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Buying a front loading washing machine is not an easy task at all. The purpose of each device is an efficient and fast way of washing the clothing, bedding, and other staff that are machine washable. So, what makes a choice difficult? The answer is the overwhelming number of brands and available models. 

This is why we decided to save your time and energy and do the research for you of which are the best front-loading machines on the Australian market as well as what you should consider when buying one.  

Bosch 8kg Front Load Washing Machine WAW28460AU

The German brand Bosh has been known for producing the best quality products for years, and this model is no exception. This front loader has 5 stars for water efficiency and 4 stars for energy efficiency, which means it will directly influence on the reduction of the running costs. The automatic sensor also contributes to lower electricity and water costs as it measures the exact water quantity for each of the loads.  

The capacity is 8+kg laundry, so it will be enough for you and your family to load the laundry with confidence and ease. There are 10 different washing programs and specially designed features such as EcoPerfect, VarioPerfect, and SpeedPerfect that has the shortest wash cycle of 15 min. All the typical functions are included from Cotton to Delicates and Wool. The controls for the features are simple to use. There are dial and an electronic display which is easy and convenient for use. 

This machine has the EcoSilence drive, which makes it noiseless and ensures efficiency and longevity. Also, the AntiVibration walls reduce the vibration and keep the machine stable. The inner drum has been designed to wash the delicates with care, and even water distribution is enabled with the design of wave-droplet shape and asymmetrical patterns, and this makes the washing cycle faster and more efficient.


Water and Energy Efficient 

Silent operation

2 years warranty 

Great stability

German quality brand


Wide choice of programs and function that can be overwhelming

Fisher & Paykel WH7560P2 7.5kg WashSmart Front Load Washing Machine

Fisher&Paykel brand features stylish designs of washing machine models taking into consideration the requirements of different types of families as well as modern home designs. This particular front loader has 4.5 stars on water efficiency and 4 stars on energy efficiency, which comes very close to our first choice and which also makes this an excellent option to purchase. It has a capacity of 7.5 kg and is ultra-reliable and suitable for the entire family. 

There are 13 versatile programs to choose from, ranging from the standard up to Vortex Wash programs where you can select cycles that will finish within an hour. Additionally, people who suffer from asthma and allergies can use the function of Allergy wash. The spin speeds range up to 1400 RPM, leaving the washed garments almost dry. Fisher & Paykel uses SmartDrive technology that integrates three parts that work together and adapt the load to the washing cycle efficiently. This machine, as a result, operates silently. 

Fisher&Paykel has created an excellent front loader with an attractive look that can fit every home style and operates impeccably. Besides, it offers superb value for money. 


13 versatile programs

Silent operation

Energy and water-efficient 

Option for shorter washing cycles


Heavily soiled items take longer time. 

Samsung 8.5Kg AddWash Front Load Washing Machine with Steam WW85K54E0UW

Samsung is a worldwide known brand and has made its name among TV and other related technology as well as household items. In our list, it came on the third position with its 8.5kg AddWash front loader. This machine is suitable for many homes and families who are looking for a reliable device. It has 4.5 stars for water efficiency and 4 stars for energy efficiency, which makes it equal to the first two choices when it comes to comparison in efficiency rating. 

What makes this unit unique is the specially designed Hygiene Steam cycle. It is a wash cycle that is recommendable for removing bacteria and allergens and providing a boost in the cleaning, and it uses the Steam for this purpose. This makes the machine perfect for allergy sufferers and people who have asthma. Another unique feature of this machine is the AddWash

which means that you can add items during the cycle with a simple opening of a small window in the front door of the washing machine. 

Additionally, it has a quick wash cycle that can complete the washing in just 15 minutes, which is exceptionally convenient for washing everyday clothing items like uniforms that you need them the very next day. BubbleWash and BubbleSoak are all two other functions that are specific for this washing machine. The first one creates foam by mixing water and detergent, and the later soak the load into bubbles before the washing starts.  

The product is under the 2-year warranty, but the parts are covered with 11 years warranty. 


You can add clothes after the cycle has started

Great innovative wash programs

A quick wash of 15 min. 

11 years warranty for the parts

Great design 

Simple for use 


Few customers complain that it is noisy

Few complaints on too many vibrations 

Beko 8kg Front Load Washing Machine WMY8046LB2

Beko is one of the European fastest-growing brands, and for this purpose, we chose the 8kg model that is just perfect for the typical Australian family. There are 16 programs that offer the best quality in washing and with spin speed, up to 1400 RPM. This means that all the water is efficiently squeezed from the cleaned laundry, and you will need a short time to dry the clothing afterwards. The energy efficiency is rated with 4 stars while the water efficiency is assessed with 4.5 stars. This will help you out to reduce the electricity and water bills. 

This washing machine is also an ideal choice for families who own a pet as it has a unique feature for washing cycle for pet hair removal and anti-allergies, which have been specifically designed to remove the allergens from clothing, bedding, and linen from pets, pollen and other related allergens. For all the other delicates, there is the 20-degree program for washing which has the same efficiency as the 40-degrees cycle, just is quicker and with more care on the delicate fabrics. And, if you do not have time just switch on the quick/daily program for a full load and the cycle will be complete in about 20 minutes—the inner consists of four smart sensors that offer optimal conditions for the washing of different fabrics. The opening of the drum is significant, and it makes the loading very easy.

Beko offers 2 years warranty and an option if you register with Beko to extend the warranty to five years. 


5 year extended warranty

Pet hair removal cycle 

Large Drum opening

16 programs to choose from 


The pet wash cycle lasts long

Customer service is not the best

Euromaid 7kg Front Load Washing Machine WM7PRO

This particular model is an upgraded version from a previous one that has been proven on the Australian market for its efficient performance and great value for money. It has 4 stars in water efficiency and a lower rate of 3 stars energy efficiency. It has a capacity of 7kg load, which is suitable for the majority of Australian families. The design is compact and fits even in limited living spaces. The device offers gentle washing for the delicates as well as a particular Wool Program that handles the wool items with the utmost care. 

Euromaid is one of the most popular choices, and there are lots of satisfied customers because of the consistently good washing results in everyday washing. All the usual functions are also incorporated in the machine, and additionally, there is a function called super short that can save time and money as well. Very similar to the other machines this one as well, has the time delay button that is convenient if you want to start the cycle at a particular time and you can coordinate the wash up to 19 hours so you can utilize the off-paid water rates. The speed ranges from 600 to 1200 RPM. There is a small digital display, and the machines have a simple controlling unit for navigation. 

The warranty for this product is 2 years. 


A popular choice and satisfied customers 

Affordable price

Great design and size suitable for limited spaces 

All standard programs included. 


Lower rate of 3 stars for energy efficiency 

Customer service can be an issue when you have to replace parts 

Can be noisy 

What to Consider When Buying a Front Loading Washing Machine 


One of the first things to consider when buying a washing machine is its efficiency or in other words, the quantity of water that the machines use per washing cycle. This is measured by the so-called WELS rating which stands for “Water Efficiency Labelling Standard” and is graded with stars -three being average and five being the best. Compared to the top-loading washing machines, the front loaders have proven to be more water-efficient. This is due to the horizontal spinning of the staff being washed, which is assisted by gravity, and the water is distributed evenly throughout the wash. The five star-rating also implies that your electricity bill will be much lower than the three-star ones as they measure the electricity used per cycle.  


The newer models of washing machines usually come with a direct drive, unlike the older ones that used traditional motor, pulleys, and belts that made noise. This means that from the start they are silent but check the noise output before you purchase a machine especially if you plan to use it in an apartment and make sure you are buying one with a low production of noise. 


Another crucial thing to take into consideration is the size of the machine, which refers to the total weight measured in Kilograms dry laundry that can fit in the machine. Some of the things that can help you decide on the size are the number of people in the family. A small washing machine is best suited for 1-2 people as their capacity is 5-6 kg. However, if you plan to extend the family or the family consists of up to 4 people opt for medium size, whose range is 6 to 8 kg or the most extensive option for more than 4 people and weight of 8+ kg. 


The front loaders have a number of pre-programmed cycles of washing depending on the material of the clothing, which includes delicates up to items such as blankets. Nowadays, the devices are becoming technologically advanced, and smart technology is integrated into the washing machines, so there are models where the machine automatically weighs the items and chooses the best program accordingly. 

We are presenting the most common settings and features of the front loaders. 

Cotton is one of the most often worn materials and as such, always represented in the wash cycles. This means that these cycles last longer as the temperature that is used is not high, but there is a need for agitation for cleaning the cotton items that are heavily soiled. 

Wool is a delicate material that needs to be washed carefully in order not to be damaged or disfigured. This is why the cycles are with low spin speeds and low wash which helps in the prevention of the stretching.  

Sportswear / Activewear –When you are washing sportswear, you usually face tough stains, but at the same time, sportswear is made of delicate fabric that can easily be destroyed. Thus, this program covers soil removal and some gentle tumbling and action that takes care of stains removal and preservation of the delicate materials. 

Delicates / Hand wash – Lingerie and Silk, although beautiful for wearing is exceptionally delicate for washing. The programs such as Handwash and Delicate use cold or warm water combined with a low spin in the process of washing the drying. 

Shirts / Anti-crease / Easy Iron – These programs utilize spins at low speed as this assists the prevention of creases so later the shirts can be easily ironed. 

Permanent Press – The program is ideal for synthetic materials, and this cycle uses slower spin speed and warm temperatures. This way, the wrinkles are removed, and creases do not form throughout the process of drying. 

Allergy –The cycle utilizes hot water and high temperatures to fight against allergies and different allergens as well as dust mites. Bedding is often used with this program.  

Eco-mode – If you are planning to was everyday items that are lightly soiled; then this program will be perfect for you as it is energy-efficient and uses lower temperatures. 

Quick wash –This program is designed to be used with small sizes of laundry that are lightly soiled. 

Rinse-only – This cycle usually comes in combination with the “rinse and spin” cycle used in the process of drying, and in this program, there is no need for detergent.  

Spin only – If the laundry after the completed cycle of washing is wetter than the usual than you can use the Spin-only program that helps in removing the extra water absorbed by the laundry by additional spinning. 

Spin speed –The spin speed can be manually selected, and in this way, you can customize the cycles of washing. The speeds of spinning are expressed in RPM, which is an abbreviation for Revolutions Per Minute that starts at 400 RPM at the lowest and up to 1600 RPM the highest. The higher the speed is, the drier the laundry would be, as the spinning removes the water. However, you should be very careful with the spin speed when you are washing delicates. 

Water temperature –The temperature of the water can be adjusted in the range of 0 degrees or cold to 90 degrees, i.e. hot. Whenever you are setting the temperature, make sure you check the label of the clothing as the higher the temperature is there are bigger chances of shrinkage or losing the colour of the garment. On the other hand, higher temperature means higher efficiency in washing. 

Auto water level –This indicates whether the drum is filled per the loaded laundry quantity. 

Pause –When the washing cycle begins, the front-loading machine cannot be opened until the end of the process. However, there are some machines, that have features such as pause where the machines put the cycle on stop and drain some water. This way if there is a need you can even add some items that might not have fit previously, or you might have forgotten them. When you resume the operation, the water starts filling, and the cycle continues. 

Direct Drive And Belt Drive

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that newer models use direct drive compared to the traditional motor system. What this means is that the direct drive uses motors with high torque and drives with variable frequencies that make these systems more efficient compared to the belt drive ones. The latter uses pulleys, bearings, and belts, so there are a lot of parts, unlike the direct drive, which makes them easier and more convenient for repairs and service. Also, the machines that use direct drive allow higher speeds and many different options for speeds for the process of washing and drying. 

Washer Dryer Combos

The combination of the washing and drying machine into one sounds appealing to many as it can come handy that you wash and dry the laundry into one unit. If you live in a small space and you do not have enough room for both machines you can consider this option by taking into consideration the fact that the drying performances are not on a very high level.  

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is the difference between the front loader and a top loader washing machine?

When it comes to the capacity, price, and speed the top-loading machine is the winner. Compared to the front-loader, they are more affordable, with bigger capacity and faster in the process of washing. Besides, you can open the machine at any time of operation and add some more garments without being afraid that the water will spill out. 

On the other side, the front-loader is more energy and water efficient, they are smaller and more suitable for apartments, especially if you combine them with dryers. The number of the settings are larger and with more details that provide bigger control of the cycle of washing in correspondence to the fabrics of the garments. 

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