murph&murph blanket. The art on Murph is extracted from Western Australia, which makes it stand out.

8. Oliochi

Oliochi is also a multi-purpose picnic blanket as you can use it both indoors and outdoors. You can use Oliochi blankets without the fear of water absorption since they are water-resistant and have a layer for extra comfort. And if you have a kid, you can use Oliochi as your kid’s play mat. 

9. Wandering Folk

Wandering Folk is a must-have magical carpet for all picnic enthusiasts. It’s made from a stretched cotton canvas that is naturally water-resistant.  The picnic blanket features unique artwork, which most people find exciting. Wandering Folk is an absolute must-have, especially if you like picnics in cold weather. 

10. Adairs

If you’re looking for a versatile picnic mat, you should go for Adairs, as it comes in multiple styles. It’s big enough to accommodate your family members and a few friends. Moreover, this blanket is water-resistant, making it easier for Aussies to have fun without the fear of spilling drinks on the blanket. 

11. The Tartan Blanket Co.

If you’ve been searching for a luxurious picnic blanket, you should go for the Tartan Blanket, as it has an elegant style to match your picnic setup. Tartan comprises recycled fibres and recycled wool, making it stand out from other picnic blankets. The waterproof feature is helpful as it protects against debris and moisture.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I use a normal blanket for a picnic?

Of course, you can use your regular home blanket for your picnic date, and it would work just fine.  However, it will not be convenient since traditional blankets aren’t clear-cut for outdoor activities. They are not waterproof. 

What should I look for when buying a picnic blanket?

The first thing to check in a picnic blanket is whether it’s water-resistant. The type of fabric is also important, depending on your needs and preferences. Some might argue that the size of a blanket also matters, so you need to check how many people it can accommodate. 

Can I wash a picnic blanket?

Yes, but not all. Some picnic blankets should only be washed with specific machines, while others need a little bit of wiping, and they’ll be ready for use. Generally, you’ll know whether to wipe or wash depending on the material. 


Having a quality mat with many features is the best first step toward a comfortable and satisfying picnic adventure. Finding the right rug or blanket might be challenging, but you can use the list above as your guide. So select one blanket from the list for the ultimate picnic experience.