The Most Energy Efficient Portable Heater In Australia 2020

energy efficient heater

As the winter months are approaching many Australian homes are starting to think about heating for the house. Electric heating, which includes portable heaters, is one of the most common ones, proved with the fact that almost 45% of Australian families use a heater for a period between three to six months. Portable heaters are an excellent way of heating primarily small spaces, but specific...

Best Front Loading Washing Machines

Front Load Washing Machine

Buying a front loading washing machine is not an easy task at all. The purpose of each device is an efficient and fast way of washing the clothing, bedding, and other staff that are machine washable. So, what makes a choice difficult? The answer is the overwhelming number of brands and available models.  This is why we decided to save your time and energy and do the research for you of which...

The Best Esky in Australia 2020

Best Esky

The society has evolved to a point where there are machines for almost every task, including a loo that cleans you after doing your business. Too much comfort has made it so that most people forget where humanity came from and the challenges we had to endure to get here. Not to say that we do not deserve the said comforts, but sometimes it is a wise idea to challenge yourself and get away from...

The Best Electric Toothbrush in Australia 2020


Humans have used toothbrushes for many years. While traditional manual toothbrushes might still help to maintain perfectly clean teeth, the electric ones are a lot more convenient. Also, with electric toothbrushes, you can easily hit the recommended 2-minute brushing time. In this list, we have reviewed Australia’s best electric toothbrushes. The information in this piece is a result of rigorous...

The Best Microwave in Australia 2020

Best Microwave

A good microwave is one that comes in a compact design, is easy to clean, and adds to the overall beauty of your kitchen. In this list, we have compiled a list of some of the best microwaves in Australia. We conducted rigorous research to ensure that this review has the best products from renowned manufacturing companies. Our Top Picks LG MS4296OBC This product performs exceptionally compared to...

The Best Humidifier in Australia 2020


Australia’s beautifully hot climate makes it a great place to live, but the heat and dust of the natural environment combined with the artificial atmosphere created by indoor air-conditioning units mean the air is almost permanently dry. For many of us that means an uncomfortable sensation of itchy, dry skin and irritated nasal and throat linings. Allergy and asthma sufferers in particular...

The Best Pressure Cooker in Australia 2020

Pressure Cooker

Cooking is an essential human activity. For some people, cooking is a chore, while for others, it is more of a pleasure and a hobby. Regardless of whether cooking is a chore or a hobby for you, using the best appliances makes the experience more pleasant. Kitchen appliances also make the task less time consuming and convenient. One essential cooking appliance is the pressure cooker. What is a...

The best Wine Fridge in Australia 2020


While ageing generally benefits wines, this only works if your bottles are stored correctly. Wine fridges are designed for the long-term storage of wines in optimal conditions. Getting the Right Temperature Red and white wine have the same ideal storage temperature of 12°C to 18°C. Maintaining a constant temperature for a long time is difficult without some kind of refrigerator. However, standard...

Best Camping Fridge in Australia 2020


If you are looking to keep your food and drinks cool while enjoying your camping expedition, an icebox might not make the cut. What you need is the finest camping fridge that Australia can offer. Unfortunately, there is no single camping fridge unit that is designed to meet every person’s camping need. Finding your best fit, therefore, boils down to picking a fridge based on your specific...

Best Portable Fridge Freezer in Australia 2020


One of our most frequently asked questions today is: ‘what’s the best fridge freezer Australia?’ Or alternatively phrased, ‘what’s the best fridge freezer 2020?’ Or even ‘what’s the best car fridge freezer in Australia?’ If you’re thinking of revving up the Ute and heading off on a camping trip, this is the question to ask. We’ve rounded up some of the most popular portable fridge freezers around...


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